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Team Rembrandts @Teamrembrandts Fontys - Eindhoven

Rembrandts STEAM Foundation is a Dutch Non-Profit organization that started as a robotics team. Team Rembrandts 4481 with students from HBO, WO and High school

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#redarrows #lmd2019 #luchtmachtdagen 🚀🇳🇱
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Wereldkampioen Robotica / Mechatronica. Lees het verhaal: @Heerbeeck @Teamrembrandts @Fontys
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We are ready for the first FTC NL volunteers evening👌🏼🇳🇱🏬
We're pushing FIRST City forward and up into the skies - and shifting the way we think about our place in the galax…
Retweeted by Team RembrandtsWho's excited for the FTC Teaser??? RT if you will be tuning in! #omgrobots #SKYSTONE
Retweeted by Team RembrandtsGather your #stemsquad for the world premiere of the #SKYSTONE presented by @Qualcomm teaser TODAY at 7pm ET. Learn…
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If things get complicated, bring in the Dutch. Coby van der Pas feliciteert Team Rembrandts met het wereldkampioens…
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Burgemeester van Helmond @ellyblanksma waagt ook een poging met de robot van @Teamrembrandts tijdens de High Tech O…
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We set up everything for Night of the Nerds today!
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Dutch Technology Week trekt vanuit Eindhoven het land in #DTW2019 #HightechHelmond
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We gladly present you with the epic after-movie of our performance in Detroit. After a fantastic journey through 2…
Thank you so much province of Noord-@Brabant (@BertPauli ) for the congratulations & the Brabant caps. #Brabant @Teamrembrandts is Wereldkampioen in Detroit! Fantastisch. Met hun robot wonnen de studenten de grote finale. Gefel…
Retweeted by Team RembrandtsCongratulations!!!!! Very very proud of you @FH_Engineering @fontys
Retweeted by Team RembrandtsProud of ‘our’ @Fontys Teamrembrandts @Fontys @FH_Engineering @Heerbeeck #zwijssen world champions @FRCTeams 2019.…
Retweeted by Team Rembrandts#techniekstudeerjenatuurlijkineindhoven @Brainport_int
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@anneliesmoors @rob_oirschot @Teamrembrandts @FH_Engineering Eem heel getalenteerd WK Team! @Teamrembrandts
Retweeted by Team RembrandtsWereldkampioenen @Teamrembrandts gehuldigd voor fantastische prestatie in USA. @JoepHouterman @ellahueting
Retweeted by Team RembrandtsMooi moment om @Teamrembrandts in zonnetje te zetten. Wereldkampioen in robotica FIRST, waar maar liefst 4000 team…
Retweeted by Team RembrandtsEen heel trots WK Team @Teamrembrandts @FH_Engineering
Retweeted by Team RembrandtsHuldiging @Teamrembrandts @FH_Engineering @fontys voor wereldkampioenschap. Wat een geweldige prestatie.
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Huldiging op het @zwijsencollege van de wereldkampioenen @teamrembrandts met leerlingen van het #zwijsencollege
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@Teamrembrandts 👇👇👇
Retweeted by Team RembrandtsMembers of @Teamrembrandts shared how their team won last weekend's #firstchamp #Detroit. #destinationdeepspace
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WERELD KAMPIOENEN 2019 !!! Vandaag zijn Gijs de Veer en Martijn Huijbregts van @Teamrembrandts op bezoek geweest b…
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Overleg @HightechHelmond begint met felicitaties en taart voor wereldkampioen @Teamrembrandts. Topprestatie!
Retweeted by Team RembrandtsDuring the FIRST Championship in Detroit, not only the rockets took off. Even the MC went sky high🚀 @FIRSTweets
Congrats to @FRC3707 @TC_217 @Teamrembrandts & @VulcanRobotics for their #firstchamp victory last weekend! Here's o…
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In honor of @teamrembrandts being on the winning alliance at #FIRSTChampsDetroit we wanted to share our interview w…
Retweeted by Team RembrandtsWe would ofcourse like to congratulate @Teamrembrandts with becoming the world champion in the FRC. Making us proud!
Retweeted by Team Rembrandts @bonzack @Teamrembrandts Ah, the original lucky charm cloggs. Maybe next time we will bring you some that will actu…
Retweeted by Team RembrandtsI need help. My sink is clogged. @Teamrembrandts @Team5412
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Looking good, Mr. Thomas and @Teamrembrandts !
