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Middle school teacher and presenter, father, husband, distance runner - and lover of all things geek. Apple Teacher. He / Him

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I'm looking at live spreadsheet where hundreds of students are giving up spots in in-person classes to their intern…
Retweeted by Michael Taylor, M.Ed.Falcon 9 lands on Just Read the Instructions after delivering GPS III Space Vehicle 03 to orbit for the…
Retweeted by Michael Taylor, M.Ed. @blocht574 @realDonaldTrump Agreed - The math is pretty easy to interpret... you to @Hilliard_Supt @drjcm for a very well presented information session tonight. I loved many things about… @MsSauerReads @mrskochheiser @staceyreeder @dmaj627 if the students had camera's on that is :) #6thchat @staceyreeder @dmaj627 @mrskochheiser @MrTravisDrake the superintendent was very direct in saying this was a decisi… @dmaj627 @mrskochheiser @MrTravisDrake we're still speculating since all of this got released this week. we had que… @dmaj627 @vlowe144 @AnnaMMills @MsSauerReads @MrTravisDrake my concern is that they make SO much growth in that las… @mrskochheiser @MrTravisDrake Ohio just started a 4-level system. my guess is if a county at level 4 schools will h… @AnnaMMills @mrskochheiser that's a plan our local district has as well. #6thchat @dmaj627 @mrskochheiser My daughter's district just announced all students grades 3+ must wear masks when in the building #6thchat @vlowe144 good evening :) @mrskochheiser @dmaj627 and what district wants a sub that is exposed to 12 different schools in their building? #6thchatgood evening all - michael from columbus, OH checking in late #6thchat
please and thank you...
2020 blog post from a co-worker that just finished her first year! #mschat #music #musicteacher Reflecting on My…
reminder: the goal is to slow the spread - and masks do that. nothing we do short of not leaving our homes for 2 w…
@casas_jimmy we work with our students on 'size of the problem' - helps adults as well #tlapa4: do things before someone asks for them to be done. If you see something and you can help, do it. #tlapa3: Reflection - even if a lesson 'bombed' did I stop and recognize that it was bombing. did I change course? get t… @MrRoughton the day i'm satisfied with all my lessons is the day I need to leave the classroom #tlap @_cwconsulting @carbaeli the mantra I repeat when I'm doing long runs is "You didn't come this far to only go this… celebrate small successes - remember the days and lessons that worked. nobody has a perfect year. #tlap @MrRoughton It is - and we're constantly challenged to apply best practices for our students #tlapa1: one thing I love about my school is the status in not quo. We're encouraged to run through barriers to help students #tlap @DHarrisEdS Hello, Dawn! #tlap @burgessdave Thanks, Dave! #tlapgood evening, #tlap - michael from Columbus, OH - middle grades teacher @smalchow @Flipgrid definitely rewatching later - so many new things! #FlipgridLIVELoving the messages from #FlipgridLIVE @Flipgrid Excited to try some new ideas! #mschat #tlap
When thinking of returning to school there is the physical and the emotional. The "How" and the "How are you?" - yo…
@hayes_melisa @JenJkesler @ChristineBemis2 @TeachingLoL5 @KarlOLeary4 @EDUC8_2_EMPOWER @sgteach_sari @TheWalkingEds @hayes_melisa @JenJkesler @ChristineBemis2 @TeachingLoL5 @KarlOLeary4 @EDUC8_2_EMPOWER @sgteach_sari @TheWalkingEds @hayes_melisa @JenJkesler @ChristineBemis2 @TeachingLoL5 @KarlOLeary4 @EDUC8_2_EMPOWER @sgteach_sari @TheWalkingEds - that is how many workouts our accountability group is on pace to complete in June. Having trouble being consi…
As a reminder, same sex couples have only had the right to marriage for the past 5 years. They've had the right to…
Remember, as you increase testing you will increase the number of positive results. If you have a good sample this…
Scientists being overruled by politics? This is hardly a new trend. It's centuries old. Today in 1633, Galileo was… fact: Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, and Utah have yet to officially ratify…
Got a beautiful but HOT 14 miles at Rocks and Roots yesterday. A friend came along which always makes the miles mo…
@AplUSAndmINUS @jedikermit Absolutely! @AplUSAndmINUS @jedikermit though they refused to hear cases on Qualified Immunity, so maybe 3 for 4... Or maybe 3-0-1 @MNievesTeaches @sydneykoch_ I love that this book is still a go to! I think I have a first edition copy in my library! :) #edadventuressorry to miss #edadventures tonight! light rain, calm winds, perfect temps - couldn't help but go run.
