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@MLE_Online Please tell me you have a sick mixtape collection to go with that boombox 🤤 @sawaba I still enjoy/use the storage and git. @MLE_Online That’s one fine looking drill press you got there.. @ComradeEevee Here’s mine 😬😁 @zarchasmpgmr Not to mention cans are a perfect seal. @MoonyThinker @initinfosec More on the dry side though. 70/30 @MoonyThinker @initinfosec Right in the middle which is where I like a red blend. @zarchasmpgmr Also my place. Box or can > bottle @sundhaug92 Yup @sylv3on_ Not surprisingly yes... I prefer my wine from a box but cans work. Both beat a bottle. @dildog This is… I’m just envious right now. @zarchasmpgmr Shotgunning wine? @IanColdwater Docker will be involved at some point, which leads to kubernetes which means you’re a person I keep… @zarchasmpgmr I’m enjoying it @initinfosec Actually good!! @Mr_Hobbits Maybe but it was shelves of singles in a build your own 6-pack type thing. I just grabbed a random red. It’s good tho!!!Finally getting around to trying wine from a can year ago today, something I did helped change the laws in Ohio. And I’m still super proud!!
Retweeted by [̲̅T][̲̅C]One year ago today, HB497, which outlawed image abuse in the state of Ohio, was voted on and passed unanimously by…
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@SarahDVictoria MFA for starters. I’m not going to go through details because reasons. But the easy wins my old tea… @ErikCarlseen @16kbps @matthew_d_green +1million Soviet People’s Internet points for this glorious pun. @jlazaroff @16kbps To be revealed in @Stranger_Things 4I’m architecting an infra. I keep considering my previous red team experience as, “How can I beat them if they asse… running #HackerConTicketExchange for @Shmoocon because Heidi does! If you’re looking…
Retweeted by [̲̅T][̲̅C] @zippytrippy I was going to recommend a @TheBADASS_army sticker but you have one right on top 😁 @zippytrippy Need the after photo too @StephenBattista The moral of this classic tale is that government isn’t really needed. @BadassBowden @ComradeEevee I’m also interested in hearing her rating…I haven’t sat down to start this yet. Maybe tonight? it’s the newly wed game with @TC_Johnson and myself!
Retweeted by [̲̅T][̲̅C]What’s with @notasockpuppet1 being <1k? Y’all follow this gem of a human. @khSTic And maybe anonops but can neither confirm nor deny since I’m a fed and all. @khSTic Snoonet* it’s the Reddit IRC @khSTic Snoonet* @khSTic Snooker @LitMoose Scattered covered chopped dropped plopped @p1nt1nh0 It’s inevitable anyway so might as well have fun. @ShadowM82 Totes. One of the shot glasses is chipped. It gives that rush of danger.This was a fun podcast, without any of the normal questions I have answered before!! Learn more about my rugby past…
Retweeted by [̲̅T][̲̅C]And to add to it, I just dropped the #10QuestionsPodcast: Couples Edition with @TC_Johnson and @BadassBowden!!!
Retweeted by [̲̅T][̲̅C]Ok, here it is! The #10QuestionsPodcast with @BadassBowden has officially dropped! Go take a listen!
Retweeted by [̲̅T][̲̅C]IRC 4 lyfe @GlytchTech @0DDJ0BB @0xdade Sounds like a L0phtly goalGurgi… 🥺 @Antiproton_com There’s a diy plan out thereNmap mindmap
Retweeted by [̲̅T][̲̅C] @vasim_infosec @kfalconspb Spectacular @MattAboutMovies @BadassBowden A Radioactive Manhattan @MattAboutMovies @BadassBowden @Plant_Daddie It’s got a decent half life … @bink was actually surprised the shot glasses were real. @jkbckr Yeah you test it with UV light. The real stuff glows.
