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Wife, mother, former Repub, diehard Tarheel Bball fan. #resist #FBR #vegan #brca1 #previvor #yogaeverydamnday #blm #ClimateCrisis #biden2020

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@GOP @realDonaldTrump After the gop was willing to sacrifice the elderly for the economy. . . @tb_cooper Lol, watch it again. She says it with an accent. Its hilarious#HappyBirthdayPresidentObama πŸ˜·πŸ˜Žβœ…πŸ’™πŸ‘‡πŸ½
Retweeted by Tracie #resists β“‹ 🐘 @scottycknight @DavidTheNonBot @sharscott12 @ZinteLovelace @Boschii @PupsNaB1rd He's a horrible person, so not surprising @ButterflyMcGrew @birdman6474 Yep, not surprised @tb_cooper πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ The kids names are the best part. . .demon sperm!!!πŸ˜‚Shopper who coughed on a cancer patient at Florida Pier 1 arrested on assault charge
Retweeted by Tracie #resists β“‹ 🐘 @casekaem I saw this and was so happy for them! @aljr1947 She is Blaire. Thats her account I retweeted. @Retrievals1 My cousin has 2 girls at the same college. 1 is in a dorm. Both will have online and in person classes… @aljr1947 She really does. Watch some of her videos and listen for what each of her 3 kids are named in each.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @rick_huggins10 @realDonaldTrump When is he not?This is just insanity @aljr1947 It's satire @realDonaldTrump So mail in voting doesn't equal massive voter fraud??? Thanks for confirming, yet again, you're a… @thinkermachine Lol, she's satire!πŸ˜ƒ @babychickadee My daughter complained the ENTIRE first half of our walk. I got it ALL!πŸ˜‚ @aljr1947 It's satire. Check out her feed. She's got some funny vids! @Sophieresists Same. The only thing we could do is the pool, but that's been hard b/c of sign ups. Between the…, every day for the last several months: VOTE BY MAIL IS CORRUPT AND FRAUDULENT Trump, just now: EVERYONE IN…
Retweeted by Tracie #resists β“‹ 🐘 @rick_huggins10 Lol, no. She does satire videos#HurricaneIsaias passed through & ushered in a beautiful, low humidity Aug. day. It was the first we've been able… @GOP @GOPChairwoman 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣 Biden's incoherent??? Please, please, please go watch trumps videos. Please!!!!! @JohnCopo No problem! Check out her feed. She has some other vids that are HILARIOUS!!! @John4265pops Lol, no, it's satire. She's made some awesome videos @JohnCopo Lol, no she's AWESOME. It's satire @shanestanley It's satire @atrupar He struggles in all waysπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ looks so bad. My mouth literally dropped. #Beirut
Retweeted by Tracie #resists β“‹ 🐘 @nee_haynes The world laughs at us and MAGAs. They pity the rest of us.Trump: β€œCountries where there have been very significant flareups over the last short period of time are Spain, Ger…
Retweeted by Tracie #resists β“‹ 🐘NEW: The Dept. of Justice says they’ve completed their review of 29 FISA warrants that were flagged by the IG for b…
Retweeted by Tracie #resists β“‹ 🐘 @BeschlossDC We're well aware if him @terrapin56 Um, I've been married 13 yrs (he's also been married previously), so this isn't a "starter marriage." W… @tb_cooper πŸ˜† @muchtoofoolish It truly is. I'm reading Your Soul's Plan by Robert Schwartz now. Give it a read. Its also extremely fascinating @scottycknight @Amy_Siskind @RebeccaNewell7 @DavidTheNonBot @ZinteLovelace @MfromPa @altmaralago @KristenKfromGA… @JennaForTruth Oh, she KNOWS the "pro-life" party wants her deadWhat an AMAZING picture of Myrtle Beach, SC! #MyrtleBeach #Beach