Question I had today: What is the purpose of doing a national poll for a voter's preference for president?
@FFBteachers @_MrsCTeachesMe @_MrB_Teacher @MorganButterfi9 @beck_teach @business_teach @asha11al @anisa_anisa_ @polonerd honored 😊 @RichHayzler not only dif. environments, but dif. times of day. It is amazing how much different Ss are during 1st… Ts sometimes get in a rut of "great idea, but that won't work in my room because..." by seeing and highlighting… @vickilwilson5 thank you!a2: know that it is all for growth, not for evaluation. the goal is to learn - as educators we should be all in on that message! #tlapa1: so many times I see how my lessons can be more engaging or more EFFICIENT - with so much in such little time, a… evening, #tlap - michael from columbus, OH checking in late - middle grades teacher
Some people are waking up today and learning that until this morning it was legal for a gay couple to get married i… @shirky17 Pretty common in central ohio @Rdene915 Central Ohio: employees, yes customers, no. Disposable or digital menus, and no condiments out, only by request. @SpencerTatianna I'll take that challenge if it means in person teaching. @tbonegrl Back to it full time I see🤗
@tbonegrl Thank you :) I don't usually share my stats. but I felt pretty proud of this one.Training is going well. Also explains why I've been a bit hungry
@themusicweaver In elementary school I always used to think the music teacher was pretending to play and the was a recording going 🤣
@teresagross625 What an amazingly important topic. While I won't be in the chat live, I will add my thoughts afterwards. ❤ever dream of working with me as a 7/8 grade math and science teacher? opening currently available! Seriously - we'… @teresagross625 @rosenteaches @rosenteaches keep us posted 🤗🤗Beautiful 5 mile hike with a very good friend to help me recharge and self-care #waledchatI learned to play Puff the Magic Dragon on keyboard with two hands (instead of just one finger) I also improved my… @call_me_mrs_N @MrPStrunk right? I think I can last 2 days before I go back to it. #Waledchata2: highbanks park in Ohio. It is my spirit park - I go there to run, walk, hike, and just commune with nature… @vtpanda @MrPStrunk no formal chat tonight :) so you aren't late :) #Waledchata1: in a kidding, not kidding way I don't think it has happened this century - my wife says the teacher brain rarel… @rosenteaches congrats! What level / grade / subjects? @rosenteaches love it - but you have to have classroom expectations and norms established. how do you get Ss attent… @mckelbil @rosenteaches yes to all that - be consistent, learn names, and never 'threaten' - have clear expectation… @MrPStrunk seriously I love this idea. I plan on sitting outside and just listening to nature - will post tomorrow am :) #waledchata1: go camping - get out into the woods for 3 or so days. no tech, just me and nature #mschatbuuuuut what if #Waledchat IS your selfcare... @Theresa29160584 100% #mschat @sydneykoch_ and I love learning from you! :) #EdAdventuresso funny- i'm home with a 13 year old, so I never see my kid. perspective #mschat this group - make sure to follow these amazing educators :) #EdAdventures @sydneykoch_ thank you as well! have an amazing week! #EdAdventures @JillDuBois22 especially the ones that need it the most #EdAdventures
@mcguirec88 great words #EdAdventures @MsJachymiak I use this image before every presentation #EdAdventures Fair, Consistent, adaptability #EdAdventures what my students see when they first come in 7th grade #EdAdventures @tangledinthird painful :( @mpilakow @sydneykoch_ exactly - redirect them and ask how you can help #EdAdventures @sydneykoch_ 100% @sydneykoch_ set clear expectations - be a coach - don't try to 'catch them' off task. teach digital citizenship #EdAdventuresa1: LEARN. NAMES. This is the #1 thing for classroom management. You can't say "hey you, get to your seat."… evening, #edadventures - michael from columbus, OH checking in :) Middle school math and science :)question: How can we address racism and create anti-racist schools without rewriting curriculum? ELA and History ar… @jedipadmaster @MrPeckHistoryWS I'll have to take a picture of mine when I'm back in the classroom!Thursday nights are busy! Come join the discussions #EdAdventures #MSChat #WalEdChat
100% of funds go to student services. did the Turkey cross the bridge? #teacherfit #runlap
@burgessdave Ohhh. missed the * . Will have to update my google calendar! See everyone next week :) #tlap