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Past sports highlights and clips from each calendar day. Operated by Fred Segal (@frizz527). PSA:Video quality is what it is. Dont be #VideoQualityGuy

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Retweeted by This Day In Sports Clips @JaredRyanWhatUp Jared, I profusely apologize for this @JonBlac72793049 Sick burn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @sk20fr VY and texas destroyed them even worse next season. Beat them 70-3December 4, 2004: Oklahoma freshman Adrian Peterson breaks a bunch of tackles en route to a 32-yard TD run in a 42-… 4, 2009: Kobe hits a three-pointer at the buzzer over @DwyaneWade to give the Lakers a 108-107 win over th… 5 years ago! That’s crazyyyyy
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December 3, 2015: @UCLAMBB’s Prince Ali (@Princesmoove23) with a jam over Kentucky’s Alex Poythress during a 87-77… 3, 2017: Chiefs’ Marcus Peters chucks the ref’s flag into the stands after disagreeing with a call in the… 3, 2015: After the Lions’ Devin Taylor was called for a questionable facemask penalty with 0:00 on the clo…
Retweeted by This Day In Sports Clips @ImTellinTim With a great Zubaz hat @Craig71513 Yes although no other QB at the time would be allowed to drop back in the endzone like that on 3rd and 14!December 2, 1990: That Randall Cunningham 95-yard TD pass to Fred Barnett in Buffalo where he avoids a safety by du… @Random49ers Yeah its annoying but its not we are the new york times @Random49ers Thx. However If you are running a twitter site for fun and want to do it super fast you just use it no…
@Random49ers Oh well. Wikipedia was wrong. 🤷‍♂️ still a great highlightDecember 2, 2004: The Mavs beat the Rockets 113-106 in a Dirk (53 pts) T-Mac (48 pts) duel in Dallas 2, 1990: @BoJackson runs through a bunch of Broncos and breaks free for a 62-yard TD run. The Raiders wo… 2, 2010: Packers WR Donald Driver with a sick run after catch for a 61-yard TD reception against the 49ers. 2, 1985: The Dolphins beat the Bears 38-24 on MNF at the Orange Bowl. This would be the only loss the Bear… 2, 2010: LeBron (@KingJames) returns to play in Cleveland w/ Miami or the first time since his July “Decis…
December 1, 2017: Nic Batum hits Josh Richardson with the ball in a hurtful place. 1, 2002: The Falcons and the Vikings in a thriller in the Metrodome in which @MichaelVick scored on a 46-y… 1, 2012: Possibly the best SEC Championship Game of all-time. Alabama beats Georgia 32-28. 30, 2015: Auburn is not the only team who had a walk-off kick six on a November 30th. In 2015, Ravens’ W…
November 30, 2008: Rookie Derrick Rose crosses up Andre Miller. 30, 1987: On #MNF, LA Raiders rookie @BoJackson runs for a 91 yard touchdown & into Kingdome tunnel, & als… @Josh_Ray_A Then would have gone into to Overtime, and there still is a possibility that Auburn may have won.November 30, 2013: The #KickSix Rod Bramblett and Stan White on the call.
@KlickThaKid Correct. Most college kids turn 20 during their second year.November 29, 2013: Russell Westbrook (@russwest44) hits a turn-around game-winning three-pointer with 0.1 seconds l… @distantpodcast @DangeRussWilson Not nearly the entire story at all, but yep. @JaudonSports YepNovember 29, 2008: Redshirt freshman Russell Wilson (@DangeRussWilson), on his 20th birthday, throws 2 TDs and rush… @Rlovett_23 Damn
November 28, 2014: Buffalo’s Tyler Ennis scores a ridiculous no-look backhanded goal vs. Montreal. 28, 1992: Reggie Miller drops a career-high 57 points in a 134-122 Pacers win over the Hornets 28, 2010: That Andre Johnson/Courtland Finnegan fight during the 4Q of a Texans 20-0 win over the Titans.
November 27, 2009: Melo’s first 50-point game 27, 1998: Texas’ Ricky Williams breaks Tony Dorsett’s 22-year-old NCAA Division 1-A all-time rushing recor… @brendanburkeNRT LFG 🙌🏻November 26, 2005: Rangers’ Marek Malik scores the winning shootout goal against the Capitals in the 15th round wit…
@CoachCoin @RandyMoss No. Three Catches. One 2pt conversion.November 26, 1998: Thanksgiving. Vikings 46 Cowboys 36. @RandyMoss (then a rookie): Three catches, 163 yards, 3 TDs…
On this day in 2018, @TeamJuJu housed it at Mile High for 97 yards and the touchdown. #Steelers @TDISportsClips
Retweeted by This Day In Sports ClipsNovember 25, 1993: Up 38-10 at Georgia Tech with under 2 minutes left, UGA starting QB Eric Zeier throws a touchdow… @L337_IT yes we know he was good. Just wasnt the best player on that team he didn’t play that much. Which is why he wasnt in the highlight @L337_IT He wasnt the best player on that team. He was a freshman who only played on nickel and dime packages and special teams.Might have been my favorite game from the 2000-2003 era. Orange Bowl was incredible that night.
