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Tatiana Mac @TatianaTMac she/they/hän 💖💛💙

Tech Misanthropologist writing shitposts and litposts. Deseloper and OSS maintainer building @SelfDefinedApp && @DevsOfColour && @StyleDotCSS.

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@BettinaSays So Jack? @MinaMarkham Can we do a two-fer because same @alexwlchan Oh I’m definitely livetweeting the whole date. I’ll get a blackberry so I can touch type under the tableLook we’re clearly in the bad place ok @tkshillinz He charges like an Apple mouse @MinaMarkham Wait Dates aren’t allowed to ignore you I did not know this @EJonelunas Thank you very little kills me 😂 @lexaprogrammer Will!!!!!! No!!! @AnfibiaCreativa I know he’s the most charitable but Bill Gates is creepy in a different way to all these fools @lexaprogrammer He’ll make you light him a Gwenyth candle tho @MinaMarkham Yes I unlocked a new shitpost level @samhenrigold You just search his unlocked phone for “pwds.txt” and the empire is yours @iWasSaynBoourns @LukeDavisSEO @toomuchpete “So I take a 30 dollar rise to the suburbs to drink a sleepy time cockt… @lindseybieda So I’ll be honest I wanted to do FMK but knew the rabid stanbois would report me for “death threats” @samhenrigold TBC. My therapist and I are working on figuring that out @LukeDavisSEO @toomuchpete Yes. In Portland it’s a thing to prove how active AND outdoorsy you are in a free date!!… galaxy brain me thinks “whose phone would be easiest to hack” But lol honestly they all suck at security F M L M A O @LukeDavisSEO @toomuchpete Same. When men invite me to go on a forest run for the first date I’m like “so my body i… @samhenrigold 😂😂😂 @BrentonPoke I woke up and asked myself this and it’s clear I hate myselfwho do you go on an inescapable all-day date withYou know when you burn the roof of your mouth except the hot dumpling or whatever is knowledge scorching the inside of your skull @ardalis @dan_abramov Yep! I love Notion and organise a lot of my life through it. (I do NOT recommend typing long-… @_darkfadr Solidarity, my friend. You're going to kill it! @LukeDavisSEO I hope I do it justice 😭 @ardalis @dan_abramov Ideas for me fleet quickly, so I jot them wherever I can, then transcribe to a dedicated Noti… a talk for me is organising “that one drawer.” Except the drawer is my brain. It’s index cards of shower… @jeremiahjw - It’s free for both of us since I’m a member - see how “what do you want to do next” convos go - seei… @jina @MinaMarkham Mina, it’s a privilege to disappoint you with my shitposts. One day for a talk I’ll do a supercu… @jina @MinaMarkham I’ve never gotten a “Tatiana no” Thank you for unlocking a new level to me Jina You could add… Gin Blue Ribbon
@soniagupta504 I love the “Kiss Quotient” romance novels by Helen Hoang. It’s light and shares a common VietAm experience. @soandsos my code has the tiniest bubbs @ScribblingOn Did @MinaMarkham train youDOM Pérignon @zellieimani @TerryBlas @chimeracoder I’m smol so everyone I sleep with is bigger than me so getting the covers back feels like a tablecloth magic trick @chimeracoder But y’all have those individual duvets so no one can steal your covers!!!Cropped sweaters are chaotic neutral to brag or oversell how often I have guests but I usually get compliments about my bed from everyone who has sl… @pfista But without one you can’t do that thing they do in the movies where they coyly make a sheet gown out of itIf I can write a talk that secretly is about how to make a cosy bed but I mask it in JS functions will anyone let me give itSomething something don’t ask questions you don’t wanna know the answer to lol @jaxatto Sorry I didn’t have enough poll options to add this @MarkJohnson303 I didn’t like it I ***shitreplied it***Wherein I reveal that I’ve spent a lot more time figuring out my sleep station than my work station 👀 @MarkJohnson303 It’s the style sheet really @pfista I look like this when I’m forced to use one Alt: Tangled up in hair looking scared important research question Do you use a top sheetThis is such a surreal feeling. Someone’s doing a talk about their contributions to @SelfDefinedApp! Wish I could…
