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Unfortunately, we've lost the second map, hence we're out of the tournament 🐉 #SpiritAcademy #SpiritCS #CSGO the best start of the series, as our opponent takes their map pick. Moving to Train now🐉 🇬🇧… picks for the series: game is about to start, so join the stream and cheer for the young Dragons 🐉 🇬🇧 🇷🇺… @natusvincere @OGesports @G2esports @BLASTPremier Agree TEAM TEAM SPIRIT SPIRIT SPIRIT TEAM SPIRIT TEAM SPIRIT SPIRIT… have another Team Spirit Academy game at European Development Championship today 💪🏻 Come to support our youngst…
@wykrhmА вот и вторая часть Team Spirit Labs ✌🏻 В этот раз игроки нашего CS:GO состава chopper, magixx и degster прошли т… we say goodbye to the 4th position player Vitaly "so bad" Oshmankevich. We thank Vitaly for the work and wish…, @sproutGG was a better team today. Thanks for watching. #SpiritAcademy #SpiritCS #CSGO map didn't go well for us. Let's comeback on Mirage: 🇬🇧 🇷🇺 match vs. @sproutGG is live! Join the stream: 🇬🇧 🇷🇺 it's a victory for us! #SpiritAcademy #SpiritCS #CSGO Academy is ready for the battle vs. 1win! Cheer for the Dragons 🐉 🇬🇧 🇷🇺…
Our journey in @ESLDota2 One CIS Online Season 2 will start next week. The first opponent will be @natusvincere!… @ThePhoenixTV2 @natusvincere @NIPCS @FURIA @G2esports @AstralisCS 😏Waiting for the next Dota patch 🔥
@WePlay_Esports PogU PogU PogU @AstralisCS Well, you asked for it... 😉 Dota squad is back in business 💪🏻 We play Dota 2 Champions League play-offs on April 11. Mark your calendars a… is done, so we'll face @ExtraSaltGG on Wednesday at 12:30 CEST! Come cheer for the Dragons 🐉 #SpiritCS @BLASTPremier @AstralisCS @GambitEsports @TeamVitality @TeamLiquidCS @heroicgg @FURIA @G2esports @TeamEndpoint
@CSGOhistories quality meme, haha👍👍👍 @Mr_GlaideR to @HLTVorg, we're the best rated team of 2021 at the moment 🔥 Also, @degsterof and @KolyaBityukov are i…
В ГОСТЯХ @woro2k | РЕСПАУН С @petr1k_tv, @LeniniwTv И @__KvaN #18 | ПОДКАСТ CS:GO Нон-стоп подкасты! Го смотреть л…
Retweeted by Team Spirit @lurckee You're a hearthstone player now.🤔
Team Spirit Academy is the Ghetto eGames Cup 3 champion! Well played 💪 #SpiritAcademy #SpiritCS #CSGO you decide to rush mid on Mirage. you accidentally type "😂😂🥺😂" @somedieyoungCS
@Ferus__ @Eulecsgo NoРазбираешься в киберспорте, а особенно в Dota 2 и CS:GO? Имеешь опыт создания развлекательного видеоконтента? Отлич… couldn't find our game on Train, as we lost the decider 11-16, hence we're out of Pinnacle Cup 🐉 GG WP,…, @GambitEsports took their map pick, so we're even again. Everything will be decided on Train 🐉 🇷🇺… match against @GambitEsports is paused due to technical problems. We are trying to resolve this issue and hope…'re off to a good start as our boys have managed to win their map pick! Moving to Mirage after a little break 🐉… picks for the series:'re about to start the game, so join the game and cheer for the Dragons🐉 🇷🇺 🇬🇧… invite you to start this weekend with our match😌 The Dragons will compete with @GambitEsports for the Pinnacle C…
iDISBALANCE joins @nemigagg 🔥 We would like to thank Artyom for his time with the Dragons and wish him good luck… we When we post a meme post a meme about Dota: about CS:GO:
Spirit says win a ranked game and send us a screenshot of it 🙃✅✅✅ @esportsPM Иногда стоит посмотреть вниз на свои шнурки для того, чтобы размять шею 😉
@epicentergg @GGVikin @HELLRAISERSgg @HighCoastES @Team_UNQ @BrameEsports @nemigagg @team_empire, miposhka, silent, TORONTOTOKYO и Collapse читают комментарии о себе 😏 Как они отреагировали — смотри в наше… you realise that next DPC Season starts just in a few days.А вы видели какую акцию сделали Parimatch к финалу #SingaporeMajor? Составляй прогнозы и выигрывай 👇…
Nice training you have here, @degsterof 👍
Valve: *replaces Cache with Vertigo in the competitive map pool on March 29, 2019* Team Spirit 2 years later: little something from our @Team__Spirit highlights during the #BLASTPremier CIS Qualifiers! Remember to subscri…
Retweeted by Team Spirit @AlexBreeze12 friendly advice: wash your mousepad from time to time 🙂 @Justasavageboi I went for a sleep 3 minutes later after reply 🙃 @Justasavageboi is thinking about the new content at 5 am.
