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KnightKrawler @Team2052 New Brighton, MN

Our mission is to educate about robotics, science and technology, and to promote teamwork and creativity

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Thank you Dr. Woodie Flowers for all you’ve done for the FIRST community. You were an inspiration to many and we wi…
Thank you to our alliance partners @gcgearheads, @2491NoMythic , and @Team3184 for a second place win at MRI! @Team2052 Let me here you holler!
Retweeted by KnightKrawlerIf you couldn’t make it to MRI today, watch our livestream on YouTube!
Want to create a new website for your FRC team? Follow the instructions to copy our website on #firstrobotics
Design inspiration for the #watergame... #omgrobots
Who wants to charge their phone with a swing set? We do! #Infiniterecharge
This Thursday, we will be demonstrating at the @mnstatefair inside the education building alongside @Team2052 and M…
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Shoutout to @BondBrigade5586 for running a session on LEGO robots at #THATConference2019! Team 2052 KnightKrawler at 6:00 PM in the Mess Hall for #THATRobotNight! #THATConference #THATConference2019
Retweeted by KnightKrawler#THATRobot was great! Building the bots during the day and battling them at night; that's how we roll!…
Retweeted by KnightKrawlerThanks @Team2052 for bringing your robots to #THATConference2019 !
Retweeted by KnightKrawlerBalloon battle bots brought to you by @Team2052 at #THATConference2019
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Download the instructions to build one of our Raspberry Pi battlebots at #OMGrobots robot battles have begun! #OMGrobots #THATConference2019 tip: kids love #FIRSTsteamworks robots! #THATConference2019 #FIRSTstronghold to Robot Night, Termite has always been a Star. #THATConference2019
Learning to code can be so much fun! #THATConference2019 #OMGrobots #STEM first ever Raspberry Pi Robot workshop is well underway at #THATConference2019! #OMGrobots #geek #nerd
Qualifications Match 17 was a close one, ending at 75-76. Though the Red Alliance did not pull through, we thank… to #FRC3926 The MPArors @MPARobotics and #FRC2220 Blue Twilight @2220Robotics for being an amazing Blue Al…’s the wonderful #MNFIRST student & alumni choir for the #DestinationDeepSpace #MNFIRSTregional, with members f… to #FRC3100 Lightning Turtles @frc3100 & #FRC7028 Binary Battalion @STMA_Robotics for being great alliancema…’s first match of the #MNFIRSTregional is match 6 & we can’t wait! We’ll be on the Red Alliance of… and you’ll miss it, Match 4 is already underway here at the #MNFIRSTregional Make sure you’re watching all…
Huge congrats to the @moundsviewhigh students who currently have their DNA science experiment on the International…
CONGRATS @FIRSTteam1816 You all deserve Chairman’s so so much! We’re honored to call a friend a hall of fame team,…
Hey @FIRSTteam1816, we’ve managed to bring you to Einstein in spirit! We’re so glad we were able to make up the gam… @CIS4607 @111wildstang @frc5050 Here we go! This is such an amazing year, the fact that we get to continue to share…’s an honor to have played against you, it’s an honor to be your friends to be with you! This is gonna be an awesome Semifinals Series n more!!!!!! Onward!!! has arrived at @cobocenter for the final day of #DestinationDeepSpace #FIRSTchamps & we can’t wait to… the end, all songs stops singing, But before then, nothing ever does So let us dance & sing & celebrate Every si…
The Mascot Party was awesome, so glad Tristian from our team had the opportunity to participate!… @FRCDave @RoboCats379 @RoboCats379 is heavy to show dominance! if it doesn’t feel like you’re wielding a Medieval S… this international alliance! Netherlands, Chinese Taipei, and United States! #FIRSTChamp #omgrobots
Retweeted by KnightKrawlerAwesome job y’all! you’re already planning your team’s resources for next year, or an academic for which this is applicable, k… on our team helped us get our place in the LEGO hall, thanks for the awesome KnightKrawler design dude!…’re so honored to be part of this wonderful community! water bottle was forgotten at the @MNFIRSTRegional Minnesota #FIRSTchamp Photo, If it’s yours, swing by our pit…’s @TEAM870 R.I.C.E.! We talked with Builder Stephen, & Rising Tide has a unique climb, with L-brackets liftin… @525Swartdogs That’s awesome!!! Hope he’s enjoying the competition! (And you all are too c:)It’s at Hart Plaza!!There’s still time! Make sure you’re here!!! @2220Robotics @Crimson2526 @Team3184 @Team3082 @ProDigi3277 @FIRSTteam1816 We’re honored to have been by your side, be it as neighbors at #DoubleDECCer or just Minnesota teams… got to meet Brian, Mariana, & Captain Anap from the wonderful #FRC4707 Team FORCE! Their bot Anubis looks like… @frc4905 Okay! Hope y’all have fun!!!
