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@LLN_CAROLINAS [2/2] Meanwhile, these were determined as correctly demonetized: @majuismail1122 Just to confirm, did you follow the steps that we've provided? We need you to create a new Brand Ac… @NOTJohnnyACE562 Thanks for the info shared – we've passed this along to the right team, and we're now looking into… @ANTIJACOBTH2ND Once a content's flagged, our review team will remove the upload when violations against our Commun… @LLN_CAROLINAS [1/2] Update: Our team has reviewed your videos, and we can confirm that the following are now fully… @Kkb12390326 (2/2) Note that you're prohibited from accessing, possessing or creating any other YouTube accounts. M… @DudeTLewd If you make changes, you can reapply in 30 days & your channel will undergo a manual review again. Here'… @Kkb12390326 (1/2) Our team reviewed your channel, and they've confirmed that the activity in your account violated… @12SeahawksFan24 That's strange, have you tried updating and relaunching the app? You can also reinstall it to see… @VishalS46305961 Thanks for sending this our way – we recommend making sure that your subs have checked their notif… @FactVikash Thanks for the tag – have you tried going into YouTube Studio > Customization > Basic info and click 'S… @AsadKha83079664 Thanks for bringing this to our attention – we've sent you a DM with the next steps, so make sure to look out for that. @Kush09Vikram Since your channel is already monetizing, we recommend reaching out to Creator Support to look into y… @tess23921690 Sorry to hear about this – mind following our Twitter handle (@TeamYouTube) so that we can share the… @aubreenshkaLiz Thanks for clarifying – we've passed this along to our team, and we'll update you as soon as we hav… @Jaylleezy (2/2) You need to sign in using your main account. Make sure to select your primary one when prompted. L… @Jaylleezy (1/2) Thanks for the follow up – if you haven't yet, we recommend logging out of your account completely… @saurabh53965719 Thanks for tagging us – you can turn on ads for the individual videos you want to monetize:… @Duplex09771417 Appreciate the tag – make sure that you've setup your ads for your videos. Learn more here:… @Nazimjahanzeb1 Thanks for the tag – most eligible channels usually hear back within 30 days after submitting their… @Shobhit77773683 As previously asked, mind sharing your video URL for us to take a closer look? We also recommend c… @NewsM101 Thanks for the tag – we look into misuse of our copyright tools, up to terminating users who abuse the sy… @jorgenicola Oi Jorge, parabéns pela sua conquista. Confirma pra gente se vc chegou a receber uma notificação no pa… @BijayBi23745281 Thanks for the follow up – if you haven't yet, it's best to make sure that when you upload a video… @Pewdiepielittl1 Thanks for reaching out – we recommend checking your social media accounts, browsing history, and… @rahuldu36731343 Thanks for the tag – this can happen if your content isn't in line with our policies. Also, we usu… @eddseventyseven Thanks for reaching out – if your personal info was shared without your permission, we recommend s… @Natfahy Appreciate your interest – there's no news if Bally Sports will be added to our lineup soon. We'll make su… @Tyanimations321 Thanks for the channel URL – just to clarify, when did you submit your appeal for the invalid cli… @SSophoeuk As long as your channel doesn't have any holds (shared before), you'll be able to receive your revenue.… @coouge Sorry to hear you’re still having trouble – to help us look into this, we recommend sending a feedback repo… @onnajidesu ツイートをお見かけしました。アプリが正常に動作しなと思われる場合、テレビ電源のオン/オフやアプリの再起動、アプリの再インストール、デバイスのファームウェアやシステム ソフトウェアを更新することで解消される場… @DudeTLewd Thanks for the tag – we can't share editorial advice, but we recommend reading our channel monetization… @hai_khaled Hey there – once your channel is terminated, your payment will be put on hold and only revenue that has… @BE_STUNNED (2/2) After making the necessary changes to your channel, you can reapply in 30 days:… @tipswithalam (2/2)... Also, you can edit your channel's featured sections so that viewers can see your content on… @fb_pex ツイートを拝見致しました。チャンネルの収益が無効化されている場合、届きました通知及びこちら[]をご確認いただき、手順に沿って対応していただく事で収益化を再開出来ます。又… @BE_STUNNED (1/2) Thanks for the screenshot – reused content usually happen when your vids are lacking your creativ… @tipswithalam (1/2) Appreciate the details – aside from what we've previously mentioned (,… @monster_hours We can't share specifics as that could also benefit those not playing by the rules. In the meantime,… @GamerArb123 Have you checked out our Creator Academy? Here are some techniques for growing your audience:… @TheDigitalPrep Appreciate the follow up – as for the number of likes/dislikes, note that the data in YouTube Analy… @yokkk213 Appreciate the info – this can happen if your content is close to not meeting our policies. While we don'… @exel_ryss Thanks for sharing this – upon checking, your channel no longer exists as you were unable to appeal its… @Indrajeet555551 To clarify – were you able to follow our Twitter handle so we can continue assisting you via DM? Keep us posted. @Pplsguy Thanks for the tag – to confirm, is this about the type of ads that you're seeing? If the answer's yes, yo… @SJSmartSolutio3 Thanks for the screenshot – it can take some time for your mobile live streaming feature to be ena… @AvdoulosMatthew Thanks for the link – we've passed this along to the right team. We'll let you know as soon as we… @Carritube We're glad to hear it's working now. Reach back out if you have questions in the future. @RLaEveZZjeDHWMT お問い合わせ頂きありがとうございます。詳細をお伺いしたいのですが、AdSense の収益化の不承認の理由はどの様なものでしょうか。