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I like music, dance, football, science, games, cars and much more. Im a nurse.

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music can sound so beautiful even though I don't understand it.I don't panic until the internet goes down😄new step-by-step plan, 1 ensure a top body 2 ensure top spirit. 3 provide money. 4 dreams come true.I get annoyed by people who only criticize but never find a solution. After this crisis, careful consideration must… anyone wants to compare their theories about the virus with my theories, text me.the times are wrong, the music can be adjusted a bit, the social activities are missing afterwards, the banks are b… i think about love I feel the past🙄Dank u wel lieve mensen van het rode kruis. Wij zijn dankbaar voor de hulp.
🙏🏼 #NatieNaasten, RT this👇virus 👉 Modesty fits humanity in the light of our place in history and nature. 👉 As ind…
Retweeted by Teclogicwe can take on many roles, but we cannot replace the love of a family.
you can crack someone or you can change someone, show what you stand for. @Bryan65165100 @LithNoortje @TwitterSupport Ik vind je heel respectvol👍 @Ingeborgvraagt No alcohol = more energy 😉 @Bryan65165100 @LithNoortje Wat doe je dan verkeerd?
@StudioCaroBE Je hebt veel talenten😊👍A day to quickly forget
only you know how sincere you areeveryone sees their own world @BlackYellow 💫💫💫🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪💫💫💫having something to look forward to helps morale.
some people live on a cloud of love, others drown in the rain.
out of respect for my employer and my country, I do not express an opinion on how to deal with the virus at work.One sentence can change everything.if the path of happiness does not stop, you better keep busy🍀the first psychological changes start to notice my residents. they are more confused, they are worried. they are lo…
@yogthulu I buy my computer equipment for the best price. my laptop is from the netherlands. my pc was bought in be… breaks walls💫we all dream alone💫they better leave someone outside the door all day at work. 100 calls between work can give you some nerves. very o… anyone confirm that it is better for your lungs not to have alcohol in your blood when the virus hits hard?
When you feel the love for your own life again, you often forget the rest😉no sick people at work, my team is fully prepared. despite the crisis, the pressure is under control. I continue in good spirits.I think the art is to show what makes you happy.I would like to warn all healthcare institutions that isolation is not a good option when temperatures get too warm… @Bryan65165100 Je zult nog wel wat tijd 'odig hebben om volledig te herstellen. Komt goed😉Ik heb een zwerm getekend. Deze bestaat uit duizenden vogels. Ik hoop dat het jullie een glimlach zal geven, of vro…
Retweeted by Teclogic @WilliamShatner Thats the spirit👌
Never to old to learn to play games on a computer😉 @BristolianGamer @EllipseEnt @GeekMid @SteadySphere @8_BitGirl @Retr0Gen @RetroBoyJon @stewie55uk @Wildestdream93
disinfected my mobile for the first time @jonkay @Quillette According to the Italian govt, only 12% of deaths are actually due to C19. This is a significant…
Retweeted by TeclogicI have a knee problem since yesterday. a lot of pain while working. I will continue until she breaks.every star has question marks
be careful with alcohol and medicines if you are ill. You play with your own life.I am looking for a drone with tracking function, good (night) camera and one that will remain in the air for 30 minutes. budget 500 $.not having a fever does not mean that you are not ill. it is dangerous if you do not realize that you are ill please it correct if I think that everyone now thinks more about their life and future? @vissersixxx Snart🤔. If I say that in dutch people ll look strange😂are you the glue in your family?😉
people and energy. the trick is to get the negative energy out of your friends used to be metal freaks. they laughed at me for my broad taste in music. they have all changed a bit now.😄I only get depressed by people who play the game incorrectly and also get away with it at every levelmusic can tweet a difference💫desire does not mean that you get it done. but a life full of good will and desire is also beautiful.I think everyone is jealous of someone or something in my continent. I fully understand the approach of some cultur… happy and build everything else around there💫never put your mobile phone in your back pocket and sit😄people can no longer cheat🤔the first time in my life that I haven't seen cars on my side of the road until I got home.I would find it a sweet and encouraging gesture if my countrymen show the Belgian flag. Hint for other countries.I see the pimples on my head before I get sick. I have had some complaints in recent weeks. In any case I feel my e…
If you dont need it let it be. @Bryan65165100 Je hebt een mooi talent👍
@emmbyss You too. You are soooooo kind ✨✨if you see me stretch you will laughworld empathy🤔the problem of desire is that you sometimes need it.I laugh even though I would like to tell you you are an idiot. but I know you are reacting angrily so I am silent.lines above love or love above lines?🤔Tesla should invent electric 2 person wheelchairs with GPS signal. let the elderly help each other in the future
@DusauchoitChris ze zou eens na bokrijk moeten gaan, zal ze mooi vinden😄your sense of music can indicate your goal. feelings determine your rhythm. believing in it also helps.I see goodness in all people who are good. I will not wave directly with open arms, but I will come after you when I see that you are alone.I told my grandmother that it is normal for people to live to be 120 years old.Probeer iemand die vergeetachtig is maar eens uit te leggen waarom ze op de kamer moet blijven🙄
@hoetoevallig @SDecoutere Daar kun wat mee. Lekker groot.
@JustMe0095 Strechen😉
the eyes can tell you a story😉
@Ingeborgvraagt Je ex😁
sometimes you have to make people open their eyes too bad that my faith is not so strict. @Paul_O_Williams Your tweets rock👍 @DusauchoitChris @JoeWalsh Ook heel mooi, nog nooit gehoord. ik heb nog veel te verkennen op muziekgebied. @DusauchoitChris @JoeWalsh speciale stem 👍 @DusauchoitChris ik check het, dank u, I go for that :D @DusauchoitChris Ook heel mooi.never enough music @DusauchoitChris thanks, ik zal ze eens nazien op youtubeI am lucky to have friends and family around me who sometimes frustrate me but usually interest me😁 @DusauchoitChris mooi, toegevoegd aan mijn spotify listWhatever you do with your body sometimes it is never enough for someone. the danger is always there on the other side.if you sweat a lot more than normal on some days so not every day then there might be something wrong with your body.if your feeling is only in your head but not in your body then something may be wrongI have to stop buying cheap junk. it works, but what good is it for me if I always have to reload those garbage.Happy Mario Day💫🌈
i don't like to stop if i want something.finding out what is holding you back is more important than winning😉I'm curious if you can stretch your body easier in a jacuzzi. I need to try that. Where do I find a jacuzzi 😂You maybe know how it feels sometimes to love your body and sometimes not 🙄