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Wish I could make this my text message auto responder
Retweeted by Taylor LorenzThe gas industry is paying Instagram influencers to gush over gas stoves
Retweeted by Taylor LorenzThis episode of @yourewrongabout on cancel culture is so good and a must listen for anyone who cares about the inte… I could make this my text message auto responder @TaylorLorenz One of our local news stations - @wjxt4 - has their Dad reporters & anchors telling Dad jokes during…
Retweeted by Taylor LorenzElongated mannequins
Retweeted by Taylor Lorenz @mohamadtm91 Yup! 😅 @PhilosophyTube I meant the space like the industry! 😅 @amrith Come to LA!!To live in the canyon communities of Los Angeles is to live with the threat of fire. But a new urgency has emerged,…
Retweeted by Taylor Lorenz @mohamadtm91 I’m so so sorry for your loss 💔Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there, especially ones who tell these jokes 😂 came way too close to the longest day of the year falling on a Monday.
Retweeted by Taylor Lorenz @Tomas_Mier Oh no hope you’re ok!!We are stronger
Retweeted by Taylor Lorenz @Adriyoung @cindyliuser Get down here and visit!!.@thehouse_ai w/ @SoniaBaschez earring featured at #LAtechweek closing event 🥰 @food_porn I love that! Where are you guys based? DM me! 💓+ @cindyliuser 🥰. This is only the beginning! #LATechWeek #longLA @cindyliuser @thefliu @OnlyChrisGrant Omg I couldn’t find ur @! 😭 @sciencescroll Reader, he ended up showing up at the party 😌Saturday night #LAtechweek here we come! Just had to get this anthem out of my lungs. Have fun 🤩 #maykit
Retweeted by Taylor Lorenz#LAtechweek in a nutshell 😂
Retweeted by Taylor LorenzBlurry #LATechWeek w/ @thefliu @OnlyChrisGrant 🥰. So fun seeing everyone tonight and meeting so many amazing people… @divalbanerjee Hi Dival, glad you ended up showing up to the party despite your tweets. It was nice to meet you and… @__drewface @alexkehr You’re right, calling a campaign to smear me as a pedophile and child predator is not just Qa…
This is incredible cool. A self riding / riderless bicycle. Kind of magical about how it stays upright, starts and…
Retweeted by Taylor LorenzRepublican state lawmakers have introduced at least 216 bills in 41 states to give legislatures more power over ele…
Retweeted by Taylor Lorenz @brooke Definitely, really appreciate that and love u and ty for all u do! 💓 @divalbanerjee @alexkehr Spreading Qanon adjacent anti media smear campaigns doesn’t keep anyone “safe”. It’s disgusting and reprehensible.Honestly @edzitron has become one of the most prescient media critics of our time is a must listen for anyone who cares about media and our current information ecosystem @OliGneisti That video is also part of a disgusting politically motivated anti media smear campaign aimed at painti… @divalbanerjee This is an absolute lie and part of a disgusting, politically motivated anti-media smear campaign. I… @JoannaMang 😍The @YeahStill Kato Kaelin ep is a must listen’s happening in this thread is a bunch of furries offered to murder someone
Retweeted by Taylor LorenzYeah, But Still has become one of the best interview shows out there it’s really incredible a github alt for all your bad code
Retweeted by Taylor Lorenz @rschoening Yeah it’s definitely intertwined @steven_aquino Thanks Steven and back at u 💓 @earnestp Love ya Earnest! ✨ @sciencescroll Loll @B_Sputnik I wrote about some of them! ☺️ @divalbanerjee If the “out group” is a bunch of weird men with persecution complexes who can’t name a single story… @fernandoparnes Sounds awesome! Maybe do it around VidCon when ppl are in town from elsewhere? Would love to join o… @kmthurman @psantloki I love how these people can never name a single story I’ve ever written they take issue with.@ShawnMcCreesh really nails everything about a certain type of DC life so perfectly @davewiner @gaberivera Yeah! The type of content marketing a16z is not doing is nothing new and I don’t see it comp… on the pod, my convo with ⁦@edzitron⁩
Retweeted by Taylor Lorenz @edzitron @jaredlholt @shtpostpodcast Ed’s just mad it took him 5 hours to do joker makeup for a podcastTomorrow on @shtpostpodcast I'm joined by "da real joker" @edzitron for a conversation about ongoing failures in th…
Retweeted by Taylor LorenzStop and read this story about a teenager who was on a flight and then the plane was stuck by lightening and broke…
Retweeted by Taylor LorenzAgree!!! Very cool. @nytimes subscribers can now gift up to 10 articles each month to non-subscribers. 🙌🏽
Retweeted by Taylor Lorenz @jessesingal just because some people didn’t publicly stand up when certain ppl were being harassed does not mean t… is instantly something I know I’m going to reread again in a year and 10 years and constantly be remembering.…
Retweeted by Taylor LorenzA cool food startup founder is looking for someone to design their branding— tweet me if you’re interested and I can connect you!h/t @brookfieldbriefMiami tech week: Lots of "I recognize you from Twitter!" LA tech week: Lots of "I recognize you from Tik Tok!"
