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believer / illustrator / designer / used to run fast for iwuxctf @pickybars amBADASSador

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Tuesday column: Wichita State coach Gregg Marshall allegedly has a two-decade history of using various slang terms…
Retweeted by Taylori’ve started using the 🥴 emoji and i don’t know why but it’s just been fittingi have the loveliest neighbors and i’ve lived next to them for about 3 years. they know my name and i forget theirs…
“Slipped” implies that it was an accident.
Retweeted by TaylorWe have a tendency as a people to explain "things that make us uncomfortable" as "things that are unethical" in ord…
Retweeted by Taylor @KylePlantEmoji even crazier, the threshold for being “fat” is always getting smaller and smaller. like... who even decides that???
so i was just running and i saw someone driving down the road with one of those 20ft skeletons sticking out of the top of their truckThis may be @ChrisLotsbom's best-ever XC photo. @mosk_eli of @PackXC fell over another runner in the 2016 #NCAAXC.…
Retweeted by Taylor @dontmakecry just don’t think too much and it’ll be finematt healy really said “poison me daddy” in i’d love it if we made it @abbey_edwards16 it was all perfectly splendid @abbey_edwards16 don’t think about it too muchThinking about kick flips 😃
Retweeted by Taylorpudding is soup if you don’t think about it too hard
i think will simply do the opposite of everything i am supposed to and see what happens.
Retweeted by TaylorBlack and Indigenous voice are not missing from curriculum. They were erased. There is a difference.
Retweeted by Taylordo i look high, be honest dance but where we all dance like this
"the truth about most women and their bodies is really boring: It’s just a body, and you get the one you get. It ha…
Retweeted by Taylorthe spelling of her name tells you all you need to know @abbey_edwards16 the psychological damage from that is too much to bear @abbey_edwards16 seems like a logical place to draw the line @abbey_edwards16 the participant acknowledges the risk of injury, psychological damage and death and will not hold… @abbey_edwards16 i don’t get enough food to be a serial pooper, i probably only poop about once a week
Runner Lauren Fleshman says her career likely suffered thanks to a fixation on weight. Now she's coaching an all-fe…
Retweeted by Taylor @JTKenyon654 @JTKenyon654 jordan i SWEARI HAD TO SCRAPE MY CAR WINDOWS THIS MORNING AND I AM SO HAPPY I WAS SMILING THE WHOLE TIME @noitsjustrick 😑😑😑Spin class linked to 72 COVID cases. How were so many infected? answer: ... because they went to a spin class 🥴hi hello my body image is shiiiiiiiiiit but we gon pretend it’s not
@abbey_edwards16 well we are sisters so if this is true then you’re hot too @JTKenyon654
who is deciding whether or not our passwords are strong enough, huh? like who sets that bar and why is it different for every website#NewProfilePic thinking about it ‘older’ is a special one @Nightly <34 hours later and i’m still thinking about this. think about it, they had to be overtly british. were they drinking… sports is to sports what joe rogan is to podcastsBody shaming Billie clearly goes against her message, but saying that you’re “proud of her” for wearing tight cloth…
Retweeted by TaylorY E S honestly i loved this about the show a design meeting with sales: “i googled ‘mums’ looking for the flower and i just got a bunch of british moms”
you love to see it“The rain continues to come down and now the drought is over. An American woman wins Boston for the first time in m…
Retweeted by Taylor @wasteIndbby love to see itHow it started: How it’s going:
Retweeted by Taylor @HomefieldApparl alexa play do you believe in magic by john sebastianit's objectively very funny that his entire campaign strategy is "I am not currently the President"
Retweeted by Taylormy own lil punkin patch’t @ me i sWeAr
oh i’m just crying over Nell’s love story in Haunting at Hill House, nothing new here @HomefieldApparl HA! I want to be friends with this personi don’t understand why hedgehogs are so trendy in the fall. they most definitely aren’t fall creatures
@badboychadhoy @lincnotfound dang that sux cuz courage didn’t have to pay rent 🙁 @badboychadhoy @lincnotfound the attic, what are you, courage the cowardly dogMe: Women and men should get paid the same Men: So that means i can kick you in the stomach and then body slam yo…
Retweeted by Taylor @HomefieldApparl not the first. not even the second... but the third.
Retweeted by Taylor @DunbarTrevor @steeple_squigs 👀 wrote this. not for an article or anything. just wrote it.#WorldMentalHealthDay
at trader joe’s and one of the workers asked me where i got my “super cool Panic! At The Disco shirt” and i was lik… forget when my girl Hilary Duff hit that girl with “you can’t say that’s so gay, what if i said that’s so gir…
Retweeted by Taylor @dmribich 🤠it’s world mental health day and all i can think about is how heartbreaking it is that those who would recognize a… random thought from this morning’s run: What if tracks were like basketball courts where strangers just challeng…
Retweeted by Taylori hate that i read this as dwight shrute
Why do we see Confederate flags on houses with a Trump sign in the front yard?
Retweeted by Taylorhow on earth can you be a christ follower and support trump? THAT is not logical the 1-year anniversary of @INEOS159, I want to continue to inspire the world to run. As a running world is a ha…
Retweeted by TaylorJoe Rogan is just Ellen for men.
Retweeted by TaylorWhy is the Trump campaign having such a hard time winning over women, why oh why?
Retweeted by Taylor
Big schools like @UMNews use their Black football and basketball players for profit but cut their Black athletes wh…
Retweeted by Taylor"NCAA schools send a clear message when they discard the one sport where their Black athletes are not revenue gener…
Retweeted by Taylor... i just lost 20 IQ points you for the concern! I will begin quarantine now and get a COVID-19 test promptly!
Retweeted by Taylorok but this is actually PER👏🏻FECT👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 @JayyKess yo okay so when should i expect mine? bc i filled out the form like a month agotrump and pence have been talking about a healthcare plan for four years and have produced nothing - but now we’re…’s the thing, all trump does is fear monger, respect himself nonsensically, extort and flat out lie. Stop playing politics with people’s lives Trump: You better vote for me if you want a relief bill
Retweeted by TaylorPence Instinctively Addresses Harris’ Husband In Audience During Debate Responses
Retweeted by TaylorPence claiming that Trump is a job creator...
Retweeted by TaylorIt’s unfortunate women can’t say, “will you shut up, man?” without consequence.
Retweeted by TaylorMike Pence failed to keep people safe during Indiana's HIV outbreak. He failed to keep people safe when his adminis…
Retweeted by TaylorJust because Pence says we have the cleanest air and water we’ve ever had doesn’t make it true
Retweeted by Taylor“You’ll get more conservative as you age” was always predicated on becoming more well-off and comfortable as you ag…
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Taking the throne! #NNValenciaWRDay
Retweeted by TaylorRemarkable run today by Letesenbet Gidey, who took almost 17 seconds from her PB to set the WR in Valencia. Perhap…
Retweeted by TaylorTwo days later: Cheptegei was right. 26:11.00 WR.
Retweeted by Taylor😩😩😩😩😩 Cheptegei closed the second half in 13:03
Retweeted by Taylormy supervisor at work comes up to me and asks if she can ask me a personal question. i say, sure. she then asks, “a… @zruedella @texas_lexas @heavenbrat @KarenKilgariff @notnatstack87 👉🏻🥺👈🏻i’m embarrassed for my friends in nashville who have to live in the same city as Tomi Lahrenlet’s unpack this... united high tops, the squat, head tilt and soft smile. who on earth do i think i am thinking wearing a mask makes you less of a man