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Am I the only one who has a fridge in the garage full of random shit and one in the kitchen 😂
I crease whenever someone sends this to me 😂😂 drop a bath bomb and record it expecting a nuclear explosion just get in and wash yourself 😂Whole education system is a scam.I say I'm Arab libraries are packed with first years, go practice your pool skills the library isn't for yaMandem who can't just be mates with their females friends baffle me. How you moving to every female you interact with 😂
DM Rules: *Slide into DMs* 1) Your age or similar age to you shoot your shot 2) Too young, say good luck with ex… am i waking up to the TL going mad over DM exposure
i really made a revision timetable and classed it as revising, haven't followed it onceThe scenes and videos of speakers corner looked disgusting. @pingpongchow @ickrara Girls after they get their eyebrows done👻 This is how it is with Snapchat 👻
Some girls would take a shit on a doorstep and tweet 'I hate people who chew with their mouth open' you my dear are a animal 🙃
To the Asian girl who tried to race me in her white sport corsa and smoked me and got Stuck in traffic. I have a bl… byeAHHHH NO WAY watching their bond... (IG: arat.gym)
Retweeted by Romeo ☻ ®This touch from Ronaldo is insane
Retweeted by Romeo ☻ ®My parents can never say i don't love them, I'm putting myself in £30K debt just so they can tell people back home i graduated.
Retweeted by Romeo ☻ ®
My Mother is my Father, and my Father is my Mother. My Mother is my bestfriend, and my bestfriend is my mother. My…
Retweeted by Romeo ☻ ®LIT which Asian or brown person hates black people for no reason? You twitter goons need to get out your bedroom mo… I late? #FinePeopleFromPakistan twitter to see the whole black and Asian community blowing my mentions about that Asian parody video. As if I made itOhhh shut your mouth my dearest brother everyone crying about this having no females watch the full video there are enough females in it. It's a parody… @myafternoondrea Maybe it's just a group of friends having fun making a video for a laugh, no one is deeping it as much as you right nowSame wtf man are now taking the video too seriously LOL as if I made it. Move along man individual thinks it's okay to use 'paki' coz he thinks it will get him RTs my mentions are going mad coz of this Asian video it's really not that deep just a bit of fun. @DonGorganLipz c… quote tweet from @DonGorganLipz about the Asian video and now my mentions is blowing up with hate LOOLMe knowing song lyrics vs Me knowing anything about the test I just studied for ...
Retweeted by Romeo ☻ ®Surah Maryam Sayyidah Maryam the mother of the great Messenger Eesa (Alayhi salam). A true role model for both wome…
Retweeted by Romeo ☻ ®*Starts to study* 5 mins later Me:
Retweeted by Romeo ☻ ®With a bow tie and blazer I still serve the same sauce
Retweeted by Romeo ☻ ®21 she in her prime yearssomeone sign me for next semesters lectures I'm going to missFemales cheat more than males.When someone asks for outfit advice gasses me NglJhene About to Ft on Marvins Shared bedroom with DrakeSmh disappointed in big Sean manFat tings always huffing and puffing like they're about to blow your house downLaptop and phone both turned off, deffo sent a risky text
Asian London BEST ONE SOO FAR!!😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by Romeo ☻ ®Breathing in London is expensive bmtBoy 1: Alie im looking sho today Boy 2: yeah calm still Boy 1: Take a photo Boy 2: Sn Boy 1:
Retweeted by Romeo ☻ ®Surah Baqarah (ayah 286) our Lord! And do not impose on us a burden, for which we do not have the strength; and par…
Retweeted by Romeo ☻ ®When a man pouts in a selfie makes me vomitCHEESE IS EXPENSIVE BMTBaddest GTR 😍😍 don't know how to feel about life right nowEveryday I tell myself no more twitter and everyday I go on twitter even MoreLiving somewhere in the mountains for a year or two soon#FinePeopleFromPakistan'm just a ugly kid acting pretty
📚🎓🚶🏽brb"Shout me sometime"'ve met the most realist people through twitter"It's not too big, you will grow into it" Everyone back in the day: Mothers Day, Mother Nature 💚LOL this is the most DRY forced joke I've read on this app 😂😂 them for their banter and confidence 🇸🇴#FinePeoplefromSomalia guy loool
Retweeted by Romeo ☻ ®After seeing the #FinePeoplefromSomalia I'm gonna have to perfect my step overs 😂HoyoI think Kylie took 'secure the bag' tad bit too serous 😂😂 remember back in the day, I will score a screamer and stick a dummy in my mouth and do the Tevez celebration 😂I don't know if this is legit or not. Just want everyone to be careful and aware,in this society and current time a…
We about to get busy nowRed card for all those that move mad sexual on the TL for Retweets. Who will hire you when you graduate snhFor everyone saying this is a okay reply. I feel sorry for your friends Ngl I just cba to @ you all
"You don't help out at home, do some work" Me: FFS someone deets me my future maher thanksYou can't cat fish God so keep it up for the TL/insta