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Joined Twitter 2/25/15 deserve good things regardless.
Retweeted by πŸ“πŸ°I have so much to do before the 31st and honestly I just wanna hide.
Retweeted by πŸ“πŸ°She cooler than her daddy at this point
Retweeted by πŸ“πŸ° @MFDominator47 Peoplelet’s cleanse the TL real quick.
Retweeted by πŸ“πŸ°Can’t be πŸ˜•
Retweeted by πŸ“πŸ° @PB_Jai When you been sitting on the floor because it’s a struggle 😬😭 @PB_Jai I’m screaming omg @GlosssyBoss What is itLMAO WHAT y’all not working. Come and get storm. 😭Best thing I ever did was invest in myself
Retweeted by πŸ“πŸ° @SmooveSkywalker @shecallsmejay_ Shut up lololEvery day I have less to say
Retweeted by πŸ“πŸ°Ppl be hatin whole time should be taking notes
Retweeted by πŸ“πŸ° @__ZimRozayy PeriodI enjoy sex, but not enough to just have it with anybody. It’s better for me when I actually care about the person I’m with.
Retweeted by πŸ“πŸ°Bruh I need someone to watch storm lolOhk now. @NoizyNextDoor @goutemoix You know what. You are right. cats song β€œstreets” is top tier
Retweeted by πŸ“πŸ°I really enjoy groovy 70s vibe music.These videos be having me rolling. wish we’re laying in the same sheets. But lately you been acting like you barely know me. @TCali__ They do 😭😭
Retweeted by πŸ“πŸ° @TheBlackLuffy93 LMAOOOOAm I trippin or do they have the same face’s alot on my mind
Retweeted by πŸ“πŸ°I need a new look.
Retweeted by πŸ“πŸ°Crazy that it took me getting older and experience life to understand kid cudi.That part. need to sleep because I’m just thinking about life getting mad.I’m just up.Keep yo mind in a positive state and stay real.
Retweeted by πŸ“πŸ° @LexyLuxe To each his own I guess. I’m just not into yt womenz like that lol @goutemoix I’m confused πŸ˜­πŸ’€I don’t watch Scott Pilgrim for them 😭😭😭 these women are not attractive @BossUpErin @goutemoix Wow lmao 😭😭Nicki Minaj (unprovoked) started a song β€œI’m Angelina, you Jennifer. Come on bitch, you seen where Brad at” jfkdkdk…
Retweeted by πŸ“πŸ°My dog is so cute. She just makes me wanna cry. πŸ₯ΊI’m so tired. I though this was a transformation before and after.’ve been liking my energy lately
Retweeted by πŸ“πŸ°Style inspo for 2021. RT & Quote yours. wow in love with myself more and more
Retweeted by πŸ“πŸ° @LegendaryTay Lmaoooooo shut upWowMore than likely the wrong person. You will be surprised how for one person they think it’s a problem but another… @Afropicks_ Thank you ! @cierraiman I know this isn’t who I think it is.Star Wars is LITERALLY just politics in space if u think about it
Retweeted by πŸ“πŸ°I cussed Amaya out with literal cuss words and she just laughed at me. πŸ˜­πŸ’€
The wood smokers be the prettiest girls. @KyrahA__ But did you look at the thread 😭I want more going out clothes. No more hoodies.Palm to palm lmao @Chardiiechar Look at the thread 😭 @A__Smoove Thank you!I don’t understand. is the one. 😭 @A__Smoove Picture? @DJ_DonBeDMV The alcohol percentage won me over @HimOvaaThere You should!It must be some gin in that juice
Retweeted by πŸ“πŸ° @MFDominator47 didn’t want me to show her face. But I did my gmas sewin and it turned out great. glass of snoop doggs red wine will have you faded. @Papi_Nazario Yup. I’m hip.I wash my edges every two days because I hate edge control build up. LolWhen it comes to spirituality, it’s all about self-awareness and remaining levelheaded. Don’t read too much into so…
Retweeted by πŸ“πŸ°I wiped down and vacuumed my car. Self care.I’m wearing my Hamilton shirt and now automatically the sound track is playing in my head. @98whitley Oh when we going @theonlyredfox1 It’s about that timeGoal for the rest of the month is to get organized. I’m annoyed with myself.I appreciate my friends when they tell me I’m tripping without being mean about it lol @iCandy__Mandie Sorry I couldn’t do it :/I need one ASAP
Retweeted by πŸ“πŸ° @iCandy__Mandie I love it !!!Period that we live in covid times I can’t believe we used to have to go to work with a cold and it would be normal to…
Retweeted by πŸ“πŸ° @Fooly_Cooly__ Nevermind. 😭😭There’s always so much to do😭 @theonlyredfox1 Lmao that how kinky people respond 😭 @__ZimRozayy Wow I have that dream too except I’m sewing clothes on my 3rd cup of coffee. @theonlyredfox1 @theonlyredfox1 I’m actually in the best shape I’ve been in for a while. πŸ˜­πŸ™‚I feel like I get tested for covid more than anyone around me.Over everyoneeeeeeee @nicolelayton08 talking about going alone like we didn’t discuss thisToday in 2013 Jigga and Justin drop Suit and Tie
Retweeted by πŸ“πŸ°we’re too young to be this sad and tired
Retweeted by πŸ“πŸ° @nicolelayton08 Are you seriousHey sorry I forgot to text back, I was on tik tok for 3 hrs, wyd tho?
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