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@crazyjump030 We're aware of this issue and our team is already working on a fix. In the meantime, you can cast You… @YuvrajR98730352 Thanks for the update – if you already submitted your appeal, we recommend waiting for our team's… @khurmi_ginny Thanks for the info – we'll pass this on to our team for a closer look. We'll reach back out once we have an update to share. @rcampossuisse Obrigado pelas informações, Roberta. E lamentamos pela confusão! Sugerimos que tente limpar o cache… @camitwitt Olá. Isso é possível com o YouTube Premium. Você consegue salvar vídeos para escutar offline entre outro… @itscashaustin As what we've mentioned in our earlier post, your live stream is disabled as part of the actions to… @GamesMingo Thanks for sharing your channel's URL – we'll pass the details with the team and let you know once we h… @Gabriela_Darie Oi, gostaríamos de ajudar! Você continua enfrentando dificuldades para acessar o YouTube no seu Xbo… @PressDeleteYT Thanks for confirming – we're already working on getting your channel back via another Twitter accou… @c_dot08 Thanks for reaching out – you can contact our live support team for help using this resource:… @bet3149103 お問い合わせいただきありがとうございます。ご不便をおかけしております。アカウントへ再ログイン、アプリの再インストール、Android端末はYouTube Studioアプリのキャッシュの削除で解消される場合… @AndruEdwards [2/2] You can follow the steps here in reporting inappropriate content: We a… @AndruEdwards [1/2] We'll reach back out once we've finalized our decision on your appeal. In the meantime, note th… @PrakashSansri Hello there – it's a good idea to check the Creator Academy. It offers online courses that will allo… @krishan31776633 Our team is still looking into this, we'll reach back out to you once we have more info to ssahre.… @ElAngelGabi ¡Un gusto, para eso estamos aquí! Recuerda que si tienes dudas siempre puedes contar con todo nuestro… @times_kim こんにちは。貴重なご意見ありがとうございます。YouTube Musicサービスへのご意見、ご要望がございましたら、右上のアカウントアイコンの「フィードバックを送信」よりフィードバックを送信して下さい。この機会にサービスの改善にご協力頂けますと幸いです。 @for_youtube123 お世話になります。Content IDの申し立てについてでよろしいでしょうか。コンテンツの内容により、収益化の審査に影響する可能性はございます。下記リンクの[Content ID の申し立てとは]に… @AbundanceTech If you have a Google email account, login to YouTube. On the upper right corner, click on your profi… @Tombradyrules11 Thanks for the info – have you tried turning chat on when you stream? You can configure chat setti… @Eric_Neitzel Sorry for the long wait – we'll let you know as soon as possible once this issue has been fixed. Appreciate your patience. @celotlmario ¡Que bien! Nos alegra que todo te funcione de manera correcta. Para cualquier otra duda o consulta que… @Borcato97 Obrigado por esclarecer. Saiba aqui como resolver problemas de conexão com a Internet e se achar necessá… @crypticvic Hi there – you can also report it directly with this form: Make sure you a scr… @CasteloCraft Olá. Contamos com os membros da comunidade para denunciar qualquer conteúdo que seja considerado inad… @io_eotw ツイートを拝見致しました。アカウントの乗っ取り被害に遭われたのはYouTubeチャンネルでしょうか。それともGoogle アカウントになりますでしょうか。YouTubeチャンネルが被害に遭った場合はチャンネルUR… @VinodDh54167352 Thanks for the tag – eligible channels usually hear back from us within 30 days. If you haven't re… @jcrunion22 Appreciate your interest – we don't have news yet on when or if we'll have NFL Network soon, but you ca… @AndruEdwards Thanks for the tag – if your video was removed in error, please appeal so our policy team can take an… @NavGillOfficia1 Hello there – if you recently reached 10K subs, it may take up to 6 weeks to receive access to the… @VosslerCDV Oi! Um dos requisitos do Programa de Parcerias é acumular 4 mil horas de exibição pública nos últimos 1… @nangbahadura Thanks for the tag – we've shared the next steps via DM, please look out for that! @BradFrey2 Sorry to hear about this – mind checking if you have the latest version of the app? If you do, we recomm… @YuvrajR98730352 You should have received an email w/ more info about the termination, including the next steps on… @PressDeleteYT If you can't login to your acct, these steps may help you regain access to it:… @diamondfootball Hmm, that's odd – if you haven't already, log out and then log back in to your account. Also, dele… @Apo11o_program お世話になっております。