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An unofficial account provides news, information, and photos on the Disney Parks in Asia. Next trip Disneyland, California September 2019

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@krismeetsworld If it continues to spread any further it's going to be pointless in closing down parks. Because eve… Disneyland Resort Closed Until March 15th Over Coronavirus Concerns
Retweeted by James @phantazmick25 Hope things will be alright. Not sure a complete shutdown would happen but certainly flights stoppin… @ShowcaseWishes @Kryptonlogic I kinda like that it's different. Throw out the format and try something new but it i… here's the official announcement made in Japanese about the Tokyo Disney Resort Parks closing. While we should a… @ShowcaseWishes Noooo not KUA AINA @ShowcaseWishes Guess they are going to have to add on dates for Annual Passholders @ParkObsession Well done for predicting this would happen earlier in the week.The Tokyo Disneyland Resort is officially CLOSED until March 15th due to the Coronavirus... 🥺
Retweeted by JamesPlanning to go to Tokyo Disneyland soon? You'll need to make other plans.
Retweeted by James @TDRPlans @ShowcaseWishes Think you owe someone an apologyI recall many people told me not to visit the Disneyland version of Galaxy Edge because of the parks narrow paths.…'m watching last night's @WWENXT and can't believe I'm hearing Mr Blobby references being made by the announcers
@ShowcaseWishes Damn you Eddie Murphy @krismeetsworld Guess this proves no one cares or bothered to read his list of petty things @phantazmick25 Guess this proves no one cares or bothered to read his list of petty things @ShowcaseWishes Now we know where it came from
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Retweeted by JamesWow! The New Magic Happens Parade at Disneyland was Fantastic!!! There are 9 floats. Love the Coco & Moana floats…
Retweeted by James @ShowcaseWishes I guess no one wants Mulan catching the CoronavirusMiguel with his guitar today in the new #MagicHappens parade. We will have video later! #disneyland #dlr
Retweeted by James @WrestleVotes And that's why WWE is losing business and a good reason to not bother with wrestlemania. They took an… @Kryptonlogic @pajazzel @ShowcaseWishes Half the time I don't even recall ever interacting with the person. I think… Towers stop staff travelling to countries at high-risk of coronavirus @InsideTheMagic Bad timing lolOkay before anyone gets to carried away and starts a march over to Walt Disney Studios to demand Chapek's head. Thi… Jungle Cruise Boat Sinks at Walt Disney World
Retweeted by JamesMickey Popcorn Sweater ¥7,800 Little Green Man Sweater ¥7,800 Mic…
Retweeted by James @ShowcaseWishes Yeah I'm thinking that they might have a bit more free time on their handsDuring the Pixar event at Tokyo DisneySea Pixar ball decorations have been hidden around the park. This fun blog in… time of year you'll find a lot more students visiting the parks. Tokyo Disney Resort encourages these visits b… @ShowcaseWishes I find it hard to believe only 6 accounts are blocking me hahaha @ShowcaseWishes What method? @DLPReport Shame we couldn't get an update similar to the one in Shanghai @ShowcaseWishes @phantazmick25 @TDRPlans @ShowcaseWishes With thousands of people coming overseas to Japan for the Olympics I fail to see how clos… @daiz_azuki Wouldn't be shocked if other companies followed soon. @ShowcaseWishes Very long break. And a worrying sign of just how out of control it's gotten in Japan perhaps... @ShowcaseWishes @TDRPlans Can't see them having any other choice. Popcorn Sweater ¥7,800 Little Green Man Sweater ¥7,800 Mic… partnership with fashion brand PUNYUS are these new Sweatshirts and T Shirts. Available starting March 26 at the… @ShowcaseWishes @phantazmick25 Great guy and huge Disney fan. Sounds like we are in safe hands. @ShowcaseWishes Is that all? @TDRPlans Maybe the rumours of them closing earlier in the week are true after all 😉All schools in Japan told to close until April over virus outbreak | The Japan Times @OrangeGrove55 @DisneyEvrywhere I think the problem with Kathleen is that she probably is a victim of management de… @TDRPlans @_Disney_mania_ I hate when companies mess around with the recipe @ShowcaseWishes @TDR_PR @TDRPlans I'd happily skip Tokyo Disneyland for a year if it meant getting that Duffy design for Tokyo DisneySea. @phantazmick25 By retweeting it Tom shows the world once more his pettiness. All this because Bob Chapek and Thomas… out the new Tokyo Disney Resort Annual Passport designs which will be available from April 1, 2020 - March 31…
