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@dvilze add
Just saw a verified artist on Spotify and this mf got 12 monthly listers and sounds 11 bro wtf 😭What is mentally wrong with you making bookmarks public??? at this just makes me feel so sad idk why @dvilze YuhImagine fighting a nigga and he just randomly pull out a grenade LMFAOO
Retweeted by Tearz💿my stocks must have not worked out for him too well @ParalIex How you gon make fun of a shit post I made on an alt account that I deleted almost instantly 🧐 @ParalIex Yeah I knowDon’t check hidden @_Flixyy Yeah I was playing casuals not ranked lmaoAnyways goodmorning 😃👍 damn near clutched a 1v7 on cs and died to the last fucking guy this mf gets bullied more than Lana Rhodes kid in high school cause holy fuck he deserves it obese bitches needa RELAX @leo_lmfaoo “replying “ok” to a comment” what the hell was his point ☠️Wtf kind of clap back was this?? 😭
mfs will join twitter and proudly call themselves a “yb meat rider”Also why did they make his father like a raging alcoholicWhat the fuck is this game how did bro get kicked out at 7 years old 💀 this is needs to go tf outside ☠️ @hobiedoll “I can’t do basic mathematics”he ain’t have to do bro like that a Wilbur soot stream and his whole chat was meowing I deadass have never left something so fast 💀Bro talkin to himself in a TikTok comment section 😭😭 @heavinlyfather Bro stuttered in text 😭 @tyj15599537 ???Ion think I’ve ever been so disturbed for sure those mfs will dm you your fathers place of work and your mothers full name and birthday for calling s… why people think he flopped when he’s literally a producer lmao @very_NNicee Yeah“Digitally autographed” 😭 what 💀 fr hid this @Sadcrib WHATLMFAOOOOOOOOOOO
Retweeted by Tearz💿goin to therapy overrated as hell real niggas bottle it up until they snap
Retweeted by Tearz💿... tried tweeting this shit 9 hours ago bro wtfCute girl dmed me “💀” responding to one of my fleets I’m winning yo
@Strip_for_LEVI 10 without the maybe @SteveEssay @WLRlsA10 I think ur a lil lost bro I’ll help you tho 💯 of you “people” don’t deserve internet access @BrklynEx NoJust saw a grown woman using a dream pacifier and saying it was poggers I don’t think I wanna live anymore @JayKayGotem_ Hear you loud and clear boss man 🙂Kpop stans are a disease really arguing over triangles 😭 is so sad ☠️
Retweeted by Tearz💿What the fuck??? 😭😭
Retweeted by Tearz💿“I pulled ur ip” bro how bout you try pulling some females you fucking loser
Retweeted by Tearz💿Just hit 3.2k again❤️ these mobile game devs have just straight up stopped trying bro what is this?? ☠️
Retweeted by Tearz💿 @tuna68 Cry 100%Aight yo I’m done playing that game sorry for spam tweetin like that it won’t happen again 💯No way guards deadass boutta let me get sexually assaulted in the showers right??? at 33 a cop deadass walked up to me and said “Sir, it is illegal to be homeless. You are under arrest” 😭 I’m now like 25 and after my manager has threw the coffee I made her on the ground I’m contemplating either… I am now 22 years old contemplating ending it all after getting told to “get lost” by a random female onlin… @yvng__momo I did she left me broUPDATE: I’m 20 years old and I’m pullin baddies be on call of duty telling 8 year olds they momma suck dick for $40
Retweeted by Tearz💿 @sheknowsdonnie In the game 💀YEAH I BEAT HIS ASS years old and I just had some freshman trip me in the hallway I’m gonna beat this mfs ass is the game making me make this decision at 12 years old??? 🤨 is bro laying down in the middle of the road 😭😭 @200dadash Donating money to a candidate he supported or sumnLMAO these mobile game devs have just straight up stopped trying bro what is this?? ☠️ @leo_lmfaoo Cause he donated money to a candidate he supported 😐 @leo_lmfaoo Dude who made fnafmfs really doxxed Scott Cawthon 💀 fucking losers lmaoFuck man, Scott Cawthon just announced his retirement. Never have I ever been this upset at a loss like this. Ma…
Retweeted by Tearz💿Zillah knows what’s up fr mfs jerk off to their twitter bookmarks ONG ME IF YOU GET LOST: JUNE 25TH
Retweeted by Tearz💿 @vampatknightt Laria imo @plxyboihurting This one goin in the drafts 💪 bro did you REALLY need to tell us that? 🤨tiktok mfs are a different breed of weird @eh_obj What teenager is on Facebook bro that shit for old ass men ☠️Uh oh 😟 @NotAsian0 @MarianaRises LMAO fr bro is a whole weirdo I’d neva be mutuals wit him ☠️Bro fr went from an alpha to a beta ☠️
Retweeted by Tearz💿Hahahahahahahaha How The Fuck Is Cyber Bullying Real Hahahaha Nigga Just Walk Away From The Screen Like Nigga Close Your Eyes Haha
Retweeted by Tearz💿KANYE 2024
Retweeted by Tearz💿Why did bro feel the need to tell everyone this ☠️
Retweeted by Tearz💿followed this dude as a joke like 2-3 months ago and he just accepted my request ☠️ @LifeWithMauly Gotchu bro 😭 to whoever see this 😁 mad you gotta be to unfriend someone on Facebook @WLRlsA10 I think if you click it it’ll just auto send the link to a shit ton of people 💀Oh no... question is how fuckin dumb do you gotta be to buy one in the first place LMAOO @awsanpart3 @DEYLUVDRACO you fr got banned jus for tryna see some honkers yo ☠️Bro it’s not that serious why is you cryin 😭
Bro did not care whatsoever ☠️