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@hope_steven @UnicornMagicApp It's amazing! So impressed.For those wondering how you can use @UnicornMagicApp to take a PDF and turn it in to a Google Form and provide feed… @CatLamin @abid_patel @CloudBusiness9 @disneyplus @neiltking Seen it!! So good :D @HostBrian @GoogleForEdu Super easy!!! Ill put a screencast together 😃 @UnicornMagicApp
Amazing news for schools!!! You all need to go and sign up now #WeVideo #WeVideoAmbassador @WeVideo #remotelearning @EduFuturists @BenQ_UK When?? @dale_rickardo @UnicornMagicApp You're so welcome!!! @wendypeskett @E_T_Foundation @af16051107 @AppsEvents1 @Mr_BRouse Congratulations Wendy! So we'll deserved :) @teacherpensieve @GoogleForEdu Direct link to the app in the Marketplace to download the add on :) @shiltzkimmie @GoogleForEdu Yes there is! Are you free I can jump on a hangout and show you :) @CatLamin @misskwells @misskwells gets all the credit for making it! @CatLamin @misskwells does @teacherpensieve @GoogleForEdu This allows you to take a pdf file and convert it into a google form. @Rangathetrainer @GoogleForEdu I had to close my Google drive and relaunch let me know if not and I'll jump on a hangout :)Just tested@UnicornMagicApp and I am blown away! I used a reading comprehension in my @GoogleForEdu drive and then… @DanTaylorAE @jmikton @iborganization @JNealeUK @raff31 @GetKahootSo great to have you on! Hope you enjoyed it :) #CSFirst #lgfl to learn to use @GoogleForEdu CS FIRST to teach your students to share their ideas through coding? Join me for… is unreal time to test it!!!! 😱😱 @Mr_BRouse📣New free feature alert: Add images as answers! 🙌
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This week #GEGUK #GoogleET Trainers @wendypeskett @Rangathetrainer & @abid_patel will be hosting "G Suite Nice & Sl…
Retweeted by Miss COur next Global GEG Staffroom is tonight at 8pm GMT for teachers - everyone is welcome so bring wine & join in…
Retweeted by Miss C @mrpielee @MrTullock @mr_v_turner @RachelOrr @Mr_K_Teacher @chaloner88 @Chris_Newman91 @hesterbenhamPE @MrsHillPE
@TobyDoncaster Love this Toby!!! Hope you're enjoying the weekend 😃 @GuiseGotTechEd @PodcastPD @OnEducationPod @breicher @JakeMillerTech @JayBilly2 @The_Tech_Lady @GuiseGotTechEd @PodcastPD @OnEducationPod @breicher @JakeMillerTech @JayBilly2 @EduFuturists The international school podcast @AppsEvents1Parents and teachers you need to read this! read on engagement in videos and learning together! Thanks for sharing @piersyoung @darrenmurphy What types of assessment are you using? Rubrics / verbal / written feedback? Trying to find examples… @darrenmurphy Can you share more specifically what it is that you are using Seesaw for to assess learning :)What are you doing to assess student learning in #DistanceLearning are you using #authenticassessment or #alternativeassessments ? #ISTEcert
With the transition to #RemoteLearning, it’s great to see so much support for teachers getting used to…
Retweeted by Miss C @peateedee @GoogleForEdu @AppsEvents1 Hey Pete, yes it was; we're also hoping to release some more dates for webinars soon so stay tuned!!
@HansTullmann Well worth doing :)Exciting stuff thank you Google!! @piersyoung The lesson can simply be recorded or streamed live.
