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tamsyn should be writing @tazmuir Auckland, NZ / Oxford, UK

Shirley Jackson, Nebula-nominated SF/F & spec horror writer. Teacher. Clarion 2010. From Howick, New Zealand. Rep'd by @arcaedia at Donald Maass Literary.

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Complaints can be made at @visyap for being the original sinner in smoothing my way, inspiring me, and at times, sa…
look at all these WONDERFUL BOOKS for CHEAP! buy GIDEON THE NINTH for less than THREE AMERICAN DOLLARS! Now IS the…
Anyway, the baby glitched out and constantly falls asleep, and Harrow got smushed to death in a Murphy bed. This is… @tordotcom for updates. My updates are all just how I looked away for .5 seconds while playing Sims 4 and th…’m tremendously sorry that this is happening at a time when all I wish for everyone is joy, safety, and all the to… an offering, we’re releasing a new Locked Tomb short story instead on June the 2nd. It’s set prior to GIDEON THE… WHOLE FIRST ACT is going to be up FREE, NO DOLLARS, on April 14th. ACT ONE is PARTICULARLY WILD, guys. You’ll m… feels like skiting to imply that this disappoints anyone anywhere, but I accept that some people wanted those 50… is not the only book delayed this season, but this was a decision that was enormously difficult to make for… to social distancing requirements, indie bookstore closures and a multitude of other factors, we're delaying pu… PUNCHES THROUGH COFFIN LID) Bonelords, attend. We’re delaying the pub date for HARROW THE NINTH from 6/2/20 t…
My cover art for @tazmuir's HARROW THE NINTH, from @TorDotComPub! Even though my normal drawing hand is only barely…
Retweeted by tamsyn should be writingthis too. two chocolate cakes and a beautiful cougar dropping that book on purpose. Bye'm not allowed to reblog or even look at anything until this episode is finished but this just popped up so it doe… @AKLarkwood well that's very accurate for the part in the book where harrow wows with "all i want for christmas is… @EngleLaird Girl Is Back Back Again Girl Is Back Tell A Friend(shoutout to the incredible @TommyArnoldArt, the fantastic Jamie Stafford-Hill and all the art design at…'s my girl again :)
2019 I wrote a post about it on Tumblr, a place I shouldn't be either because the game writing t…'m not on Twitter because I think I broke this game writing tool so badly that the tech department are en masse br…
@JustinaRobson thank you so much. petition to not let anyone debut unless they've passed the Iron Man and have been… @_alexrowland then it will match the rest of me @EngleLaird Other possible titles: Help! Help!! Help!!!, My Awesome Life In Publishing, by Taz God Damn It. Just. S… wants to see the whites of my eyes in London, tomorrow, at the Forbidden Planet megastore?? Saturday 1 o'cloc… ones: your book is nearly out!!! how do you feel!!! me, actively barfing: great
@ashleysathenae1 @EngleLaird Hey, thank you so much for reading it and taking the time out to say so (sorry you die… @ghostfinder @EngleLaird I cannot imagine the overload. I'd never even been near a soft-touch cover before. It is VELVETY ASI just want to let you all know that the material on the cover is also very soft, like a baby, and when they sent m… @eudaemaniacal H E L PThis is an extremely funny, kind and thoughtful review, but now that Gideon and Harrow have been sorted into Hogwar… is every reddit relationships question like "i [F29] love my fiance [M34], except whenever we fight, he takes a…
Retweeted by tamsyn should be writing @tazmuir csorwe regarding gideon is a pure but valuable specimen of that rare emotion: senpai is afraid for reasons…
Retweeted by tamsyn should be writing @adribbleofink Cheers, and same to you. Fantastic article, and I have forced everyone around me to read it. Thankfu… @_alexrowland I mean sorry 2 say you also look like one of my OCs when I was thirteen all "hair like bludde. skin l… @ElectionPills Mum knew what she really wanted to talk about. She really wanted to talk about Megan Rapinoe. I was the slimmest excuse. @_alexrowland can't I just ship you with the wild prairie wind as you exquisitely walk away into the horizon, just a dream... or WERE you(Please note: Csorwe would never wear a t-shirt saying "I'm Only Here For The Beer". Dignity clothes Csorwe like st… mean sure, I WANTED the cover to be the long-suffering, world-too-much-with-her spy badass ex-prophetess swordswo…'m revving up to have a yell about THE UNSPOKEN NAME, but get @billellis' wonderful cover in your sockets. Grim, s… will also express my yearning here to be on a panel with @cephiedvariable, @BBolander and @visyap, other clear-e… wonderful article I was privileged to be a part of; @adribbleofink is a class act. I knew this when he mourned Ha… @ninocipri: Mum and I super loved your tweet, thank you)my mum is cute (cropped: a longer encomium of megan rapinoe and her charms; how 'beetlejuice' was not genteel, bu…
Book edit pass 4: at last my eyes see clearly. My whole book is one ghastly amalgam of errors, and I, its creator,…
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@KMSzpara @TorDotComPub @EngleLaird "the queue is three queer women deep" is how gideon self-describes, coincidentally
will never get over how editing is just an exquisite waltz between author and editor. it has turns and chasses. it… @mtahosty there is no in-between
