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ICU nurse. He/him. Too much online, but not extremely so.

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@ohip13 The Professional sequel we've all been waiting for @allahliker ecome all ye faithful,
@IndivisibleTeam How can Sanders and Warren be equally high on Healthcare? He supports M4A, she supports an inheren… @BEEHIGHB Maybe former prosecutor, and judge of the trial, Tammy Kemp knows that one hand washes the other. energy on the timeline tonight lads, stay safe @Bowsnonk Alexa can get itI am 100% against private Prisons Schools Utilities Healthcare Law enforcement Military Waste collection Wat…
Retweeted by Like a hot bowl of grits but way more Gritty @afneil Is the interview coming? @Te11Th3Truth @TuckerCarlson @seanhannity @DonaldJTrumpJr @realDonaldTrump If you can't understand why someone is p… of the differences between modern-style White Nationalists and old school White Supremacists is what they think… @spicysocialista @DissidentRage Yeah fucking lucky. I'm still cursed with seeing screenshots on the daily. @AITB_reddit I feel like it's cool since he already agreed to pay for a next date that isn't happening. He's a butt…
@AmandaMarcotte Bashing Warren is misogyny. Bashing Sanders is anti-semitism. Bashing Booker is racism. Bashing Klo… @BadFilmTakes I feel like this POV is less about Knives Out vs Joker, and more The Last Jedi vs angry nerds
@AnnieKNK That thread is like the human avatar of the psychic guilt of attractive women who have dated SNLs Pete DavidsonThis is your brain on incoherent liberal ideology @sopranoarwen @SketchesbyBoze So would you recommend only reading Harry Potter or would you recommend reading those… @HarrisonRFox This is my life now
My wife is a Slithering and I'm a Ravenbird @SketchesbyBoze Truly bizarre to see all these adults see "read something else instead of just that" and pretend th… @sopranoarwen @SketchesbyBoze I know - Why would you read any other single work at all, for the rest of your life? @Chinchillazllla "Oh. Lol. My dog is just racist I guess, lol!!" Yeah okEducation is chocolate milk, healthcare is a pony, and it's very upsetting that Putin tricked folks into thinking t…
Retweeted by Like a hot bowl of grits but way more Gritty @sexualjumanji Pretty bold to suggest you'd ever see Gritty coming before you're in the dirt
WHO'S EARNED MY VOTE: 1) Bernie Sanders 2) Bernard Sanders 3) Senator Bernie Sanders 4) President Bernie Sanders 5…
Retweeted by Like a hot bowl of grits but way more Gritty @exfatalist @such_hockey_wow @AITA_reddit @redditships I hope it's an occupational therapist
@crushingbort Pinochet 2: Helicopter Boogaloo @Freeyourmindkid Kamala's campaign was propped up entirely by those big donors. If the system was more fair, Sander… @HighNoonCartoon @peterdaou Retire from twitter @AITA_reddit Even if someone standing watch over a hospitalized person 24/7 is unusual (it is for most, I'd wager),… @jonny_is_good Me: oh man. Loving some of these funny Tiktok memes. Let me install it. TT: Me: oh no TT: Me: Oh… @KERRJohnA @AndyRichter Jill Stein didn't make Hillary Clinton lose the election, Hillary Clinton did. @lazycuthulu @BillCorbett In what way did someone go after Barron Trump? Because from what I heard, she only said t… @ljmontello It's funny now that works out @hello__caitlin you better watch out You better watch out You Better Watch Out YOU BETTER WATCH OUTThe terms Progressive and Bold have no meaning if Biden can claim them by timidly running on the conservative side… @leslieleeiii As long as this remains the best/only way to tell someone who was born with more money than I'll earn…
@damianaswan @DonnieDumbBrat @Atrios Exactly, I was thinking suburban dads, a large amount with college education,…"Social action must be animated by a vision of a future society" Up on the playlist. A title I keep hearing about over and over again. Time to give it a watchYou know, Kamala jumping out for a VP spot in a dynamic duo situation with Biden or some other neoliberal kinda mak… @generalslug Is this what happens after you stare into the void of online too much? @CosmopolitanMo3 @TakesRight Only if you define "succeeding" as A) still online, B) Servers not raided/seized by a… @ShaneSheehy Boy, I sure am tired of all these Star Wars...
