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Tories have been banging on for years about controlling our borders and take a year to think maybe airports should… @CaraLisette[extremely Rammstein voice]
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2021 has everything. Riots. A bean dad. Impachements. Celebrity cannibals. Sea shanties. Pandemics. Dionne Warwick.… was looking through the trending subjects and came across Armie Hammer. I will not be looking again for the rest of the day.
Retweeted by TechnicallyRon @porridgebrain HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! xMatt Hancock defo used to wear his uniform on non uniform day in school so he didn't have to pay the quid to charity x
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@DonaldJTrumpJr Hey Don how's this tweet going for youWhat makes Trump being impeached for the second time even better is knowing he would give anything to be screaming… you need a good example of conservatives being silenced here is congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene speaking fr… @JamPetal86 AMAZING. @CigaretteCalpol Why are people like thisNot sure about the new government tactic of reaching their vaccination goal by not having anyone left alive in the country to vaccinate.
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My 'people are awful' mantra has not been helped by people during a global pandemic refusing to wear a piece of fab… @craigheathcote craig are you okI love how Brian Blessed’s facemask is the size of a riot shield!
Retweeted by TechnicallyRon"We gave the PPE contract to a friend" "Ok and how did that go?" "Bad" "Ok so what did you do next" "We gave the Te…
Hi all. I’ve been sent LOTS of photos of the food parcels that have replaced the £30 vouchers and asked what I woul…
Retweeted by TechnicallyRon @DrRickHendrix BORINGTAKING BETS ON WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THE STATE DEPARTMENT WEBSITE 3/1 Boring hack 8/1 Trump resigned 11/1 Trump died… me the vaccine at 4am I'll bring a bag of cans who gives a fuck @rad_shannon First, Jeff is an INCREDIBLE name for a dog, second THIS IS AMAZING
@Scientits It really should and he knows it too @AliGlov87126059 His tiny wonky nose brings me so much joy on a daily basis @1964Charlotte He's so good, constantly snoozy and very spoiltInterrupting your doom scrolling to show you Doug's new coat what the fuck
This would be a very weird side effect.
Retweeted by TechnicallyRonTo anyone complaining about a private media company kicking Trump off their platform: Think of Twitter as a Christ…
Retweeted by TechnicallyRonIn London you are now more likely to walk past someone with covid than a Pret A Manger a truly shocking statisticWith everyone saying how orwellian everything is I just wanted to share my favourite George Orwell quote"punishing fascists will only divide us more" yes I want to be divided from fascists
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You can't even use social media to incite a coup with an army of white supremacist wrongbrained dildos anymore free… @conorgriffin11 YesKEYBOARD BOOMER HITLER IS GONE are you calling "odd?"
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Retweeted by TechnicallyRonTo all of those who have asked, I will not be going to the medallion presentation ceremony on Yavin
Retweeted by TechnicallyRonDolly Parton wild friday nights in lockdown 🤝… @DeanBrowningPA @realDonaldTrump Dean aren't you a proud gay black manConservatives only now saying they think Trump is bad
1. Exploiting workers. Saved you all time from reading the article, you’re welcome!
Retweeted by TechnicallyRonhahahaha he wore his work lanyard to a coup
Retweeted by TechnicallyRonFacebook banning Trump 2 weeks before the end of his term like a zookeeper having his keys taken off him after he's… @KatyMontgomerie Main problem with this analogy is that titania mcgrath is a wish version of titania mcgrathThis guy really just typed 'Georgia flag' into Amazon and clicked on the top result
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Day 1 vs. Day 1,448
Retweeted by TechnicallyRonTwitter 2012: "Micro blog your thoughts to your friends and see what your favourite celebrities are doing!" Twitte…'s not just Donald Trump who is to blame for whipping up this violence but every right-wing, centrist and suppose…
Retweeted by TechnicallyRon @JeffTutorials @realDonaldTrump Shut up Jeff @TwitterSafety Just delete his account ladsWho could have thought that years of radicalising people with lies, false promises and conspiracy theories whilst t… @Nigel_Farage This you? fo what capitol "security" in full military-grade riot gear looked like for Black Lives Matter protests th…
Retweeted by TechnicallyRon.@KendallJenner TAKE THEM A PEPSI
Retweeted by TechnicallyRon @bbclaurak hope it doesn't escalate to a kerfuffle or god forbid a brouhahaMorning @Twitter @jack you need to delete his account ladsBREAKING - letter from @VP Mike Pence to Congress says that he does not have "unilateral authority to decide which…
Retweeted by TechnicallyRonNot only do the NHS have to do more work because of the spike in cases but they also have to vaccinate us all as qu… @laurenpattison YES. DO THIS. Doug often just sits on his steps and stares at us as he knows they are his domain. @laurenpattison OH MY GOD YES
Retweeted by TechnicallyRonWhat is today? The 4th? The 5th? The minor fall? The major lift? idek
Retweeted by TechnicallyRon @katejhewson @TwoRoadsBooks Once I have figured that one out, yes. @TwoRoadsBooks Think we could do with some more chapters tbh
Not looking forward to the day Boris says ‘the virus has gone’ because 24hrs later we’ll probably all be dead.
Retweeted by TechnicallyRon @porthjess WITCHYou have to hand it to the government, they did such a good job handling the pandemic we are in the same position w… summary of this announcement UK lockdown system has been very simple. First it was full lockdown, then do whatever you want but don't, then…"I can't wait to watch this film, Bruce Willis is supposed to be really good in it" *Robert Peston bursts in* "HE'S… can't believe that the government paying people to go to restaurants during a pandemic didn't stop the pandemic tbhNEW: Journalists expected to leak news at 4pm with press conference taking place some time around 8.30pm
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And here’s the president of the United States trying to steal the election.
Retweeted by TechnicallyRonWelcome to twitter. This week's main characters are Tampon Creep and Bean Dad. It's awful here. @Joannechocolat I cannot figure this out Joanne please help meBreaking: Schools to reopen because shut up and get back to work you fucks
The greatest sentence ever written in the English language.
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This is going to be a great year for Britain! done to all the internet 'journalists' who spent this year feeling so oppressed about wearing a facemask that… NEW YEAR YOU BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE. WE GOT THROUGH IT. ALSO GET FUCKED 2020 BRING ON THE NEXT NIGHTMARE.
Only staying up to actually make sure this year ends and the clock doesn't reset to 0.01am Jan 1st 2020 tbh. @imteddybless this looks like how I feel all the time🔥 Here it is! Open in widescreen and whack the volume up. Together, let’s blow the fucker up! #deathto2020
Retweeted by TechnicallyRon @spectator @K_ennethmont LIFE IS TOO SHORT FOR THAT @jim_macfarlane Is he the weird Covid truther man? @vonny_bravo Our upstairs neighbour is similar, several parties and lots of guests, we checked his facebook (becaus… has proved that there are two types of people, those who selflessly stayed at home often to their own detrimen… something this year? Cool. Achieved very little this year? Also cool, you lived through a historical event…
once again shocked that the exponential spread of an airborne disease wasn't stopped by a "no drinking unless you eat a egg" policy
Retweeted by TechnicallyRon @Nick_Pettigrew @JimMFelton Nick why @Stick_Pins You mean you don't pack yours for holidays?I came across this tweet from "Caroline Mansfield" about my local hospital being "empty". So let's take a look:…
Retweeted by TechnicallyRon"We have to open the schools for the benefit of young people's mental health" "Ok so are you going to put the resou…'s difficult to know who to believe, experts, doctors and nurses saying everything is all to shit, or right wing…