@waverly_sm @AKLarkwood waverly I cannot even believe you're reading my book about skeletal your-mom jokes, roll me away to the tomb @EngleLaird so meaningful, that skeleton will dance us all the way to a Man Booker @EngleLaird suggestion: let's remove it and replace it with @IreneGallo's little flip drawing of a skeleton that do… @gretchening @EngleLaird absolutely yes @KMSzpara Your book made me emotionally live in a gilded dumpster and, worse still, made me only feel safe when cro… is like eating a chocolate and you find half a spider inside but the spider is also your ability to love you… of people have found it sexy and indeed I can fully understand why, but I could not because I was too busy inw… read DOCILE on a plane. Mistakenly not that I read blisteringly explicit material sandwiched between two…
@EldritchGirl you're COMPLETELY FORGIVEN and TOTALLY ACCURATE, and coincidentally now on the hook to do the same fo… @ccfinlay I've got to now if you say so!This is a deeply flattering, kind and thoughtful review. Cheers heaps, @tctippens. @EngleLaird book 3 is ALREADY earmarked for the Matrix II-style dance rave i have tried to put in BOTH BOOKS SO FAR… @tordotcom @EldritchGirl @veschwab @cephiedvariable @emilytesh_uk @glitzandshadows this is the STUFFGentlefolk, I wish you all editors who are the Waluigis to your Warios @freyamarske @BoterBug isn't creating bone creatures to fight somebody else's bone creatures just... necromantic Po… @BoterBug Oh, necessarily it would be out of order and beyond possibility on every single level, but just imagine!! Skeletons can't TALK @BoterBug I don't know!! It's kind of perverse! The idea that skeletons could duel would have Gideon out of a job i… manager of high-end elf shop: Good morning, sir. Can I interest you in our selection of
Retweeted by tamsyn should be writinghave come to the soul-panicking realisation that skeletons never actually have fights like this in my books @rhiannonthropp You are, as ever, my most Ninthly necromantic support. Thank you so much. @patdragon2068 @patdragon2068, your ankle bone is not MEANT to do that!! It is permissable in a hyoid but unaccepta…
@FrogCroakley Glad you did because I just spent money on your book rather than more money on the Steam sale. ££ wel… @_alexrowland to be honest I always deserve the colds as my approach to them is to just start downing fistfuls of d… @FrogCroakley I am not sure I should be requesting you keep sentences like "slugs, ticks and snails gamely struggli… @ElectionPills bless you, you would have every excuse not to considering you have genuinely sat through years of my… @nightpool @FrogCroakley once you find out, tell me, because I have about a dozen taken from THE BASEMENT OF CURIOS… @MarenghiCharlie Thank you so much for saying so. September isn't far off, at least (at times I thought September w…, while I'm here and alive, one of the only joy sparkers of my recent days has been following THE BASEMENT OF C… @jennlyonsauthor Jenn, I wish I could say that I had done the same, but my book, unlike yours, can be held up by my… I found out about the other starred reviews I got so emotional that I immediately developed a violent, wet col… @Oscarito_1991 I am super super sorry for the wasted trip, but just know that if I could make it be September already, I would! @PrinceJvstin I got excited and tried to pre-order the thing and then I realised I probably will get to have a copy… @AdriJjy @PrinceJvstin I fully understand the pain; the book is an exquisite goth jewel, but thank you so much for pre-ordering in any case! @BoterBug Gosh, HAPPILY, let me enquire how this can be done and got; do you mind dropping me an email? Frankly, I… @EngleLaird Carl, I sat here struggling to try to come up with an appropriate meme, and they all failed me. Mr Bone… there's no lump in my throat, merely my hyoid, the only bone that floats freely in the body
@feralphoenix i am UNDONE @abbythecleric what is nicest food @BoterBug @BoterBug, you and Katelynne are so perfect in the roles, so goth and Ninth and great in every way, that… was not born good nor did I become good, so what did I do to deserve this??????? Has anyone ever done anything to…
@steph_heinz @abbythecleric when I said I was going to rewrite the sequel to be a Pokemon metaphor what I meant was… @abbythecleric @steph_heinz these are perfect facts and I'm so glad @steph_heinz @abbythecleric That is a beautiful reason for anyone to be a Magikarp, and indeed borders on emotional… @abbythecleric @steph_heinz abby, gideon has questions
@jruoxichen @PrinceJvstin @EngleLaird but look at her accurate dialogue, and also that earlier SORDI'm going to try to not just retweet every photo that was taken at BookCon (FIVE MINUTES LATER, SHE HAD RETWEETED E… @PrinceJvstin @EngleLaird @jruoxichen I know! It shouldn't be allowed!!!! They're already all beautiful and charmin… HELP @BBolander caught between finding this adorable and finding this menacing @_alexrowland it's okay, delicately licking a Ryvita while sounding like Patty and/or Selma has put paid to thatI'm home from New York, which is a HUGE relief, because I was starting to feel glamorous and hip. Whew!! A narrow escape!!!!!!I'm so glad that I got to visit this building before the exorcism.