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Still like to look at my old art from 2010/2011 I should do more like these again
Retweeted by 🍩TechnoGhost2124🪰 #GenshinImpact #原神
Retweeted by 🍩TechnoGhost2124"bro now that we're finally alone together.. there's something I've always wanted to tell you.. I-"
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Retweeted by 🍩TechnoGhost2124 @vinivan13 Goodbye Vincent I shall await your return when you post about the Xiao that you got 😌Found some others through my Reddit submissions and my Patreon folders #AppreciateADragonDay
Retweeted by 🍩TechnoGhost2124Fan art isn’t bad. I’ll say that again and louder for all the art teachers who said anime was a waste of time in my past.
Retweeted by 🍩TechnoGhost2124Some of my favorite cat things in Super Mario 3D World's Bowser's Fury!🐾
Retweeted by 🍩TechnoGhost2124 @namocchiart Cute little baby Boi ;-; great job!Throwback to baby link 🌴
Retweeted by 🍩TechnoGhost2124 @arvalis Hope got you nowhere RJ.
Retweeted by 🍩TechnoGhost2124just because im an ARTIST doesnt mean i KNOW how to DRAW!!!!!!!!!!
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Retweeted by 🍩TechnoGhost2124The pencil wasn't pigmented enough and I didn't want to use pastel... But the paint marker worked out!
Retweeted by 🍩TechnoGhost2124based on a very real coop adventure with my friends #GenshinImpact #原神
Retweeted by 🍩TechnoGhost2124unrelated but look @ my cat
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Retweeted by 🍩TechnoGhost2124you may not like it, but this is what peak vtuber performance looks like
Retweeted by 🍩TechnoGhost2124'Perfect Blue' 💙 This was such a trippy movie 😂 Satoshi Kon does all the weird anime.
Retweeted by 🍩TechnoGhost2124 @_valleywalley_ A struggle that hopefully you'll overcome one dayUNFOLLOW THIS ACCOUNT MOVING TO: @bajirunoha
Retweeted by 🍩TechnoGhost2124 @Sylvaur Underground, Platinum Battle Frontier, bring back the private mansion but in different locations, actually… are you this old?
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@arvalis She said stop it RJ LISTEN TO AMY!!!! @arvalis hope this doesn't awaken anything in you
Retweeted by 🍩TechnoGhost2124i dont make good choices
Retweeted by 🍩TechnoGhost2124 @Artlocked Yea saw that a lot if you wanna take the bullet it is a pretty nice printer and reviews aren't too bad @Artlocked It's kinda mixed these days getting better but I still hear about support being iffy @Artlocked Finally found it gets me every time 😂 @Artlocked Here's a list of some with Amazon links it'll depend on your needs and wants and here's one from hp that… figured out how Bowser's Fury happened: #Mario3DWorld #BowsersFury #Bowser
Retweeted by 🍩TechnoGhost2124Finally managed to finish monsoon mithrix with my friend. #riskofrain2 #ror2
Retweeted by 🍩TechnoGhost2124Today was the day for when I made a slight error predetermining fighter pass #5 the 'Reigen' for my Smash opening p…
Retweeted by 🍩TechnoGhost2124 @Artlocked You got a price range and from Amazon right?COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN☁️ shares are much appreciated #commissions #commissionsopen
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Retweeted by 🍩TechnoGhost2124 @kassiocoralov You deserved it then never get on their lawns!!(Comic) Be careful with them... #FEH #comic
Retweeted by 🍩TechnoGhost2124 @Blun_Z The sense of defeat
Retweeted by 🍩TechnoGhost2124 @OnTheDownLoTho lol
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Retweeted by 🍩TechnoGhost2124 @kassiocoralov Damn that ghost had a grudge tf did you do insult its name the whole time?#Helltaker
Retweeted by 🍩TechnoGhost2124GANYU wip! Best of luck to everyone summoning her!