@ProDigi3277 Keep ya head up!If your family & friends are looking for a quick rundown of Champs, direct them to our Champs web page!…, Dean assigned his annual homework! 📚 If you haven't already, please contact your representative and ask that…
Retweeted by KnightKrawler @frc4905 How does this work? Where do people sign up? Where is it held? This seems like a really cool opportunity! @G_Ponder @FIRSTweets You betchaThe LGBTQ+ of FIRST meetup in Detroit is today! Find us in room 141 from 11:30 to 12:30! Check out this photo from…
Retweeted by KnightKrawlerBe sure you make time to meet @MouserElec’s wonderful Mouser Bot, they’re very friendly and utterly spectacular!…’s only Thursday but I think @cobocenter #FIRSTchamp had already found it’s MVP, Howard the Goldfish, who’s drivi… to @team3683 & @FRC4930 for being a spectacular Blue Alliance, it was awesome to start the competition off w… Scouts are ready to go here on Carson Field at @cobocenter #FIRSTchamp! We can’t wait to see everyone’s wonder… has started! Our first is Match 3 & it’ll be here before you know it! We’ll be on the Blue Alliance…❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 🎵It don’t get better than this🎵’re on our way to @cobocenter for the start of Qualifications and we can’t wait! We’ll be in Carson with quite a…
Help support the wonderful @ocr3026 if you can, they were a spectacular Alliancemate and anything you can chip in s… you’re looking for some laughs or just wanna support our team, head to Irondale at 7pm on Friday to see the wond…
@mildew999 @GMRRobotics @ocr3026 @ocr3026 how much equipment do you plan to transport? Maybe can fit some/most/all…
We are very honored to have received the Best Bumpers award at the Minnesota 10,000 Lakes Regional presented by the… out our new website! @GMRRobotics @ocr3026 #AprilFools #OMGRobots
We’re excited to welcome #FRC3026 @ocr3026 Orange Crush Robotics to the 1st Seed Alliance of #FRC10kLakes to #FRC5172 @GMRRobotics Gators for welcoming us to the Seed 1 Alliance of #FRC10kLakes! We can’t wait to wo… to the Red Alliance of #FRC2515 Mr. E & #FRC2823 @HPRobotics The Automatons for being a great Red Alliance a…’ll be finishing our Qualifications run for #FRC10kLakes in Match 92, where we’ll join the Red Alliance of… @RUR_5996 Don’t forget @STMA_Robotics! #FRC7068 Binary Batallion has been absolutely killing it at #FRC10kLakesMuch thanks for #FRC7068 @STMA_Robotics Binary Battalion & #FRC5998 @RUR_5996 R.U.R. for being a spectacular allian… @RoboBoatCU Now hold on, we won Northern Lights up at #DoubleDECCer, but #FRC10kLakes is still very much undecided.…’re gonna be back for Qualifications Match 83 at #FRC10kLakes! We’ll be on the Blue Alliance of #FRC7068’s great to start the day off with a win! Thanks to #FRC2498 @blakebearbotics BearBotics & #FRC3244 @gcgearheads first match of the day is now!Qualifications Match 69, where we’ll be on the Blue Alliance with #FRC2498 BearBo… to #FRC5996 @RUR_5996 Rossum’s Universal Robotics for performing the Czech Republic’s National Anthem for ev…’s Opening Ceremony is kicking off at #FRC10kLakes !!!!! #FIRSTrobotics #DestinationDeepSpace #OMGrobots M-O-R-N-I-N-G!!! KnightKrawler is back for the final day of #FRC10kLakes and we can’t wait to get starte…
We encourage our followers to check out this thread & learn about some of the awesome scientists, academics, & orga… @RoboCats379 @OlentangyFRC @fairportrobotic Congrats on Rank 1 at the #BuckeyeRegional, and good luck heading into tomorrow!Thanks to #FRC3038 @ice3038 Team ICE & #FRC5172 @GMRRobotics The Gators for being a wonderful Blue Alliance on Qual… @frc3100 This looks like a single shot take from the intro of a film, makes us want to see y'all do a… @CIS4607 Congrats! Awesome job, & good luck in your last 4 Qualification Matches of #FRC10kLakes! @HPRobotics Good luck in Qualifications Match 61 of #FRC10kLakes and remember, there's always tomorrow! Keep ya head up; you can do this! @4229Magnetech Congrats on the score of 81 & winning your last two matches of the day!!!Please help this first year FIRST Lego League team from Argentina we helped start to make to the Houston Championsh…
Retweeted by KnightKrawler @SPUDInc6709 Seconded! @STMA_Robotics It was a great match! Congrats on besting us in your prior match along with your latest success in M… last match of the day is Match 58 of #FRC10kLakes around 4:40pm, We'll be on the Blue Alliance with #FRC3038 Te… @nanobrad @CIS4607 We don't believe there's one going on in Williams Arena or Mariucci, sorry!Thanks so much to #FRC4607 @CIS4607 CIS & #FRC2509 @tigerbots2509 Tigerbots for being a wonderful Red Alliance in M…'re up next for Match 46 of #FRC10kLakes on the Red Alliance with @CIS4607 and @tigerbots2509 against the Blue Al… had a chance to speak with Dustin Johnson, co-captain of @M27068 Mechanical Masterminds, now in their 2nd year!… met with Robert, driver for @firebears2846! Smokey is named after elevators that smoked during trials. Though no… met with Nick on the pit crew of FRC5434 @Falcon_Robotics, and their robot Katrina is an expansion of their 2018…'re up next on the Blue Alliance of Match 20, with @3055George Furious George and @FRC2508 Armada Robotics! Best…
Looking for ideas to improve team structure, organization, and task tracking? Check out our session at 5pm today #FRC10KLakes #OMGRobotsCheck out the core values session at #FRC10KLakes today at 1pm. We attended the session last year hosted by…
The time has come to release our reveal video. Check it out!