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This is true though @elizashapiro and @nhannahjones as they follow a group of high school students fighting to integrate New York…
Retweeted by Taylor LorenzThey’re trolling again living in New York just constantly going out to eat with friends in town for 48 hours?
Retweeted by Taylor LorenzSomeone please help this teen who just messaged me in need largest public school system in the US is also the most segregated. Watch @TheWeekly on @FXNetworks tonight and…
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This prediction from a 1997 NYT article didn't exactly age well, either.
Retweeted by Taylor Lorenz @willstew Hahahahahahaha me at work tomorrow cc @jdawsey1robert downey jr is literally a trained dancer and yet this is the only move he does
Retweeted by Taylor LorenzA robot hand taught itself to solve a Rubik’s Cube after creating its own training regime.
Retweeted by Taylor LorenzOh hey my interview with Tinder's CEO was published today. We spoke about how the future of dating is, kind of, the…
Retweeted by Taylor Lorenz @JoshConstine I don’t think most ppl consider it cringey anymore. (And u could say the same thing abt starting a YT… said no political ads but that hasnt stopped politicians from making their own tiktoks
Retweeted by Taylor Lorenz @k8sandoval Thank YOU!! And congrats!! 🎉🎉🎉 please keep in touch and message me anytime if there’s something you think I should write abt.Every Facebook group spawns at least 3 more FB groups: - A rant group to vent abt the cringiest posts - Anti-trigg…
Retweeted by Taylor Lorenz @GenePark I would rather die 1,000 deaths than work in politics but ty! 💓Why are celebs posting their phone numbers?
Retweeted by Taylor Lorenz🤗 hugging + 🥺 pleading =
Retweeted by Taylor Lorenz“We’re thinking this is possibly the new Schoolouse Rock,” one teacher said. At another school, students made TikTo…
Retweeted by Taylor LorenzIt’s my birthday tomorrow so this is the best b day surprise 💓🎉 @amandamull I’m dying!! I went out and bought like 10 copies this morning haha @TheNoerdy @MemeInsider @nytimes Hahahah awwww ty!!! You guys are the best 💓 are already so many scooters.
Retweeted by Taylor LorenzAn Amazon worker died of a heart attack, laying on floor for 20 mins before someone spotted him “A couple of days…
Retweeted by Taylor Lorenzbig ol piece on trump backers dominating FB political ad spend from @AllMattNYT and @kevinroose this graph right…
Retweeted by Taylor LorenzHere’s the link for anyone who wants to read human-like skin makes your phone ticklish and pinchable
Retweeted by Taylor Lorenz @deenashanker Omg!! Ty! 😭🙌🏻 I’m deep in a soup craze rn and need to order this book lolShe has been named “the Terry Gross of witches” for “The Witch Wave” podcast she hosts.
Retweeted by Taylor LorenzHello, here's me on something I think about a lot: the five love languages
Retweeted by Taylor LorenzAhhhhh!! This is so cool! @lisafleisher Omg they made the “think I’m catching feelings” into “may be catching feelings” b/c they prob didn’t… @lisafleisher OMG!!!!!!!!It takes this woman less than two months of the job to land on the Sunday front page. @TaylorLorenz
Retweeted by Taylor Lorenz @davejorgenson @earleyedition @nytimes @tiktok_us Shocking they haven’t tapped me considering the A+ content I’m dr…"Outside the room where the TikTok club meets, paper speech bubbles hang with messages: 'Google yourself'; 'If it’s…
Retweeted by Taylor LorenzI visited a high school in FL that has been overrun by TikTok and wrote about how TikTok clubs are sweeping high sc…
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“Drama club for the digital age” ❤️
Retweeted by Taylor LorenzOmg this story was made for me. TikTok, Florida, teens! So brilliant!
Retweeted by Taylor Lorenz @KalhanR 💓🌴🎉All the school’s a stage something something.
