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vc @gvteam, cool internet girl, and other things. i am busy. (she/her)

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i don’t do twitter for life advice i do it for attention
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🏳️‍🌈 hi all, my friend is an incredible digital marketing strategist. she was recently laid off, and wants to work…
Retweeted by Terri Burnsnevermind @freialobo first ipo*** together @freialobo tech@nyu forever
@themitak it’s so frustrating @souspatron ty @xaelophone @chiefofstuffs heh. pls! @chiefofstuffs i simply cannot believe some people don't like it?????????? wut pls tell me you're one of those 'ci… @chiefofstuffs insane strategy. your role def makes sense given cool anime prof pic this will be legendary,,,, gon… @chiefofstuffs down @cwillycs i’m just here to speak the truthi would love more moneywhy didn't anyone like this
Retweeted by Terri Burns @katielin0 @fionais__online smh!!!! @fionais__online for u, yesty @megandalessio👁👄👁 ~~real eyes~~ **realize** ,,,real lies,,, 👁👄👁
@boop @gefencodes i’m not mad at thisnot sure how i ended up so deeply in design twitter but,,,,, um,,,,, how do i get out @megandalessio @nurri_mahn 🥀 🥀 🥀 @kiyotoshi_y i love this @C_lineinthecity @ebstockton 😌🙌🏿idk why but emails just hit different these days. a particular struggle like no other @kwuchu yesssssnever trust an instagram influencer @emmadmazhari for sure. i’d say i’m mid to late february, emotionally speaking @Rg2official petals for armor. her latest album. i am a fan! cc @yelyahwilliams @Rg2official working my way thru so many emails while listening to hayley williams! @emmadmazhari this is rude emmad @BrennerSpear most tv rots your brain will discuss further this weekend😈 @sahkho ya? would you recommend? i am not a sporty person so i am hesitant @replylord oh, ha! thank you!! yes me and @alizar had fun with that. funny you remember😂 @jackyalcine lmaooo it's always #onhere @itsparaj noted! i'm gonna give it a try then. @BrennerSpear almost. what should we discuss on clubhouse this weekend?🧐 @agisilaosts i love this! i've been trying to get back into my morning run routine. it's been hard @replylord fair enough. i'll take it (i know imma be up for a while, tho) @itsparaj dope. i'm a scaredy cat and have always been too scared to watch :/ @tcburning @fionais__online QUEEN 🥺
Retweeted by Terri Burns @replylord nice! i'm staying up late, too. what is time anyway. smh @jackyalcine happy to hear that this drama you speak of is not on twitter dot com. love this for uwhat's everyone up to tn @freialobo @JameelShivji KING👑 nyu 5ever @freialobo @JameelShivji ....did he tho????????????????????? 👀 @JameelShivji @freialobo 🥺 @duaazaheers @fionais__online gotchu @bolau_ @freialobo 💯 @fuckurbrand i cackled @fuckurbrand omg. yes. we must do this loving this new twitter btw, incredible @cgallello totally. i've found that i need to be prepared to spend a lot of time on it (and be okay with that not h… @freialobo ah, like the early days!!! (but seriously ok yes let's do it) @jackyalcine lmao that's real give it time (or not)gonna spend some time on clubhouse this long weekend idk exactly when clubhouse became something to plan/mentally… @ryandawidjan 🔥 always🔥 @ryandawidjan no @thedanigrant @AlexMasmej @_irtefa 🎉 @scotthickle i agree💕
@holmesequoia remember pregames @MarcusForPeace i'm a mess @vslavich this is a helpful data point. thank u, vanessa! @NeelBhula i am still deciding @JasonHitchcock we're all just out here trying our best @dorithegiant 🙌🏿😘 @ankitshah @DavidSpinks @staringispolite lmao @atireattire love thisthis has become more challenging in quarantine but nevertheless holds true @nwilliams030 i,,,,,, wow! @staringispolite @ankitshah this is uh.. not a serious tweet peoplei’ve been experimenting with lowercase type and my homie (not in tech — bless!) who always keeps me honest had a lo… @juliannaelamb what me @caseykcaruso and @lstephanian tryna build👀petals for armor by hayley williams has been the soundtrack to my weird, sad, but also incredibly lovely summer…
@nurri_mahn @kwuchu @xkaitlyncarter @hursh @pedsmoreira @browsercompany 🎉very cool @sophiaedm @Snap nice! congrats @carolynz agreeeeed @carolynz good to know! i figured as much which is why i’ve never downloaded tiktok. helpful to know that you’ve had this observation
everyday I wake up and resist the urge to approach everything with this attitude
Retweeted by Terri Burns @telmo 1i mean... sure, ok,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, @djpardis you didn’t. ugh i appreciate uy’all.🤣🙄
@kwuchu ok cool but we need to rematch codenames tho. cc @nurri_mahn @xkaitlyncarter @jackyalcine jacky i need you to know i literally woke up this morning laughing about this. everything about it is just so goodSTACKOVERFLOW VERTICALLY CENTER CSS
Retweeted by Terri Burns @jackyalcine i’m crying😭 @freialobo knew u could do it
anyway happy friday everybody, black lives still matter @jordanobi @emmadmazhari such a good voice 🤤 @HipCityReg the ironyps if you're writing a thought piece about our account please includes links to our favorite orgs - The Okra Projec…
Retweeted by Terri Burnsi refuse to read ur think piece on the incredible @itiseyemoutheye launch unless u donated (and even then no promis… @SimranJ3 wow, yesalways. so proud of this team🥺😌 👁👄👁 y’all are funny on this website😭 @HipCityReg Happy birthday bb!😍 @kim617 @abenaanim21 @AllRaise @weareomsom Wow ⭐️ stars ⭐️ all around @freialobo i pray that mike(s) sees thisi set a reminder to "email mike" last week and i haven't done it because i can't figure out which mike i am suppose…
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