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Series of Desi-Muslim-words-arts-voter-things: #GoodMuslimBadMuslim, #MuslimVDay, @MishthiMusic, #RadicalLove, #GoodGirlsMarryDoctors

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The Hmong community faced a horrific tragedy over the weekend when a mass shooting took place in a Fresno backyard.…
Retweeted by Taz AhmedReminding myself that skipping a day of coffee is... A HEALTH HAZARD TO MYSELF AND EVERYONE AROUND ME.
Retweeted by Taz Ahmedhas anyone been in semi-abusive controlling friendships where you constantly owe the other person emotional support…
Retweeted by Taz AhmedTime confuses me. @e_alexjung How it should be. @rearleftist @vijayprashad OOOOOHHH WEEEEEEI felt my age today when I had to define what a "Hanging Chad" was because people had not heard of it.The nostalgia of this town is agonizing.Berkeley is 20% Asian American, but you wouldn't know it by looking at street names The city's trying to find a na…
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Yesterday I accompanied a woman to see her loved one in prison. We left before dawn to make it for the AM visit. Se…
Retweeted by Taz AhmedA 2.5 magnitude earthquake occurred 2.49mi SE of Oakland, CA. Details: Map:
Retweeted by Taz AhmedGood morning Oakland with that earthquake that shook me out of bed.Tweet inspired by chapter 1 of the book Burnout, which I audio-read on my drive. @curibeca Staff retreat! @NickCho In OAK for an @18millionrising staff retreat- and we all will need coffee! Will stop by your Berkley stop this week! @ElSangito @MadameGandhi @tiyasircar @aparnapkinJust a girl looking for a 6 second kiss or a 20 second hug because the 30 min active movement just seems so inefficient in comparison.Oakland bound, driving 400 miles behind a car with the license plate "Nazir". So....Just officially heard the news though someone actually told me before I listened to the 10/30 ep - the…
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Spending my day driving north on the 5 all by myself, but I don't feel alone because I'm listening and laughing to… @olivewitch THIS IS A THING??? @TazzyStar Girl, the buses in Bangladesh emblazoned with MAMA VAGINA give me life.
Retweeted by Taz Ahmed @CityLiturgyGuy Not when autocorrect of immigrant English is involvedI had to have the awkward talk with dad this morning that he shouldn't spell my cousin's name in is his phone conta… @PKhakpour 💖 It was an easy read. But I don't know what any of the acronyms were. And it didn't matter because cont… @Moore_Darnell And this is how it should be. @PKhakpour You look great! I read the post and only understood half the jargon but am so glad you have found a safe… @purekatherine @tomfromhr I been sayingThis gem by @TazzyStar...
Retweeted by Taz AhmedAre you queued up for your Monday commute? Cause our latest episode features special in-studio guest,…
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Drive west, she said.“If become President I will immediately repeal the Muslim ban” @JulianCastro listening to him right now with leader…
Retweeted by Taz AhmedAnother week, another work retreat.
It’s true, @DailyZeitgeist. I’m very good at talking. Check out our latest episode of #GoodMuslimBadMuslim if you m…
Retweeted by Taz AhmedToday @GavinNewsom announced pardons for three SE Asian refugees facing deportation, including our client Saman Pho…
Retweeted by Taz AhmedEveryone who dunks on Los Angeles is just someone who doesn't understand what @traciakemi articulates so perfectly…
Retweeted by Taz Ahmed @audiation @Quincetessence ^^ @arshadfilms @thefawz @randajarrar I'm work retreating until Nov 23rd - I'm available then! @realDavidOnline That is terrible to here but thank you for confirming my fears. @mpeg2tom That is the one! I was driving on the 134 (you know how you can see the suicide bridge as you drive over?…
@tsengputterman @yllwbllymusic Whaaaaat!!! @jeanho You are a national treasure.Spoken like someone whose never been followed in a store for suspicion of stealing despite making purchases.
