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🐀Kelsey Bass🐀 @taxidermyrobot She/Her Berlin, Germany

Freelance Illustrator, drawing cute/sweet illustrations. Owner of a group of mischievous rats. She/Her.

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@Astrolimes In the older games he has the somewhat rare sloppy furniture! I wonder if this game gives him the same.
@StephLaberis Thanks! I’m trying to make sure everyone is staying healthy, rats like to be butts at bad times 😅 @StephLaberis She’s older and skinnier, but still full of life. And she had her 2nd Birthday on March 28th! @StephLaberis Early on it was touch and go with our rat, Fyre. I was nervous about going to the vet too often. But…
@lyzidiamond As your cousin and video game player I say yes
Sharing this again 😄 @prismaticmonkey Welcome!! @prismaticmonkeyHere’s the design code for those who are interested!
@prismaticmonkey Great! I’ll tag you when I do it tomorrow @prismaticmonkey Also thank you 😄 @prismaticmonkey Yeah! Do you do that at the Able sisters? It’s nighttime here so I can do it tomorrow morningFelt like designing a dress based on Rei's outfit in Fatal Frame 3. @RagnarRoxShow I’ve disliked villagers in the past, but it was usually because of their actions. The original game… @prismaticmonkey I remember this holiday in previous games feeling less... invasive 😅 @prismaticmonkey I'm glad my game was offline yesterday so I could do that challenge, otherwise, I'd be super p*ssed lol.
Best letter I’ve gotten from Pierce 😂 @kortizart This was the one that made me do a double take this morning. 😄
@Coelasquid Potato Bee @clarekolat Thank you!! @MarkLaubenthal Yeah they’re amazing, and they surprise me all the time. While their lives are short they make up f… @MarkLaubenthal Yeah, when you have more than three rats you can really see how the mischief dynamic works. Fyre us… @MarkLaubenthal They’re super social. They have a complex hierarchy, multiple rats can be alpha depending on the si… snuggling her adopted daughters @pimrakers @marloesdevee Haha I was just about to say the same thing! I have checked for bananas the times I needed… @prismaticmonkey Omg I miss Elmer so much! Haha
@sarahhollowell If they only want specific people they’d use a dodo code. So I think it’s all clear
@GabSmolders You can do it! 😄 push ups are hard!I got this wig in the mail from Gulliver. It said “pigtail” and when I put it on I burst out laughing 😂 @okaybeex Aww!! Looks great @prismaticmonkey The fish in this version of the game make me angry hahaha
@WolfSkullJack Also I got the giant butt/peach chair from a friend who visited. 😂 @WolfSkullJack I’m pretty happy with my unintentional color scheme
I’ve loved this series since GameCube days, and this one is the best one yet. @Coelasquid When my brother and I were kids we rented this movie. It had different video cover, less descriptive. A…
@rattatea Yeah! I love this series so much, and it came at the best time.Good to know!
@hamtarto Aww I love Clay so much! I hope to get him to come to my island. @prismaticmonkey Hahaha thanks! I remember some kids from my school making a boat for a school project out of it and to smelled a lot. 😂 @prismaticmonkey They look like skunk cabbage!
@MaliceDaFirenze You can absolutely view and play this game as a collectathon, but I like to take it all in. I’m cu… @MaliceDaFirenze You can get loving notes from your irl friends 😂 @MaliceDaFirenze You can be as goofy as you like. @MaliceDaFirenze You can become friends with your neighbors, I’ve known Pierce since Wild World days so I was so ha… @MaliceDaFirenze I like to customize things, fish, catch bugs, wander around, enjoy music, talk with my neighbors.…
@dinnasaw This is so sweet. My love to you both <3#AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
Retweeted by 🐀Kelsey Bass🐀 @okaybeex Summer timmeeeeee! I haven’t really looked at my clock but I think it’s right @rattatea I’m so sorry <3 she was so cute. @Mort3mer My goofy girl Ravioli
@JoeMcGro Adorable!!Yay!! Capabären is my island! And I love my villagers already you find out about a nation-threatening pandemic and your first move is to adjust your stock portfolio you shoul…
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@JurassicPug I had to argue with someone that splashing water on your hands is not washing your hands. 🤦‍♀️ @slurketta @raptormitlaser Hahaha smart rattie!!
