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middle school teacher and presenter, father, husband, distance runner - and lover of all things geek. Apple Teacher.

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I have always been interested in galactic archaeology, but I don't think this is what they meant. Did you know tha…
Retweeted by Michael Taylor @cmt215il @AMLE @Beyond_the_Desk @ScholesE15 such a great pic! miss you all!Internet cutting out. Have to catch the recap later. Hope anyone presenting or going to #amle2019 has an amazing time! #mschatA3: each day is a fresh start for every child. Dont key yesterday's bad day (or week) influence how you interact the next day. #mschatA2:Goals are the target. You need that for purpose. Share your goals with students, they are life skills #mschatA1: this to me is the ever going cycle of plan, reach, reflect, teach. #mschat#mschat from columbus ohio, science math and reading teacher. My day : and @Mr_Lisek is leading???? #mschatI am On a bus coming home from 7th/ 8th grade DC trip. We're have a Full tank of gas, internet connection, it's dar…
Amazing four days in DC with 80 students. So much learning, history, and student growth both academically and soci… miss this amazing presenter #mschat #6thchat
I may have said this during math today. I may have also laughed a bit too hard and too long 😅 #NoHumorLikeMathHumor
@therunchat my absolute favorite! especially in fall #runchat @shirky17 Here are the links I used: Candy: NIH:
Imagine if we donated candy money to cancer research...
We have a winner 😀 #BigDogUltra #BigDogsBackyardUltra
Retweeted by Michael TaylorHuge congratulations to Katie Wright who was 2nd female and 4th overall at this weekend's Backyard Ultra in Tenness…
Retweeted by Michael Taylor
I ran a marathon yesterday, watched one today, and took a couple of naps in between. Eleven other runners in Tennes…
Meanwhile in Tennessee, 33 laps down, 137.5 miles complete. 12 runners remain #BigDogUltra
10 laps down in the #BigDogBackyardUltra. going to be a long couple of days. and nights.
Such an amazing story. Love my students and my school! #tlap #mschat
today I had my formal observation, so naturally I used a protocol that I've never done before😃 My kids LOVED the Re…
@Samantha__dP @Leighanne_geib @irvspanish @Mr_ESievert @timlriley @MrAustinA2 @gdorn1 @PaulSolarz @Kyle2uMental
@ScholesE15 @Beyond_the_Desk I've done this with number sets - it works super well! #BoredomBusters @dmaj627 Two more months (about). I'm taking a stage 4 class and it is very challenging, but I'm really enjoying it! @mrskochheiser working at a school w/ students that have learning and reading difficulties, this topic is near and dear to my heart #6thchatmiss my #6thchat #PLN - I am currently enrolled in American Sign Language class on Tues. until 9:00 pm so I don't g… @mrskochheiser
how I feel after one hour with my #tlap family :) @Beyond_the_Desk #tlap @teachlikeaninja I have buckets of dice in my classroom - always a great resource! #tlap @MadisonYancey2 hope you come back for more! #tlapThank you to @Beyond_the_Desk for hosting! For those that don't know, she is an amazing person, teacher, presenter,… as a quick 'review' during class, have students suggest songs that connect to the current topic. Build a playlist. #tlapa5: So many books! Top 3 go to: Teach Like A Pirate Play Like A Pirate Boredom Busters And my twitter #PLN :) #tlap Music, lighting, and an opening slide with a quote. #tlap @Moore0317 @Flipgrid oh ok - got ya - Thanks :) #tlap @MitchellSydni Writing has so many nuances. so difficult to teach! #tlap @Moore0317 @Flipgrid ... scoots?a3: I also LOVE playing clue - so do the students. tension gets high and focus on accurate answers is intense. #tlapa3: Mystery boxes. Complete a problem get an image (usually themed - halloween = ghosts), put your name on it, choo… @polonerd amazing :) love doing sims like that! #tlap @polonerd I can see that one going well :) #tlapa2: I'm not sure I have a least favorite. anytime I'm not excited to present a topic or target I break out a… @daleyscience but ... erosion and weathering created the grand canyon! i mean it