Tempted to design @StyleDotCSS sweatpants that say MONOSODIUM GLUTESAMATE on the butt @zachleat You mean the Chrome Wars Alt: Stormtroopers dancing @jackyalcine We just found twitters new slogan @clarity_conf Thanks for using Tito 😭💙Still working on updating the website, so please have patience. However in the meantime, 20 Super Early Bird ticket…
Retweeted by Tatiana Mac @ScribblingOn @codebytere Shelley forever holds a spot in my heart when we were in a group and I was explaining a s… @amrith Me in my code every day @zachleat @FirefoxDevTools Can’t wait to tell all my grandkids the hacky ways I used to have to figure this out @madalynrose @gatsbyjs Congrats, Madalyn! We know it’s huge. I love seeing platforms prioritise a11y. @StuRobson @lynnandtonic Marbled sourdough and rye captures the duality of my Gemini energy @codebytere Thanks for sharing your shitpost source material. I don’t take this lightly. 😍I’m pretty sure follow Friday is uncool now but if you like working in code, art, and design like me, the two most… used to ❤️ every reply I could. Now that I realise this just floods people’s TLs, I stopped doing it much. I im… weird white line is a crease in the photo not snot or coke thanks I could fix it but I haven’t opened up phot… Tatiana says hi @jina Baby Tatiana used to run around saying this to our Chinese friends. It’s so nice to see Asian comedians who… @mspowahs Banter was public foreplay and everyone was bondaged in corsets so story checks out @AdoraNwodo @lauragift_ Excuse him this is none of his business. you can have 30 boyfriends and if he’s trying to b… @lauragift_ @AdoraNwodo Who do Gift and I need to talk to @zachleat Ohhhh it’s a BEARD @threepointone ☹️ @codebytere Well it’s **true** pasting code I don’t understand hoping it just works @codebytere I’ve thought about making a burner for this reasonMy first time hearing "nothing about us without us," another round of challenging the use of empathy, and the negat…
Retweeted by Tatiana Mac @matthewcpaul Touché quoting me to myself 😂Incredulity is the enemy of curiosity. @oscherler @venikunche Google how IQ is a disableist concept and construction and the history behind the word “stupid.” @TaelurAlexis @TheDSPod @bitandbang 😘😘😘 @choo_ek @IjeomaOluo Gutted I’ll be in the UK but I told all my friends! 😭 @KR1573N Lolllll people are so aloof here. I have close-calls weekly at least. (Tell me if I say redonk shit? 😅) @bitandbang Yeah, thanks, it was awhile ago! The worst part was they didn’t notice until I slapped the door so they’d stop. 😨For my first time in Toronto, @donnavitan was the most excellent tour guide and city host. 🤗 Yes, her smile is thi… fact: Someone hit me with their car right before we recorded this podcast. (Thanks for the spirited conversat… @notdetails I like doing those things hi 👋🏽 @trevorbrindlejs @zkat__ “Casually hating oppression since awhile” But seriously yeah, people like to discount ety… @codeAbul @zkat__ If you’re ever up for it (no pressure), I’d love this as a submission for @SelfDefinedApp! @zkat__ Personally I avoid it because I think while it lacks the weight of indigenous oppression, it was still a te… @manonatelier The word carries the connotation regardless of whether we’re talking people, things, situations. I p… @runsthruit No. The nuance between underrepresented, marginalised, and minoritised is important; “easy words” lead… @BadassBowden Something I found helpful as I first started adjusting: you’re finding it difficult to stop using certain words, you can use Text Shortcuts on Mac/iOS to automatically…
Retweeted by Tatiana Mac @laurieontech Yeah, I use poorly conceived or dead angle usually.I keep seeing disableist language in my timeline. It’s not humanly possible for me to catch it all. Will you all p… being sketched by the lovely @TatianaTMac
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@dylanw @raepkg @bitandbang You can DM! I have a queue going. 😊My favourite part of this technique is getting select what elements get tremendous detail and what remain unadorned… commission complete! The super dope and lovely @raepkg! S/O to fave @bitandbang for always being so supporti… @jackyalcine 👀