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Chuck Schumer is presiding as Senate Majority leader & truly cannot stop smiling every time he speaks. He READY.Kamala Harris has just sworn in three new Democratic senators: Alex Padilla, Raphael Warnock, and Jon Ossoff.
Retweeted by Queen Tone🤗I’m Speaking VS I Spoke🥰
Retweeted by Queen ToneThis virtual parade is chaotic good at its finest #Inauguration2021Literally no excuses. Dems control the presidency and both branches of congress. We did our jobs, now ya’ll do your… now we can all collectively deal with the trauma response that was four years of hot mess pseudo fascism. God speed my friends.He served his entire term, Amy
Retweeted by Queen ToneLETS GOOOOO 👏👏👏👏
Retweeted by Queen ToneIf I Don’t Really Fuck With People Like That was a person
Retweeted by Queen ToneThe universe was created when Kamala Harris and Michelle Obama fist bumped. #InaugurationDay
Retweeted by Queen Tonethe way i just cheered for Kamala like it’s my team running out to the field at the Super BowlHOW IT STARTED. HOW ITS GOING.
Retweeted by Queen ToneIT’S MOVING DAY TRUMP!
Retweeted by Queen Tone“Just a few bad apples” 🥴
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“I’m tired of marching for something that should’ve been mine at birth”
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As you honor my father today, please honor my mother, as well. She was the architect of the King Legacy and founder…
Retweeted by Queen ToneI never hear concerns about how the McDonald’s CEO making $18,012,549 per year might drive up the price of a Big Mac.
Retweeted by Queen ToneWe are thrilled to be included on this weeks episode of @SubtextPodcast ! Our upcoming production of TOWN HALL is f…
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Ever since I read that sentence in Pres. Obama’s memoir where the war in Iraq cost $10 billion a month, I have not…
Retweeted by Queen ToneBig Mac in USA: $4.80 Big Mac in Denmark: $5.15 McDonalds worker salary in USA: $7.25 McDonalds worker salary in D…
Retweeted by Queen ToneI signed Jon Stewart's petition to help veterans suffering from exposure to burn pit toxins. Please sign it, too.
Illinois just elected it's first Black speaker of the house, officially ousting Michael Madigan from the position a… fact that you can even be impeached twice in the first place is a reminder that this country is built on a foun…
Retweeted by Queen ToneImagine being impeached twice A complete embarrassment and the way the history books are definitely about to give…
Retweeted by Queen ToneHi! Are you actually engaging with the Black folks you guilt-followed during June and July? 😀
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please sign:! i'm looking to bring on freelancers to write for the @Netflixfilm social accounts. if you know movies and soci…
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@countmytime *niece lol
"I don't feel sorry for congress at all. Oh, I'm sorry, did you have to hide under your desk because of guns? Wah w…
Retweeted by Queen Tonei’d storm the capitol before saying “alright gayle, enough”
Retweeted by Queen Tone“I’m a 22 year old girl...racism...I....?? how is one girl accusing one guy about a phone... a crime?” timeless qu… of saying things like "your 30s are the new 20s!" what if we just stopped pretending that your 20s are the…
Retweeted by Queen ToneSign on to @CoriBush's bill now to hold GOP members of Congress accountable for inciting terror through their attem…
@countmytime They really playing social justice monopoly and think they collect clout every time they say ACAB, and… @countmytime me to that last sentence @countmytime the "i'm in the studio working on something special" SENT ME TO THE PEARLY GATESBut as I watch the complete amnesia of the nation from the events of just a few hours ago, I remember this — it’s n…
Retweeted by Queen ToneOur society is so warped & set on "business as usual" that these people are acting like they weren’t just hiding un… single member of Congress wanting their political ~mOmEnT~ rn is sending me like literally co… favorite part of this hearing rn is how all these senators feel the need to give speeches, when it would just ta… @JaredEMason wise move. should prob have some H2Opraying McConnell says something offensive so I don't have to say I lived through a day where I agreed with all of his speechesat that point in the overthrow of democracy where I randomly burst into tears every 5-10 min for like 30-60 seconds LMAO HALP
I really did have a ton of shit to do today.
Retweeted by Queen ToneI believe the Republican members of Congress who have incited this domestic terror attack through their attempts to…
Retweeted by Queen ToneTr*mp’s video message telling the terrorists that he loves them......The Senate will be divided 50-50 with Vice President-elect Kamala Harris serving as the tie-breaker for the Democra…
Retweeted by Queen ToneBREAKING: Explosive device found at RNC -- DNC has been evacuated.
Retweeted by Queen Tone @AmanAdwin Congress members plan on going back to the floor once the Capital is cleared to certify the EC. Couldn… way Fox News is trying to spin this and say it’s just a few bad apples, is melting my brainWhere's the rubber bullets and tear gas for all these assholes!!!!? Black and Brown people fight for equality and j…
Retweeted by Queen ToneJust a reminder of what those Capitol steps looked like during BLM protests. Miss me with the “overwhelmed” and “un…
Retweeted by Queen ToneI’m in tears. This is America. Where white violence gets more freedom than all of us.
