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Love walks with my dogs, log fires, home cooking, family, reading, travel and languages. Hate Brexit, injustice, Trump, Johnson, lying, racism and much more

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Johnson the Child Starver makes Thatcher the Milk Snatcher look like Mother Teresa.
Retweeted by Chris A #borishasfailedtheuk @sazmeister88 It is actually beyond belief.One of the most deprived counties in England and these are the MPs we have been blessed with @Jesse_Norman and… @sazmeister88 Pot, kettle, fucking black. I am so hate filled for this government, in a way I have never, ever hated before @B_E_Andre Most people I know are at least 100 times more intelligent than her, to be fair @fbpe_jojo77 @MrsAitchBee @AlexChalkChelt Bet they’ve never gone to bed hungry. Smug git😡 @krishgm @MarcusRashford @FareShareUK But those are the people most likely to be donating🤨 I am sure you are well i… @joesegal Telling the truth and courtesy go hand in handChildren going to bed hungry, Covid, Brexit......but important to the SCUMBAG Tories to attack @AngelaRayner for us…’ll be with @FareShareUK tomorrow to support the real superstars, our volunteers. The food banks are in for a ver…
Retweeted by Chris A #borishasfailedtheuk @startmakingsens @acgrayling Please God. @HindleRay @BorisJohnson Witness protection. She knows too much. @realDonaldTrump Is this the best you can do, Don?
@curtisstigers You really do have some friends in high places😉 I listen to JoB every single morning, without fail.… @snb19692 I’ve missed you, Steve @jwgledhill @asymetricjockey @Lomquiche @FisherQueen13 @mcgibbond @Petie42885201 @VDAenterprises @neilhwilliams excellent article from Marina Hyde: Why worry about no-deal Brexit? If Gove says it'll be better that's go… @curtisstigers Without a doubt. Not an ounce of empathy.
Retweeted by Chris A #borishasfailedtheuk
@JoelBaccas A serious bash on the head that resulted in a total personality change. You’d become a narcissistic sociopath. @MartinRemains Absolutely nothing! @trussliz You must be crapping yourself that the Democrats win😂Bojo isn’t very good at getting deals, is he? @trekkingcottage And while you are enjoying that very healthy meal, I have salted caramel brownies (@jamieoliver re… @howcaniapply @grogee Oh God, don’t remind me!🤣🤣🤣 @howcaniapply @grogee Nowadays would be a ‘12’🙄 @howcaniapply @grogee It was an ‘18’ @BBCNewsnight @lewis_goodall Whereas it is quite clear that @dianeabbott_mp and @jeremycorbyn were ‘just good friends’ 😂🤣🤣 @didierfesquet @md_strand @theNAMedicine @NIAIDNews Probably with a government henchman holding a gun to his head🙄 @theNAMedicine @tweetzydeetzy @NIAIDNews Favourite gif, ever! @howcaniapply @grogee Noooooooooo!! Bet you have regretted that ever since 😂😂😂Worth repeating
Retweeted by Chris A #borishasfailedtheuk @PeterMcC66 @TomLondon6 So why do health professionals bother then?🤨 @TomLondon6 You are so right, Tom @grogee @howcaniapply I would have walked out had it not been a date. Wondered why the only other people were old m… @Jen70717630 @ConwayRober @NadineDorries @BorisJohnson @Conservatives Yes, dear🙄 @vron52 @NadineDorries Are you capable at assessing other’s risk though? ‘Rammed down our throats’ shows just what… @howcaniapply @grogee I have never yet met anyone else who has heard of, let alone seen, Flesh Gordon! Was taken to… @justintmank @grogee Nicholas Cage again..... @SugarTeano @grogee Anything with Nicholas Cage has ‘awful’ written all over it! Liked the book, have not bothered with the film. @dzyrl @grogee Yes! A fellow hater of that truly awful film. A Night to Remember p*sses over it. @grogee Titanic. A real bloody disaster😩