Retweeted by 🍩TechnoGhost2124New emoji for Albedo, Ganyu, Surcrose, and Childe appeared #GenshinImpact #原神
Retweeted by 🍩TechnoGhost2124hey
Retweeted by 🍩TechnoGhost2124HERE IT IS!! ✨ As a thank you for 10k followers I‘m hosting another art raffle! However this time you can get one…
Retweeted by 🍩TechnoGhost2124Layout for a painting. My brain won't let me draw a background unless it's overrun with plants :'^)
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Retweeted by 🍩TechnoGhost2124Modern teyvat pt1 #GenshinImpact #genshinimpactfanart aight i don't know how to use twitter but yes I'm trying-
Retweeted by 🍩TechnoGhost2124Drunk Aether🍷🍾 #Genshin_Impact #genshinimpactfanart
Retweeted by 🍩TechnoGhost2124Just let them reunited already 😔✊ #GenshinImpact #lumine #Aether #原神
Retweeted by 🍩TechnoGhost2124why does no one talk about how godwin sends his blind girlfriend erotic love letters that people have to read to her
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Retweeted by 🍩TechnoGhost2124all bad news, i am tired of it #pixelart #ドット絵
Retweeted by 🍩TechnoGhost2124still all bad news, i am tired of it
Retweeted by 🍩TechnoGhost2124 @chibikki_ikki *New notification* You won't believe what this cat did!!!! 🙀🙀
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Retweeted by 🍩TechnoGhost2124 @wwwuuki YeaNew Morning --- #明日方舟 #アークナイツ #명일방주 #Arknights --- Morning in Rhodes Island won't be the same again since W came
Retweeted by 🍩TechnoGhost2124good morning with botan ✨ #ししらーと
Retweeted by 🍩TechnoGhost2124first kiss with a new lover #AllZhongli_Weekly #tartali #chili
Retweeted by 🍩TechnoGhost2124 @onemegawatt I'll still eat the pizza and the lasagna after that so keep makin some delicious food :DGot back into Honkai Impact 3rd and I keep trying to counter in Genshin with dash doesn't help that they feel the s… drain duo #原神 #原神イラスト #GenshinImpact #Xiao #HuTao
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Retweeted by 🍩TechnoGhost2124the experience following my account is akin to sitting at a sushi conveyor belt sushi bar, waiting for a specific p…
Retweeted by 🍩TechnoGhost2124*stands in your way
Retweeted by 🍩TechnoGhost2124Hi #PortfolioDay I'm syl, a Chinese-Australian artist based in Sydney! I'm a background designer and illustrator. O…
Retweeted by 🍩TechnoGhost2124A truncated version of Route 34 for #JohtoRedrawn Trying to cram a wetland, shore and entrance to a city in one sh…
Retweeted by 🍩TechnoGhost2124Pokemon has a special place in my heart and childhood as being one of the first video games I put my heart and soul…
Retweeted by 🍩TechnoGhost2124Exclusive print commission for @ElvisBadger, Sucrose's voice actor! Thank you so much for entrusting me with this a…
Retweeted by 🍩TechnoGhost2124We're live, let's do this!!
Retweeted by 🍩TechnoGhost2124Moonview's Biker 🌙🏍️
Retweeted by 🍩TechnoGhost2124 @I_AM_WILDCAT Aww hell yea more raft :D @BasicallyIDoWrk
Retweeted by 🍩TechnoGhost2124見れば見るほど肩幅がおかしい家のイッヌ…
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Retweeted by 🍩TechnoGhost2124Hello evening folk! I have a raffle going on right now to try raise funds for a new iPad. I would really appreciat…
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Retweeted by 🍩TechnoGhost2124[TWL] Just wanted to say, that the renewed version of my webcomic "The Witch List" is already live! You can read…
Retweeted by 🍩TechnoGhost2124Concept sketch for a new shikishi board! The small little squares are called Pixel! They are everywhere where digit…
Retweeted by 🍩TechnoGhost2124a vaguely among us shaped dog...
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