Retweeted by Taylor LorenzThe TikTok club at Fieldston was founded just weeks ago but has already attracted 70 students to register. Meta Tik… other social media apps, TikTok has won over a lot of educators and school administrators. “We’re thinking t… @EasterbrookG Literally not true and I did a month of reporting for this story (and it’s well validated online), so byeHigh schools are allocating free periods to TikTok, incorporating TikTok memes into school-sponsored events like ho… visited a high school in FL that has been overrun by TikTok and wrote about how TikTok clubs are sweeping high sc… seems like a slight downside
Retweeted by Taylor Lorenzdoes this make sense
Retweeted by Taylor LorenzSan Francisco is losing residents because it's too expensive for nearly everyone
Retweeted by Taylor Lorenz @4evrmalone U know real estate is through the roof when even wife guys can’t support their families @4evrmalone lol like thinking about what normal person jobs the celebs would have if they weren't celebs: Chris Hemsworth would 1…
Retweeted by Taylor LorenzOk seems like a slight downside me on Instagram trying to act like I’ve seen any of the TV people on here abt is testing to “group the accounts you follow to make them easier to manage”, such as: “Least Interacted…
Retweeted by Taylor LorenzThis made me laugh not gonna lie @mwmoretti what u watching without me 🔪🔪🔪💀wow every line in this story about a rogue scooter company in SF that doesn't think it needs permit is hilarious, i…
Retweeted by Taylor Lorenz @amandamull WOWWWWW why are men.I love getting dinner with a good friend and being home in bed under my covers by 8:30pm on a Friday night ☺️
@illucifer where is this? what lake is that?Doing Business In China Vexes Companies That Depend On Creators -- And Creators Themselves
Retweeted by Taylor Lorenz @KristinaLuca I hate it so muchTeachers: THERE IS NO EATING IN MY CLASS Kids in the back:
Retweeted by Taylor Lorenzimagine what you could do if you weren't tired all the time
Retweeted by Taylor Lorenz @dqmonn Haha sorry I got a lot of good responses right away!kris jenner contacting kylie cosmetics to create a Rise n Shine eyeshadow+lip kit bundle
Retweeted by Taylor Lorenz @KatyWellhousen 🎉💓🎉💓🎉 @TaylorLorenz It's diminishing of her purpose as a human being. What this woman should tell her daughter is that wh…
Retweeted by Taylor LorenzThis is not even remotely true and what a harmful, ageist notion to put into a young girl’s mind talks to gamers who say they're earning more money on Facebook's streaming platform than on Twitch an… to see people are still tagging their pics #instagood @freialobo This is a fav
Retweeted by Taylor Lorenz @KalhanR U guys were so good! 😭🙌🏻Look at these 3 icons of TikTok journalism on the same stage! @KalhanR @rebexxxxa @laurenstrapa 😭🙌🏻 the cops @halbritz Omg
talked to some british telco people today, and YES the UK's phone number infrastructure does (kinda) run on yahoo g…
Retweeted by Taylor LorenzMy Baets just broake:( @backus Drama is eternal @backus That’s true @thatchelseagirl YesssEvery Facebook group spawns at least 3 more FB groups: - A rant group to vent abt the cringiest posts - Anti-trigg… autumn is here. we’re napping excessively. we’re listening to music we dry sobbed to when we were 12. we’re…
Retweeted by Taylor Lorenz.@DavidDobrik has again emerged as the most-nominated creator at this year’s @Streamys.
Retweeted by Taylor Lorenzy i k e s
Retweeted by Taylor Lorenz @Casey 💓💓💓 @JessicaValenti @dynamofire Hahahaha I love this one so muchNo one ask me for anything until 2021 I’ll only let u down 😰😰😰. I just have no time 😭This is a very cool Quartz idea
Retweeted by Taylor Lorenzthis is a very cool job working with very good people! and you get a union too!
Retweeted by Taylor LorenzAt a tech conference today and one of the men from this earlier story we wrote is here.
Retweeted by Taylor LorenzFortnite black hole event on twitch was big Also, fortnite is bigger than that crazy day on the internet when Mic…
Retweeted by Taylor LorenzI was surprised by the generous review from @nytimes quoted on Countess Luann’s cabaret poster, so I looked, and: “…
Retweeted by Taylor Lorenzthis. app.
Retweeted by Taylor Lorenzthinking about being a "post my tweets on instagram" type of guy but haven't committed yet
Retweeted by Taylor LorenzTikTok says it added 80 million maus in India in last six months, putting it just 65 million shy of YouTube's (most…
Retweeted by Taylor Lorenzwhen your party leader understands social media. hello @TaylorLorenz ! #InItForYou #elxn43
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