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Full time lover of used books, Book stores, & Chocolate. I am a Wife, Mother, Shower singer, & Chronic tardy church attendee.

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@Jeremysgirl5150 That hair color with your eyes is 🔥 🔥 🔥 Love it! @Tobi_Is_Fab That cut style is super cute on you💜The ones that know they will get abbreviated texts, missed spelled words and bad grammar and still want to know how…
Retweeted by Theresa with an h @caribelli @drayzze More cowbell @ahoosfan 48
@Babyfloaties24 Wait DQ has chocolate soft serve ice cream? I don’t think I knew this! @mainemomofboys 😏🤐 front right stove burner is my favorite. Don’t tell the others.🤫Do something nice for somebody today.
Retweeted by Theresa with an h @hockeyislife36 😆🤣😂 So cute! @mytmyway I had no idea my phone had such violent tendencies🤣 @momsense_ensues I support you.Where can I sign-up in advance for my child to NOT receive a recorder?
Retweeted by Theresa with an h @TiredMomLife Witness🙌🏻 @mytmyway Have you ever had to go kick your own kids and then get them out of your car? 😆😂🤣
Fun fact Friday: None of my exes have ever lived in Texas. @RaeUvLite This just made my entire day so much better😆I’ve already started wassailing
Retweeted by Theresa with an h @RaeUvLite I know atheist people and they are wonderful. Tom is not. @RaeUvLite I will join you in your corner. I’ll bring extra crayons💜 @DadWithABeer @town_dreamer You are missing out. @AnecdtlBrthCtrl Do you have her address? I would send them her way. I had to do that with some collection agencies… @VirginiaMcMurdo Absolutely💪🏻💪🏻Girls who make their beds everyday and carry floss in their purses can still party.
Retweeted by Theresa with an hMomma, I hid my milk! -A Parenting Horror Story
Retweeted by Theresa with an h @_jessecalvin That’s a great question. I have 30 minutes to figure it out before the kids lose their minds😆 @HLNCampbell @modernmomese Yes!💜 @maryfairybobrry @sarahsimmons712 They are soooo good😍 @RaeUvLite Give an exit warning though. I will need that💜 @modernmomese Funyuns. It’s also a bit of a guilty pleasure that I try to NOT put in the cart at the grocery store. @FScottFitzJesse Love that @town_dreamer I’m cheering you on💪🏻💪🏻Whenever people ask my name I'm going to start highlighting a letter that very clearly does not need it. My name is Christina. With an "N".
Retweeted by Theresa with an hI’ve lost my mind again, and I’m too lazy to look for it.
Retweeted by Theresa with an h @SamRC1987 Same. It keeps hitting at fire hose capacity. It’s wearing me out. @boynadomama you want a guilt free indulgence, try the 100 calorie pack of Oreos....and if you want true satisfaction, try ea…
Retweeted by Theresa with an hBelieve in the people you care about and don't forget to tell them you do.
Retweeted by Theresa with an h @UnexpectedSAHM Omg! Do you have a kid(s) that hijack your bath, too? I have to keep an eagle eye out when I’m draw… @Alohababe2011 @Love_bug1016 Freaking YES.If they made a bookstore scented mask I'd wear it all day long
Retweeted by Theresa with an h @TheMudlily @MKBackstrom She is fantastic!! I am so sad that this gem of a soul isn’t a neighbor in my neighborhood. 😍😆 @mommajessiec @ADHDeanASL We had an in depth discussion on the pancreas today. The kids thought it was somewhere near the penis🤣 @afiercemind Absolutely. It can help others💜there's no such thing as a fun-size chocolate bar unless it's like 5' tall
Retweeted by Theresa with an h @CynicalTherapi1 It bothers me when I do. If I miss it going up, I make sure to catch it going down. I remember shu… @AliadaAmante @CynicalTherapi1 Sometimes I find myself tile/square counting but I try to fight that because it can… settles, happiness shouldn’t .
