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TBD ...and that's how we became friends 我会说一点儿中文 (she/her)

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@ChicaLive VAMOSDo what you need to do to make your daydreams your day-to-day. @Lextoo_shifty @beautybyjaekole 6th inning is also extremely lit.Big 5th inning 😳I really like this Will Smith kidMoooooookie Betts!!!!
@knaughtFTW Happy to help spread the good word, friend @NotMattShaw Glad to hear you found a 100% match, and wishing you every bit of luck in this <3 @Barb_Bruh @xQc @AustinOnTwitter @Sodapoppintv Congratulations girl!!! @FastCompany Louder for the folks in the back! Thank you for speaking up @LaurynNwankpa @Athena A business run by a friend that has DMCA-proof stream music :DIdk who needs to hear this but: @JensHilgers @Frost_Giant I'm so ready for the RTS revival @ChicaLive can't wait to seeeeeee @breebunn omfg that ruuuug!Doing the ranked ABCs Abusing Broken Comps @alexawhyamisad Me. It’s me.Idk how people smile in pictures 🙃 @CharleneRose Nothing I could say will be as cheesy as this gif 💕💕also hang in there. You’re tougher than any bad…
@xILitchy I keep hearing about this and your review has tipped me into considering actually buying it. Are you playing on a switch or? @Cat0067 Nice moves!! Congrats on the new gig :D @Athena @GamersOutreach This is so awesome. Way to go. @alexawhyamisad I got this vibe out of nowhere today. Looking at the time stamp, now I see 🔮You love to see it @Dodgers FUCKING BETTS
Retweeted by SlayAFK⚔️ @kamaljarrah I don’t personally know. Tied now. Will smiiiiiith!!!Will Smith is clutch af @kamaljarrah Braves are up 2-0, top of the second, two outs. Dodgers are on their second pitcher of the night.We’re all in Dustin May’s nightmare right now.
@xChocoBars wo ming bai ni de yi si :P @xChocoBars we ye shi divine ;D @G2Rdu LET'S GOOOOOO @Fireburner Happy birthday!!!2020 is doomed but at least the Astros lost.Not even close 😅
@Bloody @skipper @xILitchy This makes me soooo happy @Frodan @MLB Baseball is sooo good @JacobWolf @MLB Such a fun moment. Go Will!!
@PikaChulita @LogitechG Money moves!! @hana_tjia @Xmiramira @pigletspiggies @TeamLiquid tytyty <3 @TehAngerra @TeamLiquid TYTYTYTYInstagram saw it first 🥺👉👈 @Alliestrasza yer-bah mah-tay :D Take it from a yerba mate lifer. It's sooo good. That brand also does a carbonat… @Mae you and me bothHi! I’m Amanda Cullen, a PhD candidate in Informatics at UCI. I'm recruiting interview participants for my disserta…
Retweeted by SlayAFK⚔️Wait what the fuck is it actually Friday?! @jayfreedom666 @TeamLiquid ya, for melee @Fasffy @TeamLiquid Lucky roll on genetics, a ton of time/$$ taking care of it and noooo haircuts 🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️Can anyone see my tweets? :(FINALLY RELEASED FROM TWITTER JAIL Here’s my @TeamLiquid hoodie
I wouldn’t have believed that @SteelSeries and @NateHillTV could convince me to watch a two minute long video about…
Who are some Black (yes I said black) Community Managers or inspiring to be community managers out there? 🤔 May hav…
Retweeted by SlayAFK⚔️ @EvilGeniuses @AmandaTNStevens @QueenNayru @ingoodjesst Let's goooo ladies @SteveOnSports @nickdorazio3rd @TeamLiquid @Cloud9 @100Thieves @ateyo_ @Fasffy @hannahhycho @tthotobot @LaraLunardi✨ ESPORTS INDUSTRY FITS: VOL 2 ✨ Thank you to everyone who submitted their favorite gaming looks! @TeamLiquid and…
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@DanHevia @thehomeedit I’ve been loving this show and thinking about doing it in my place as well. Any other strate… this into my veins 💉 @LotharHS Absolutely lovely family 😍😍😍 @FionaNova sup bro??? @Evergreenily I think a president said it? But it was a smart lady who said it to me, and I hear it in my head in her voice. @Evergreenily i remind myself as often as i need to (a lot) that comparison is the thief of joy
Wow 👁👄👁 @MsJenNeale i wonder about this too, even if it could be safe would it be worth the $$ @skipper @milkypixel @xChocoBars Omg Janet 🙈🥰🙈 @monginell Hang in there!!!Today: I need more caffeine. Yesterday: I put the thingy back in my car for car pics. You’re preemptively welco… LOVE FOOTBALL
Retweeted by SlayAFK⚔️ @Thatvoodoobitch Those are gorgeous ⚜️⚜️⚜️ @alexawhyamisad @breebunn Me @ that behavior
@Evergreenily @starsmitten_ This is why I don’t play games with voice chat. I unironically think giving everyone vo… @Ewok @K3L4R4X So happy for you and proud of you., dude 🖤🖤🧵
@NRG_Brettbox @SFShock Incredible achievement my dude!! Massive congratulations to the whole team. @iampursuit Right? 🤣 esp in sneakers @lokraankiin Omg too cuuuuuuteFree Fortnite @NRG_Brettbox @SFShock LFG!!!Girls get it done :)
Retweeted by SlayAFK⚔️ @Nightris_ Happy birthday!! 🎊🎉🎈I love it when we are all sports Twitter.
A reminder to fight for your Trans friends.
Retweeted by SlayAFK⚔️ @xChocoBars @Gaylen P R E A C H @helloimderic @SsssamanthaaMUA Thank you, dude 😄😄 @SsssamanthaaMUA My current set
@CestDommage 你可以说中文吗? @helloiamkate this song is stuck in my head now, thanks :P @songbirdGG It mostly does when I’m stressed tbh @SanchoWest @Twitch @manishie_ Your interior design skill is incredible. The space is gorgeous and inviting. Cheers on the lights, they… @SarahADowney This is the wildest part of it all for me as well.Flies are gross and so is all of thisImagine moderating when you’re literally the moderator