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Tech Misanthropologist writing shitposts and litposts. Deseloper and OSS maintainer building @SelfDefinedApp && @DevsOfColour && @StyleDotCSS.

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Toni-Ann Singh of Jamaica has won Miss World. For the 1st time, 👑 Miss Universe 👑 Miss World 👑 Miss America 👑 Miss…
Retweeted by Tatiana MacWhat’re your favourite self-hosted image galleries? Context: I want to build a replacement for Insta—something edi…"She drove around the city and cracked jokes with locals she met. She even donated to a local orphanage and took ph…
Retweeted by Tatiana Mac @bitandbang Are you and @codebytere just saying things near each other to tweet orThank you for voting means a lot🙏 I’ve decided to go on with mentoring a group of 10. It’s a long shot but I’m wi…
Retweeted by Tatiana Mac @dotmariusz I love Finland 😭🇫🇮💙 @soniagupta504 Flattering Flat White is their new nameI made a playlist of the sad songs people submitted with a couple of my own (that were available on Spotify) so you… @mspowahs Oh, wow! Thank you for making a whole playlist! 😊 @LucidBrot I think a small one-time, two-click effort from me is worth it if it can help make my message clearer fo… @LucidBrot Sure, but the way I suggested includes the original tweet, which provides context.Send sad songs pls? @SarahSharara_ I really needed this content today. 😭💕 @unblock_list what blocklists @nancywyuen I find solace in that not every friendship is meant to last forever. It once served a purpose; memories… @Mappletons @laurieontech @eggheadio @vuejs Thanks, Maggie! It helps a lot. Still super gorgeous 💙 @AmeliasBrain Yes, they totally are! 👀 Oh you mean like this? Tatiana wanted to remind Present Tatiana that she's pan so here we are: @cobra_winfrey I CANT STOP ADAM @hibaymj WHY MUST YOU ROB ME OF THIS JOY I WILL ROB YOU BACK: @sabreuse RT it first Alt: Jordan Belafort rages t… @sabreuse YOU ARE A MONSTER Alt: Jung from Kim's Convenience—a sucker for a good 69 reference—cries in the kitchen… (NO ONE ELSE RT THIS) Tatiana made a shitpost and Present Tatiana made it into a litpen: 🖊️
If you want to read the QT replies: (Also a helpful practice if you want to share your res… @DaddyD0dd @LittleKope @TaelurAlexis You're so kind, Lindsey! Grateful to have spent time with you and Tae'lur in Toronto. @chiamakaikeanyi A word. @TartanLlama @TaelurAlexis Thank you, Sy! Means a lot coming from you. I realise now I could have come across as fi… @marcysutton @TaelurAlexis Aw, thanks, I realise it could have seemed like I was fishing. I genuinely want this! @thechabuku I judge not by mistakes, but how they are handled. @Mappletons @laurieontech @eggheadio @vuejs These are beautiful! I love your style and approach. Would you be willi… @_scornwell_ Me too. I hope my talk makes a small dent. 🙎🏼‍♀️ @thomicks My favourite visualisation: @TaelurAlexis Become known for being kind, helpful, and true to myself. @DecentRelive And overpopulation @prtmnttlly This one is too real for me 💙 @AbbeyFitzgerald Adult friendships are so hard. I read something about Aristotelian friendships falling into: 💕 Uti… @amelielamont I used to do so much more. Now I’m privileged that I have enough to keep me busy without the chase.… @BastianInuk I love this. Often people use others to distill their ask and want someone to do work they didn’t wanna do. @amrith I find that ego is a presentation layer of insecurity. The people with the most true self-actualisation lac… @KelpiePellegrin And the difference! ✨ @stevefaulkner Oh lord this one is so frustrating @BergFulton Vulnerable people live in niches! 💙 I learned a tonne about diabetes from a teacher, who trusted our yo… @SabrinaHallnyc If anything, the opposite. Confidence and self-assuredness means we’ve learned first to be kind to… @hellogeri It’s a bit weird but I find that as things get worse for other people, it means more people will believe… @cherryrae Yes! Well said. And also that it’s okay to help ourselves first, then others second. 💙 @missmatsuko I see this. Strangely my intersection of studying math and being a former journalist make me see all n… @almaasoglu Ur grrl has a different take on empathy but I know what you mean. 💙 @autious @Argorak Yes! And that all of it is for humans. Strange that computers are our conduit for connection. @AngelosArnis @jhsilverman I think so much about Indigenous folks who have done this all along. @venikunche You’re most excellent at being this—an example for us all. ✨ @RJStreur As a t&c for one of my talks, I ask for people to sit with their discomfort and to do nothing with it for… @TatianaTMac How to sit with negative feelings compassionately, without self-judgement, without turning it into agg…