@DisneyEvrywhere @OrangeGrove55 Its interesting because Chapek has a completely different background to both Eisner… @ShowcaseWishes @OrangeGrove55 Maybe you should write him a letter like Tom Holland did with Iger. @OrangeGrove55 100% agree @krismeetsworld These idiots know that the person who picked him is a democrat, right? @OrangeGrove55 How do we know he's not got a secret account where he trolls the internet daily and like most other… @Kryptonlogic Hopefully he'll get the chance to leave his mark in a positive way on the Walt Disney Company. One of… could this mean Up 🤔 @bushontheradio @RichieFirth @absoluteradio It's like a modern day Bert and ErnieCoronavirus: new Hong Kong quarantine camps to cost more than HK$330 million, including facility on Disneyland expa…
Retweeted by JamesMission accomplished! Only 20 minutes in line, not too bad. This is like my favorite capsule toy ever!!😆
Retweeted by JamesNew to Shop Disney UK Disneyland Paris 2020 merchandise to Shop Disney UK Disneyland Paris 2020 merchandise to Shop Disney UK Disneyland Paris 2020 merchandise to Shop Disney UK Disneyland Paris 2020 merchandise to Shop Disney UK Disneyland Paris 2020 merchandise to Shop Disney UK Disneyland Paris 2020 merchandise @phantazmick25 Have you not been to Via Napoli?《Character Greeting ~Donald Duck~》
Retweeted by James @phantazmick25 Walt was eating peanuts when he came up with the idea for Disneyland. @bekscilla The guy deserves that opportunity. Will be very interesting to see how he operates without Bob Iger.I was actually going to book my next Disney trip tonight but then the Chapek announcement happened and I got caught… @krismeetsworld @JEDIMASTER7313 @OrangeGrove55 @krismeetsworld As a shareholder you should be please that Chapek will be only inves… @krismeetsworld Would people rather Chapek be brutally honest and tell us the truth. @OrangeGrove55 @krismeetsworld @JEDIMASTER7313 Maybe Tom will let you buy a stake in his website once you have cash… @ShowcaseWishes Now let's get this dance party started
@krismeetsworld Tom's fans are just as delusional as he is wow 😮 @OrangeGrove55 @JEDIMASTER7313 @krismeetsworld Tom at the next quarterly report @TVPaulDisney Who's mocking I'm just pointing out an observation of the guy's experience inside of the company. If… @OrangeGrove55 @JEDIMASTER7313 @krismeetsworld Joseph sending of his resume to work for Tom at WDWNT @JEDIMASTER7313 @krismeetsworld @TVPaulDisney Read your own tone of words before you call anyone else condescending. Look he's CEO wether you like… @TVPaulDisney Okay however based on this logic the publicly released financial results would show this right? @krismeetsworld I'm fairly certain Iger will be planning for his campaign to be president in 2024Definitely a dress code to be Disney CEO huh?? 😂😂😂
Retweeted by James @CoasterKings908 Actually I believe Mission Breakout was approved under Staggs @krismeetsworld @JEDIMASTER7313 @TVPaulDisney So you have first hand knowledge of his experiences in running the studio's distribution and consumer… who say Chapek is bad for the parks must have been in a coma when Meg Crofton was around.It's funny how many of the people hating on Chapek were not even born when he started working for the Walt Disney C… @krismeetsworld Knew he wouldn't be able to help himself. Chapek's first decision should be to take back Tom's annual pass for both parks @ShowcaseWishes I'm sure every Disney Park in the world except for the closed one's are currently celebrating with… @krismeetsworld @ShowcaseWishes Iger already looks like he's one foot inside the retirement home with his sweater. @OrangeGrove55 Hopefully not Phillipe Gas @ThemeParkReview A 30 + year old veteran of the Walt Disney Company. Glad it's gone to him and not some corporate outsider.I'm looking forward to seeing what Bob Chapek is capable of achieving now Iger has let him lose over the entire com… @ShowcaseWishes Has someone checked in on Tom? @phantazmick25 You were complaining things were quiet