宜しければ AdSense の審査結果に関するメール及び、YouT… @Muhamma50870101 Hi there – our team already checked your channel and confirmed that there were no unusual activiti… @muscleman8562 As mentioned previously, reused content usually means that your videos lack creative context and uni… @Ricky0720789299 We're here to help – mind sharing more info about your concern so we can point you in the right di… @deanhebe You should be able to sign in to the NBC app/site using your YouTube TV credentials. Make sure you follow… @runo_public Thanks for the screenshots – mind confirming if you've recently deleted cache and cookies? If yes, you… @IamDLloyd Yes, confirming that our team is looking into your AdSense issue. Hope this helps. @dttroncoso Hola Dany, si has recibido cargos de facturación inesperados, podrías tratar de resolverlo a través de… @MATechYoutube (2/2) As we've mentioned, you can opt-out from this, and an option to set the permission in multiple… @MATechYoutube (1/2) Sorry we missed your tweets – to clarify, all Shorts made with your audio is associated to you… @ryandroste Thanks for clarifying – since this is happening across different devices, it's best to get in touch wit… @AdvocatesAgain1 To clarify, only the copyright holder and the account owner who uploaded the content with licensed… @dNs5DwckJbkn3op ご返信ありがとうございます。恐れ入りますが、チャンネルの収益化が無効になっている場合、ご案内しましたリンク及び届きました通知をご確認いただき、手順に沿って対応していただく事で収益化を再開する事がで… @JacobAllen918 Thanks for letting us know – mind sharing this experience using our Send Feedback tool so that the r… @ANTIJACOBTH2ND If you haven't yet, we recommend reporting the channel/album that you think is inappropriate:… @MarcGames95 Appreciate the clip – hmm, try playing a video using a different program. If it only happens with YouT… @Tariq21Tariq Thanks for sending our way – as previously mentioned, you'll need to create a billing profile for you… @blogdolelim Valeu pelo URL, a gente enviou essas infos pro time especializado e assim que eles responderem a gente volta aqui. Abração! @sunwoobread Thanks for the info – just to confirm, did you lose access to your channel? If yes, you can try these… @Sinporas Sorry to hear about this – have you tried using a different device? if you haven't yet, clearing your bro… @SSophoeuk To receive a payment, the bank account should be located in the same country listed in the AdSense accou… @sfringer Thanks for sharing your thoughts to us – while you might not get a direct response, rest assured that we… @CSmoothYouTube Appreciate the follow up – while we don't have that option, we recommend following the steps outlin… @StatVoid Appreciate the follow up – note that after submitting a report, channels/accounts/videos/ doesn't get aut… @typingoverworld Jumping in – if you’re on mobile, you can report the ad directly from the app by tapping ‘i’ to th… @Tobias76005614 Eita Tobias, já que roubaram seu celular vc pode pedir pra operadora transferir seu número prum nov… @Airborne173rd01 Sorry to hear about this – while we don't have similar reports, mind sharing more details on what’… @akeo2525 ツイートを拝見致しました。一時的な不具合の場合、キャッシュのクリアや端末/アプリのバージョンの確認、再起動等をお試し下さい。又、他の端末やアプリでの通知、ブラウザの設定等、再度ご確認いただけますでしょうか。恐れ… @ScottTStewart Jumping in – we recommend signing out, rebooting & logging back in. Updating your device's firmware/… @MarcGames95 Mind sharing a screenshot or a video clip of what you see when you try to use the YouTube app on your… @xo_pinkishheart Thanks for sending this our way – mind following us so we can take this convo over DM? Let us know once you have. @Mack_a_Fool Sorry to hear about this – If you've already submitted an appeal, we recommend waiting for the decisio… @MojoMktg Mind sharing your channel URL so we can take a closer look? Also, we recommend deleting your tweet with a… @janepaintuchus Hmm, that's strange – mind restarting your TV and router? If the problem continues, we recommend ge… @TheMedia_ (2/2) You'll then receive your final payment within approximately 90 days. For your other concern, the r… @TheMedia_ (1/2) All unpaid earnings will be paid on the following billing cycle when your channel is reinstated an… @KarnHimanshu21 As mentioned, you can see discrepancies on the data because it can be delayed for up to 48 hours. A… @UniqueIndia7 Appreciate the info – if you’ve already submitted an appeal, we recommend waiting for our team’s deci… @stahxfly Thanks for sending your appeal – our team will review your channel & get back to you via email w/ the res… @itsRonni62 Appreciate the follow up – if you've already submitted a feedback, our team will look into this. Note t… @MidnightToken84 Thanks for sending our way – your recommendations are influenced by your online activity. If you s… @yaboi6985245707 We understand that this is important to you – as mentioned previously, we value the safety of mino… @OIC161 While we haven't reached an agreement about this with Sinclair, rest assured that we'll continue to negotia… @DhanuSh92239780 Thanks for the tag – when you delete a video, you're given a warning that the deletion is permanen… @lordAlsubhi To clarify, the block will only be removed if the copyright owner has released the claim. If they have… @Edge_2017 Appreciate you tagging us – while we can't share specifics, there are a lot of factors to consider when… @ShehzadShahOff1 We've sent you a DM, look out for that. @ghanaarmani Thanks for the screenshot – aside from reaching 1k+ subs, channel needs to be verified and had no rest… @Rafa10252 Thanks for the tag – if you're referring to copyright strikes, there are a few ways to resolve it. You c… @iRedMC Thanks for the vid clip – we have teams monitoring both Copyright takedown requests and Match tool for abus… @NOTJohnnyACE562 Appreciate the follow up – mind sharing a screenshot of your app profile page so that we can point…