Retweeted by Team RembrandtsIt was a long trip back to the Netherlands. We got a warm welcome from parents, friends, and our whole team. We wan… vereerd met het bezoek van wereldkampioen @Teamrembrandts! Namens de gehele Faes Group van harte gefeliciteerd…
Retweeted by Team Rembrandts @Fontys @Teamrembrandts @FH_Engineering @Zwijsencollege @Heerbeeck Congratulations @Teamrembrandts for becoming the…
Retweeted by Team RembrandtsIs het een vogel? Is het een vliegtuig? Nee, het zijn de robots van @Teamrembrandts die in Detroit wereldkampioen z…
Retweeted by Team RembrandtsCongratulations to our Dutch friends @Teamrembrandts, @FRCTeams Champions! They have competed at both @OrlandoFRC a…
Retweeted by Team RembrandtsWij zijn enorm trots op de jongens en meiden van @Teamrembrandts met het behalen van de wereldtitel tijdens de…
Retweeted by Team RembrandtsStraks onze oranje helden verwelkomen! @Teamrembrandts is #wereldkampioen van FIRST Robotics championship in Detroi…
Retweeted by Team RembrandtsEen team van studenten van @FH_engineering, het Zwijsen College en het Heerbeeck College heeft zaterdagavond in Det…
Retweeted by Team RembrandtsCongratulations to Brighton High School TechnoDogs Team 3707 FIRST Team 217: The ThunderChickens Team Rembrandts F…
Retweeted by Team Rembrandts @Teamrembrandts You guys are ALWAYS the champions in MY book. "Wij zijn de kampioenen - mijn vrienden En we zullen…
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@TC_217 @FRC3707 @Teamrembrandts @VulcanRobotics Congrats!! 5740 was rooting you guys on! That third match gave us…
Retweeted by Team Rembrandts @TC_217 @FRC3707 @Teamrembrandts @VulcanRobotics Congrats to all of you!
Retweeted by Team Rembrandts @TC_217 @FRC3707 @Teamrembrandts @VulcanRobotics Congrats!
Retweeted by Team RembrandtsYou guys are incredible! Gefeliciteerd! Keep working hard!!
Retweeted by Team Rembrandts @TC_217 @FRC3707 @Teamrembrandts @VulcanRobotics You guys deserve it!
Retweeted by Team Rembrandts @FIRSTteam1816 @BrightonDogBYTE @TC_217 @Teamrembrandts @VulcanRobotics @Team5401 @frcteam2607 @FRCTeam222 You guys totally deserved it 😄
Retweeted by Team RembrandtsProficiat met deze prachtige overwinning @Teamrembrandts , Zwijsen College, @Fontys en #BrainportSchool @Heerbeeck
Retweeted by Team Rembrandts @goteam2016 @BrightonDogBYTE @TC_217 @Teamrembrandts @VulcanRobotics @Team5401 @frcteam2607 @FRCTeam222 Thank you 2016!!
Retweeted by Team Rembrandts @TC_217 @Teamrembrandts @FRC3707 @VulcanRobotics Congratulations to all of you! That was a nail-biter of a finish 😬…
Retweeted by Team Rembrandts @RTLnieuws @NOS @dwdd @JinekLive @pauwnl @telegraaf @ADnl @brabantsdagblad @ShownieuwsSBS6 @HartvNL 🦁💪🎉…
Retweeted by Team RembrandtsCongrats to the winning alliance on the @FRCTeams Detroit Einstein Field! We think it is pretty cool that the winni…
Retweeted by Team RembrandtsCongrats to @BrightonDogBYTE, @tc_217, @teamrembrandts, and FMA's very own, @vulcanrobotics, the 2019 Detroit Champ…
Retweeted by Team Rembrandts @TC_217 @FRC3707 @Teamrembrandts @VulcanRobotics We salute to you in your hard earned victory! Congratulations!
Retweeted by Team Rembrandtsleerlingen van Heerbeeck College uit Best maken deel uit van het winnende team. Proficiat!
Retweeted by Team Rembrandts @FRC225TechFire @BrightonDogBYTE @TC_217 @TCA_FRC @Teamrembrandts @nutrons @MarsWars4143 Aww thanks!! We had a blas…
Retweeted by Team RembrandtsCongratulations to @FRC3707 @TC_217 @Teamrembrandts and @VulcanRobotics on the Einstien win, and Canadian alliance…
Retweeted by Team Rembrandts @Teamrembrandts Guess you really weren’t done! Congratulations! Your team was a lot of fun to watch.
Retweeted by Team Rembrandts @FrogForce @BrightonDogBYTE @TC_217 @TCA_FRC @Teamrembrandts @nutrons @MarsWars4143 Couldn’t have formed a better a…
Retweeted by Team Rembrandts @Teamrembrandts #worldchampion 🦁🦁🦁 🇾🇪Congratulations, what a fantastic result 💪💪💪 we are very proud. Enjoy the celebrations 🎉🎉🎉
Retweeted by Team RembrandtsP.S. huge congrats to the new world champs - love that @BrightonDogBYTE & @TC_217 rep Michigan so well, and psyched…
Retweeted by Team RembrandtsCongratulations to captain @Brightondogbyte Technodogs captain of the FIRST Championship alliance out of the Darwin…
Retweeted by Team Rembrandts @FIRSTweets @FRCTeams @FRC3707 @TC_217 @Teamrembrandts @VulcanRobotics Congrats!!!
Retweeted by Team Rembrandts @TC_217 @FRC3707 @Teamrembrandts @VulcanRobotics Congrats to you all from FRC6090!!