took a few years but it did :) #tlap @dawn_mccotter YES like 2 billion times :) #tlap @Beyond_the_Desk : may have to send you a batch #tlap one of my fav's today: Unit rate. Ss had a 'jumping jack' competition, but ea Ss had a dif amt of time. Who won… @burgessdave @AnnickRauch @teach_n_boots I have the shirt. Missed the hoodie! #tlap @AnnickRauch @specialtechie @Beyond_the_Desk my 13-yr-old dau has her own home business :) #ShamelessPlug #tlap @WieselerSylvia <3 I'm a 7/8 science and math teacher :) 7th is THE BEST #tlap @AnnickRauch @teach_n_boots YES!!!! @burgessdave ? thoughts? #tlap @burgessdave @WieselerSylvia congrats! any specific grade or specialization? #tlap @AHrechko WOO SpEd :) #tlap @SethWeidenbach glad to have you joining the profession :) #tlap @Beyond_the_Desk my daughter just learned how to make these... so amazing! #tlapgood evening, #tlap! Michael from columbus ohio, checking in. middle grades teacher. Fav. fall thing? camp fires :)
A: 10/7 - Engagement isn't ~A~ key, it is ~THE~ key. when was the last time you learned something new when you were… @Beyond_the_Desk you are such an inspiration!Can't miss this #tlap - one of my all time favorite #PLN members hosting. hope friends from #mschat and #runchat ca…
@ScholesE15 @blocht574 In the past I've used an iPad w/ a decibel app. Students Start to learn the expected volume… Students won't stay on task when working. Solution: When summarizing, have students reiterate their partner'… goal is to grow my leadership within the building - helping to grow the math program as well as coach teachers o… @jillmclean27 I teach math... however, I want kids creating and discovering the art, not following a recipe. #leadlapa3: my non-neg is engagement. Students can be on task, but that isn't engaged. They can be doing, but that isn't en…! blitz! got my tea and suddenly I'm 40 twitter pages behind! #leadlap @burgess_shelley so good to see you! #leadlapevening? haha. Morning :) #leadlapgood evening, #leadlap - michael from columbus OH - middle grades teacherChapter one of #BoredomBusters
Day 2 of #marburncon19 @mraspinall "what's holding you back?" me: My wife's nuptials and agreement 😅
#marburnCon19 about to get going! #GetYourWriteOn
Anyone familiar with the Leiter International Performance Scale (non-verbal IQ test?) Would love to ask you a few…
@Beyond_the_Desk @IMLEAorg You'll be amazing
OK, #pln, time to shine for me: I had a student take the Leiter International Performance Scale and have no idea ho… @Beyond_the_Desk such a powerful night! I'm Reading through the chat now :)so sad to miss #mschat tonight - one of my favorite PEEPS, @Beyond_the_Desk , leading! Instead I was bragging on st…
@THM74 oh it's on my bucket list - not anytime soon :) @THM74 I've hiked, but never trail ran :)a7: Rim to Rim to Rim! need to do some major training! #runchat @MatthewRonne that's a great idea! #runchata5: Have not - the swim is the sticking point. #runchata4: Trail runs are great for that - no service, no phone! #runchata3: YES! playlists for longer or short runs, speedwork, and one that I save for when I want to be done with the wor… lifting - we have a home gym in the basement and my wife is a personal trainer so she helps me w/ programs. #runchatgood evening, #runchat - michael from C'bus ohio - checking in late after watching the ISS fly overhead :)
See everyone at #runchat tonight!
have a great friday, #waledchata5: the students. Lunch room, recess, class, they give me energy :) #waledchata4: My summer self-assigned #PD was learning #FlipGrid. It has been such a powerful tool for my writing class! #waledchat @MrPStrunk it's nothing less than we'd expect of each other as professionals #waledchata3: Technology #waledchata2: I see the best in Ss daily - each day is a new start. Bad Tuesday? Can't wait to reset on Weds! #waledchata1: patience #waledchat @MrPStrunk SO busy - but so amazing :) how are things by you? #waledchatgood evening #waledchat - Michael from C'bus ohio - middle grades teacher
@MsMcKenzieHorn Love this idea! Thank you for sharing!
@RobinDubiel @blocht574 BE that parent. I feel you, also being a teacher, but this is a time to be that parent! Bri…