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Hoping for a Corona Virus Vaccine. Resigned to fact Morona Virus is here for the duration.

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@DocMelbourne @JohnSmi21372434 @l_attfield My local branch current website pic, 6 + months after disastrous defeat… @Ashenground @roselyddon Are you sure that it’s Not time the establishment fucked off errant Male employee to find… @quantick @pfurs @peteshelley Wot a lyricist was the Pete! @MickPuck Was in a boozer in Brixton when they went ahead against Italy. An joyous upheaval of astonishment and euphoriaToday’s haul ⁦@pfurs⁩ ⁦@peteshelley⁩ #ikequebec @SteveGrieves @franksinatra Our! @baxterparp @selfstyledsiren @tcm Aaha so I see... it’s not on Freesat , need virgin, sky or bt seems? @tcmuk ? @soniasodha #disbandthemetSeriously? @SteveGrieves @franksinatra Got to take me mum n dad to see him at the Albert Hall. Tout tickets so not together bu… His language could be a bit off colour at times but - apart from the brilliant, life defining, music - this wa… @SHSC1974 @piersmorgan Snowflake Whims different to cancelling what should never have been started.Platitudes 4 man who contains multitudes? I’ve had a few too tangled up in blue 2mention sleeve notes on planet wav… @EoghanLyng @HelenLOHara @DexysOfficial F sure sorry. @HelenLOHara @DexysOfficial Ha ha , big apologies Ma’am. @selfstyledsiren @tcm Damn why can’t we get TCM in the uk ? @billybragg Was it not You who used the term cancel culture? Unless the meaning of cancel has changed (like women l… of the park @DexysOfficial genius. @quantick Too early to say.Andy Gill n I were thrilled to find Jack was sat behind us @stjames 1st show of @springsteen BITUSA tour. He was on… @quantick Really? I thought you were talking about me, before I came in (around 2.30 usually).
@56blackcat Steroids Shrunk his balls to peanut size. It happens. @LondonLee62 @quantick “It’s my favourite hobby,” says Pee Wee. @fascinatorfun It’s minus 3 either way and it’s not an election yet, Marathon not a sprint. Also poisonous local pa…’s the Hastings Rye Labour website. AS victim shamer and poll loser Peter Chowney with outgoing antisemite in c… @JoosyJew Anyone would think he was thick, stubborn and nasty. Who’s gonna pay his legal fees. 🇮🇷??Suggested @UKLabour might want to sort out the local cluster that insured a hefty majority for @SallyAnn1066 and p… @billybragg s society arbitration service, for when your foghorn just wont work. @jayrayner1 @Mr_Dave_Haslam @charltonbrooker @DominiqueRevue Thought this #teamamerica nod to Smiles on A Summer Night was the correct way to #respecttheberg suspected OJ was a tally ho. cawing, painful to hear, foghorn sounded everytime he pipes up could be apt? @sukhwant_sandhu @Steven_Swinford Plus barber 💈 always asks if I want eyebrows shaved (I don’t, ever, but others mi… @quantick @IrvineWelsh I saw Dick Fluid playing keys in an early incarnation of Ultravox. @liamgallagher Good lad. Keep supporting small local producers.
