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If you watch one thing today, make it this💚
Retweeted by Tayyab ☻ 🌺They nickname, the trap “Red Robin” ❄️
Retweeted by Tayyab ☻ 🌺 @Sairish_ Gets like thatInmate is such a good TV series
Retweeted by Tayyab ☻ 🌺I don’t follow back chicks ima leader. She don’t wanna give blows she a diva She just wanna give blows to the reefaIf you ain’t gang then you can’t get a feature @BRlYAA Did I ask you?This is straight heat, if you can plug it hmu someone speaks to me and their breath kicks side is for wiping the tears of your WCW when she is washing the dishes turned the camera as his wife was about to speak 😂😂 : you prolly got hoes Me:
Retweeted by Tayyab ☻ 🌺 @famousssjay THATS gang @_thezmr It gets like that sometimesHow are socks a good present for guys? £6.99 for 12 pack Dunlop From Sports Direct I have my own thanks 😂- Car - House - A reply - A Degree - Fragrance - Tracksuit - wallet - Chain/Watch/Bracelet/Belt - Airpods -… @sxqzldn LOOL90% I wrote that lool
Retweeted by Tayyab ☻ 🌺When someone brings up your reckless tweets in person tunes in the morning >>>>>Sometimes you have to listen a song twice to fuck with it
Retweeted by Tayyab ☻ 🌺 @KH1XZ Oh ur still alive? LOLBali, Indonesia
Retweeted by Tayyab ☻ 🌺Music taste varies from Jonas brothers SOS to Russ lightwork freestyle.How tf is it December already? Time flies when ur life is going absolutely no where
Retweeted by Tayyab ☻ 🌺Kanye really fell off after Life of PabloMiss those days you’d come to school with £2.50, Lucozades and cookies and leave with £30 and a detentionGyal wanna talk about wifey, she lucky I call her baeBad B come to the nizz and she looking all cute In her fendi printI put the trap before collegethis nigga was on a mission I’m crying lmaoo
Retweeted by Tayyab ☻ 🌺The first 50 seconds of the sundown tune is hard and then you have to change itDancing is a life skill
If anyone can plug Nike Air Max 98 Sail hmuMarch/April uni students will start shaking when they realise it’s exam season and the time to catch up on lectures is overHolding a decent text and In person conversation is so importantThere is no type of music I don’t listen toShe Made This Lil Nigga Dance For 5Mins 😂😂😭😭😭
Retweeted by Tayyab ☻ 🌺When you’re going through crisis, broke, behind on revision and heartbroken. But your boys wanna turn up gon die
Retweeted by Tayyab ☻ 🌺Salaam alaikum habibti
Retweeted by Tayyab ☻ 🌺Please take some time out and feed the homeless near your homes this winter or donate some warm clothes 🙏🏽she say i’m a gyalist, but babe for you i talk to gyal less ❄️ - too tekky with itSTOP DONATING TORN CLOTHES STOP DONATING EXPIRED PRODUCTS STOP DONATING SPOILED ITEAMS just because they are p…
Retweeted by Tayyab ☻ 🌺hmu if you’d be this loyal to me
Retweeted by Tayyab ☻ 🌺This blind fan celebrating Salah’s goal after his friend tells him about the play is amazing! The beautiful game…
Retweeted by Tayyab ☻ 🌺I grow it so I can blow itShe won’t risk it for a biscuit, but she’ll it for a bit splifffI can dance good for a white kidI pull up to feds saying “race me”Please take the pain away I did not pray todayyyy I been busy on my paper chase Baby I’ll be back home late today @_humxiza KMaddest Dreams @samiyahxali I deleted itWhen my girlfriend makes me angry, I look at her through the fork and pretend she's in jail. It heals me spiritually
Retweeted by Tayyab ☻ 🌺
yike on urself bc self luv ya dig
Retweeted by Tayyab ☻ 🌺I hope to see no traders asking me to make money from my phone in 2019. AmenDear 9-5 Y’all Won.RT if you are still a Virgin
Retweeted by Tayyab ☻ 🌺I’m not, I’m just clapped. Muslims at work are always more excited about Christmas dinner than anyone else bmt 😂😂Park Royal Nando’s is the most elite Nando’s don’t @ meMe waiting for a Car to hit me or some tragedy to happen so I get a pay out and live my life happily ever after first time riding without a car seat 😂
Retweeted by Tayyab ☻ 🌺Live and maintainYou have to do a whole UKCAT test when applying for a job at LIDL smhWhen people start doing up chatty patty to you before 10am's beginning to look a lot like fuck this
Retweeted by Tayyab ☻ 🌺*Hanging out with girls* My bro: “Who got change for 20 thousand? “ Me:
Retweeted by Tayyab ☻ 🌺She knows it’s best to remain, but reluctantly she feels she must leave.
Retweeted by Tayyab ☻ 🌺Winter wonderland with the mandem it is xNeed to cop new rings, chains and grills soonThis country is in shambles’m checking up on you and you’re moving like I’m asking for money with them replies kl snm
Retweeted by Tayyab ☻ 🌺BAE said "come over, no one is home" so I came over and literally no one was home, not even her 😔😭
Retweeted by Tayyab ☻ 🌺That one fish in the sea that you want, but can’t have....
Retweeted by Tayyab ☻ 🌺Girls when they stick their tongue out and smile is a tenten lookYoooo I’m there idc how much the tickets are
Retweeted by Tayyab ☻ 🌺When you finish blowing her back out & you hear the door unlock & she says “oh guess my Dad is back from the Chelse…
Retweeted by Tayyab ☻ 🌺I LOVE THIS SONG
Retweeted by Tayyab ☻ 🌺My ‘it’s cool’ game real strong
Retweeted by Tayyab ☻ 🌺Man said 5 years. Ahhhh i thought he had socks on
Retweeted by Tayyab ☻ 🌺When you see how moist a girl has made your boy
Retweeted by Tayyab ☻ 🌺Do you think we’ll all get leavers hoodies when we leave the EU
Retweeted by Tayyab ☻ 🌺MAN SAID KENYAN OLYMPIC WALKS Filly tune is cold bmtKilo Jugg, Roddy Ritch, Killy, 6lack, D Block, Meek Mill, 6ix9ine and Lil Baby ❄️❄️❄️❄️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥I made a K today, I’ll put that down for a rainy dayI start developing the brum accent if it’s not £250k minimum. Stress eat soap if I have less than 6 figures in my bank in a difficult situation been on the paper chase, baby I’ll be home late today JugggggggI just wanna understand why
Retweeted by Tayyab ☻ 🌺
Does anyone remember playing pat ball ?
Retweeted by Tayyab ☻ 🌺They nickname, the trap “Red Robin” ❄️