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Dodgeball in P.E was the only thing I looked forward to in secondary school6lack is pronounced as cheh laaakh
My croaky voice be making me sound nervous, ill and constipated all the time kmtUniversity is literally a 3 year holiday so don’t complain about it and enjoy it shoot their shot by asking about your boy or am I just that clappedThe only letter in the alphabet drug dealers know is the letter ZLet’s TANGO babyHow can you disrespect my tech fleece KMTI love watching sunlight leaking through the surface of the ocean ✨
Retweeted by T 🦋☻ ®When you’re doing news paper rounds and someone’s dog in the Garden starts barking at ya I just saw a Nando’s waiter sneeze in the food he was carrying it to the table no way LOOOOOOOOL @adldn_ Move manAlhamdulilah for being funnyMe: I asked for medium rare this is very well done. Lahori waiter: Thank you sir.
Retweeted by T 🦋☻ ®Welsh flaunting your Apple Watch in my face I’m tryna look at the time on my Rolex bro“Yeah Shiro, you don’t know me, but trust me I know you.....” - Tariq St PatrickPutting in No work and no Effort into something such as grades, job applications and general goals and having a neg… opinion but the Birmingham accent is very soothingUnfair Loaded gun Pretty little fears Seasons Best songs on 6lacks albumIf they don’t know this lineup then they too young
Retweeted by T 🦋☻ ®Imagine everyone in shiro story going paint balling LOOL
Remember when the donny cycled into JJB sports and another stole a bag of Basmati Rice during the London riots 😂😂Bro I did not know Headie one was that tall bmtDamn it’s been a minute since I’ve lit a Bunsen burnerPray for West DNaa you’re going hell and this shit ain’t funny“Can I try on your glasses?” Yeah after your bank card gets deets smhThis man is a true savage #ShiroStoryPart3 people with names like Sophie confuse me, you’re looking like a shagufta my loveIf you’re rich and like to share please dm me as of immediate effect @__rimsha It’s late have some restWhen I’m most comfy above the KNEES? anything above he knees is a short? 😂😂 shakal Khabi Akal @mrsxna I’m 12If you have weetabix with cold milk like this tweet so I can block youPeople tryna ruin shiro Story part 3 as if it’s Power finale, it’s not that deep you lonely yutesMood when my pension drops is how you should be living and not care what others think fr is doing up Shh one I swear he is still sitting GCSE exams?Shiro Story part 3 was good, but nothing will beat the part 1Uxbridge, The chimes and pavilions the elders call you and your cousins to come down and meet the guests is the most undefeated fizzy drink of all time.Pain is hurt. I had nice teeth I’d smile at my failureAt this rate ima just apply for a job at winter wonderlandAsians girls record a video running in slow motion screaming about their Bollywood dream, calm down Milkha SinghJamie Oliver has forced me to put sugar on top of my coco pops as if they’re cornflakes kmtThis holiday trim inshallah will be sensationalRemember when Katie Hopkins tried to throw shade at me for saying uni is over priced, look at what God did. She can… have to ask one of the mandem to winter wonderland this year @hdbhab1 It’s only right my guyI feel like as I’m getting older my spelling is getting worst and worsterBest type of weather to sleep in at home and watch Netflix: Raining Sunny Snowing Windy Storm Hurricane Flood All of the aboveGolden skin colour is beautifulMy apartment view is better than yours 🇧🇬 Open for a subhanallah experience
Retweeted by T 🦋☻ ®IML being shutdown LOOOOL bloodcart jokemansNearly coming to 3 weeks smh longest time I’ve gone without a trim or shape upCan’t wait for the day I have my own house inshallah gonna turn that shit into a trap house for the mandemStormz said he thought the Fendi shirt with the eyes was No Fear this whole time 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by T 🦋☻ ®When I wake up and look in the mirror’m a sucker for coloured eyesWant that spider man game bmtFirst day at the car wash , this finna be a breeze !
Retweeted by T 🦋☻ ®They're evolving
Retweeted by T 🦋☻ ®my brain literally can’t read 6LACK as black
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My Indian people are very very litCancun for spring break would be LIT100% will try and go see 6lack in OctoberBut Hmmm He’s 30/31 And She’s 18... I Prefer Not To Speak Because If I Speak, I’m In Trouble
Retweeted by T 🦋☻ ®Encouraging and supporting my friends to make them more successful and as well as do dumb shit is my full time jobPosting too many selfies and pictures of yourself on the internet just isn’t good for your skin and that’s just factsI overthink about every little thingMoving out and living one at this age would be so live manStandard procedure woi oiiiJO JO JOAAANNAAA
Thicc thighs or you just fat?You don’t have to move to everyone you find peng smh that’s childish broPeople who have Pet Hamsters are a different breed idecIs there many pakistanis in ur ends? — I live in Pakistan. you get into the habit of clicking your neck, that shit won’t stopWhat hairstyle next? ✂️
Retweeted by T 🦋☻ ®Another way to look at the U.K inflation rate smh
Retweeted by T 🦋☻ ®Me proof-reading my work before handing it in
Retweeted by T 🦋☻ ®This is what desi people back home be doing when their cousins come visit them and ask for the WiFi password
Retweeted by T 🦋☻ ®When you need to cough on the public transport but don’t wanna get death stares from everyone during rush hour
Retweeted by T 🦋☻ ®Everyone has that one private insta where their closest friends follow it and can view their reckless contentNew 6lack album make me wanna roll a blunt and apologize to the weed
Retweeted by T 🦋☻ ®Living life like a movie you see me touring every uni in the UK in the next few weeks please mind your business“Can I read your essay I won’t copy it just want to look at it?” is Mariah and why has every artist got a song about her ???Sooo, my bitch ass neighbor called the police cuz I was smoking on the balcony. The police get here and ask where…
Retweeted by T 🦋☻ ®Over £11.1 million has been spent looking for Madeleine McCann. Hear me out on what I'm about to say...Children go…
Retweeted by T 🦋☻ ®Tb to when this guy kept beating up his teammates in The Apprentice...
Retweeted by T 🦋☻ ®This is the handwriting of someone with no sauce lot scream this every year bmt LOL