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this was in the news a lot last year when it happened. the man has been charged as well. there’s a way to honor our…
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Chloe & Halle. I need to experience Ungodly Hour live.
Retweeted by Tay. 🐘🌻Y’all really be in clubs in the middle of a panny 😭😂 trailers show the entire movie nowadays.
Retweeted by Tay. 🐘🌻Whew that apple pie I made 😍🔥Absolute fav video from my alma mater 😂...STATE ❤️💙 @kaebutterbaby Lmaoo omg. 😂 @kaebutterbaby Sis 😂 @Lamar_NoOdom Yep 🥴You thought you would be the exception to the rule when he showed you who he was 😂’all please stop! It doesn’t matter who is in the role. The system needs to be dismantled period. You can’t change… Magazine named @chloexhalle’s “Ungodly Hour” as the 2nd Best album of 2020
Retweeted by Tay. 🐘🌻That convo crashed the app. There were lots of rooms debriefing the situation. It was trending outside the app. He…*Yes! Make a damn roux people!! at someone saying he’s a married men with infidelity issues that has three former “hoes” on speed dial. 🥴… is going to be fyre fest for college students
Retweeted by Tay. 🐘🌻Having my mom and my lil sis at my place for a few days was much needed. ❤️🥺 @Mr_Nonchalantt When celebs enter the rooms it gets real weird. I still find good rooms on there.
@heyassante They about to stop giving out invites 😂 too many of us on itLiterally all the rooms active on CH right now are debriefing the Kevin Hart discussion 🥴 exact point where I came in.
Retweeted by Tay. 🐘🌻This room has over 5K people 🥴 @crissles It’s a lot of ass kissing when celebs come into the rooms 🥴Same energy 😂 @WannasWorld It’s crazy because you and two other women were the only ones asking the real questions...and when y’a…! room on CH 🥴Lord please free my people from the shackles of Hennessy...
Retweeted by Tay. 🐘🌻Random, but I would have loved a spin-off about just the sisters. I loved every single episode they came together o…
Retweeted by Tay. 🐘🌻Happy Black Friday. Use code BLKFriday to save 30% in our LoveLoudd store. Code ends 11/30/2020 🎙💕…
Retweeted by Tay. 🐘🌻Hey my loves. Tomorrow is the last day for leftovers. At the latest Sunday but that’s a stretch. Let it go. Lmao.
Retweeted by Tay. 🐘🌻 @thickpita 😂😭 girl I cooked but I prepped days before and was just more efficient this go around 😂 I was not playing
I served dinner at 5pm... wow record time lmaoo(This is a testament to the rest of your life with him)
Retweeted by Tay. 🐘🌻Y’all stay telling on your family and it’s crazy. Just say mommom can’t cook and go 🥴 *admits she witnessed a felony assault after initially denying it in a state that allows rap lyrics to be i…
Retweeted by Tay. 🐘🌻 @byshefon 😂😂😭 @byshefon Girl now you know 😭😂It’s time for y’all to bully them because whet??
@AL_Rogers Hey cuz! I miss you ❤️Idk why the student loan ppl emailed me today about my payments starting back up In January lol they better reach o…
Retweeted by Tay. 🐘🌻A few days ago my mom told me she was no longer coming to my house this year for the holiday. I was upset but I und… @blackula__ She has to be trolling lmaooY’all sat in a briefing meeting and was like “Yes, we should discuss this topic” 🥴 can’t even believe these pics are real and it’s MY family 🤩😭🤍
Retweeted by Tay. 🐘🌻excuse me. i too would like to fuck JT
Retweeted by Tay. 🐘🌻Ima give you a secret there’s normally a button near their story that allows you to go straight to the recipe 😂… exactly are homeless people suppose to cook the frozen turkeys y’all giving out ...
Retweeted by Tay. 🐘🌻 @ShamBella_ @P_Dollah @goldendreaded After too many severed heads I was like you know this is enough lmaoo... waiti… @ShamBella_ @goldendreaded @P_Dollah Listen I’m fine with that lmaooo’s it! Some of y’all hot takes show me y’all family ain’t it in the kitchen 🥴 @goldendreaded @ShamBella_ I went with @P_Dollah and CJ a few years ago. I was only interested in the cult stuff lo… control should be for men.. it should've always been for men.
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@Elationiam This is why you go the Saturday before lol 😂I see slander every year but canned cranberry sauce is legit the best. Give me a can of ocean spray. If it don’t ha… @byshefon Holla at me for the illustrations ☺️ @_REALbossbabe Yeah If you read the bio of the bags when you buy them they tell you what it will hold lol. I still… @_REALbossbabe Lipgloss too lol 😂 @mizzesfrizzle Thank you! It’s been quite a day 😩Y’all deserve! 🔥
Retweeted by Tay. 🐘🌻Nah but this heating pad is saving my life @5foot1inchh I’m going w/ Hayley. I think they’re both great singers but I can listen to HW all day and for Amy I’d need to be in the mood.She becoming a super model before our eyes
Retweeted by Tay. 🐘🌻me: this looks like an interesting article let me click and re- the new york times paywall:
Retweeted by Tay. 🐘🌻Yeah not surprising 🥴! Folks have been reckless and are willing to put loved ones at risk. @February_11th Also her natural teeth weren’t bad at all. Look at the thread smhIt's hell here omgggg 🥴😩🥺 women get peace? 😭😭... Literally just a few days of the month that's it.Cramps came out swinging this morning 🥴
Retweeted by Tay. 🐘🌻How is working out without a gym proving that you need a gym to workout?
Retweeted by Tay. 🐘🌻It’s interesting that they willingly be accessories for rebellion
Retweeted by Tay. 🐘🌻 @P_Dollah I’m invested now lmaoo I hope to start soon lolWhat I just text you and say @TaytorTot91 lmaoooo
Retweeted by Tay. 🐘🌻I’m actually really concerned about the disparity of education in this country and the amount of false information y’all cling to.Like DJT is literally in office right now and at a country club hitting golf balls every chance he can get. Like wh… @anichols_17 Like sure Joe and Kamala should be planning their to do list for when they are officially in office...…’am. Transition of power has not happened yet.
straight men think about sucking dick more than i ever have in my life.
Retweeted by Tay. 🐘🌻 @castelliney You’re welcome! I usually shop on there a lot especially with people panic buying. Glad you were able to get them! ❤️ @castelliney Try @kaebutterbaby Lmaooooo 😭😭 I’m trying to be serious too 🥴😂😂😩😂 @kaebutterbaby Because sis I love me good worship too but what is going on. He is distraught everytime I see his videos 😭😭😭I’m concerned. interview finna be problematic as FUCK
Retweeted by Tay. 🐘🌻Every time I tell someone that I don’t want to monetize my hobbies they look at me crazy. I deadass don’t think you…
Retweeted by Tay. 🐘🌻Imagine how fuckin uncomfortable the other kids in this class were
Retweeted by Tay. 🐘🌻I think I’m finally done shopping for thanksgiving. Knowing how to cook is truly a blessing 😌My friend Kaylin wrote this abt one month before she died, 4 years ago today. I loved her. She shld not have had to…
Retweeted by Tay. 🐘🌻I just saw this on Tiktok .....whet???? @james_st_jamess 😭😭😂 like I can’t fathom spending that on a dog lmaoo that thing better talk 😂Ironbound is literally why Newark is shutting down 🥴Does it have super powers? 😭