Retweeted by Taylor Lorenzthe hype for @crescendo_HQ LA TECH WEEK is underrated!!
Retweeted by Taylor LorenzLA Tech Week is actually so wholesome.
Retweeted by Taylor LorenzLA Tech Week has been meeting people from Twitter and TikTok irl. “I know you from Twitter” “We follow each other on Tik Tok”
Retweeted by Taylor Lorenz @alexkehr Hahaa 😅The FinMeme pages are fighting 😰 @alexkehr Info is here it might be waitlist now tho I’m not sure 😅🙏🏻 @kattenbarge @connorperrett I ship it
Anyone going to the #LAtechweek closing event tomorrow night please come say hi to me!! I’ll be there for NYT and w…
Retweeted by Taylor Lorenz @giladrom @hotgirlintech Aww hope we can all hang IRL soon! 🥰 @giladrom @hotgirlintech I am a real person!! 😅 @zsilvs303 We’ll cross paths again soon though, I’m always around! 🥰 @zsilvs303 You guys are all stronger than me, going out on a weeknight! 😭Anyone going to the #LAtechweek closing event tomorrow night please come say hi to me!! I’ll be there for NYT and w… @clubhousemare @JoshuaOgundu @DevinLewtan Wait come to the LA tech week ending party tomorrow night tho so we can all hang!!! 😭 @sixfoot6 IncredibleAbout to join the ranks of Jeff Bezos hi folks! do youuuuu know or love a midsize fashion blogger, on Instagram or TikTok or elsewhere? LMK!
Retweeted by Taylor Lorenzcourt says posting a photo on instagram “for a negligible amount of time” doesn’t make the use de minimis, especial…
Retweeted by Taylor Lorenz @LaviniaWorth @kittypurrzog I am a substack writer, I've had one for like 3 years! I'm not mad at anyone 😅. I was j… now on referring to my birthday as “the beginning of my origin story”
Retweeted by Taylor Lorenz @kittypurrzog I think sometimes substack posts do show up? They're just not high up in search b/c their URLs have n… I’m using tiktok to show Gen Z-ers how @ThisWeekABC spread a wildly bogus voter fraud conspiracy theory by bo…
Retweeted by Taylor LorenzAlexandra Cooper, a girlboss?.@TaylorLorenz that was SUCH a good interview with William White!!! He was live on TikTok right before and was talk…
Retweeted by Taylor LorenzHappy b day to a real one 💓💓💓!!! from @IAmAsarch bodybuilding YouTube star famous for taking his shirt off says hallucinogenic drugs changed his life. Now an ex-g… my kids this was Sheryl Sandberg @NotoriousRBF 😌 a world where us Common folk are given the blue checkmark and the CELEBs are left out to dry!! Hows that feel, HUh?! Answer me punks
Retweeted by Taylor Lorenz @sharayray @kattenbarge Do it!!These DMs designer Michael Costello tried to say were from Chrissy Tiegen "bullying" him really looked like the fak… to HBO Max on the successful integration test
Retweeted by Taylor Lorenz @buildmoretrains oh wow!! I'm so jealous @buildmoretrains ohhh do they eat that!? is it ok for them? maybe I should try. They love to eat from my feeders bu… am respectfully asking the birds in my yard to use the many fountains and baths I have constructed📢 We’re hiring @CNET! 📢 We’re looking for a Science Writer to join our team. Covering daily news and discoveries +…
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@saleemkhan what does it mean name his juniors?Christian Louboutin was born in France to two white French parents, but had darker skin and felt out of place, so a…
Retweeted by Taylor Lorenz @itsjackcohen @vgr @emmettshine ohhh I will ty!Awaiting Jenna's return...