We're excited to announce our new Team Spirit Academy roster! 👉 #SpiritCS #CSGOДавненько у меня на канале не было ЭКЗАМЕНА! В этот раз под проверку знаний о CS:GO попал молодой боец…
Retweeted by Team Spirit.@degsterof is the MVP of the series vs. @nemigagg! What a machine 💪 #SpiritCS #CSGO #PinnacleCup clean series for us as we defeat @nemigagg 2-0 😎 Thanks for watching 🐉 #SpiritCS #CSGO #PinnacleCup is in the bag💪 Let's take the next map too: 🇷🇺 🇬🇧 picks for the game: are ready for the battle vs. @nemigagg! Join the stream 🐉 🇷🇺 🇬🇧 first match at #PinnacleCup starts in an hour. Don't miss it 🐉 #SpiritCS #CSGO
Шок сыграл аимку vs. @magixx772, включай 😱 👇🏻
Abdul @degsterof wears number 37 on his back. What number would you choose? 🤔 your teammate drops you a weapon with the same skin as yours 😌 machines in one photo 😎
No more tweets today, because twitter-guy will be playing Hearthstone Classic until 3 am😏
Our #CSGO Dragons will play in DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 🐉 📅April 29 - May 9 #SpiritCS would you choose: devster or deg1ce?
@Aenarion3 Good single player game us what single player game have you played the most? 🤔 @GoofyTheGreat @CSG0__dev Literally ez, wp! @Cucumberous112 Nice oneCan you guess the map? 🙃 @weplay_ru У нас нет вопросов. Мы просто подождём здесь анонс вашего нового турнира по Dota 2... for Patsi 😎
A new record again 😱 #SpiritCS #CSGO many and which Grandmaster tier heroes do you have?В первом эпизоде серии роликов Spirit labs игроки CS:GO состава @chopperis, @magixx772 и @degsterof стали гостями к…
Unfortunately, we lost the fourth map, hence the series goes to @GGVikin. We came second in Epic League Season 3. T… room for the mistakes from now on. We need to win the remaining two maps 🐉 🇷🇺, at least it was fast... Starting the third map after a short break 🐉 🇷🇺 #SpiritDota truly elite performance from @degsterof grants him a Grand-Final MVP award! Keep it up, Abdul! #SpiritCS #CSGO @esportsPM Спасибо!We are Winstrike CIS Cup champions 💪 The boys have secured the victory after a 16-6 win on Overpass! See you on BL… to choose... 🤔 first map goes to our tally 🐉 🇷🇺 #SpiritDota #Dota2're off to a food start! Moving to our pick now - Overpass 🐉 🇷🇺 🇬🇧… grand-finals in the same time? There you go! Join the stream and cheer for the Dragons 🐉 🇷🇺… pick for the final: battle for BLAST Winstrike CIS Cup first place begins now! Come support us on stream🐉 🇷🇺… @magixx772 makes 46 frags on Train and takes the MVP award! #SpiritCS #CSGO