@WestminsterWAG Really? Then why aren’t you campaigning for liberalisation of drug laws that disproportionately tar… @RichardEvans36 A cancel culture proponent? @ianbirrell @RightfulLives Well done, please don’t stop. @RaveCozensHardy #disbandthemetRecommend me a film that makes me laugh as hard and free as this one... (Thanks to @KermodeMovie for the tip)
The trial was a pig 🐖 circus he never had a chance @bobdylan #hurricane you’d like to lay ball with the law? @NadineDorries Your lots’ insistence on pedalling lies rather than adhering to the truth is what’s made it difficult to deal with, NDo. @quantick D Frost fully before playing.Anyone else been asked to contribute to the New Magazine for The Terminally Enthusiastic , Cor! Values? @missbarton Seriously good though inspired use of Seer -ing Greek Chorus @prodnose @bonniepipkin Wherever life’s bounty is to be found. @missbarton ...Cocker comeback cracks critical consensus @SMckeag @SkySports Beautiful. @TheNickTesco There must be a book in the history of how Male medical privilege has impacted on the lives and death… @selfstyledsiren Gary CooperAbsolutely so Ms Sarah - and fair play to @SkySports for giving this wise, articulate, beautifully spoken polemic… @barberville Oooo the classic Bobby sloe eye. New Yawkers, gimme the addy, the actual indices. Plaque is surely called for.Chips. Where do y'all stand on chips? Some of what they sell, all over the world, is barely Tuber and @kanyewest @quantick Keating? @mePadraigReidy He never believed in the sanity clause. @trussliz @LiamFox “Fierce champion of free and fair trade” - is that code for “freelance arms dealer” ? @jogreen1971 So sayeth Hercules @MsMarmitelover @billybragg Awesome to behold - how well heeled the hard core socialistas of yore (aka libdems Of l… @jogreen1971 Long thought the very name “Labour” has problematic, outmoded connotations. @SteveGrieves Just a little freelance arms dealing. Enterprising chap who can spot an opportunity. Bold choice for… @MsMarmitelover @billybragg Billy has had an easy ride since he left HM Forces. He thinks getting cancelled means g…“OralGene with dehydrated milk Of Magnesia” I could murder a packet of that right now. Or anytime.… one , except your government @BorisJohnson ? Stay alert? Staying awake would be a start, You dozy fucker. When… afternoon. I am one of the greatest photos ever taken in London. @PJTheEconomist Send all cheques to Barnard Castle, signed DC @goldmartin Camping ... nice idea in theory. But then there’s the weather to consider @janinegibson Hoping there’s badges, t shirts, bibs etc. @WestminsterWAG Is that what @michaelgove said? When a mountain of Charlie was placed in front of is ooter?Eat out to help out? Honestly, I didn’t know where to look 👀... @paulanthonyspen @RuthDE @metpoliceuk Solution: #disbandthemet @quantick @billybragg I wonder how much work he thinks Jews still have to do? 🙄 @JGForsyth We got shafted by global austerity while he made a coalition with Adam Werrity. Will the proposed new po… @Mr_Dave_Haslam @spectator Astonishing how @afneil and @FraserNelson allow the yawning chasm between this lady’s ea… @CBoyForeman @quantick Yesus Christ @goldmartin You could view our tent... if we had one. @goldmartin Every time I try to sign a petition this sort of thing happens... @pannusf10 Why not Apple Music? 🙄 @billybragg Cancel suggests cancellation?“Every time we see a video that is of concern we review them, we see if there are any lessons to be learned," she t… me? @Prolethreat @KCMANC @NME No one will ever know the sacrifices we made! @billybragg Holding to account and reproach - different to cancelling? Might be why you aren’t a headline writer? @lmharpin @UKLabour Wonder when they’ll get round to weeding out electorally toxic nasties and apologists in @HastingsRyeLab ? @ChrisLangWriter London hospitality at its finest. @vickyford Care to outline the specifics of this story or is it as thin as a Dominant Cummings sight test explanation ? @iamhamesh You will be starving, electorally thinner / if you continue to revere old fool Skinner/ all that empty… @iamhamesh Poetry???😱 @jetfury Serial abuser / racist John Martyn, STILL a much more musically revered and influential figure than Meigha… @gra22 @FieldMarshall85 Plus it’s an actual soundtrack with film dialogue not just a comp of cool tunes. @quantick Ha Ha ha ha @FieldMarshall85 Natural Born Killers @bowiesongs Great memoir & includes short but devastating eye witness account of beating serial abuser John Martyn…
@tnpcollection Lockdown hairdos years before they became au courant @rosannecash A lotta joy in the film of that, George In particular like a gleeful, starry eyed kid when Carl does his picking @KCMANC @Prolethreat @NME Sterling snapper input! @Prolethreat @KCMANC @NME Great fun. His wife called me the biggest cunt in the world. He elected to get interviewe… @adsausage @davidhepworth @tedgioia @jeffbeckmusic @uncutmagazine @AndrewTrendell Manor House in Manor House N4 @K82_LFC @4r7hr @OurKidNav @PaulAndrews2043 @KasabianHQ @womensaid Appease people? You really don’t get it, do you?… @4r7hr @K82_LFC @OurKidNav @PaulAndrews2043 @KasabianHQ @womensaid Bit of a stretch as they haven’t even acknowledg…