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Tatiana Mac @TatianaTMac Insatiably curious

Tech Misanthropologist. Engineer/OSS maintainer @SelfDefinedApp @DevsOfColour. Shop @StyleDotCSS. Box model to CSS; constant letdown to JS. she/they/hän 💖💛💙

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@ScribblingOn Is this why all we do is read Shubheksha @ScribblingOn For as much as people speak about good intentions, that benefit is not granted to everyone. @almmaadoglu Do you think that Europe and Asia qualify as distinct continents as well? @ScribblingOn I genuinely come here to ask questions and to learn and I feel like it’s hard to do that when so much… @ScribblingOn This place is simultaneously exhausting and enchantingCheck out this special edition of the @uxdesigncc celebrating #GlobalAccessibilityAwarenessDay that happened last w…
Retweeted by Tatiana MacHappy to open my inbox this morning and see a special Global Accessibility Awareness Day edition of @uxdesigncc, cu…
Retweeted by Tatiana Mac @TartanLlama Oh ty Sy I forgot my tongue needs to be out and my name in a script inaccessible fontUgh sometimes I wish this account were one of those joke accounts that just recycles stuff I see on Tumblr and my p…’m seeking my first role in Developer Relations. I’m a software engineer (generalist) with a community-first minds…
Retweeted by Tatiana Mac @indextwo @codeability Would you be willing to submit an issue or PR for it to @SelfDefinedApp, Lawrie? @elibelly @jevakallio I don’t really understand the joke tbh? I’m not sure who or what we’re making fun of? @whereisthedata If you feel comfortable articulating, what expectation imposes that upon you? @jackyalcine Jacky I hope you know I got my ass up and took this photo of my actual washing machine @marewwna Idk If it makes sense either but I laughed @jackyalcine Yeah or even worse they don’t realise they expect to be thought of as the unracialised default setting… @jackyalcine I hope you know what I meant by writing this? @mhall119 @almmaadoglu Do you use the terms Asian, European, or African to refer to people then?Which you refer to yourself as? (If this doesn’t apply to you please don’t vote.) @laraisuncool Caucasian as a term is weird to me. 🤷🏼‍♀️ @AndreJaenisch @zachleat @eleven_ty @jbrancha @kurtkemple @SelfDefinedApp @shehackspurple I’m also unsure about the… @AndreJaenisch @zachleat @eleven_ty @jbrancha @kurtkemple @SelfDefinedApp @shehackspurple As automation is in our f… @AndreJaenisch @zachleat @eleven_ty @jbrancha @kurtkemple @SelfDefinedApp @shehackspurple 👋🏽 Before this all gets c… @mhall119 @almmaadoglu Would we call Turkish and Russian people Asian and European depending on where they come from? @laraisuncool Are Russians defined as Europeans and as Asians then? I can’t tell based on your questions if you th… @AkashaThorne This is fine, but can we make sure you call them cis women so we know that they’re cis @mhall119 @almmaadoglu Russia is the third gender @mhall119 So it’s a part of both continents is what you were taught?You thought naming components was hard lol @mhall119 @almmaadoglu What characteristics do they share that lead to this portmanteau subcontinent? @jacobmparis Why would the world disagree about something as arbitrary as borders when all it does is justify bigot… @almmaadoglu Would you classify any other countries as being in Eurasia?What continent is Russia in? More importantly, why?Solidarity to my fellow Southeast and South Asians who are routinely erased from the panethnic term Asian (by other… @KR1573N Hope you don’t have to ‘baga for them next week @KR1573N Did you tuck your nips @LamdaCalrissian *me unable to take a compliment* WHAT ABOUT ALL THE OTHER DAYS @conniechiiiwa I blame Buffy. @smoothjimyapolo @kristinlow Ugh now I want this to be real @carlyagarza Adam Scott or Ben Wyatt? 