Retweeted by Theresa with an h @mytmyway Taurus folk are an interesting lot😆 @EshaeNic Every church marriage retreat needs to lead with this statement. @mytmyway Me🙋🏼‍♀️😃 The 9th of May @CynicalTherapi1 I’m a fastidious stair counter. @maryfairybobrry @sarahsimmons712 I watched the movies before reading the books. I got mad after reading the books.… @modernmomese I’ve never really paid much attention to the shape mine are in post pumping and breast feeding. @_little_old_me Omg!! That is gong to look so amazing😍😍😍“Though we cannot think alike, may we not love alike?" asked John Wesley.Can I file a noise complaint on my own children?
Retweeted by Theresa with an h @Jeremysgirl5150 I can see you 💜
I don’t have to prove I’m right to enjoy you being wrong.
Retweeted by Theresa with an h @ItsaMeTeo @OhHell_Cherry @kimtopher22 @RaeUvLite @OhHell_Cherry @Mystical441 100% This👆🏻 @boynadomama Following for updates on missing instruction manual 👀 @Musings_of_wine’m nice, but not like doormat nice.
Retweeted by Theresa with an h @Jeremysgirl5150 Very true. @ANTambo @town_dreamer You have his “what” down perfectly😆😂🤣 @NotTodayEric Stupid 40’s 😒 @RaeUvLite If I ever become a millionaire, can I have you on retainer as my life coach? 💜So it turns out; you don’t owe anyone anything WHO KNEW?!?!?!?
Retweeted by Theresa with an hMagic is hoping a wish comes true and it does
Retweeted by Theresa with an h @architextbry It's a good tweet. @_little_old_me With a PINK front door?!? That’s going to be so cute😍😍 Will it be a Mid Century Modern vibe? @architextbry I welcome your empathy sobbing with me😆 @Jeremysgirl5150 Awe what a cutie💜I hope his day is great! @lezzimomof2 100% yes💜 @Babyfloaties24 I see balloons on your wall! Many Happy returns. I hope your day is wonderful💜Honestly, I think Diet Mountain Dew tastes a LOT like regular Mountain Dew. That said, there's just no substitute f…
Retweeted by Theresa with an h @RaeUvLite I believe it still is, yes.It is said there is no use crying over spilled milk. I will emit heart wrenching sobs and go into mourning over a s… @clashley1976 I don’t know but stop talking about it! We don’t want to encourage the cold😆I’m at the point in my life where the word “unfurl” accurately describes what I do to my underwear before I put it on.
Retweeted by Theresa with an hEvery time I hug my kids I’m 100% aware I needed that hug more than they did.
Retweeted by Theresa with an h @MagicalOverload Reading a good book & floral arranging. It’s silly, I know 😆🤦🏼‍♀️Don’t let anyone make you feel less than.
Retweeted by Theresa with an h6’s report card suggests he’s a genius but after watching him eat a fruit roll-up with the plastic still on I don’t know.
Retweeted by Theresa with an hI’m NOT a fragile flower. Consider me a succulent.
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@mom_ontherocks I love this😍💜 @PattyArquette I used them throughout my 20’s for annual exams and birth control. It’s an EXTREMELY convenient, ju…
Retweeted by Theresa with an hI received physical exams, Pap smear, free birth control, They took the time to answer all my questions and concern… @RiotGrlErin Accurate😆🤦🏼‍♀️ @jesswho82 I do🙋🏼‍♀️😍💜 @beetsonbikes Preach!! @MsJayLee22 Yay! What is your club currently reading?
People who are kind with nothing to gain are the real winners in life.
Retweeted by Theresa with an hJust in case you forgot where you placed your phone, you’re holding it. Just looking out for you.
Retweeted by Theresa with an h @lezzimomof2 Yes absolutely😍I could sure use a fully operational cone of silence right now.Me: *stranded on an island* *bottle washes up on shore* Note: can I have a snack?
Retweeted by Theresa with an h @MissBellaKim Happy Anniversary!😍💜 We celebrated our 14 year anniversary this year. My phone camera wouldn’t focus…