コンテンツの再利用には様々な理由がございます。下記ページと関連リンク等をご参考いただき、チャンネルやコンテンツに変更を加えて30日後に再申請してくださいませ。大変心苦しい限り… @Clement95217168 Looks like your channel hasn't met the minimum requirements yet to qualify for the YouTube Partner… @ArcadeWarrior Thanks for the tag – make sure your subs have checked their notification settings, not just for the… @YuriFFC7 Oi, Yuri! Essa funcionalidade já existe com o YouTube Music Premium. Você consegue salvar músicas para es… @AnotherBlob Thanks for the tag – note that for every camera added to the stream, the creator/s will need to increa… @tgags123HD You can link your channel to a Brand Account if you want to use a different name on YouTube than your G… @IrritatingBore Appreciate you tagging us – we currently don't have news if we'll have C-SPAN as part of our lineup… @rcampossuisse Olá, Adriano. Gostaríamos de entender melhor. Você poderia nos informar se isso acontece no aplicati… @ElAngelGabi Hola de nuevo, entendemos lo que nos dices. Como te hemos comentado anteriormente, te recomendamos rev… @AnimeartOwO Sorry but we will not be able to provide you a specific date, but we'll send you and update as soon as… @mqQanUSpP5ZUSri お世話になっております。Androidデバイスのなかにはデフォルトのアプリとして設定されている為にYouTubeアプリの削除が出来ないものがございます。お力になれず申し訳ございませんが、何卒ご理解の程お願い申し上げます。 @xcomradeblazexx Thanks for the info, we'll pass this along and get back to you as soon as we receive an update. Ap… @DjSeshiBtc Thanks for reaching out – this is actually normal as this is the system making sure that the views/watc… @bedirhanb61 Thanks for the tag – meeting the minimum requirements does not mean that you'll automatically get chan… @ColeWright4200 The team is working doubly hard to fix the issue. Once we hear back, we'll provide you with an upda… @ObscenityIB Is this also happening on your mobile app? If you haven't already, restart the YouTube app & make sure… @tgags123HD Good question – here's a step-by-step guide on how to change your info on your Google account:… @LazaritoSML We're sorry we missed your tweets – the team is still looking into this for you. Once we have an updat… @rauldearaujor Contamos com os membros da nossa comunidade para denunciar qualquer conteúdo que seja considerado in… @jhontvoficial Jhon, voltamos a indicar nossa equipe de Suporte ao criador de conteúdo, pois ela poderá ajudar você… @vanesemprunr Hola de nuevo Vanessa, gracias por intentarlo. ¿Podrías enviarnos una captura de pantalla del error q… @woshiwobi Thanks for the tag – you can check out this Help article on how to have your video show up in an auto-ge… @LNWRTV Does this still happen after doing the troubleshooting steps we suggested in our previous tweet? If yes, we… @BrianIsGucci Thanks for the update – have you tried restarting the device and then reconnecting to the internet. I… @xcomradeblazexx Appreciate the screenshots – mind sharing your preferred custom URL? We'll check its availability… @ravenwing263 Does this still happen after doing the troubleshooting steps we suggested in our previous tweet? If y… @LivInspired365 If you're sure the video was removed in error, you have the option to file a counter notification (… @SanjuTarole Thanks for reaching out – we've checked, and it looks like your channel's live stream feature is alrea… @CashierDaKing Update! Thanks for submitting your feedback. You can also reach out to our live suppot team directly… @NuSparkMktg Sorry to hear about this – mind restarting your device and router? You can also check if logging out a… @joeball42 Appreciate