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tara suter @taysute17 a washington

i’m tara. she/her. gw 23. on duwamish land or on piscataway/anacostian land. staff writer for @gwhatchet. reporting intern for @opensecretsdc. anxious writer.

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saga continues meant dinner but whatever right next to me at twitter: “what’s fajita vegetables?” his friend: “just vegetables.”Hope he signed a prÆn-12p
Retweeted by tara suter @emofarmgirl @JustinDiamondHQ lol @emofarmgirl oomf in her @JustinDiamondHQ era
Retweeted by tara suter @jaboukie U MAINED @eikuobaj LOLOLOLOLcurrently screaming @eikuobaj and elon split…. end of an era @reganbakerr @emofarmgirl i wanna join you bc i also love going to peet’s with @emofarmgirlit’s a reputation day @GIMMETHATBUSSY NO EXACTLY EXACTLY EXACTLYplz interns plz stop giving your bosses memes @zachblackburn23 sounds like a good timethinking about how three of taylor’s best songs have the same chords: out of the woods, champagne problems, and all… @notsameeha no this scares me i hate coding i don’t wanna take data analysis
ok i like charlie day as luigi @eikuobaj ok but also ur all hot @eikuobaj ok sure last person i’d think to play mario is chris pratt @HHuvos anti-italixn discrimination oh my god @eikuobaj yes rename washingtoncan you see me? am i visible? girls have panic attacks in u stuno cause what person came to school with the flu/cold/whatever is going around and was like yeah i’m just gonna sca… #BiVisibilityDay 💖💜💙
Retweeted by tara sutercollege is so weird cause you’re just sitting being taught by people with wikipedia pages @eikuobaj i draw too much attention i think @_Yanathan lolololol @_Yanathan yeah the ones in bell are bad too @zachblackburn23 mei think it’s biphobic for me to have a cold on bi visibility day @_Yanathan @AmericanU lololol @eikuobaj MAINwhy does doing a journalism = anxietygw students may be divided on many issues, but we can all agree on au slander.
Retweeted by tara sutergw students may be divided on many issues, but we can all agree on au slander.some american student tried to use that trending borat audio on tiktok to try and slander gw. ok, but who’s two blo… is warm for meyes i am wearing shorts it’s still warm outsidejack harlow’s full first name is jackman?????love that everyone is learning about the zebra situation outside the dmv @nohenriksen what intern- my playlist with cruel summer energy songs @bananaweber don’t you just love doing research on how something is bad and then people do it anyways @eikuobaj the beauty of this song: time @eikuobaj not the planner. not the planner.offers are still up to contact me or henry for this story! email is or dm me! @eikuobaj hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmi hate cold weather but the chill in the air... i am feeling like a final girl in a campy 80s horror film @zachblackburn23 idk about that mani love how gw has to clarify its not a campus emergency after the panicky warning they sent 15 minutes beforegelman library @zachblackburn23 i got jumpscared by one on a trashcan by marvin when i was trying to throw something out last night good times
i genuinely don’t have words for how horrific this is
Retweeted by tara suterme @GIMMETHATBUSSY life’s so fun, life’s so fun @reganbakerr that happened in a speech class of mine lol @reganbakerr sounds like the time someone started out the beginning of their speech referencing the bee movie. as they should.IF TAYLOR DROPE 1989 TV ON FRIDAY… I WILL BE SO SO SO SO SO ANNOYING ITS NY FAVORITE OF HERS @cmcoving girlboss @HHuvos r u a peet’s convert nowSILK! chiffon!i am learning to… not care… about my being perceived by others… relationships… are slowguys i finished my homework before 12 amor dm me!also- you can reach out to me! henry and i are working on this story together- you can email me at… @angnickelodeon no cause really my learning disability has me doing 300 word assignments in like three hourselvira has always been for the gaysHey all! Right now, the Hatchet is working on an article about an SA resolution which aims to make textbooks more…
Retweeted by tara suter @eikuobaj RHEUEHDHgw ppl found my tiktok i don’t know how to feel @TiffanyGarcia_1 THANKKKKSSS @nicholaspasion THANK U
@falicia_assman lolololol he has such an interesting family history if you look into it @GIMMETHATBUSSY AS YOU SHOULD @_Yanathan i think that it’s a song you cherish and listened to before many times then you can definitely edit the… crave chaosdiving into the world of money in politics is very much on the occasion a mind-boggling experience.One of the more interesting things to note here: Manchin’s daughter being one of the largest donors to the Mylan PA… THIS IS MY STORY have a story coming out from my internship that i’m really excited abouttaylor swift in the archer
Retweeted by tara suter @zachblackburn23 we are rad @GIMMETHATBUSSY I LOVE YOU
in a silly goofy moodlistening to your own otter recordings should be classified as torture 😖
Retweeted by tara suter @jackking517 good use of our tuition !!!r u kidding me internally dyingwelp my mac screen just cracked does anyone have any advice @zachblackburn23 the metro editor loves the metro @emofarmgirl i can teach you some uke @brookestallman uh huhugh the opening bars of miss americana and the heartbreak prince... 2019 me in the 2000 penn cvs... this what growing up feels like