Retweeted by This Day In Sports ClipsNovember 25, 1990: “The Pepper Shaker.” On a Randall Cunningham scramble, Eagles’ fullback Keith Byars sends coll… @WillMcBee3 @JoeGBarnelloIII Ive been to Orange Bowl over 50 times. There was no amenity that was good. Parking an… 25, 2001: “Playoffs?!?!” Colts Head Coach Jim Mora takes questions after losing to the 49ers and falling… what a night!
Retweeted by This Day In Sports Clips @ffopsj @TheStateOfTheU Never will, but its louder. The way it’s configured its so insulated it is a haven for noise @devlinfarrnv22 @PupJo3 This season they had Portis, Gore and McGahee
@fgc_preachaman Also Sean Taylor was a freshman who didn’t start but came in on some Nickel and Dime packages and played special teams @avery_respass Johnson wasnt a backup. But gore and McGahee were. McGahee barely got any carries. @JoeGBarnelloIII Yes. Although it was a huge dump and awful stadium in every way besides the fact that its the OB a… @PupJo3 2000 team had Santana Moss, Reggie Wayne, and Dan Morgan @BracketDom @OldTakesExposed 😉November 24, 2001: Miami avenges its only loss the year before (a 34-29 loss at UW), and absolutely annihilates Was… 24, 2011: Lions’ Ndamukong Suh is ejected from Detroit’s 27-15 loss to Green Bay after stomping on OL’s Ev…
November 23, 2012: Blake Griffin stuffs Deron Williams at the rim. @Eric_Getzoff Most havent @Craig71513 i liked it. pretty harmless. no regrets. @DidianaVince ill show u another great buzzer beating shot first. Christian laettner @obtusedan Nope. i dont have to. @Craig71513 Dude. @Four_Leaf_Cover Kosar was #20 for Miami. Stoney Case was #25 New MexicoNovember 23, 1984: RARE: The Flutie Hail Mary. Not sure anyone has seen this so worth a watch. 23, 2008: Ed Reed intercepts a Kevin Kolb pass and takes it back 108 yards for the touchdown during a 36-7… @SinePari318 @obj there are a lot of catches. i have no regretsNovember 23, 2014: The Catch. @obj
@Fuzzy_Buzzard @CharlesWoodson 2011. And before that 20038 years ago today: Mark Sanchez invents a new type of fumble
Retweeted by This Day In Sports ClipsNovember 22, 1986: 20-year old Mike Tyson destroys Trevor Berbick and wins the WBC Heavyweight Title with a 2nd Rou… 22, 1997: @CharlesWoodson helps beat Ohio State, and Michigan finishes the regular season undefeated
@Turkenschmidt YesNovember 21, 2015: #9 Michigan State upsets #3 Ohio State 17-14 in Columbus on a 41-yard Michael Geiger field goal…
@CantankerousRex Thx. But I didnt say it was. And, so what? @CantankerousRex Dang. My B. It shall be stricken from all archives and deleted.November 20, 2010: Blake Griffin posterizes Timofey Mozgov years ago today, Grinnell's Jack Taylor scored an NCAA-record 138 points (!!!) 🚨 ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-EIGHT 😳
Retweeted by This Day In Sports ClipsNovember 20, 2011: LeGarrette Blount (@LG_Blount) w/ a sick 54-yard TD run in Green Bay. 20, 2006: @nate_robinson stuffs Yao Ming 20, 2002: Chris Paul (@CP3) scores 61 points in his first game since the death of his 61-year-old grandfat… 20, 1982: “The Play.” Stanford was kicking off to Cal up 20-19 with four seconds left. “The band is out o…
November 19, 2011: Robert Griffin III (@RGIII) throws for 479 yards and 4 TDs to lead Baylor over Oklahoma 45-38 in… 19, 2011: Duke’s QB & RB run into each other, both fall down. 19, 1983: The Civil War Game now known as “The Toilet Bowl.” Oregona State 0 Oregon 0 Fin…’s 15 years to the day since Ronaldinho ripped Real a new arsehole in the Clasico. Goodness me. Look at that ab…
Retweeted by This Day In Sports ClipsNovember 19, 1978: The Miracle at the Meadowlands. Eagles 19 Giants 17. Seconds left, Giants up 17-12, Eagles with… 19, 2005: #1 USC beats #16 Fresno State 50-42 at LA Memorial Coliseum. @ReggieBush had 294 rushing yards… 19, 2004: The Malace at the Palace
November 18, 2009: In Extra Time, with France 🇫🇷 and Ireland 🇮🇪 tied 1-1 on aggregate in the second leg of their Wo…
Retweeted by This Day In Sports Clips @lowell321 Congrats!November 18, 2015: DeMar DeRozan dunks it over Rudy Gobert. 18, 2017: Oklahoma 41 Kansas 3. The no handshake Baker Mayfield crotch grab game. @thebKipp 🙄