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Ted 🇭🇹 @teddylj Jersey City, NJ

ICU/CCU nurse. He/him. Say 'pronouns in bio' so I know you've never had an original thought. #M4A #GND. Yes, I hope it hurts.

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I was taking care of a patient the other day who was very seriously injured. And I stepped out to talk to his famil…
Retweeted by Ted 🇭🇹 @ProudSocialist If Biden and the Clintons get to call themselves progressive and not get laughed out of the room, t… @MichiruMichiMi @no_loveas @paxchristus0 Yeah lmao it's not that I'm laughing at you, it's that I'm mad @ilgroyper @no_loveas @MichiruMichiMi @paxchristus0 Pretty sweet gig, yeah @StonedBupy It was still pretty good @no_loveas @MichiruMichiMi @paxchristus0 You can always trust some person with an anime avi to come up and say some… @paxchristus0 With the ways that the police magnify every cut, scrape, and sprain like a football diver, you'd thin… @Andrewhightowe6 @cayayine @ryangrim Damn, 31 is middle-aged now? @Off2Nowhere @DavidKlion @mtracey Yes many people will observe his jealousy and deep sadness. They're just offscreen... observing it @REDACTED45 @Solidarity_Star More like the RED, WHITE, & BLUE Army beat them flanks, ya feel me! WHEEEEE-EEWWWW AMERICA @ItsKingsBruh The impeachment- artificially limited to specific Ukraine nonsense by Pelosi, organized by Mueller wh… @BeeBabs Now that I have come to own, by various means, all your shit- we can start the clock. So if you take them back, it's theft.Not all #educators are made equal #Covid19 #coronavirus
@ndwhitman2 @willmenaker It sounds, to me, like you're conflating chronic Lyme disease with post-Lyme treatment syn… @CheLucozade @bungholeitis @coollady42 @willmenaker Not exactly @GarrettIsVibin We're learning to accept you more and more every day! @C0INCELPR0 I thought it was a mirror image of the same person in your image. Something ab… @mrsnyamajor @RealBrysonGray Fully brainwashed by capitalist ideology @muddaub ::Wouldn't it be nice video montages plays :: @Sticky_Llama @muddaub Nothing, he just wants to say it smugly @daveweigel Who, Buttigieg? @EcKnightingale @DanielBice @kanyewest @nypost Signature collectors are required by law to hand in every signature,… @DanielleMuscato @kroger This is shitty, Danielle. @Avrham17 @p1nkpr1ncesa DESCENDED FROM WOLVESI like Umbrella Academy, I think it's fun to watch with my wife and I don't care what you think about that. Unless it's funny. @SonOfAssata I had to check to make sure it was a parody @CarlsbadDreamin @electricfire89 She sucked. Go back to yoga @carterforva Throwing Gramps on the altar didn't seem to satisfy Moloch nearly enough. He demands more and more so… @TomDangora @Josemaybe @electricfire89 @ezrock5 The person who has the most blame in Hillary Clinton's loss in Hillary Clinton. @luna_luminarium @ParkerMolloy The two genders @Ad_Inifinitum @Sticky_Llama That's both of their faces, yes @jotivyas @electricfire89 Very curious about ones understanding of even recent American history that could lead them to saying this. @SocialistMMA Yeah I can get on board with that @NickLylesComedy @herosnvrdie69 The failure to defeat the Wehrmacht in the marketplace of ideas is a lasting shame @_SemaHernandez_ "Oh man, is Trump going to outflank the Dems from the left on issue XYZ?" ::a month passes, Trump… time to brush up the old resume?
