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if Tiger is playing I am watching

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@DavidVeevers1 Iran Hostage Crisis 1979 @FightfulWrestle I am not a Lars fan... at all
@WWEonFOX @WWEBigE Nope ... he is perfect. @barstoolsports @barstoolchicago Yup... done that same thing😂 @Deep_Fried_Dave @Super70sSports @chicletsclips This guy was awesome...those picks flew. We would whack matchbox cars with these @bwmson @Super70sSports I had this😂 that damn thing sucked. It couldn’t shoot😂 @Super70sSports Greatest toy ever. I cannot tell you the number of things kicked with this. @KingRicochet Thank you for the vid. That is fun to watch. Phenomenal athlete. Never would have believed from sitting position. @MichelobULTRA @Chlloecom hahahahaha that guy is done...that is the smile of...for 18 years I am going to be getting a lot of money from you @Epicfailshit @Museum_archive @RonKillings ... seems like you would have an interest 😂Wait for it!! 😂👀
Retweeted by tballgame9 @BunkeredOnline yeah baby...for the effort he deserves it! @Brunswick_Hoops Vanessa ... Coach Rioux from a long time ago... my sincerest condolences to you and your family. @harshitdwivedi_ I like Drew. always have and Mox's style even with WWE wasn't my favorite. But I think Mox has done a fantastic @goWOOonabitch @harshitdwivedi_ I liked this...but if WWE did this with Seth and Rey ...what would have been the re…'s #PatsHatFriday! RT to enter to win a Patriots @NewEraCap. Rules:
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@ReneePaquette Best chips there are... in New England Humpty Dumpty all dressed chips are the 💣 @DaveEidWGME @WGME 😂 I didn’t know hunting and fishing were varsity sports? @PearlJam Greatest Rock Band of my life @TaylorMadeGolf Full nine @SideActionHQ @HoopsVids Why always show him as a Patriot? He played 9 seasons and 130 games for the Steelers. 2… @RochieWBZ can we just stop talking about him being on the Redsox. It cuts too deep. @FOZZYROCK nothing in New England... whatever @PatMcAfeeShow @WWENXT Pat is a natural on that Mic... Why do I feel he could be the next great commentator for WWE… @GoodmanHoops what the NCAA misses in every sport...A clear precise voice for all with a governing body. Until thi… @barstoolsports @PodfathersShow i have a ball hanging from a basketball hoop so I don't even need the fishing pole...just the chair and beer @mcuban Political parties are likely in the course of time, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious,… this picture for some reason @SotoStofficial @ESPNStatsInfo @RedSox
@pats_chatter247 Why would you trade him? @FightfulWrestle I promise his signature is on a paper agreeing to this. It is like MLB. You can't use their high… @WWEonFOX buy they lost? How can you get retribution when you lose everytime @ESPNStatsInfo both traded by the Redsox to see them dominate for another team...Will never forgive @Redsox for thi…
I would hire him as mayor right now! @IAmJericho Pffffft ... Jericho and it is not close. MJF has done what? Jericho has toured the world as a wrestler… @tobias31 Lord forbid athletes being intelligent humans and not just muscles that entertain @CMPunk @WWEonFOX A big leader is coming... I don’t know who but it has to be or this bit is already done @adamwilbourn i just don't understand this...The IIconics made me laugh everytime they were on tv. THis is baffling @Roger73106190 @PUMAHoops @MELOD1P It is but everyone in the NBA is quicker, longer and stronger. I have nothing a… @PUMAHoops @MELOD1P hate to say this but he is going to have the same issue in the NBA his brother has...The ball i… @StuartFeiner This is why the Sox hire Chaim Bloom...To do this and scale down salary @kobflash @NPHlvr @BonVoyaged_ it is Bill Paxton! He was in Weird Science among others but he was really good in Weird Science @BonVoyaged_ what a great picture! Sarah Jessica was gorgeous...Tony Stark in his younger years... all these movie… @barstoolsports They don't is not about sports in the IVY is about being from the Ivy league… @mikewarburton 100% hell no @ShaneHelmsCom You can see the baller in Nash... nice jab step... low rip and finishes with the left .... BALLER @AlexM_talkSPORT The absolute greatest era @Jared_Carrabis 😭😤 @ryansatin they are knocking this out of the park. Alexa is soooooo goooood. @RealJakeHager Good luck! @Jhadley72 @KFCBarstool 😂
@BackAftaThis They literally haven’t practiced in three weeks... might have something to do with it @BballCoachMac is this a sarcastic 2020 quote...The NBA literally did this😂 @MikeReiss @TheGregHillShow They didn't practice for three weeks... @YahooSports Tom comes and all of a sudden they are title town...Tom leaves...Mookie leaves, Redsox are horrible, P… @NjTank99 Stop betting🤷‍♂️
@FightOwensFight Owens is a championship contender... any other is stupid @GolfDigest Perfect
@WrestleCritic Her best work! @MrBeastYT Love the channel. In 5 years you will be giving rides to space sponsor by Elon! My kids love you... stop by for a visit!