Retweeted by Tatiana Mac @SilvestriCodes I was thinking organisational structure too!!! @sarah_edo Ummmmmm I have a conference talk I am writing for 2020 that you might like 😀 @amrith Do you find some people lack these qualities? @hellogeri This is so profoundly sad that it’s not intrinsic. 😭 @Argorak As a human linguist and coder, it’s hard for me to see us parse computer language from human language and… @SilvestriCodes Oooh, yes. Good one—this makes me think of forms of tiredness: 💤 Existential 💤 Physical 💤 Metaphysical 🤔What’s one thing you wish more people understood? @matthewcpaul Can webpack help? Not sure what type of manipulation you’re specifically trying to do but maybe this… @sharonsteed Ya like for example I’m certain no one on Air Kenya felt @M_Silm and I behaved like adults on the plan… @tiffani @callmevlad This is exactly what I thought of!!! You were on it as always. 💙 @fvsch I love seeing people’s handwriting too. 😍I've bought 200+ copies of 'White Fragility' for folks, and had a lot of private conversations as a result. One th…
Retweeted by Tatiana Mac @AngelosArnis @elou @jointfutures So grateful for all the community love and care that week—thank you for organisin… Is. Not. How. Email. Works. I’m really getting fed up with Google playing fast and loose with email standard…
Retweeted by Tatiana Mac @JAScarb I’m curious about the context. Everyone is different. For me, getting a DM/QT that is about a kind thing s… social, please tag folks whose work you promote, esp. indie writers && artists! For articles, please reach out… @beep @colly I belieb you @beep @colly I think I am sensing how @colly picks keynotes now 👀 @beep @colly Bieberation*casually adds Christmas jumper day to my annual reminders* Check out @CodeFoodPixels’s cute controllable jumper!… @jina Alt: Jungkook waving Jina into K-pop royalty @jina The last two sentences feel like lyrics of a pop song. @codebeast Yessss. THIS IS THE CONTENT I’ve been wanting to see on your feed. ✨ @TartanLlama It was yesterday but I was able to get myself out of package management hell and understand *how* I go… @mikeyil Ugh. I hope you’re able to figure things out. I have my own temper tantrums when I have to deal with insur… @jhsilverman @jonathanpb There’s no figure dashes there either @threepointone 💙☹️🥂💙 @jhsilverman @jonathanpb We’re just going to ignore the figure dash thenThings I did today: 🔹 Got drenched in the rain 🔹 Conceived a book idea 🔹 Recorded a podcast 🔹 Finished a crossword… @codebeast @cloudinary this is dope but but how much did you sleep? @JordanDWinslow That's literally how data works. I defined a list of finite criteria (of which you were not include… @JordanDWinslow The thread is one of *empowerment for myself.* The vibe was celebratory. "your words affect people… @JordanDWinslow We're also not mutuals. @JordanDWinslow If this doesn't apply to you, then why are you worried about it? @SarahEsterman #TeamSarahbie 💙 @KeziyahL does she like exercising @Miss_Hanie @SanctuaryWrld Oh funny bc everyday Co—Star reads me to filth @apixelpusher I has thots @SwissWebMiss @ActionRocket Aw thanks for sharing this! Is #EmailGeekly a thing yet
@apixelpusher Agree. In both instances, having a friend doesn’t negate the impact of what you say and the systemic… @indextwo It's simultaneously being too passive to actually assert your position in line, while being aggressive en… @elou Thank you for featuring me and tagging me! So glad we got to spend some time together in HKI. 💙What you don't see is that @elou (&& tens of design leaders) saw me completely break down days after this video. It… @indextwo the same sadist who taught Americans to queue @H4N4W4LT PLEASE tell me you left it as "Extra smol" @that_field Aww thank you, Tera! I’m so glad to know you. ✨💕 @nathanc Thank you, Nathan! 😭✨