Retweeted by Taz AhmedPretty sure I drove by right after someone jumped off the suicide bridge of Pasadena. There were people parked on t… left an event early because I needed to come home and record audio pickups but the neighbor is playing video game… the daughter of immigrants means one of my love languages is fruit
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@fahmida_azim The weird thing about this ambient sounds in the Little Bangladesh recordings is the persistent sound… @dreamhampton Sames. Been working elections since 1998 and I'm just feeling both too exhausted by the voting proces… @WNYCStudios @JadAbumrad @ApplePodcasts But that ending tho, uuugggghhhhhhh... how can the writer of "9 to 5" claim to be "not political"??? @kenjicliu @murmurshewrote LOL @JeffHarryPlays What a surreal look back on this decade. We did record at the White House.Supported turning out 800,000 AAPI voters, give or take a few thousand. Wrote 300,000 words publicly, give or tak… @chaninicholas Is it done yet, tho??? I don't know how much more I can take. Also, I'm literally waiting for it to… went to Dollywood and interviewed Dolly. RIP me.
Retweeted by Taz Ahmed @fahmida_azim Wtfwhite ppl rlly date nonstop from like 6th grade thru their 20s like y’all not tired??????
Retweeted by Taz Ahmed @Quincetessence You are going to LOVE the background sounds of walking on the streets of Little Bangladesh.Have you ever gotten the most mind blowingly disturbing yet delightful text message from a new friend that immediat… luck @Quincetessence."All food is finger-food in Bangladesh" - @fahmida_azim for the win.I shot myself in the foot by recording 5 hours of audio from the Little Bangladesh walking tour on Sunday. Also…'m seeing folks get stressed out by that "there's only a month left in the decade what have *you* accomplished" tw…
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@JannaZinzi me too. let's do it!!!! #accountability @frankshyong you better not write an article rebutting this because the last thing we need is MORE New Yorkers movi… @im_aaruni I tried to strain out the seeds but failed pretty miserabley. @TheSamhita @hasanminhaj @patriotact Heroes @im_aaruni What does he do with the seeds? Does he filter them our after grinding the flesh or does he not include… danced erotically under the light of the full moon tonight and brought guavas to the altar. Bring it, moonlight beams.For people who want to understand why guavas mean so much more than JUST guavas to me, here is a story I performed… a childless woman, I am judging you husbands that don't step up to take care of the kids to let me hang out with…
@ExcaliburKZ I didn't negate - I asked for an article citation, which is what I've been trained to do as a person w… @ohsoneet @aihanguyen did you know to freeze it too??? @kenyaw Like this?: @aihanguyen @thefawz You did????"Come rub it 'pon me belly, wid you guava jelly." is the kinda love song I'm talking about.... "Here I am, me said, Come rub it 'pon me belly Wid you guava jel… @sona_c it would be sadder if they weren't chowing down and they threw it away.Has anyone actually been caught trying to blow up a plane with JELLY? Cite below. @thefawz @aihanguyen Did you eat it all in TSA line? @thefawz wants to know. @TazzyStar I am seriously depressed over the loss of my guava jam! It’s a national treasure!
Retweeted by Taz Ahmed @dukejamdogmom YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! @TazzyStar You can't spread this on toast, but here is one of my favorite Bob Marley songs:
Retweeted by Taz Ahmed @TazzyStar TSA has put many travelers carrying quasi liquids (•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ IN A REAL JAM (⌐■_■)
Retweeted by Taz Ahmed @naanking @SumitaPahwa There's pectin in it! You can literally turn it upside down and it doesn't move! @ExcaliburKZ I MADE IT. IT'S PRICELESS AND UNPURCHASABLE.Friend just texted - TSA confiscated my guava jam jar at the airport today, citing it was liquid like peanut butter… receiving the feedback i specifically asked for
Retweeted by Taz Ahmed @suitablegirl I would do this for L.A. - I literally have stopped inviting people to go places in L.A. because of t… @ninabruja7 Good review. I'll listen.I spent 4 hours making guava jam - and now we just wait and see if the pectin jellied. The anticipation is killing… @kavehrastegar I'm sayin'............... @Quincetessence I didn't. Because sugar, heat, and expensive mics.Should I record audio for my guava jam making evening? @spamfriedrice STEALING @vivekster Why aren't we allowed to put away responders on DMs?And I still have another email account I need to get to!In the future, when i am asked, "what work did you do to contribute to The Movement?" I will respond, "hours upon h…
@chaninicholas I AM BUYING IT!I have watched this approximately 9,345,678 times so far today
Retweeted by Taz Ahmed @jeanho I did not see the twist coming.