😏 @Sumant_Natkar 😒 @Arestelle I would also watch this @RubyQuailDesign I would watch this @conniechiiiwa Is it weird I think he’s sorta cute? @phillipsharring How dare you @jonamichahammo Don’t worry he’ll leak that info for you 🥁 @EscoBlades My website had a “Best Viewed on Netscape Navigator” badge 🌍✨ @bitandbang Wait Tierney Iwhy wouldn't I want to date myself 🥰 @soMelanieSaid for sure; for me, i need moments to be able to escape it since it can be suffocating living it sometimes. @LamdaCalrissian i'm really mathleticWho is the best Batman? Wrong answers only. @dia_trahman The not wearing masks thing is so rampant. Virtually no one where I live wears a mask except if they’r… @chimeracoder Shit idk what my excuse is *sweeps up shitposts under bird-shaped rug*FYI give me freedom or give me death was not meant to be “inclusive or” mathematically speaking @chimeracoder My brain hurts reading this @VivekNotalive I call my dog floof panino or fart de triomphe @dylanw I throw it at the rug Dylan can’t damage the slumlord’s walls I LIKE MEMOIRS OK @abelq16 Yep! @jbrancha If it’s not clear from *gestures at timeline* I hate myself @dan_abramov @rauschma As someone with dubious JS skills, the fresh approach resonates with me. I find a lot of JS… @EbThen The “people are surprised by this one thing in my house” meme is esp telling!!!! @shelbyspees @laurieontech @dan_abramov Everybody look at Dan! (No but fr thank you both! 💙) @soMelanieSaid 💙 I’m allowing myself reading and enjoying things that have problematic aspects (and pointing them o… @soMelanieSaid I’m a fullstack reader Melanie 😜 @jenistyping I understand that you’re trying to make folks feel less alone in saying this, but unfortunately the im…
@dan_abramov What resources do you reference when writing each module? How much have you learned since writing (fr… throw books when I read things like this. It’s dramatic I know but it’s so tiring to never get to turn this stuff off. 🙃Why am I like this 🥴 @EscoBlades I’m still laughing @strawz Twitter suppressed your response because you said boob @strawz Yes nothing this woman is quoted as saying is at all “tiger mom”-ish or Shanghai-related “Why do they have… @EscoBlades Drake’s Ass LagoonMe: *minding my own business on the day of the lord, not making things about race* Ruth Reichl: In my early years… @BadassBowden Ew this is me and I hate it @authorbrandong I’d love that! One to get to collaborate on writing again. 🤗 @authorbrandong Ack I’m sorry. My memory is failing getting me these days! 🥴 @abrewing This is on my list of terms for Self-Defined. I correct it, along with developing and developed nations a… @authorbrandong Thanks for sharing this nuance that I hadn’t considered. If you ever chose to, I’d welcome this lev… @abelq16 Ooh! This is a really good pt. I’d love if you’d be willing/have energy/desire to add this nuance to the e… excerpt from Silent Spring: For those not yet touched by the disease and certainly for the generations as… excerpt from Silent Spring: In the great outbreak of cholera in London, Dr John Snow (!) mapped and found the c… @kevinpelrine Both involve bodily secretion and I wish we’d stop both @JazzyLoyal Omg I’ve never seen this 😱 @daniellynds Have you read The Crying Book? Also I am studying Italian and “lacrime” is such a beautiful word. One… @TaelurAlexis @ceeoreo_ We’re all always learning 💙 @laurieontech Thank you for validating my hours of stoned reflections 😅 @liatrisbian @ceeoreo_ I’m run from most “women’s” and “ladies” organisations for this very reason. @tiffanywhitedev 😂 we might be nearing on the “what really is a salad” convo Tiffany @laurieontech How I think about it is where the judgment comes in: for the reader or the thing itself. Something c… @tiffanywhitedev This is so funny. What would your mom rather have in it? @LonnyGomes Double c words ftw @SilvestriCodes Ugh this is me. I frequently say just and I am #%*$ trying to cut it out. @ceeoreo_ And when people call non binary people women and add them to lists and tag them in posts or honour them i… @miggi Ugh yes!!! I make a massive point of this as a short person who does speaking events... it’s my soap box I guess 😂 @indextwo Here’s a fun one for you: when speaking of time, do you use less or fewer? 👀👀👀 @IanColdwater But Ian is it not sorta gratifying when someone is trying to “own” you in a convo and they say mute p… @LukeDavisSEO @outofTardis I find miscellany to be cute too! @LukeDavisSEO In my WASPiest voice “it means prejudice based on race”