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Tea Pain @TeaPainUSA Gizzard Ridge, AR

Democracy Savage - Born Thomas Elmer Addison Pain - July 4th, 1976

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@sally_beaver They don't even know what "racism" means.1) Define racism 2) Explain how Tea Pain is racist 3) Which race is Tea Pain racist against? Take as many tweets a… explains how a white man is responsible for all the black economic growth in America. #WhiteSupremacist's Trump gonna claim executive privilege to block Lev Parnas' evidence and testimony, while claimin' he never met him?Here's the pressure point. The Parnas testimony must be admitted or we're lookin' a nothin' but a big fat cover-up. Republicans ain't oblivious to the fact that Lev Parnas will bury Trump. Time to make all the Parnas evidence… can’t middle aged white men have sensible hobbies like bowlin’, axe-throwin’ or wearin’ Hawaiian shirts and pla… is tryin' to convince the weak minded that Martin Luther King embraced the same political agenda as white… FACT: Article 24 of the Nazi Party Platform called for Christianity to be the National Religion of Germany. Senator that's also a lawyer should face disbarment if they acquit Trump without hearin' any witnesses. comes a time when the victim must stand up to the abuser.
Retweeted by Tea PainIt was the part written in crayon with all caps.
Retweeted by Tea PainPence is right. MLK fought to give everyone civil rights and Trump’s fightin’ to change it back. Rudy. We’d all love for you to be a witness. flex your 2nd Amendment rights, gun nuts? Take your assault rifle and playtime costume into a bank and see w… people never seem to want witnesses, do they? as his feller white supremacists call it: “Monday.” Dershbag, things always seem to boil down to a matter of white and wrong. like the worst is yet to come for Trump. Don’t you bet we’ll hear these tapes one way or the other? see this crowd of gun-totin' white supremacists run for the hills? Tell 'em the government reinstated the dr… was killed on a cross and MLK was killed by a high-powered rifle. Christians carry crosses to honor the vict… primary goal of every white supremacist is to destroy or diminish any minority achievement. it really seems to attract bed-bugs. argues that all presidents “abuse” their power. As a matter of fact, it’s expected they will. By his recko… was the part written in crayon with all caps., but “Republican Savior” are mutually exclusive terms. comes a time when the victim must stand up to the abuser.“If people of color showed up to a Capitol protest heavily armed — Trump would call them terrorists” Duh! The 2n… 9-11 terrorists died on 9-11, Donald Doofus.
Hee, hee.“Jesus! There was this guy in first-class that wouldn’t shut up.” - God if we go another whistleblower? mean you can't drone-strike your way to Middle East peace? @JesusImpostor Jesus Christ. You're always procratinatin'!#MAGA challenge: Name one trait about Donald Trump that is Christ-like.* (*Believin' he's God don't count.)The Trump economy is like a fuse that burns brightly right up until the time it meets the dynamite. real sadness about MAGA evangelicals is they see no difference between Jesus, a man without sin and Trump, a man without virtue.Capt. ‘Sully’ Sullenberger: ‘I once stuttered — I dare you to mock me’ To be a Trump, you must first be petty and… are the easiest marks. can "grill" Lindsey Graham, bake him or deep-fry him, but he's still gonna taste fishy. put "Naked" and "Trump" in the same sentence! here! tamperin' - second generation. trial without witnesses or document ain’t nothin’ but a hollerin’ contest.
Retweeted by Tea PainWhite Supremacists are obsessed with destroyin' any non-white achievement.
Retweeted by Tea PainThe MAGA moron is tellin' on hisself.
Retweeted by Tea PainThe kiss of death.’d believe you if you hadn’t told over 15,000 lies and there’s video of you talkin’ with him. quickest way to ensure a fair trial is to disqualify the Senators Parnas gave money to.
Retweeted by Tea PainA trial without witnesses or document ain’t nothin’ but a hollerin’ contest.
You don’t act like a feller that has the Holy Spirit dwellin’ in him. You sound angry and lost. You ain’t bearin’… BS. If he thought what he did was legal he’d release witnesses and documents. You don’t cover up “perfect c… @RonaldBruceBar3 You sound like you’re havin’ one of your spells. Is there someone Tea Pain can call to check on yo… @RonaldBruceBar3 You sound like a sad little feller. Tea Pain’s gonna pray for you.These guys don’t act like the Master Race. @RonaldBruceBar3 You only leave the shed in your backyard long enough to buy more red string and push pins.You know Trump is itchin’ for the streets to be filled again with white supremacists singin’ his praises and marchi…
Retweeted by Tea PainHey GOP! We’ll trade you Hunter Biden and Joe Biden’s testimony for John Bolton and Donald Trump’s. Deal? only is Bill Barr the most corrupt Attorney General in American history, he has enabled more corruption than an… FACT: 14 Trump aides or advisors have either been indicted or are in prison. Democratic nominee needs to make a campaign promise to prosecute every member of Congress involved in this crim… wait till we’re in a fire-fight with Chinese astronauts in a space forest on the Moon and see who’s laughin’ t…“Sure, Lev Parnas and I were married for several years, but I still don’t know him. You’ve got to understand. I m… @TedLieu ain’t got no time for @DevinNunes ‘s litigious shenanigans. bored do you have to be to role-play stalkin’ an ambassador of a foreign country? quickest way to ensure a fair trial is to disqualify the Senators Parnas gave money to. says “bad things” about the US constantly. By his own definition, he’s a terrorist. know Trump is itchin’ for the streets to be filled again with white supremacists singin’ his praises and marchi… forget, Pence still refuses to declassify his September 18th call with Zelensky.
Retweeted by Tea PainDo not be alarmed. Do not adjust your sets. Okay scratch that. WTF!!!
Retweeted by Tea Pain^^^ QANON heads are gonna explode!
Retweeted by Tea PainParnas has Trump ‘unnerved’ because Trump doesn’t know what he ‘has up his sleeve’” “Ooh! Ooh! I know!”, said Tru… left his “Presidential Fitness” pin on his other suit. that would violate the Emoluments clause. Dickens, you say?'s direct marketin' to MAGA.
Retweeted by Tea PainOnly 14? Sounds low. you’d like to donate to her opponent in AZ, his name is Mark Kelly. He’s an astronaut and a hero, married to ano…
Retweeted by Tea PainA Constitutional scholar uses the Constitution as a guide to create and interpret law, whereas a Conservative “Con… Ted lays the legal lumber to @DevinNunes !
The MAGA moron is tellin' on hisself.'s direct marketin' to MAGA. the man obsessed with toilets. Supremacists are obsessed with destroyin' any non-white achievement. capital punishment for overdue books. Politics.'s the same request made to every Republican Senator. it somethin' Tea Pain said? #TrumpFlake seems well-balanced and credible. @Rfhyde1 means Trump will start a war to distract from impeachment. are three things we can count on in this life. 1) Death 2) Taxes 3) Trump will embarrass us even more tomorrow than he does todayWhen you have to try to convince someone they have a "good president", they don't., Newt, it does. House counsel Pat Cipollone, upon learning Trump has gifted him with Starr, Dershowitz, and Bondi as members…
Retweeted by Tea PainTrump leaves our military personnel with two choices. Are you a "dope" or are you a "baby?" Tea Pain is tired of… when Conservatives are ignorant, their instincts naturally gravitate to crime.' screams "I'm innocent" like hirin' Jeffrey Epstein's and O.J. Simpson's lawyer. M A G I F OBAMA SAID THIS N E
Retweeted by Tea PainKompromat, thy name is Lev. to the rodeo, Ricky!