O discordia @kimpossiblefact Astronaut gun meme: never was @Solidarity_Star unmixed paint... in spoom... make dopamine?It's like I'm saying, mack, you gotta destroy the phylactery if you want to beat me. Aw jeez, I'm sorry, I shouldn… man, I've been owned again @chrstne7 @OxfordBuckeye @ColleenHuberNMD @JustWeeMary You're more likely to develop respiratory alkalosis from hyp… @chrstne7 @OxfordBuckeye @ColleenHuberNMD @JustWeeMary Whoever your nurse may be, they would likely be wearing a ma… @2brad99 @sheeshkabob @MeghanMcCain lol can't tell which one you're talking about until the very last word. Which is great. @lieptogalas I'm exhausted just reading that. I've never been to 14 bars in a night in my life. @leslieleeiii @soperfluous "Good catch" @aaaaaaaaaahmet Yes, me @TheSydneyA So many words but all I can see here is "Kamala Harris is a cop" @jcneall @DraCoquiMD @ColleenHuberNMD I see lots more people wearing them properly than under their noses and while… @jcneall @DraCoquiMD @ColleenHuberNMD Nurses and Doctors are not making a distinction between the particular type o… @JCreatch @cromulon4 @LegacyZeroYT I think that's an accurate look at it. White people stealing/making up Native an… @IUseVATSTooMuch @Katsudon1996 @GameSpot lmao @YourInnerMike @IUseVATSTooMuch @HWeebness @GameSpot Yeah, that's not the class they're talking about.Yeah that'd be preferable Republicans don't make sense to me because the general message the administration has put out is "you c… Ah. Well @GamerEMDoc "Good catch" @jcneall @DraCoquiMD @ColleenHuberNMD They wear them to limit the spread of bacteria and viruses carried in their r… @chrstne7 @OxfordBuckeye @ColleenHuberNMD @JustWeeMary Many of us do, actually, wear them for the entirety or nearl… years ago, fred hampton & mark clark were murdered by chicago pigs, as part of the larger FBI’s conspiracy to er…
Retweeted by Ted 🇭🇹Got some awful news tonight. But had guests over and acted alright. We've all been there, right? Here's to hoping… @cashmerecommie I actually liked Hamilton the musical. (Caveats, I liked it as a musical, not as a historical piece or actual hiphop) @FrancisTRocha @ozzBOZZ91 He's real and he's glorious
@YankowskyD I could use a boost! #NoComradesUnder1kLOVE this tag so much, lets keep it going as long as we can 💕#NoComradesUnder1k
Retweeted by Ted 🇭🇹 @ChampagneSharks "Slavery", "racism". Scratch an anti feminist and a white supremacist bleedsZero difference between "why would Oprah believe white privilege exists when she herself is wealthy" and "how could… @SeanMcCarthyCom The existence of white privilege is not dependent on the skin color or the wealth of the person talking about itHello #NoComradesUnder1k are people still awake? @ProudSocialist You love to see it
@kjy1066 @maplecocaine Too many main characters... each one appearing before the last one got their fill... time co… did everyone decide to use "pfp" instead of "avi"? @AkilahObviously Was thinking earlier that Qanon was like Scientology but instead of costing hundreds of thousands…
Retweeted by Ted 🇭🇹 @RhodesToKamala @RealKHiveQueenB @SpecialHeart2me "We won’t be used." lol, yeah you will @imBINGnotGOOGLE He said "Your sis sick but I am sicker"
Retweeted by Ted 🇭🇹 @ozzBOZZ91 That's sounds like a bad omen. Like fruit withering on the vine, but instead uh shoprite.A friend has her purse snatched as she left my apt, we called the cops and chased the guy into a backyard. The cop… @yvonne_erdmann @brat2381 Nevertheless, she kicked ass @AuhsdBond @jacob_posts @shafieikeyvan Hmmm sounds like something an Assadist would sayEvery last one win mattersThis is absolutely incredible. This is happening. @CoriBush, step into your purpose. Congratulations, Congresswoman!✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾
Retweeted by Ted 🇭🇹I'm not sure people understand how enormous of an upset it is for @CoriBush to defeat Lacy Clay. She's a nurse wh…
Retweeted by Ted 🇭🇹Breaking: nurse/progressive activist Cori Bush (D) defeats 10-term Rep. Lacy Clay (D) in St. Louis's #MO01. Clay be…
Retweeted by Ted 🇭🇹Cori Bush, a leader of the swelling protest movement for racial justice, upset a 20-year incumbent in a Democratic…
Retweeted by Ted 🇭🇹 @jaredlholt Oh the missed word is killing me
@jaredlholt My "I did not kidnap and hold hostage the fired USAID White House liason" has people asking a whole lot… @disco_socialist What's sadder: this was their attempt at a troll or that their brain has been so thoroughly Libpil… @jsways12 It's on the list. Right after releasing his tax returns, the Republican comprehensive alternative to Obam… @ozzBOZZ91 Hmmmmm
I write this post out of sheer desperation for logic and science based decisions that reflect the true desires of f…
Retweeted by Ted 🇭🇹 @EyesOnTheRight That very first sentence. Wonderful @EyesOnTheRight Love hearing about how a coalition of the most conservative Dem primary voters in the most conserva… @cutebrute202 @JonestyMcstabas @ParkerMolloy Including, as the article shows, conservative Matt Lewis. No reason to… @BuyErasers @trevorcumbo I don't think I liked that @SonOfAssata Definitely going to vote for him and not the Green candidate or write in Sanders 🙃 @Chinchillazllla Every day coming into work: Them: Hey how's it going Me: ehh, you know Them: HAH yep, ehh @JasonSamfield @defendpdx Maybe it started out as that. But I can't verify myself as myself. It is not an option av…