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Real actual photo of Santorin watching us play from home @LCSOfficial #TLWIN #TLWINToday’s tailgate starts at 11:30AM PST / 2:30PM EST! Join us @ 😄 forward to seeing another few games from @armao_lol tomorrow. Think he had a really solid start and will lo…
Retweeted by Team Liquid LoLExcited to see more Armao tomorrow! He's been playing great in practice and deserves this opportunity. Santorin wi…
Retweeted by Team Liquid LoL^ how to pronounce ArmaoUpdate: @armao_lol will be playing both of our matches against 100T and GG tomorrow. us beat @clgaming from every angle. 20th Anniversary Team Liquid! My favorite memory on TL so far was going to Worlds 2020 with the LCS team and…
Retweeted by Team Liquid LoLHappy 20 Year Anniversary Team Liquid! My favorit memory in TL is not made yet, but joinning Team Liquid was the…
Retweeted by Team Liquid LoLIt’s Team Liquid’s 20th year anniversary! 🎉 Haven’t been with the team for long but by the end I want people to k…
Retweeted by Team Liquid LoL @LCSOfficial @clgaming @100Thieves
Today's a good day. @TL_Dodo @Santorin HE'S HERE!!!!!!Look who’s here 👀
Retweeted by Team Liquid LoL @LiQuiD112 TL TL Academy 100T @EvilGeniuses Yup. @armao_lol You made us proud, let's go 👊Fun game in the lock in tournament, @TeamLiquidLoL lcs roster is too op thanks for carry :)
Retweeted by Team Liquid LoLSo... @Tactical on Samira.Clean start to the season GG
Retweeted by Team Liquid LoLGreat opening game from the team! We don't play Saturday, so plenty of time to prepare for our two games this Sunday. GGWP @clgaming #LCS
Retweeted by Team Liquid LoL @LoLEsportsStats @TLCoreJJ @clgaming All those inhouses pay off. @Spawnlol @armao_lol ArmaowGreat opening game from the squad. @armao_lol kinda op no? Absolutely no way to this this game. #LETSGOLIQUID
Retweeted by Team Liquid LoLIt is a #TLWIN as @TeamLiquidLoL pick up a commanding win against @clgaming! #LCS
Retweeted by Team Liquid LoLGGWP. #TLWIN draft @TL_Jatt👏 @Alphari 👏 debuts 👏in 👏 the 👏 #LCS 👏 today 👏
Retweeted by Team Liquid LoL @LCSOfficial @clgaming Who likes Team Liquid anyways?
@Santorin Go to bed LucasI may not be playing today but I am super excited to see the boys in action!! #TLWIN
Retweeted by Team Liquid LoL༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ LET'S GO @armao_lol! ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ luck to @TeamLiquidLoL LCS team in their 2021 debut, especially @armao_lol, let’s get this bread.
Retweeted by Team Liquid LoL.@TeamLiquidLoL MAIN TEAM PLAYING TODAY Can't wait to see what a sixth place team can do! @armao_lol GOODLUCK 😆
Retweeted by Team Liquid LoLgood luck to our main team @TeamLiquidLoL they're gonna kill it 😆but more importantly best of luck to @armao_lol wh…
Retweeted by Team Liquid LoLShow us how you're watching the #LCS with #LETSGOLIQUID!💙 our match would counter logic right @clgaming? @MonsterGaming @Alphari you ready NA?“This is everything. It’s why I’m here.” @Alphari has begun to dominate the top lane of Summoner's Rift for a mete…
Retweeted by Team Liquid LoLThe team kicks off our #LCS Lock In tailgate with this message: @SommerChase told you we'd remind youJoin our Discord @!OUR TAILGATES ARE BACK!!! Tune into now!😁 #LCS @lolesports 1st and 6th @mileshahn24 @Alphari We're sticking with our oversized manes design for now, but we'll have some exciting new addi… @GoldknightGG @Alphari👏 @Alphari 👏 debuts 👏in 👏 the 👏 #LCS 👏 today 👏 morning✨ Jan 27. Liquid+ YOU ✨ Alert: beta testing complete. Alert: save the date. Alert: poynts.
Retweeted by Team Liquid LoL @TSM @LCSOfficial Good morning @Alphari Good morninggood morning 😊
Retweeted by Team Liquid LoL @Rogue @Shidalko @TLCoreJJ same @ThomasBaker_TGH salt incok so @Revengeleague and @PowerOfEvilLoL your names are too strong @peterparkTV Who mewhy of them had similar power rankings... while @TLCoreJJ had other ideas.🤔
@Unrair #EuSouLIQUID 💙 @iSyncShips 👍 We will remind you that the “TL Tailgate” begins at 3:30PM CST tomorrow. @TLPoseidon Day 1: 3:30 PM CT Day 3: 1:30PM CTReminder to join us tomorrow at 1:30 PM PST @ & Discord as we play some games and giveaway… @megumixbear @FlyQuest Happy birthday! 🎂🍃 @TeamLiquid @Fasffy @LiQuiD112 @Santorin ^MY VISA FINALLY ARRIVED!!!
Retweeted by Team Liquid LoL
Retweeted by Team Liquid LoLyesterday
@LCSOfficial @SleeperHQ FANTASY IS BACK @TeamLiquid @aerial_powers23 Huge W, welcome!! @peterparkTV #2: Surprise #2 @Santorin will not be playing during Week 1 of the LCS Lock In Tournaments due to delays in visa approval. We will… #1:, Surprise #1 wins. @FlyQuest @yoojpls @Cloud9 😳
@danzcarvalho Second comes second. @TeamLiquidCS Well... @Jacob_Escaleraa When life is back to normal...Alright Twitter, do you want to hear Surprise #1 or Surprise #2 first? @xnkcsy @lolOmbatron @LCSOfficial @100Thieves @Cloud9 @clgaming @dignitas @EvilGeniuses @FlyQuest @GoldenGuardians little bit of @LCSOfficial fanart for the 2021 season! #lcs
Retweeted by Team Liquid LoL @xnkcsy @LCSOfficial @100Thieves @Cloud9 @clgaming @dignitas @EvilGeniuses @FlyQuest @GoldenGuardians @Immortals @TeamLiquid We need this.If @Alphari wasn't playing top, he'd be playing _________. 🤔 (2/2) shares his opinion on babies... again with Alphari Reacts. (1/2) @Froskurinn We’re going to miss you a lot From, The LCS
The Liquid Lock-In Tailgate is back! Who is ready to cheer us on in 2021? 🥳📣 Tune in Friday, January 15th at 1:30… @Pastrytime Would we be 4 or 1?Feelsbad Inc. @AiixLily @G2esports What about on a super leap year @darkfire293 @G2esports Social media person* @G2esports 01/14/2021 for NA btw @LeagueOfLegends Where’s his other shoe? @myatisamazing you got the full solo q experience early @MakiAtori remember: it's the journey, not the destination @Jacob_Escaleraa great success also sick pfp, kind of looks like ours