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Relax babe, I’ll pay
Retweeted by Teddy @lennydlin love you lenn <3
@hyunFPS @theKingFPS_ @Jonaaa6_VAL This is Golden @notdrenzn That's the only thing I need for the entire day @notdrenzn Large Sprite @neT_valorant @careertwitch NP-01 is a great mouse. Basically an ergo s-2. @fletcherrVAL clips would be nicer if you didnt use the fucking ugly fucking fan @RenZCSGO @fletcherrVAL @Jonaaa6_VAL @PlayVALORANT But like 500rr+ maybe it would be okay @Jonaaa6_VAL @PlayVALORANT I think if you are 500+ rr from someone they should not be in my game. Idk maybe it’s just me. @OKTHOOMER Unstoppable @vinnerwinner @1juniorcs OHKAAAAAY @theKingFPS_ Are you winning son
New Breach is insane @Jonaaa6_VAL Have i been keeping you up 🥺 @NlBBLER Same tbh @foreplaytv NutterI think a 2 week break was enough! 🤣 can’t wait to start grinding again!
Retweeted by Teddyme and my girl don’t argue she tell me shut up and i do
Retweeted by TeddyLETS GOOOO
I’ve been asking for this all year @etherealVAL_ that scoreline tho 🥶 @Asunaa King Asuna
@diaamondTV LETS GOOOMight just take this week off from Valorant and head back to Maplestory.This is by far the worst ranked valorant season I've ever seen.
Retweeted by TeddyRanked Solo Q this act was awful
HQ - heads 400% - 3528.0 taking an extensive break from competing, I am now exploring my options and LFT. I want to grind harder than…
Retweeted by Teddy @plat1numOG Dude if you’re lft im lft @NlBBLER 🧐 @theKingFPS_ @NobleGG Damn bro this is crazy, big vouches youre nuts @AlvinBach hey you're in my city 🧐
I'm not sorry about this and I never will be. 😂
Retweeted by Teddy @etherealVAL_ Who the fuck is screaming @LikeWhoFramedMe HOLAAAAYY @Silenx_x cop both knives @WedidOfficial @jcStani HAHAHAHAHAH @MoobsXD @MoobsXD 100% @CoachTrippy I can play lurk Reyna and lurk Jett. That should be enough. @theKingFPS_ @zekkenVAL @frostyZK I don’t even stand a chance
we back ✨ Register for the presale that starts Friday, 6/18 at noon PT.
Retweeted by TeddyEveryone playing Valorant Ranked, before you say something to you teammate, think of the following. 1.) Will it ti…
Retweeted by Teddy @Kanpeki_XD @Subroza @Guiiimond so nuts holy @psalm Lmk when you q cause Ima need some freelo @Jonaaa6_VAL When Jonaaa goes to the phantom i switch to the vandal. It’s just the law of rotation.
@CadeWarren_ @Vanityxz holy shit nice shots @Jonaaa6_VAL @plat1numOG @Schovee Why plat going triple negative on my team yelling at my teammates, and we still winning
@kevinchoiboi @XfinitySupport Well deserved @BrimstoneVal @KnightsGG @reachval_ @Kaoticcc1 @Strafe_val @dynamiicVAL @regan_travis @gee_noodle ez 4 reach @notdrenzn @mimigobye It’s always Dylan man @AYRINval @heysnav @jcStani Yeah man no way these people are actual people LMAO....
@daps @texerino @777eeiu @ANDROIDX23 @s0mcs Goodluck Daps! @glizzykevin Is this the type where you smash your homies? @ricesooo @Jonaaa6_VAL I want what I want.... @Jonaaa6_VAL How many subs for maid cosplay? @Jonaaa6_VAL You make me so proud
@NahsieTV its cause you're not on astra you guys are trying to cop artisan mousepads, they just restocked on the main website! @theKingFPS_ I just play butt naked with sandals on. Helps a lot.
@marc0era Hope you’re having the best day @LikeWhoFramedMe Best yoru in all 6500 languages
@Ban_Val No no no, you win by playing Jett/Reyna like cypher.It’s the #KnightsGauntlet: Cookout! 🦁 So we obviously had to invite a team with honor! Please welcome: @KnightsGG
Retweeted by Teddy @Kanpeki_XD you're fucking insaneTeammates in ranked mains have the fattest egos and are super toxic for 0 reason i swear ive never met a nice reyna instalock/player
Retweeted by Teddy
@theKingFPS_ Honestly lowering my expectation of my teammates has made ranked feel alot better. Can't expect everyo… @theKingFPS_ Hate when people shit talk me on streamer mode too. Like if you're gonna call me awful at least say it with your chest. @Silenx_x HOLY FUCK..... @in0X_fps @ohaaiii You’re fucking nutsAll of these fights will continue to be overhyped and boring.
Retweeted by Teddy
@YFasbo .306 800 dpiK it’s justified. I’m gonna play Jett like I play cypher for now on. Goodluck to everyone in ranked. @Kyrokana LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO👏 Please 👏 tell 👏 streamers 👏 when 👏 their 👏 audio 👏 is 👏 too low 👏 or 👏 high! 👏 Seriously, it helps us a lot bec…
Retweeted by Teddy @raxaTV @finalmouse mine hasn't shipped yet 🥲 @reddi1_ I do crunchys playlist for the most part. @ExaltVAL I’m so happy he clipped me @truoVAL You’re fucking nuts see you in Spain 😈OniPhantom.exe @SkimVal @truoVAL good stuff mani can lose in a high level/pro ranked lobby and have a lot of fun but watching my team run it down in AI lobbies no…
Retweeted by Teddy
Oni Phantom the greatest skin in Valorant and if you argue you’re just quite literally wrong.
Retweeted by Teddy @foreplaytv Nah we on that Tarkov grind after the next wipe. @LastRoundSave @HitBox_Hiros @Grinasty sad to hear with such an insane sqaud )=Need to figure out a good schedule with my streams. Been so tired streaming around my usual times that I can only p…
@kevinchoiboi Who ever put that judge clip needs a promotionGet hyped for the Red Bull Campus Clutch World Final Knockout Round with 3 top plays from last weekend’s US Final!…
Retweeted by Teddy @Jonaaa6_VAL GG no girlfriends are safe @KingMew22 @DekyFPS .306 800 dpi @tytitv should q ranked tbhBeen feeling like @DekyFPS lately @in0X_fps Caffeine pill before my workout and a coffee when I got home would usually get me through the entire day without eating. @golabrinth They’re zeeq pop 1 i believe @hirakzu .306 800 dpi OG Kudos sens @1leakcs daddy leak