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father john mitski @tatianatenreyro Brooklyn, NY via Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 🇨🇺

writer/editor for hire. formerly @buzzfeed. kevin smith historian. bylines @thr, @bandcamp, @billboard, @vice, @spin + more. email me:

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@gaymeat3 @CHADKRO3GER karl's covering smash mouth
I hadn't had a celeb sighting in the pandemic but I just saw a celeb crush eating with his mom next to my apartmentI still cannot believe I roped some of my favorite bands into covering one of my favorite albums. I can't wait for everyone to hear it @CHADKRO3GER god no hahexciting stuff coming soon! @ShamirBailey SHAMIR @490Freak when can I appear on the indieheads pod to talk about the mallrats soundtrack?oh. have a fan! @JillKrajewski I love that! also, thank you for making me feel like people read my oral histories hahI deleted my original second tweet on this thread because it sounded too self-deprecating but I'm always pleasantly…, do you ever wonder if people actually read your writing?it has the best songs they've written and it's such a joy to listen tohere's a reminder that @dietcig released one of the best pop punk records of the year @getcerebral do you think first date is better? (real q) @getcerebral but it's absolutely brilliant. they're two of the catchiest pop punk songs of all time! pure genius @getcerebral but really, I find it really amusing that rock show and first date were written to give the label what… @getcerebral I am, thanks @getcerebral who cares @getcerebral it's a masterpiecedon't welcome me, i'm not happy to be here else sent in a cover late last night while I was sleeping and it's so incredibly beautiful. what a way to start the daygavin left vice in 2008 and many of the senior writers and editors at vice are people who've dedicated their career… @getcerebral welcome @indiehappyhour *certain emo bands I can't nameDonald Trump is a white supremacist. He refuses to condemn white supremacy and he explicitly leans on white suprema…
Retweeted by father john mitski @wesleywyndam it's our bastardized version of mexican foodhad to improvise since I don't have lettuce, salsa, or guac but I think it turned out okay!'s right, bad things happen in philadelphia, like emo bandsthis is cielito lindo btw is it time to make cielito lindo to cope with the debate?ok because see now he asked Trump to disavow white supremacist groups but then Trump gave them orders instead and n…
Retweeted by father john mitskiSomeone call el chacal de la trompeta on Chris Wallace because this is very much an “y fuera” situation
Retweeted by father john mitski"new york is almost like a ghost town""they give you good press, they give me bad press, that's the way it goes unfortunately" why does this sound like i… @getcerebral those are the most incredible sugary snacks i've ever had @whoisrachie you take turns playing
@laurenzup this is the one I have but why @whoisrachie oh so the mercury lounge green room is the old verdigrls basement, got it @ericacxmpbell @emilioherce (as in I want to know, I sadly haven't experienced the mercury lounge green room) @ericacxmpbell @emilioherce same @oceanator yes! you never cried in your office bathroom because you were overworked and underpaid did you really ever experience… @realbriansella wishing you all the luck! ❤️ @LesHorn @lfitzmaurice *wawaweewa @nathanisariot @whoisrachie i'm jealous, I miss him @whoisrachie satan dude returnsthe best (read: worst) is when a band does that and then immediately dms asking for coverage. congrats, you just ma… @MarkRichardson I hope your dog's doing better!what's up with everyone's dogs getting sick this month? i've been seeing many dog owners tweet that they've had to… night I dreamt that I got a press release under embargo announcing that rilo kiley are reuniting and touring i… @sloppyjanemusic private one then @sloppyjanemusic I vote for the backyard one but sounds like you'd need the space tooThe positivity rate was under 1 percent for a full month. Yesterday, de Blasio said at a press conference that it h…
Retweeted by father john mitski @DJBBCheck I hope soalso "n" and "ñ" don't have the same sound. "ñ" sounds like "ny" i.e. kanye and kañe would sound the sameone thing that really bothers me is when I'll read an article about a tv show being ethnically inclusive yet the (w…
@jodygthatsme love this!anyone can dj btw!join me and @getcerebral on jqbx and listen to emo and other shit honor of this thing, send me a link to your favorite merch on bandcamp for bandcamp friday. everyone needs more… @whoisrachie LOLI won't reveal who but someone just sent a cover that made me tear upmy true love ❤️ @whoisrachie I can't tell if it gets tougher or easier from hereof course, this also applies to any job in the music industry that involves coordinating with multiple bands at onceworking on a covers comp has made me understand and appreciate publicists. I love you sorry for talking shit about…'s absolutely fucked that this won't be enough to stop him from potentially winning because we live in a white su… body and brain are having a meltdown today sosI'm sick with a cold but it's not covid and it's such a terrifying time to cough in publicthe rilo kiley account tweeting at 5am is my kind of chaotic content
@gaymeat3 if I had money I would pay you so much to redesign my apartment @imdenmate JULES NOthis sounds like liz phair and I want more should be 50/50 you take me home when I'm too drunk to drive, don't get all jealous when I hang out w… @perpetua I think about this song on a daily basis @getcerebral @JoannaNewSum41 now you gotta tweet it @getcerebral @JoannaNewSum41 james you can tweet that you shat your pants and you'll get a bunch of likes @getcerebral @JoannaNewSum41 I unfortunately agree with my siblingbig news: @JoannaNewSum41 now gets animal collective that I just got an email from a fake agency called "legit artists agency" finally reached the S2 finale and you mean to tell me these kids had a massive near-death fight at school and nob… honor to have my selfie retweeted by household name shamir the NYPD beat random pedestrians tonight
Retweeted by father john mitskithe fact that it was the adam sandler diy boys one...big day on the internet karate kid getting canceled is also a plotline in the same episode
cobra kai really wants me to believe this man has never used a computer before @JoannaNewSum41 you look like a door guy at a punk showin case anyone was wondering, yes, this will be my halloween costumeit's here! thanks @pompomsquad for making my bitchy cheerleader dreams come true ❤️ is almost making me miss dating diy boys case anyone's wondering, it's safe to stan sufjan
Retweeted by father john mitski @USProffWriters fuck off bot @leboism alright who's gonna pay me to write this @Javi386 it's blink-182 traphave there been any essays on how bad bunny is one of the very few música urbana artists who appeals to latinx punk… stepped out without makeup, my hair a mess, wearing a long-sleeved shirt and bike shorts and was still catcalled. what even