Useful! love everything about this :D got some wood pigeon visitors <3 @Nash076 Oh no that’s so very sad, I’m sorry for you and the family and friends affected 😔
@KikiDoodleTweet Since my husband and I both work from home now, it’s important that we tell each other our work pl…'RE SO CLOSE GUYS
Retweeted by 🐀Kelsey Bass🐀Everything has a cost. #AnimalCrossingNewHorizon
Retweeted by 🐀Kelsey Bass🐀 @Emi_ology Stock up on some essentials? I hope you’re doing okay.
When stocking up for #SocialDistancing, if an item has a WIC symbol beside the price, get something else. People wh…
Retweeted by 🐀Kelsey Bass🐀 @UnderTheIvy2000 Thank you :) @Ratagerie Thank you so much, it's so hard whenever rats get elderly. Just last month she was fine. It saddens me h… @Lonovich I can not WAIT to play this and think of happy times @prismaticmonkey Thanks, we try to take it all one day at a time. I love her so much, but if nothing is working we… @alfred_ladylike Thank you so much, these past weeks have been feeling like years with all the stress and sadness @WolfSkullJack Sounds like a really nice idea. I kind of want to do mini still life paintings around my apartment.I have not seen much about what vet clinics are planning to do during this time, which is why I’ve been concerned w… husband and I are self isolating as much as possible right now. Unfortunately our little sweet rat, Fyre, has be… saving grace this year 😭
Whoops! Yup good to understand these terms outbreaks like coronavirus spread exponentially, and how to “flatten the curve”
Retweeted by 🐀Kelsey Bass🐀If you need to exercise and have no equipment/ have relied on going to the gym this might be an excellent alternati… @debcha This is so helpful thank you so much @Emi_ology My heart goes out to you, I’m sorry you’re experiencing this. I hope you feel much better soon.
@slurketta I’ve been putting turmeric in my workout shakes, so yummy 😄
I love Ahoy’s face so much @RagnarRoxShow I got a friend of mine into it too. I really appreciated your video!Schools close, Tom Hanks, trouble in the big banks, no vaccine, quarantine, no more toilet paper seen. Travel ban,…
Retweeted by 🐀Kelsey Bass🐀 @fuchsiarascal This has been extremely thorough with info @fuchsiarascal I think the advice is not to show up, but call ahead. I’m not sure of each particular city though @RagnarRoxShow I had started Pathologic 2 a few weeks back, but once the virus was found in Germany and everyone st… love switching between VPNs and seeing how media outlets tailor their headlines depending on who they think the a…
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Hey everyone - I feel bad asking for this, but I need extra help right now. The short version is that I have a moun…
Retweeted by 🐀Kelsey Bass🐀 @okaybeex It definitely comes out in the worst way when you have to give meds! 😂 @okaybeex Mine are so picky some don't like Strawberries. Then I forget who likes what XDI have to cancel my New England events the week of March 27th. It’s time to step back a bit and let everybody just…
Retweeted by 🐀Kelsey Bass🐀 @okaybeex Aww yumm! Are those Strawberries? @dinnasaw Huggggs
Stephan is an inspiration! @shanemadej A shining light! @scribbletoad Now it just needs the sound effect! 😂 So cute!
@ADHD_Alien So adorable 😍
@AuroraRattery Aww I’m so sorry ♥️ @djamilaknopf Hahaha sinngggg meee a songgg 🤣
@UnderTheIvy2000 Yep!! She’s all healed up and back to her happy self!