Retweeted by Tracie #resists β“‹ 🐘 @Sundae_Gurl @Stop_Trump20 Wait til you hit 40 @patflorek LOL! @guyknoller1 Lol, may have been around the same time frame! @londonlover1006 Mother Earth's miracle drug. Never tobacco @NancyAO55 Thanks Nancy. Haven't been on here as much lately with the recovery and all. Finally was doing all the… @albino_guerilla I mean. . Yes. Its a lot Yes, 1 yr. Which is fine. @Pelon @snarkgrapefruit I've been getting into making myself do it daily. I agree! @Pelon @snarkgrapefruit πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ @snarkgrapefruit Good sex? I kid! To learn how to be the best, most compassionate caring soul we can be. We are a… @MfromPa @Lindy_Cairderby Thanks. We have no hate, so hopefully ok @BocaOrganics Bwahaha @MfromPa Everyone is good. Kittens are good. EVERY DAY IS THE SAME. . . @blu_joon Youre the best, Jen! @MfromPa Thanks luv! How are you?? @blu_joon Yep. He wants to move down the street and we just co parent. I'm down for that. @blu_joon I think so. We have NO bad blood @BobCleanairbob No issues here either. We combatted his mental illness, but life @patflorek Lol, I STILL remember thinking what a jerk @casekaem I'll dm you tomorrow @casekaem Lol, thus is life @earthdog422 This is separation #2. The first was a surprise and dealing with mental illness. I await my new life… @casekaem I'm just fine, luv. We have been through the gamut together. We love each other. We can't live together @realMJSharma @420__eyesTime to put the yougins to bed and smoke. . . @KlitzingChris Very much so. Thanksyou are sick dude! Over 150K Americans dead, you took no responsibility! just stopping air travel is NOT job done!…
Retweeted by Tracie #resists β“‹ 🐘 @dacey_william He's planning to move up the street. If he became vegan then I could see it!πŸ˜† @casekaem Oh, its fine. Thanks. We have been through so much together already @megc1977 πŸ’• Exactly! It all is for a purpose @dacey_william Oh thanks. We are lovely as friends, less as partnersLol, yall remember when trump and marla maples were on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air??? Idiots still thought he coul… think we all agree that we need a #BlueTsunami in November. I’m running for Congress in Southwest Louisiana -…
Retweeted by Tracie #resists β“‹ 🐘 @dacey_william Yes. Not our first separation. Certainly our last. No ill will. @lindazNC Oh, this is a breeze for Wilmington. You'll be ok!Not all marriages survive the 'rona and that is ok!!! 😊 Separation/divorce is a next step, not an end. @BernieMamorbor @macy5875 I've seen the same tweets repeatedly. Such a twitter mess @macy5875 It's a twitter issue happening all over @TweetFiction @Shannadelic My dad used to take me to play bingo at his country club in HS (small town, so nothing f… @Shannadelic Personally, I really wish I was playing bingo. I love winning money. Fuck fake Twitter bingo!πŸ˜‰ @gd_sirius I've been pretty sober the last few wks and enjoyed it. Sometimes its needed though @Effy_Got_banned Lol, nope!
@1980Dorothy Its a twitter issue @Effy_Got_banned Its an error on twitter this evening. Happening all over @chili227 @INTLmischief Yeah, it will go away and come back. @chili227 @INTLmischief Randomly popping up. Someone else posted about it as well @INTLmischief Its happening to everyone. A Twitter issue @realMJSharma Hey! I think you tagged me the other night, but I crashed. No Dr follow ups until mid Sept, but she c… @BarryB_NC Rain, clouds, and alcohol. Cheers! 🍻 @carpenterray2 Sipping on some liquor. @Mikeystrikes300 @LeonaLioness6 @TheAntiTwitler Same. Happened a few times and restarted my phone @1980Dorothy @CajunBlueAZ1 Ok, you nailed them all @MfromPa @useyourcabeza_ Yep!!! Closer to bedtime @fras99 I wouldn't let him that close to me @realDonaldTrump @joshscampbell Sure! Blame, deflect, lie, pat yourself on the back. Rinse and repeat @GOP 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣 Now do trump, who's NOT leading and talks nonsense. @glennresists3 Slutty is ALWAYS better. . Duh!