@GolfDigest To be honest I don’t want to play at that course. It’s a win win for both of us... keep your snooty ru… @GolfDigest The whole point is these courses don’t want the regular golfer. They make these rules to weed them out…“Oh I’ll definitely remember this one.” -Me when I create a new password.
Retweeted by tballgame9 @MyGolfSpy Never taken a lesson in my life...I watch videos, hit practice balls and have tweaked my swing to fit me... I shoot 80-86 @RepSwalwell @LindseyGrahamSC I have no idea what is a crime any longer. If it is enforce it... if not then it must not be one. @ewanports I don’t get the socks thing... I didn’t know people still wore white socks. All I wear is black ankle socks @GolfDigest Similar @thejazzygolfer @golfbreaks I know it said females but from a male perspective... nice course that playable but not… @AlexM_talkSPORT He was very good and extremely athletic for his size. He scared the heck out of meJack's ultimate mic-drop moment in 2010 🎤
Retweeted by tballgame9 @DailyStuffMag well it is not the person pictured....that is Beth Phoenix and she is married to Edge ( adam copeland)The Celtics are the only team in NBA history to win 17 championships in one city.
Retweeted by tballgame9 @yolanieli The wood frog can hold its pee for up to 8 months
@barstoolsports @JRsBBQ charlotte flair? @ESPNNFL @AdamSchefter I have no idea why I find this funny but watch his feet when he jumps...He just moves forward definitely not up😂 @CNBCMakeIt @kevinolearytv I disagree...look at the price of food. A normal 50 dollar trip to the grocery is now 9… @MLB @BlueJays could be the greatest bat flip ever!!!! @bostonsportsinf add that he bunted the ball with his right foot out of the batters box @UltClassicRock @MotleyCrue And I loved every second of that show!!! @FiteTV Dashing @Section10Pod I miss this @Keefler_Elf I call my cat dubba dubba @ewanports I haven’t worn white socks in years
@barstoolsports @WrestlingGary I think Rhea gets a call up soon. A lot of NXT women right now ... need to call a couple up @WWEonFOX And she is a very close second... if she does this right... she will be a star. Fantastic athlete with a… @WWEonFOX I like finishers that come from out of no where. RKO, sweet chin music, edge’s spears... I love Black Mas… @AsherGolf looks awesome. All in on the hoodie especially since I live in a place that is pretty cold most of the… @GolfDigest whatever... Keep the snooty all in one place so the rest of us can live regularly @IanJamesPoulter @SkySportsGolf Two herniated discs on top of each other... it was 44 Degrees F this weekend and I… @LauraJaneGrace Of course it counts!!!! @TheTayaValkyrie Not a Lars fan... don’t watch when he is on... snack break @WWE @WWEBrayWyatt @AlexaBliss_WWE This is a great segment...absolutely perfect @WWEonFOX @LarsSWWE @WWEUniverse Literally zero interest in him.
@DeniseFritz1 @TDISportsClips They were trying to lose. They traded their best player on purpose. They spend 200 m…
@j_vargas13 @TDISportsClips Shitty baseball broke it @mrdanwalker That hoodie is 🔥... @TDISportsClips I watched every game of this season... now I watch none... sad