Retweeted by Team Rembrandts @FIRSTweets @FRCTeams @FRC3707 @TC_217 @Teamrembrandts @VulcanRobotics Congratulations from team #3397 UCHS Robolions
Retweeted by Team Rembrandts#robotics #teamrembrandts #4481 #youthinspireyouth #YIY #PlayForReal #wijzijnfontys #FIRSTChamp #FIRSTSD won the 3rd match would be the Championship Winners of the FIRST Championship in Detroit. With only 1 point dif… we got into the top 2 and therefore got through to the final matches. The final matches were very close to each… Championship Subdivision Winners we got into the Einstein division, where we competed against the other Champion… to earn a spot on the Einstein division. Through 8 matches in total, we managed to become the Championship S… were in the Darwin division and ended up with a ranking of 23 out of the 68 teams. During the alliance selection… few days 408 FIRST Robotics Competition teams competed in 6 divisions (Archmedes, Carson, Curie, Daly, Darwin… arms are turning blue. No matter how hard we pinch ourselves, it’s becoming more and more clear that it is all real.En we hebben een wereldkampioen bij Fontys! @Teamrembrandts is tijdens de FIRST Robotics Competition in Amerika als…
Retweeted by Team RembrandtsWe are so proud of you @Teamrembrandts
Retweeted by Team Rembrandts @Teamrembrandts Congratulations everyone!!!!@SOLIDWORKSedu @CADMES
Retweeted by Team RembrandtsCongratulations to @FRC3707, @team217, and @Teamrembrandts for winning the world championship in Detriot! It was a…
Retweeted by Team RembrandtsDriemaal hoera! @Teamrembrandts is tijdens de FIRST Robotics Competition in Amerika wereldkampioen geworden! En ook…
Retweeted by Team Rembrandts @Leren_Brainport @AgriFoodCapital wat was het spannend vannacht Brabantse toppers @Teamrembrandts
Retweeted by Team Rembrandts @FIRSTweets @FRCTeams @FRC3707 @TC_217 @Teamrembrandts @VulcanRobotics Dit is echt zooooo moooi. Congrats #teamrembrant #4481
Retweeted by Team RembrandtsTop gedaan, wereldkampioen! Roboticateam bij @Fontys #Eindhoven Hogeschool Engineering @Teamrembrandts is winnaar v…
Retweeted by Team RembrandtsWE ARE THE CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD!!!! We could have never done it without our alliance captains @FRC3707 as well as…
Retweeted by Team RembrandtsCongratulations to the Darwin Blue Alliance for winning the FRC World Championship at #FIRSTChampsDetroit
Retweeted by Team Rembrandtslook at my besties team WINNING. a WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP i’m so proud y’all deserve it so much !!!!
Retweeted by Team Rembrandts @FIRSTweets @FRCTeams @FRC3707 @TC_217 @Teamrembrandts @VulcanRobotics And that's #FIRSTLikeADutch
Retweeted by Team Rembrandts @Teamrembrandts congratulations from Tennessee. We still remember when we met in Houston! Enjoy! #omgrobots
Retweeted by Team RembrandtsCongratzzz @Teamrembrandts #FIRSTChamps #proud #omgrobots #frc #detroit #FIRSTChamp #FIRSTInspires
Retweeted by Team RembrandtsWe had such a fun time at the World Championships in Detroit! Congrats to the Darwin alliance @BrightonDogBYTE,…
Retweeted by Team RembrandtsCongratulation to Dutch team Rembrandts 4481 for being FRC world champion in Detroit! @SOLIDWORKS @SOLIDWORKSedu
Retweeted by Team RembrandtsHere’s your @FRCTeams Winning Alliance! @FRC3707, @TC_217, @Teamrembrandts, @VulcanRobotics - congratulations! 🎉…
Retweeted by Team RembrandtsCongratulations ⁦@Teamrembrandts⁩ you helped set up fields, created the best engineered shipping crate, remarkable…
Retweeted by Team Rembrandts @Teamrembrandts so thrilled for you and so hoppy we had a chance to meet you! We’re big fans!!! 🎉🐸👏
Retweeted by Team RembrandtsCongratulations to @FRC3707 , @TC_217 , @Teamrembrandts , and @VulcanTeam1218 on their Einstein's win! We are so pr…
Retweeted by Team RembrandtsCannot believe it! Everyone worked so hard and I'm so proud to be a part of @Teamrembrandts Great job everyone!
Retweeted by Team Rembrandts @FIRSTweets @FRCTeams @FRC3707 @TC_217 @Teamrembrandts @VulcanRobotics Awesome!! Congratulations!
Retweeted by Team Rembrandts @Teamrembrandts wins FRC championship in Detroit! If things get complicated bring in Team Rembrandts! #proud
Retweeted by Team RembrandtsCongratulations to @Teamrembrandts, because they're the nicest people I've ever met, and they are the WORLD CHAMPIONS, BABY!
Retweeted by Team RembrandtsThey WON 👊🎉The Darwin Alliance @TC_217 @VulcanRobotics @Teamrembrandts 🔥 the 2019 FRC Champions👊 #omgrobots
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