@JerryTaylor @Parsleybear2010 @BorisJohnson Pre EU🙁 @Parsleybear2010 @BorisJohnson Can’t disagree with that! @ajsb04 😩Michael Gove. My child watched you on TV today & asked if you were drunk. As responsible parents we explained it wa…
Retweeted by Chris A #borishasfailedtheuk @Angel41527796 Gorgeous! @laughingginge As me @NadineDorries You didn’t write this🙄Can we please pay less attention to Deal or No Deal and much much more to what kind of deal is now possible. The sh…
Retweeted by Chris A #borishasfailedtheuk
@DrewLawDesign The coconut one @curtisstigers Happy Birthday to a fantastic musician, father, fact, a good egg all round. May it be… @JamieKay22 Salt ‘n Vinegar @bobwall70 @btharris93 Spot on, Paul👍 @RachelG21879460 I hate them all but Grease-Snob brings out the worst in me🤬🤬 @ArchieBurrows34 @MDeanEsq God help the lad😩😩😩 @Leslieoo7 Kudos👍👏👏👏👏 @DrewLawDesign As long as you are 2m apart, apparently🤣 @Dorset_Owl I live in Herefordshire and would say ‘please stay away’! What say you @allyonwye @RoyHarris4 @SueLamerton ?Tweets like this show just how successful the government are being at diverting our attention from Brexshit. Just w… else sense Anton’s resignation when he saw who his partner was going to be? Shame on you @bbcstrictly ! Sooooo predictable🙁This is what panic looks like @spconnolly Categorically, no @curtisstigers Stay safe. @kirstiealley @realDonaldTrump I used to like you. @btharris93 You sound like one of the narcissistic attention seekers that seem to be coming out of the woodwork the… @chunkymark 🙋🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🙍‍♀️Me, unfortunately @HenryRambow Five On a Treasure Island
@thevoicebloke Your cheeky little face makes this🤣🤣 Have NEVER noticed that before (in the song)😂 @MartinRemains @Rindercella10 @SlimiHendrix Can’t remember the last time I bought a loaf. My breadmaker is my best kitchen friend😀 @YvonneBurdett3 It won’t last😉 @thevoicebloke And yet Trump is still free🤔 @fbpe_jojo77 My two (girl and boy) didn’t get on for years. Both too stubborn to make up. Now fine, thank God! @OnlyOneTeeta @SueLamerton @davidmackau He wouldn’t be welcome in many places in the world, Sue. North Korea, maybe? @davidmackau There’s your motivation, folks of the US!!! @AyoCaesar Chilli, ginger and cinnamon @miffythegamer Christ alive! Thank God you’re ok but imagine the terror for people living in flats with cladding li… @irenegarth1946 Not surprised! He must tear it out every night. @RoxaneRomero @fbpe_jojo77 Oh to go back to the time that we could moan about politicians without the desperation t… hope everyone realises that when Bojo says “WE will prosper mightily” he isn’t talking about us.....
Retweeted by Chris A #borishasfailedtheuk @fbpe_jojo77 Who’d have thought it, pre June 2016? @DrewLawDesign Lie, laugh, leave
8 people followed me and 2 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by @Beany_1 Years ago, I worked for BT on directory enquiries. Bang, bang, bang, never a minute between calls. We were… @Beany_1 Funny how often that message comes up and the next second someone answers 🤨
Retweeted by Chris A #borishasfailedtheuk @Ferretgrove @brightonborn This calms me @YvonneBurdett3 Think I can beat you....husband walks in the house from work, before he has even said hello the air… @EmRoid8 I just snorted very loudly 😂😂😂 @trekkingcottage Heart melting💕 @johnredwood Prick @trekkingcottage He’s a beaut👍 @DominicMc999 Can’t have that, Dom!😳 @trekkingcottage He’s not spoiling the view😀 @DominicMc999 You are just so polite, Dom😉😂 @miffythegamer First laugh of the day! @fbpe_jojo77 🙏 for bankruptcy @DominicMc999 Couldn’t have put it better myself, Dom, although I probably would have been a lot more sweary😂 @80sThen80sNow You telling me that Jessica Fletcher is a fictional character?😳