the info – unfortunately, there's no way to remove your subs. We recommend submitting this us… @srtabella Oi, Isabella. Poderia nos encaminhar o URL do vídeo? Iremos analisar. @geylanarjuman56 Thanks for the screenshot – our Creator Support team can deep dive into this for you, reach out to… @Ichigo19911 Looks like the channel URL you gave isn't working. Mind sharing the complete URL? You can also share a… @Onkel_Tor Thanks for the tag – note that meeting the requirements does not mean you'll automatically get channel m… @RubenRayos Hey there – we've received several reports and are working towards getting this fixed. In the meantime,… @suarapemberont1 Pagi Kak, kalau mau kamu bisa kok hapus rekomendasi YouTube. Caranya dengan klik "Tidak tertarik"… @dekydeku Hai Kak Deky, kamu bisa coba hapus histori tontonan dan pencarian. Ini bakal mempengaruhi rekomendasi You… @Orangjauuhh Hai kak! Tab Trending YouTube, kami susun berdasarkan beberapa kriteria yang disebutkan di sini:… @tanganjauh__ Iklan di YouTube bisa di kostumisasi sesuai preferensi kamu kok, Kak Poji. Untuk pengalaman menonton… @SkepticCyclist Appreciate you trying those steps – mind restarting your router, too? If the problem continues, we… @Gabbrain Thanks for the tag – there are 3 levels of Creator Award base on the number of subs (Silver for 100k, Gol… @z86897582 Sorry if it's taking a bit longer – we're still working to fix the issue. In the meantime, you can use t… @nanaa_quin Thanks for the tag – we've shared the next steps via DM, please look out for that! @SGTreport Sorry to hear about that – mind sharing more details in a feedback report by following the steps here:… @musicalman If your account was suspended, everything should go back to normal after 24-48 hours. Are you getting a… @rauldearaujor Olá, obrigado por reportar. Nesses casos, pedimos que entre em contato direto com a nossa equipe esp… @lexmark66 Sorry to hear about the confusion – looks like live streaming on your channel was disabled as part of re… @lexmark66 It looks like live streaming on your channel was disabled as part of recent actions to protect minors on… @MariAmaeBiyori ツイートを拝見致しました。ご不便をおかけしております。PS4でYouTubeにログイン出来ない件の修正に予想よりもお時間を要しております為、修正までの回避策として、YouTubeアプリのキャストアイ… @FavelasNews Oi. A monetização pode estar desativada em seu canal por vários motivos. Aqui você encontra alguns del… @AdilurRahman17 Mind following our Twitter handle so we can share the next steps over DM? Let us know once you have… @zin_nosuke ツイートを拝見致しました。ご不便をおかけしております。PS4でYouTubeにログイン出来ない件の修正に予想よりもお時間を要しております為、修正までの回避策として、YouTubeアプリのキャストアイコンを使… @RunnerProxx Hola de nuevo. Agradecemos tu comprensión ya que hemos tomado medidas para priorizar la salud y la seg… @ankurya92168730 As what we've mentioned previously, Community tab may be available one week after you've reached 1… @KevinL94 Your channel will be reinstated if you're able to resolve the copyright strike that led to its terminatio… @Amanda_Brew Sorry to hear about the trouble – if the steps outlined here didn't work:, we… @Yahyow3 There's currently no way to recover deleted videos as they're removed permanently. It's best to always hav… @LivInspired365 Try using another browser and make sure that it's updated to its most recent version. If that doesn… @EdgaronOfficial Hola, ¡gracias a ti Edgar! Cualquier otra duda estaremos aquí para ayudarte. Recibe un saludo. @sierradowling Thank for reaching out – mind sharing more details so we can point you to the right direction? We'll wait for your reply! @SmokeMonsterTWI If the streams were recently archived, kindly give it a couple of hours to update. Otherwise, you… @footdocbyday Thanks for reaching out – for some networks, if the show is available as video on demand, then it wil… @ObscenityIB Thanks for reaching out – try clearing cache and cookies as this usually does the trick. Here's how:…