Retweeted by Queen ToneNews reporting that there has been no ‘acts of violence’ at the capitol. This is a security breach and an act of te…
Retweeted by Queen ToneThese aren’t protestors. They are domestic terrorists. This isn’t a protest. It is an attempted coup.
Retweeted by Queen ToneI'll tell you what. Ain't nobody going on a field trip to the capital any time soon. That shit will be on lockdown for yearsGeorge Floyd lost his life over a counter fit bill. There are white supremacists STORMING AN ACTIVE CONGRESSIONAL S…
Retweeted by Queen ToneAs tweets from 2016 go... This is pretty incredible.
Retweeted by Queen ToneMitch McConnell: We cannot simply declare ourselves a national board of elections on steroids. The voters, the cour… @pee_grl love you too bb dahlinBeing afraid of vulnerability and letting someone REALLY see you is why a lot of people choose (emotionally) unstab…
Retweeted by Queen ToneThe “Black women save us” stuff from a certain subset of twitter gets really strange really fast. Quickly feels lik…
Retweeted by Queen ToneSeeing Black voters win control of the Senate for the Democrats and remembering how Biden talked down to Black civi…
Retweeted by Queen Tone @abbynormansays The amount of "Stacey is our hero" and "Black women are our heroes" coming from people who don't r…
Retweeted by Queen ToneThe GA grassroots are IN.CREDIBLE. And do not be confused: they did YEARS of work, in COLLECTIVE organizing and a…
Retweeted by Queen Tonelook at black people black people-ing. congrats GA.
Retweeted by Queen ToneIf Ossoff wins and Mitch McConnell has to step down as majority leader I will be very happy and I will talk a lot of shit. I will.
Retweeted by Queen ToneTHIS.
Retweeted by Queen ToneWho got McLovin out here on the dance floor?! 🤣
Retweeted by Queen ToneHere's what we know: This is where Atlanta is in Georgia.
Retweeted by Queen ToneBut....I only care about @SteveKornacki @MSNBC. We need a Kornacki cam. #Georgia
I’m trying to find the words for how downright infuriating it feels to have just been about to press “publish” on a…
Retweeted by Queen ToneJacob Blake on the difference between his son and Kyle Rittenhouse: “It’s two justice systems. That 17-year-old kil…
Retweeted by Queen ToneSteve Kornacki — the man, the myth, the "Map Daddy" himself — is returning to explain the results of the…
Retweeted by Queen TonePlease dear god #Georgia show up and show out today. This will sure be a nail biter, but hopes are....well...they…
slack went down on the first day back to work?
Retweeted by Queen Toneslack going down is honestly such a good omen for this year. nature is healing
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Hmm yes I’m fully aware that the gynecologist is about to look inside my body but I’ll continue hiding my bra and u…
Retweeted by Queen ToneLike looking straight into the past
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Merry Christmas Heauxs 🎄✨
Retweeted by Queen Tonewhite people are genetically coded to love Elf or A Christmas Story, or both. I don’t make the rules.
New project! We built an A.I. bot that mercilessly judges your taste in music on Spotify. See how your data stacks…
Retweeted by Queen Tone @amonns Did you watch yet @amonns or what???and in that wintery moment I couldn't help but wonder that maybe, just maybe....i look like a thumb?
Rich people did not experience the same pandemic as working class people and now they get the vaccine first. It’s actually twisted
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@amonns Week’s almost upit's 8 days til Christmas and folks are just now revealing to me that i got gifts coming to my house. Excuse me w…
#BREAKING: Biden makes history with nomination of Rep. Deb Haaland to be first Native American as Interior Secretar…
Retweeted by Queen ToneBREAKING: Joe Biden has chosen Rep. Deb Haaland to head the Interior Department, The Washington Post reports. Haala…
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My family has COVID & the health authority told my mom that if her lips turn blue to go to the hospital. She’s Blac…
Retweeted by Queen Tone @MissCCJ @doughymanchild Preach ya'll! The premiums all went up and the offers & networks are truly trash. But ya… is the last day to sign up for Marketplace insurance y’all! This trash ass country will make you pay too much…
Retweeted by Queen Tone @amonns Bout time @amonns THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT JOSH!! I was moved and now I must find my people. Also watch Jingle Jangle sweet lord.Who else has seen #DashAndLily and would like to talk ad nauseam about how it is in fact the Christmas spirit???
Here’s the thing- #ThePromNetflix is deeply unhinged, a little offensive, at times cringeworthy, & reminds me why…
I hope everyone that reads the allegations made by FKA Twigs really takes a moment to reflect on the fact that desp…
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I mean, Fauci's pretty obviously the *actual* person of the year, right? No offense to Biden/Harris, but "leadersh…
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