@misssmith11 Hello, just read the review for the Asus Zenbook 15. Saw a few comparisons to the MSI Prestige 15 in t… this guy gets impeached tomorrow, he will live a long life before dying in a gold-plated hospital bed, surrounde… @sexualjumanji How did drug use do that to his nose? Was he snorting brick walls at 30 mph? @ChrisKeosian Well, that sucks @AnnieKNK Ask not for whom the BAP tolls... @PolySigh216 @exavierpope What did Kamala Harris bring to the field that we're now missing? Did she have a policy/proposal you liked? @i_am_puddle That those beliefs persist after watching her be eaten alive by Gabbard on the debate stage and pollin… one thing that is missing from so many embarrassing #PrimariesSoWhite discussion is what exactly she bought…'s a fun game, ask any aggrieved #KHive person to describe which policy, in broad strokes, from Kamala that they liked. @darkst @Freeyourmindkid Do you think that a president is elected to, I dunno fight the prior president? Even if t… @knight69420 Who that @i_lovecharlie2 @librab103 @Taniel Say what you mean, bc it sounds like you want the same moderate policies as Bide… @Taniel At LEAST Yang is coming with an actual difference. I find his take on UBI (replacing other fed benefits) to… @Taniel I need a diversity that goes beyond skin color. Hard to support what someone like Kamala, Booker, or Cast… @death_reminder @travis_view rip to your life but that aint me @RMadkin @maagdalene17 @keithboykin Please have your forms stamped and in triplicate so they can be processed by th… @RMadkin @maagdalene17 @keithboykin Please spend 3 years running a business in an undeserved community before being… @exavierpope Kamala stans inventing reasons for why she was a terrible candidate should have to spend 3 years runni… the things I'm going to enjoy in this 2020 election is all the burns we'll see as nearly every shitty candidate… @kranzman Does it count if they're doing it on purpose tho Guy replied to like a dozen tweets in that thread and p… @keithboykin They're both bad @maagdalene17 @keithboykin She couldn't even be a lioness on the campaign trail, why would I expect her to fight for me as President? @myrarulz @VDerecho @Indie56774636 @chiniqua @ckRockets Can anyone translate this to English? @aldersonaj Hey Alex, looking forward to the full MSI Prestige 14 review. Any idea on when we might see it?
@ChrisCaesar The very worst reboot of X-files I've ever seenPeople are spreading false (and poor-taste) rumors that Queen Elizabeth II has died. The truth is that she is in th…
Retweeted by Like a hot bowl of grits but way more Gritty
@chaedria Hey isn't this an invasion of priv- **TWEET INTERRUPTED BY 30 SECONDS OF CONTINUOUS FARTING NOISES** -not… @BlazeRuner20420 Escaping her content is a [consults thesaurus] Sisyphean task @leslieleeiii Miracleman, which is Superman that eventually takes over the planet, was a good read. @amargosavalley @CookeWJ1 @ItsDanSheehan Oh oh it's at once kinda obvious but also worse than I had thought @CookeWJ1 @ItsDanSheehan I don't get what the implication is??? @JucheMane Smh, there's no reason to be so rude to Stavros and his friend @JLefbreve @skinbag77 @MaxKennerly @kombiz He also looks like the wealthy men funding his campaign lol @antfarmkeybored @FrncisFukyomama @leslieleeiii Heavy is the butt that farts the takes
Strong Ron Paul money bomb vibes going on here @socialistdogmom @zionistcel Phew just made the cut off @Whatapityonyou Looking for the candidate that lets me tune out, like taking a nice long soak in a hot bath. Politics are my passion! @ClaudiaBrown100 The only purpose of that debate would be to help him get clicks and spread his message. If you're…'s happening here fellas? @Modwain The best part of that analogy is how you and your posting are absolute shit. Move along boomer @TankieSanders People really underestimate the effects of propaganda, says I, while framing WW2 as an intervention… joke to rule them all One joke to find them @713HatesPutin @Wonderbitch82 bzzt, wrong @tomwatson His campaign is against the interests of the moneyed candidates you represent. So he could have any so… @hasanthehun Candidates can have little a finger @VICE You really have to wonder about any opinion piece that goes out of its way to mention what a billionaire woul…
Retweeted by Like a hot bowl of grits but way more Gritty @VICE You really have to wonder about any opinion piece that goes out of its way to mention what a billionaire woul… @extremelysquid Whenever I see a Bappin' post, I've developed a terrible urge to post the picture I've been told is… @djlavoie @opinion_left @ImNotOwned Sirota is not saying that every editorial opinion passes through JB's desk befo… @neiby @djlavoie I don't get it. Does Jeff Bezos own the Washington Post and employ the editorial writers there or does he not?How could you call these 9 embarrassing sentences an opinion piece? It was barely a mental fart.
I'm getting tired of this adjudicator foil! Maybe time to do some gun-kata! Give me a gun montage!Holy shit the pawn shop scene was insane #JohnWick3Will they ever explain how a full third of Manhattan works for the international assassin industry? This wildSo this agency where all the contracts are maintained employs only Suicide Girls or something?