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@Alienware I just might tune in... @PTSDGuts2 king shit
The classic transition of "Black Hole into Win" gets us the 2-0 in our opening game of DreamLeague #LetsGoLiquid IS BACK! DOTA IS BACK! DOTA IS BACK! DOTA IS BACK! DOTA IS BACK! DOTA IS BACK! DOTA IS BACK! DOTA IS BACK! DOT… brings a creative style, the other changes it up each patch. Welcome @AKA_Wonder and @Snoodyboo to Team Liqui…
Happy 20th birthday @teamliquid! in a few days I will be celebrating my one year with Liquid. One of my best memori…
Retweeted by Team Liquid @secretlabchairs @lolesports Just in time for Lock-In 😈 @Ark_BrawlStars @FullFrontage @izPanduh
When your friends show you a new game
Retweeted by Team LiquidHappy 20 Year Anniversary Team Liquid! My favorit memory in TL is not made yet, but joinning Team Liquid was the…
Retweeted by Team LiquidIt’s Team Liquid’s 20th year anniversary! 🎉 Haven’t been with the team for long but by the end I want people to k…
Retweeted by Team LiquidHappy 20th Anniversary Team Liquid! My favorite memory on TL so far was going to Worlds 2020 with the LCS team and…
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✨Liquid Fates Open Qualifier 3✨ Coming Jan 22-24. 8 Players will qualify for the @Cloud9 NA Regional Qualifier! J… in Korea continues... Ask us some questions and we'll make a reply video ⬇
The team kicks off our #LCS Lock In tailgate with this message:
Retweeted by Team Liquid @TeamLiquidLoL #TLWIN #TLWIN #TLWINOUR TAILGATES ARE BACK!!! Tune into now!😁 #LCS
Retweeted by Team LiquidI am speechless!!!!! 🤯🤯🤯 Thank you so much for the warm welcome! Someone wake me uppppp!!💙💙💙…
Retweeted by Team Liquid @MagicJohnson @aerial_powers23 to welcome fellow Spartan and WNBA Champion @aerial_powers23 to the @TeamLiquid family!! 👏🏾
Retweeted by Team LiquidHey everyone! We're back with Quarantine Cup 2, another instalment of our Heroes of the Storm tournament! If you'…
Retweeted by Team Liquid @Alphari good morning Barney ☀️✨ Jan 27. Liquid+ YOU ✨ Alert: beta testing complete. Alert: save the date. Alert: poynts. WANDAVISION DROPS.... We’ve got Dota match fixing, Soul and the MCU on a new #LiquidPop with @amandathejedi
Tune in to the @halfanorange live performance at the AWTF, happening now! 🍊🙌🎶 @LiquidHbox @aerial_powers23 ✅ Content Creator ✅ Brand Ambassador ✅ Diversity and inclusion advisor ✅ @aerial_powers23 are not words that describe what #Liquid20 means to me. Something to be excited for, something to strive for.…
Retweeted by Team Liquid @Fasffy @LiQuiD112 @Santorin ^give our chefs a follow to see what other delicious meals they make🧑‍🍳 20th Birthday @TeamLiquid ! Raised many trophies together and achieved what many can’t in a short span of 2 y…
Retweeted by Team LiquidPeter and Jacob accept your challenge @PauloPSK1 and present you with: Bife à parmegiana 🥩🇧🇷 Crispy, delicious,…⚠️ INTRUDER ALERT ⚠️ @halfanorange and @Monstercat are plotting to take over the AWTF with special Team Liquid gue… you here! @TeamLiquid and @halfanorange go all-out live on @Twitch for an unforgettable show! Jan 14th - 3PM P…
Retweeted by Team Liquid @halfanorange @Alienware @Monstercat @LiquidChillin @LiquidHbox @FiberAlex @RonakyRL @fruityl0l @Speed_RL Can't wait to jam 🎶
@Monstercat @halfanorange @Twitch @1UPGG So hyped 🙌🍊.@LiquidHbox's 🧃is 🔴LIVE now Featuring: ⚪ Awesome games ⚪ HBox himself ⚪ TL x… you for believing in and trusting me with leading the D&I Task Force and being a Brand Ambassador for TL. It…
Retweeted by Team Liquid @LiQuiD112 @aerial_powers23"My goal for esports is for every woman, person of color who feels like this space isn't for them, well - it's time…
Retweeted by Team Liquid#LETSGOLIQUID! I'm so excited to be part of this org 😁
Retweeted by Team Liquid @aerial_powers23 We're so excited for you to be a part of the org!Come check out Aerial's stream, she is 🔴LIVE right now -> to Liquid, @aerial_powers23 🏀 Aerial joins us as Brand and Diversity Ambassador 🙌
This is the way
Retweeted by Team Liquid @cavalinholiquid @csgoicons Birthday @MosesGG 😏
Retweeted by Team Liquid @TripleBMan @jerseymikes Thank you Tyler! You earned it.
