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I have a folder called 'Coolest SQL', Videos games are my anti-drug, meme illiterate. He/him.

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I also got a question answered on MBMBaM
@PontiusPyrite or if I want to cover my faceis it even possible to watch your cat stretch out without saying “oh! Big stretch!”
Retweeted by Tauf 🪓 @arispades Then it doesn't last the free trialNow it has a nose love the little face it makesFinished my axe target think some folks are overreacting to a pretty anodyne Obama analysis on the basis of a somewhat misleading tweet…
Retweeted by Tauf 🪓I VAPE I VOTE
@zaralynda This was my first introduction to this world @PlayHearthstone Battlegrounds has one problem, it's that the animation for poison triggering even though the da… favorite vocaloid is probably Hat Sun MikeWHAAAAAA @codewytch okaygf: i’m breaking up with you me: is it because i refuse to get a job and keep streaming to 0 viewers? gf: yes m…
Retweeted by Tauf 🪓My decade in review: •Got 2 cats •Lived in 8 difference places, 4 different metropolitan areas, 3 different states…
@PontiusPyrite any sufficiently wide sword can be a shield if you think about it @appleciderwitch And even if shields are a problem the amount they reduced Orisa by was SO much
Someone faved this and it reminded me of how much this game ruled other things as well, but "not meeting or engaging with other people" was a crucial first componentSocial anxiety, more like CharpanderThis reads like a parody @opperhodo He's only 16 and his parents are perfectly healthy. Why is he being made king?!Hey mom, roll your windows up next time #Popcornkittys #Tornado @TheEllenShow
Retweeted by Tauf 🪓Features: all-in-one open-concept bathroom Pattinson, legend
Retweeted by Tauf 🪓My thoughts on open-concept bathrooms. Sink - sure Shower - I guess if you feel sexy enough Toilet - UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCESThe first thing I watched on Disney+ was The Descendants which was a hell of a thingThat feeling when your cat shit all over the floor and himself at 4 am and your wife wakes up to the smell and you… was supposed to be a reply and BOY howdy did I not notice this errorDoes she turn into the car? need to know more
2019 court rules warrantless searches of international travelers' electronics at airports are unconstitutional.
Retweeted by Tauf 🪓 @PontiusPyrite states are canceling their primariesIn association with National Public Seating and WBEZ Chicago this is This American Life. Today we're taking about p… who here's Fred cuddling on George and then George cuddling on Fred have white walls and a black Ikea cube bookcase horizontal behind our couch and REALLY wanted this rug to bridge… to my twitter for ALL the hot takesParties can just cancel their primaries? That seems....bad? @Sylphiel upperI'm sorry what is this game
George looks like he has Soggy Bones Syndrome when he sits like this Just need feet for stability @StunGravy @cetaillefer I think you're eating apples wrongThe irony of a Silicon Valley guy tweeting “I got a higher credit limit on my Apple Card than my wife did” and it f…
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Retweeted by Tauf 🪓Turorial of how to open a bottle of beer with a chopstick. A bit dangerous, be careful if you try it.
Retweeted by Tauf 🪓It's my catI couldn't tell you what it is without looking
did you know you can't fit 12 foot lumber in a prius?Went with in store pickup and renting one of their trucks for an hour to bring it home @Sylphiel eyes glowing the way that a pet's will, but too large @Sylphiel Fred always wakes me up in the night to give him an early breakfast. On good days that's at 5 am. Last ni… @Sylphiel Right?!I decided I would build an axe target so we could practice at home this weekend and I went to the store to get wood… reporters be like
Retweeted by Tauf 🪓Watching my roommate play Death Stranding and asking him what does DOOMS stand for. what does MULES stand for. what…
Retweeted by Tauf 🪓It was a bad idea to see Parasite yesterday when from my side of the bed I can see the top of the stairs. Great movie.I don't get it @clarissajanlim I just wanted to see where this happened and'VE GOT TO STOP DOING THIS "A Plane Crashed During A Gender Reveal, And That's Just The World We're Living In N…
@_Luthvian No matter how comfortable I get with it I always eventually end up trying to type a bunch of stuff but I'm not in editing mode. Wrynn collects father figures like Batman collects children @appleciderwitch I may or may not have, in that first interactive element, found out how to run and immediately fell down a hillIf you've ever wondered what the big deal is: watch this and realize that's because you've never *not* been represe…
Retweeted by Tauf 🪓 @appleciderwitch It does do autosaves and there's manual saves in the menu. I started it last night and sat through… Replicated in The Sims 4 by @SatiSimBuilds
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Fun fact about Bill Gates and capitalism. Decades ago he retired and began giving all his money away. He’s famous f…
Retweeted by Tauf 🪓Bill Gates made $23,000 every MINUTE in 2013, or ~$33,300,000 EVERYDAY. In ONE DAY, he makes more money than dozens…
Retweeted by Tauf 🪓before we apparently had taken a 10 month break. We started this campaign over 2 years ago, before we had decided to move to Texas.
We beat June last night so tomorrow we start July. We're halfway through the game now so I'm almost certain something big's gonna happen.Pandemic Legacy Season 2 is a strand gameremember when there used to be all these articles about how people in europe live longer than americans because the…
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@appleciderwitch oh yeah, it really does @appleciderwitch I Love That Staff @sphye I imagine this is a good deal for a fur suit @appleciderwitch This is not my familiar Mage Tower @sphye I love the math of love triangles but this isn't really something I associate, you know @sphye EhWe started playing Pandemic Legacy Season 2 after a brief 1 year and 2 month break. We lost the first two games aft…"We just didn't value it high enough before now" is literally the explanation you @emilypheller, @plante, and @ohnorosco for recognizing how amazing Popstar is you're curious the current Oreo Mystery Flavor is a bit gingery like a Teddy Graham @zaralynda Happy birthday!
I won't be shamed for trying to write an appealing headline yet kids ask when they'll ever use math in their adult life control the main character but are also the person or thing they are acting onI don't need a youtube video to tell you that a second person video game has the camera in front of and facing the character you're playing.Free And Commercial Enterprise Buoys Our Oligarchical Kleptocracy via @VergeWhat won't cancel culture come for is bittersweet thought because I was every so slightly off from getting my first perfect game. From getting an i accidentally uncovered a trail of horrific grape murder crimes this weekend. if you're in CA, you know these H…
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I nearly cried at this part
Retweeted by Tauf 🪓Is this the robot from Holey Moley @holeymoleyabc, in another game I got a new high score @StunGravy Seriously