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Dad, husband, pentester, Traveling Man. Oddball among Geeks -- All views/opinions expressed are mine --

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Or is this a marketing dept fail? @zarchasmpgmr @BadassBowden @NerdPyle I’m already in that Husky club. job professional sign company @BadassBowden My boys and I are super lucky to have joined forces with you three ladies. @MichaelLammer @hacks4pancakes Ya, about 3-4 years ago after my first training I was heading home through DFW when… along for a friend.. @crowdstrike has over 200 open positions currently, with 84 remote: #DFIR #infosec
Retweeted by ⓉⒸ @MichaelLammer @hacks4pancakes Nah, it’s been out for around 4 years. That means command level positions have chang… @hacks4pancakes The training had a homegrown meme with our three O-6s about how it’s not called green dot anymore. @MrSnubs @Ret0n @Snubs Well, to be fair, non-conformity is very on brand for hackers. @MrSnubs @Snubs I’ve had a few ‘yotas and loved them all but never a 4Runner but I totally would. @MrSnubs @Snubs It’s Colorado, land of Subaru. Join the herd. @BadassBowden @elchefe @stay_salty_ @Lucky_Munro It’s their most complex word. Two whole syllables. We’re very proud of their growth. @X0RW3LL_ This was more the, “Hey you don’t look so good” NPC banter.
@dildog I’m not down with the onions but I’d try if they’re the sweet variety. I did have a foot long Sonic chili… @unspecific We’re playing on Oculus Quest with Link to PC. @stay_salty_ @Lucky_Munro @elchefe Agreed, it’s all just fun banter. Besides, we let the marines have their little… @JBizzle703 @Cyber_Cox Two words, co vid @rhaelamp But do you pronounce it “cloose” or “cloose” @mkr_ultra One of my first side quests is normally the one to fix the tree 😇 @Fallenour I didn’t get past the opening event. @CoolCatCarolena 😁 @CommieGIR I am, 16 and counting. Reservist now.Webcast of Crew Dragon’s return to Earth from the @space_station with @AstroBehnken and @Astro_Doug →…
Retweeted by ⓉⒸCrew Dragon’s flight back to Earth with @AstroBehnken and @Astro_Doug remains on track; targeting splashdown off th…
Retweeted by ⓉⒸI had my first Skyrim VR experience last night. I almost fell over a few times, lol. @mkr_ultra Lock picking on switch is really fun! It’s all about feeling the vibration. 😏 @stay_salty_ I’d try them but I’d approach the second with a lot of skepticism. Biscuits and gravy is easy to make.… @stay_salty_ Agreed. Last one I had was a red beans and rice while I was watching hurricane Gustav from the ramp of… ThreatWire Totem is an exclusive Patreon reward for ThreatWire patrons on the OlympusFire perk level. Sign up h…
Retweeted by ⓉⒸ @Mr_Misinko @ComradeEevee Literal LOL materialMy grandma called me tonight to tell me that I have to tell my American followers to wear masks. She was very insis…
Retweeted by ⓉⒸIf this had anything to do with COVID then the state would be restricting the opening of establishments, not just s… @stay_salty_ I mean yeah, easier in the sense that I don't have to crawl through mud, live on MREs, and be constant… the Younger just overheard the new OPSEC training I'm listening to. "It's just some guy saying, 'Blah bl… @CoolCatCarolena I'm certainly not an expert by virtue of my wife being an expert. I just think I'm exposed to the… aside, it is good to be reminded regularly of the resources that are available and the difference between re…’m scheduled for annual Air Force Sexual Assault Prevention and Response training today. Think I can just pull the… @BadassBowden AITA? @GritsnG I like 1 or 2 every few years. It’s like eating blowfish or drinking Buffalo Rock ginger ale. All three of… @SoManyLimes @hacks4pancakes @marcusjcarey We all belong to the Kremlin. We are all COVID Commies. @mkr_ultra Are the carrots extra tiny or the cherries super big? Doesn’t matter it’s all 🤤 inducing.Sitting in bed, eating bugles and circus peanuts, watching orange is the new black, and hearing weird chatter about… @hacks4pancakes @marcusjcarey But Facebook is OUR psyops so it’s cool. 🙋🏻‍♂️ @chrisculling I’m sure it’ll stick around as long as totes and canceling.Lockdown! The Game! via @YouTube
@jimimage @NerdShinobe How to install Windows 10: Step 1: Step 2: @cakeis_not_alie I did have a very interesting and possibly unique first time camper experience.Surely a computer under $3k isn’t capable of compiling 1000 lines of Python in a reasonable amount of time. have Skyrim VR now. It was nice knowing you all.
