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Always feel disgusted after giving a fuck
@_saaaam_ @justinLAtive FUCKOn gawd that shit was gross ima cry @quismp1 GL!🤤 @quismp1 AmenEVERYTHING
Retweeted by tati @quismp1 and not just one kind!!Cheese is life. Need that shit on everythingIm bout to buss a nut when this food comes. Like frTo avoid disappointment take people for what they are and not what they could be.
Retweeted by tatiMentally here“wrong bitch” is my favorite thing to say
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@OhYaNameTaty Say sum! @realnixv_n @OhYaNameTaty Bro i swear she need help @DriFit_Don Like what in the actual fuckNiggas are so weird.... @TeezyTonee24 Dont want none of these nggasBitch lit
Retweeted by tati @iStay_Trickin Really annoying lolSo im single fr huh @_liseeey Love/hate forsure lolIt's OK we will rebuild #earthquake
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@WOAH_itsMO Girl boo you commented on my post lol. @WOAH_itsMO Was posted bc she failed to give a full refund. This was simply an honest review, and its what shes deserves. next @whoismattastic Like woah woahCurly cut and color by me! 💗
Retweeted by tati @OhYaNameTaty Daddy is that youThis is not acceptable 😩 at all have her come to me 😭
Retweeted by tati @justinLAtive U just made me put that song im in my feels at 10 am @sallymayooo Im rlly cryin😂😂😂😂 @ElyanaCelestex Cabo beaches not swimmable ive heard, so tulum @ElyanaCelestex This sucks lol @OhYaNameTaty This right up my alley @OhYaNameTaty I swearrrrrr bro 😭😭😭😭 @OhYaNameTaty Girl boo @OhYaNameTaty Bro wtf i said im coming @collinskierra Lmfaoooo its gonna be ok friendNot I’m hot. Got me fucked up
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@girlidkshit Lmfaooooooo @tatianaalexis_ It’s giving me bon qui qui
Retweeted by tati @foreverjabriex2 Lmfaooo im saying!baby if you can’t tuck her just say that.. got this girl lookin crazy 😭😭
Retweeted by tati @duttysab Exactly lol
Retweeted by tati @neishaajonet Tragic😂Sis 😭😭😭 nooo
Retweeted by tatiHer response to let yall know how wrong this girl is for letting my friend walk out like this. Most raggedy shit i ever see… @nixnnx Its sick😂Fasho not wasting no $1200 on some shoes niggas know how to do is ruin ur day @iDubb41 Fck yo xboxSpa day 🍃
Retweeted by tati @_MAN_5 Everybody😂
@DriFit_Don Lol @Truth5Cinco Boy boo😂 @Truth5Cinco Double rounds with lavender scent preferably @Truth5Cinco 5 @tonydeniss u rlly outta pocket for this lol @Truth5Cinco On the rocks pls @Drakegoat Nope @Truth5Cinco Both @nickxbanga bring it here tfIm prob the least judgy friend, really dont care what u do with ur pssy @Lolita16_ @TheRealPetitee Mind yo business!😂 @TheRealPetitee @Lolita16_ @_saaaam_ The realest @tstrey2 A dreamI love me some him, it’s so stupid really
Retweeted by tatiWoah
Retweeted by tati @WallyWrld_2 @WallyWrld_2 no @DriFit_Don We dont @DriFit_Don Cheatin back doesnt count @DriFit_Don ? @nickxbanga Aint no “him” 😂 @AmazingMandaaa Always
@ThatGuyJu42 Idc @thereallenaj Outside lol @thereallenaj They opening back up?ARREST BRETT HANKISON, JOHNATHON MATTINGLY, & MYLES COSGROVE FOR THE MURDER OF #BreonnaTalyor #JusticeforBreonnaTalyor #SayHerName
Retweeted by tati @ReallyPercy Saying my prayer now!Anyways....the officers need to be charged city has essentially put a price tag on her life. Admit wrongdoing. Arrest the officers.
Retweeted by tatiWell done sir👏🏽 I’m at mentally these days 📷 Bernard Foubert
Retweeted by tati @DriFit_Don Real one😭THAT WOULD BE ENOUGH UNTIL THE END OF TIME
Retweeted by tatiCause if your love was all I had In this life......To be nosy next question
Retweeted by tati @WestsideRex Why notcity girl shit ✨
Retweeted by tati @booshaladaquita OH @itsNickkSaucy She the girl on my story, if u see her say hi lol thats a new friend 😂 @itsNickkSaucy *she lol. navy right? @itsNickkSaucy Yes. Far away :( @itsNickkSaucy Ik...but yall got this! @itsNickkSaucy And my friend stuck on a ship 💔