UPDATE: You + your learners now have more time to... ⏱Share ⏳Reflect ⏰Inspire Specifically... 📣 10 MINUTES! In y…
Retweeted by Miss CIf you're looking for ideas / resources / schedules and more for teaching #distancelearning #remotelearning why not… @kev_bradshaw 3pm! See you then can't wait to catch up 😃😃 @kev_bradshaw I'm free tomorrow afternoon yo!!!! Or Friday! I don't know how I didn't know this already but in @gmail on #TeamPixel you can swipe between your emails once… has changed. We chat through the implications, tools being used & strategies being implemented with…
Retweeted by Miss C @Google Is anyone else having this problem with their internal mic suddenly not working with their Chromebook?… want to do what we can to help teachers & learners as they share a new experience with #RemoteLearning. So, we t…
Retweeted by Miss C @MissLauraJSmith @GoogleForEdu @gsuite @LGfL @LGfL_GSuite @AppsEvents1 @LEOacademies @LEOcomputing @LEOtraining5 @misskwells Yes yes yes!!!! how might we....Webinars coming up next week Computer Science with @GoogleForEdu CS First, @gsuite for Primary Schools and Bring th… @kev_bradshaw @alicekeeler Love it Kev! Incentives are always helpful 😉🍪 @misskwells @texthelp Hahaha my partner is still going to work but im an early bird make the most of the day! @misskwells Yes definitely or @texthelp Equatio :) @misskwells Yes! She needs to join the video call from her iPad and then can share her screen :) @alicekeeler We were talking about training videos. If you can't get the point across in under 2 minutes then it sh…
@The_Tech_Lady @GoogleForEdu That's why it's wonderful! Such a quick way to demo something :)#Edtechhelp #PLN #remotelearning #distancelearning Page Marker to the rescue during @GoogleForEdu Meet lessons. @alicekeeler Amazing work as always Alice! :)Keep those training videos short! @TobyDoncaster Good things take time! #SWE19 are cheering you on. @abid_patel @GoogleForEdu @gsuite YES! Definitely agree @peateedee @quizizz Woohoo!! :) @peterghorner @vowles_sarah @DanFitzTweets @Itsbenwhitaker @ReallyschoolK @AlKingsley_Edu @ICTEvangelist @KarenComptonEdu Hahahahah brilliant ⛹️‍♀️⛹️‍♀️Come for the chat stay for the laughs! the time now wisely; go and get badged and certified! Learn how #edtech apps can help change your teaching!… @juouelle @safeyoutube Or simply insert the video directly into @GoogleForEdu Slides and there's are no ads 😃
@LesleighAltmann Me too can't wait!!! See you my morning / your night ,💕 @MrGutoA Link?? #famous @abid_patel Thanks Abid!!! Just want teachers to feel supported no matter how big or small a problem, idea or question! @AlwaysComputing 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Thank you and your staff for going to support those children! I hope your school is ma… @peateedee Thank you so much Pete! :)This is brilliant!! Thanks @Flipgrid @nearpod @Rangathetrainer 😅😅😅To all teachers teaching remotely for the first time and a big thanks to those who continue to teach children of ke…
We are live come and join us! @Rangathetrainer Yes I broke out :) 🚪🔓 @DanTaylorAE @elidicarome can you help out? @Rangathetrainer Love it! @tophamphillip @Flipgrid Lots of teachers using Flipgrid during remote learning already. Fantastic way for students… former colleague has created a YouTube channel for PE during Distance Learning. Go and subscribe for ideas to ke…
***IMPORTANT UPDATE*** On Monday 23rd at midday any educator can join a virtual classroom of #edtech specialists to…
Retweeted by Miss C @MissC_1717 @Seesaw Here to help:) let me know if you'd like to jump on a meet to demo!Keep your students engaged and help them sharpen their digital skills from anywhere. Check out these free…
Retweeted by Miss C @Mr_BRouse @camelsdaletweet @KirstyRouse @deanstokes @MrGutoA Love the use of sticky notes! @FraserEsports @AppsEvents1 Thank you!! 😃It's feedback like this after a tough week that make it all worthwhile! @AppsEvents1 #appsevents @TH_PatrickM Thanks so much Patrick! 😃 I got some brilliant ideas for using it following your webinar on Thursday!! @goobric No but we will be hosting most dates coming soon stay tuned!!! Have a good weekend :)It's out!!!! 🙈🙈 thanks Edufuturists for having me on! @hope_steven @Itsbenwhitaker @DanFitzTweets @texthelp
@Joshuadenton @MrGPrimary You could guide a tour from your device and share your screen on a meet with students :) @quizizz 🙋🏼‍♀️ @TH_ShaunaH It's a good one some serious conversation but some good laughs too! Thank you :)Brilliant to have a hub of content to support teachers! Thanks @GoogleForEdu #remotelearning #distancelearning @wendypeskett @AppsEvents1 @Mr_BRouse @justaguy_LT Thank you so much Wendy!! @kellyyanghk @JNealeUK @JNealeUK @HomeCourtai Oh amazing! Though basketball is my only game! 🏀⛹🏼‍♀️ @JNealeUK @HomeCourtai What a brilliant tool!!!Join #GEGUK leader @abid_patel this afternoon at 3:30pm GMT for a live stream on how to get started with Google Han…
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