@mainframed767 Meanwhile: @BentleyAudrey @BadassBowden Yes and I admire her for doing it. But stranger danger is real in my brain 😩 @BentleyAudrey This is what it’s like going into public with @BadassBowden. She’s always complimenting strangers, p… @BadassBowden At least it's on hardwood? Carpet would straight up have to be replaced.We don't know who needs to hear this right now, but #defconsafemode is free to attend. You don't have to register.…
Retweeted by ⓉⒸIs this spicy light @Q3w3e3 ? @dildog We die either way, I’d rather mine be without him.🤣🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by ⓉⒸ @darkrabite I had an extremely similar thing happen with quite a few people where I thought they were someone I rec…’m enjoying memories of last years Hacker Summer Camp (my first) and considering sharing my top 5 moments. Inter… the new stimulus check turns out to be, I hope they have distribution bugs worked out. Did the folks who…
@WhalrusTV Feels are real @plugxor @BadassBowden @TrustedSec @kfalconspb @HackingDave You caught my good side too!“Just check the boxes. Don’t worry about actually learning anything.” @aalbert_torsius I’m gonna need experience. I’m the one that’s having to learn on the fly up to this point so I’m w… @RyansNotAHacker Pretty sure I’ll be the first line#Python Dictionaries CheatSeet💕 ☑️ Making a dictionary ☑️ Adding a key-value pair ☑️ Deleting a key-value pair ☑️…
Retweeted by ⓉⒸAnyone have a guide or other reference on writing position reqs? Other than not asking for 10 years experience on…, even though the president is the healthiest man in history, just to be safe that the vision of the people is… @JBizzle703 Gin. Vodka is for communists Gin is for freedom loving freedom fighters who fought the oppression of… @mjb2kmn @BadassBowden @omnicronos Totes. Like, 100$ totes. @omnicronos @BadassBowden She’s got this fierce and intense kind of intelligence that’s really hot. @omnicronos @BadassBowden And we disagree on a few things but I highly enjoy that we have the kind of love that we… new rover is cool, but that helicopter tho! #CountdownToMars @omnicronos @BadassBowden She does that thing where absolutes aren’t really absolutes so I know she doesn’t mean ev… @BadassBowden @Amber_Coffman Neat!!
@AaronTh56799869 @BadassBowden @marcusjcarey If you're trying to get over there for pentesting, I'd recommend looki… @rootpoint @safe_secs @thecasiokid If Casio hasn’t already muted this conversation, welcome to InfoSec Twitter?NYPD issues statement after video shows officers pulling protester into unmarked van Also: Linux Malware Targeting Docker Servers With Exposed APIs
Retweeted by ⓉⒸSeems like something @BadassBowden would be interested in. @sherrod_im Who assesses the assessors?
Retweeted by ⓉⒸ @thecasiokid @rootpoint @safe_secs The overthinking is my brand yo. @therocket951 @therocket951 Giving up salt means giving up steaks, burgers, and all baked sweets that call for a pinch of salt.…’s my name 🤷🏻‍♂️’s the story behind your twitter handle?
Retweeted by ⓉⒸ @rootpoint @safe_secs @thecasiokid I guess you can be both. Probably a lot of preachers are now so they can maintai… @rootpoint @thecasiokid @safe_secs This is in reference to our local rock station making an attempt at a world reco… @thecasiokid needs a Notary stamp, not a priesthood 🙃Curve ball to your record attempt. Ordained people aren’t marriage officiants in Alabama any more. Notary Public’s… first I loved this. Then I realized, I’m going to pay three times for this for this fence. Taxpayer money to e… @FrankMcG This is common at MicroCenter. It’s how they prevent buy outs. Like when new raspberry pi models release:… @BadassBowden @marcusjcarey Lots of good replies in this thread and not much I can add other than my experience wit…
@MrSnubs @BadassBowden @Snubs My husky isn’t aging well. Diabetic, might be losing her sight. But I’ve never known a dog to love so much. @BadassBowden @MrSnubs I’m in. But we gotta buy a house first. Except it’s going to be a Husky. @MrSnubs Step-Kiddo the younger and I were discussing the getting of a puppy last night. Don’t tell @BadassBowdenIf I upgrade my ADHD to AD4K will i have clearer focus?
Retweeted by ⓉⒸ @DethVeggie @SwiftOnSecurity I can’t even use the shower as an excuse with my rate of typos. Why am I a loser?