Tune in this Thursday at 3 PM PT/6 PM ET while @halfanorange and @monstercat take over the AWTF with special Team L… now that he's out
Retweeted by Team Liquid @LiquidFanTV @TripleBMan @jerseymikes So many great entries! Tough competition. @jerseymikes @TripleBMan do a lil’ dancey dance @_Smooshie_ @TripleBMan @jerseymikes right?! we couldn't of done it without our mvp @jerseymikes 💙 wonderful judges have picked our A Fan Above winner! 🏆 Congratulations @TripleBMan Check out his incredible… WON THE GALINT OPEN!!! FINALLY MY FIRST ONLINE MAJOR WIN! And first big Melee win since CEO2020!! And it was o…
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After being the meme intern at @TeamLiquidLoL for 3 years, I’ve joined full time! Going to make it my personal mi…
Retweeted by Team Liquid @Bowie_Alexander @TLPlexa Jesse is the Golden Sun bonjwa, professor! ✅ Perguntamos para o Verdadeiro e ele respondeu: essas são as 5 jogadas mais memoráveis do…
Retweeted by Team Liquid🤐
Retweeted by Team LiquidLet's just say @FalleNCS has played pretty well 😁
Retweeted by Team Liquid @pixel1k Happy to have you on this trip with us and excited for what you bring to the team 💙 #LetsGoLiquidSoo happy to announce that I joined @TeamLiquid as a substitute for Korea (PGI.S). Can already tell that this gonna…
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@halfanorange @Alienware @LiquidHbox @LiquidChillin @FiberAlex @Speed_RL @fruityl0l @RonakyRL @Monstercat 🤩🟠 Can't wait! 🧡 @Monstercat @halfanorange @1UPGG Super excited!👀🟠🧡Lets go!
Retweeted by Team LiquidQuem é Verdadeiro reconhece o valor de sua história 🏆 Bem-vindo à Cavalaria, @FalleNCS 🔵⚪ #EuSouLIQUID 🇧🇷…
Retweeted by Team LiquidA man who needs no intro. Welcome to Liquid, @FalleNCS!
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@TeamLiquidBR @paulopsk1 We will get back to you next week 🧐🇧🇷 O Cozinhando com PSK de hoje conta com um desafio internacional na cozinha do Taverna Medieval 🇳🇱⚔🛡 Se liga só…
Retweeted by Team Liquid @Cented7 31.5k followers away👀 one. The only. The Sova Main. Welcome @Average_Jonas
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Retweeted by Team Liquid @MusiicCS @LiquidValorant @TeamLiquidCS @TeamLiquidBR We'll have some changes soon for the sponsor version 🤫 @HammerBTW @LiquidValorant @TeamLiquidCS @TeamLiquidBR This is the next iteration of the Tactical line from 2019! C… THE HECK IS THAAAAAT AAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Retweeted by Team Liquid$project: LVTH-N | Launching protocol; [@liquidvalorant, @teamliquidcs, @teamliquidbr] ⚠ your clutch moments and big wins with our new JuanChamp emote on slack and our discord servers!
🇧🇷 Comunicado 🇺🇸 Statement
Retweeted by Team Liquid.@EliGE and @asabfb discuss Skin Trading, acting and ...accents 🤔?! on this week's episode of TILTS Listen now:…
I wanted to wait until the first day was in the books, but I’m so stoked to announce that I’ve joined @TeamLiquid /…
Retweeted by Team Liquid @MonsterGaming was a year of highs, lows and growth. Take a look back at the year that was 🙌 @EB7 @PapoMcArg Vouch
Panic ensues
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can't forget *flashing myself*
Retweeted by Team LiquidHappy Birthday to this gunner🤠 Hope you have an amazing day @soulcas_
Retweeted by Team Liquid @LiquidValorant @soulcas_ Happy Birthday @soulcas_ 🥳21 todayy! 🥳🎉💜😩 heres lil gamer me back when i was 8yrs old at i34
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[LVTH-N] 01-07-21 PARKOUR
Retweeted by Team LiquidDid yall know that @izPanduh has been essentially learning how to broadcast events entirely from his home setup and…
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See you next year
Retweeted by Team LiquidWe've made a lot of memories in our 20 years as a Team. What have been some of your highlights? Share a video of yo… moves
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@EMannn_ 👀🔥 @BrandonSc0rch Sheeeeeeeesh 👀🔥 @magzakamagz Soon! 👉👈 @Fasffy 🤩✨🔮