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lashon hara enthusiast and khreyn connoisseuse. not no damn “woc,” i’m Black.

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Retweeted by NinoHey so my boyfriend got shot in head like 3 weeks ago, I been cleaning his head with wound cleaner( totally forgot…
Retweeted by Nino @ThemBoysMama 😌 @twersky What’s wrong with planning slightly ahead @PhD_femme Thanks, friend. Keep a big chunk for yourself. @kaekaecurtis Because I do ✨ @_jezebel_ 🙂 @OctaviaHustler I had fentanyl for a procedure once. I would’ve stayed out if I could’ve 😭 @papitachiquita Lmaooo I don’t remember but he must have been big and Black 😍 @RebekahWriter You see the vision @huler Good luck to both of us.My next husband is gonna be a big, dark skin truck driver. Maybe with dreads. You heard it here first. ✨🔮 @jslieberthal 💙 @ohjasminee Thank you @sophiaphotos The tapioca balls in the bottom of the iced milk tea. @GeneralMcMaul I’ll be ok. I’m just... tired and upset. @RollUpSonny Please! Door’s open! @maimonides_nutz 💗 @NACHO2813 Thanks, man. 💙 @RollUpSonny Man I’m so glad you said hey. 🥰 I was really wondering about you. @RollUpSonny That’s why I leave that old ass tweet there! So people can find me again! 💗💗💗💗 @RollUpSonny We alright, all things considered. How you doing?? @Ok_Solly Thank you 💗 @RollUpSonny Bro where tf you been omg! @wholiloleme @wholiloleme Lmao that was mean I shouldn’t be an asshole 😩 @wholiloleme Yes lol but she’s aware of that and chill about being a quadroon @SisterFarrah It’s me I’m doing it @telushk 💙Just before Shabbes rolls in I just want to say I am extremely depressed and idk what to do. Thanks. Gud shabbes.RIGHTS-A DI ITALIANOS
The fact that Pedro Pascal can emote through that helmet. @Auntee_Pearl @jasleeack I don’t get why they make us wait for that. I’ve known a lot of young people who got shingles. @Jacob_Labendz 🥴 Crazy enough I know people who had chickenpox parties even when my 10yo was a toddler. @FedExHelp Hey James we got it thank u bb @albinoamazon I am a freckle face 😩 @KeikoKaveri She do look phoney in the light @iRackBrains I mean!Lmao. 🤦🏽‍♀️ @KeikoKaveri Oop. @WztSharmuta 😘😘😘😘 @peoplescrtic 😁No ma’am, I agree we need to not rely completely on the vaccine but your numbers are wrong. We need 70% of people t… + a random note in my phone @2PupsMommy True. Two little boys. Who are fully vaccinated. 😂😂😂 @2PupsMommy Oof. Mine started doing weird stuff after my pregnancies. The things we do for love. 😂 @2PupsMommy Oh my Gd!!! That’s really awful. I was on anti-anxiety meds for my shingles which I think helped. My im… @2PupsMommy Lmaooo. Nerve pain is really wild because it’s near impossible to stop and it has so many triggers. I’l… this old thing? Your daddy bought it. @WztSharmuta Lmfaoooo @2PupsMommy @Nina_Metz @naima After getting chickenpox as a 4yo, I got shingles at 27, a very mild case that was ca… @WztSharmuta Lmao what the dollar tree cartoon look like @missgreyday I missed it! @Bobbiisawkward @eutheria @AdviceChicken Vaccines are GREAT @AdviceChicken Oh my Gd!! @Ok_Solly What did he get @lareinadelsarah @FedEx 🤦🏽‍♀️Where my stuff y’all @FedEx
@AdviceChicken Oh man. The older you are the worse it is.Wondering about parents of newborns who have lost their taste and smell because of COVID. Smelling your baby is a b… case you didn't know, most dairy alternative milks in the paper half gallons are DE (dairy equipment) but the sa…
Retweeted by Nino @AsiaChloeBrown I know wtf I ordered
Retweeted by Nino @Corddaryl It’s about the kids, not his ugly, stupid, big- anyway. It’s about the kids. 😌Lmao she be answering everything else by herself now she need a team 💀 I’m a much nicer BM than I should be really. @ShulimLeifer I think it’s projection, honestly. I think it’s living through bad experiences and instead of getting… @crookedroads770 many people on Twitter are trying to be so “gentle” and “aware” that they end up sounding like absolute weirdos.… have SO MUCH TO SAY about this shit Cho’s neighborhood. EVERYBODY CAN SEE IT . YOU KNOW YOU CAN
Retweeted by Nino @crookedroads770 Lmao I really think he’s directly translating “san-ba,” which in Mandarin has a connotation more l… @NotLaja I found a great group about gardening today, listened in on a Black investment group. You can really learn a lot! @JVauBrooks YO LMAO @asmamiryam Funny, I have a weird hormonal thing I’ve been wrestling with since I “recovered” too. Sorry. This sucks. @asmamiryam This is exactly how I’ve been thinking about COVID too (I remember when you had shingles!!). My leg hur… @babyboymonaghan I had a light case and I felt like I’d been hit by a train. Exhaustion and full body pain. Sounds… @asmamiryam I think people don’t realise the real problem with varicella isn’t chickenpox. It’s shingles. ☹️ @babyboymonaghan I didn’t realise I could get it so young. It was caught early- I only had three little bumps. The… @dabikka @danteandbea Good luck to her 💗Sure did. I was 4. The vaccine didn’t become ubiquitous until I was like 6 or 7, so my little brother did not (he’s… @dabikka @danteandbea It’s a viable option. They deal with insurance and taxes on autos but they also can direct he… @iseawhales I can’t stand this 😩 @dabikka @danteandbea My 2016 Subaru Forester was $32k brand new. Because of how model years work, that’s a 5yo car… @danteandbea @dabikka 😩 unfortunately I do @dabikka @danteandbea SERIOUSLY?! This poor lady. Everybody at the dealership needs to be whooped and robbed. @dabikka @danteandbea I’m so mad for her. Oh man. @howtoraiseajerk Omg!!! @dabikka @danteandbea Oh they def scammed her. The Focus is worth $4k, plus the Subaru could be another $5k, then h… Sir? Are you directly translating 三八 here? 😩 @dabikka @danteandbea Tell her to take it to the state commissioner if she wants to bother with it. The auto group… @howtoraiseajerk I’m cackling like an old witch 💀 @dabikka @danteandbea I’m so confused! They must scammed her. OMG. @Ok_Solly Turns out it’s not I’m devastated @danteandbea Oh noooo. I almost bought something new but I’m enjoying no car note too much 😕 @KirstyNOTKristy *cries bitterly*😕 No down payment? Or small down payment with premium trim? @KirstyNOTKristy Oh Gd my stomach is turning @RollUpSonny I’m getting UPSET