It’s all real uranium glass!!!! @jkbckr @MalwareJake @hacks4pancakes Came to say exactly this. @HackingDave @FrankMcG Is it from all the crayons? ::runs away:; @jaysonstreet @ac1dgoddess @notasockpuppet1 Beard level: OMFG @rhaelamp @BadassBowden Pretty sure those are part of an artistic piece and not for actual swinging. You’re going to upset the hipsters.Word of the day: any derivative of “conform” @alshawwa @BadassBowden @initinfosec @SushiDude @emptymem0ries @_th1nk3r @jkbckr @aoneil_ @DerbyComHSV might just be the greatest article ever. “Hipster Gets Mad His Photo Was Used In Article About How All Hipste…
Retweeted by [̲̅T][̲̅C] @HackingDave High, gauze stuffed mouth, what could go wrong?The 15th is the last day to get #DerbyCon 9 swag. Order today!
Retweeted by [̲̅T][̲̅C] @KxBenson @ping_of_death_ @kaoudis @laticiacarrow @Infosec_Taylor @brittanystoroz @ar4v3n @kittenradio @initinfosec @CatBailey Because you’re in AlaBlessyourheartbama 😋 @CatBailey @_th1nk3r @magpie2800 @georgiaweidman @MrJeffMan @lockdownurlife @MalwareTechBlog @shortxstack'm doing it, I'm doing a #FF @BadassBowden @initinfosec @SushiDude @emptymem0ries @_th1nk3r @jkbckr @aoneil_ @initinfosec LDAP and SE Linux access control white papers. @initinfosec It's not Friday yet... 12 more minutes... @LadyRed_6 Portable bar!! @StyleOfTerry @BravoTV Right? 🤦‍♂️ @PrintsCharming @sinclairinator @VisualStudio I never had a turbo equipped PC but why would you turn it off? What even did it do? @LadyRed_6 My first car was a two key model 😂 @nonya_bidniss If it’s not covered in Tongue & Quill then does it matter?Hello world, specifically Huntsville, AL! Your local @DerbyCon community is here. Details in the works but follow t…
Retweeted by [̲̅T][̲̅C] @GonzoHacker @SarahDVictoria You’re a gem!!! 👁 ❤️ 🖼
@ComradeEevee @BentleyAudrey Ohh, wrong blue team… @BentleyAudrey @BentleyAudrey @BlueTeamCon my @BadassBowden buddy and I ran through Halo 1 co-op when it was new and it’s one of my happiest gaming memories @therocket951New updates to Sysmon (v10.42), Zoomit (v4.52) and Whois (v1.21) have been released today!
Retweeted by [̲̅T][̲̅C] @kalilinux Ono-SendaiGoing to try to maintain this pupper’s vibe today. 😂
Retweeted by [̲̅T][̲̅C] @_th1nk3r @BadassBowden Thrill as I describe the perfect egg texture. @_th1nk3r @BadassBowden 😬 @cwfrazier The only constant in human history is that some people are good and others are dicks. One can be confuse… @IanColdwater Thank you. You know why ☺️What're you doing tomorrow night at 7, #Columbus? You should join @dcg614 to learn about firmware dumping and network with local hackers
Retweeted by [̲̅T][̲̅C] @johnbehen @BadassBowden @TheBADASS_army @Skyline_Chili Awww I love me some @Skyline_Chili !!! The way they pile on… @SushiDude I said I’d stop complaining if they set it up like the USMC. They did. And so I’m shutting up. @BadassBowden @johnbehen @TheBADASS_army Team Us! You know it sweets. @johnbehen @BadassBowden @TheBADASS_army I appreciate the sentiment and agree with the summation whole heartedly.…
@ComradeEevee @epochs3c @TriciaKicksSaaS @jaysonstreet @blenster @DAkacki @BadassBowden @rhaelamp @IanColdwater @jaysonstreet Such a tragic end to a live that saved the world. @DefenderExiled @chrisplummer It certainly was refreshingly good. @chrisplummer @DefenderExiled We were just discussing the parsec thing in the office as you sent this. I'm a fan of… @chrisplummer @DefenderExiled Other than the slow pace of Ep1 I have no issue with the prequels. @TriciaKicksSaaS 😍