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Co-host Podtoid, the official Destructoid podcast. Bumblebutt.

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@shonnaforever @krissykat814 @Limayri_Herrera @taaylorcarr Fuck off.#porn
Retweeted by Occams @intrnetdaughter Same energy. the Dragon & Idol Worship: DBZ Kakarot & TMS: #FE #twitchstream #pathtoaffiliate
Retweeted by Occamshappy birthday to Betty White deliverer of this incredible joke
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console warriors' reaction to a ps4 game coming to pc is literally the funniest shit i've seen in recent memory
Retweeted by OccamsJudging by how strong Goku is, he could use his butthole like a cigar cutter. @gazpachomachine I wear a cut off tank top with two smiley face buttons where my nipples are because I like to show… @kindlyhoe She looks like she's about a millisecond into transforming into an alien.Just overheard someone say "Donald Trump is God's gift to the USA!" and my 14 yr old son said: "Can we regift it?"…
Retweeted by OccamsLook at this point I don't know what to say anymore. Just watch Hong Kong films. Shut up and watch them all. Especi…
Retweeted by OccamsMOTHER2
Retweeted by Occams @HitCockBottom Hahahahahaha!“He inspired two tween girls to stab their best friend in the woods, but can he inspire Washington?”
Retweeted by Occams @getbent81 Good on ya buddy. Tango looks like a sweetheart. @MandaPie1981 There are ways that a home cooked meal says I love you that transcends words. @Dexter345 @JellyStilettos Ha! I hadn’t thought of it that way but absolutely.Well, fuck. Inquire here on the Twitter.
Retweeted by Occams @plasticwerewolf Not much for replaying it but I think about Rule of Rose a lot. @badboychadhoy Solid argument, Chad. Solid goddamn argument. @catscarlett That’s badass.If your dog is a vegan, then you're an asshole.
Retweeted by Occams @JellyStilettos First and only one I ever had tasted like cartoon gasoline to me.
“Look into the eyes of a chicken and you will see real stupidity. It is a kind of bottomless stupidity, a fiendish…
Retweeted by OccamsAt 10p, I'll be headlining @laughedoutfest, Las Vegas' first "Queer Comedy Festival" at @LAComedyClub in @stratvegas
Retweeted by Occams @realDonaldTrump dumbfuck @the_milk_maiden Very cool! @ThomTillis You look like you belong in a boner pill commercial.Next Fire Emblem character in Smash has already been revealed! GOES TO HELL, which I’m convinced if it were released today it would be praised for its imagination, taking t…
Retweeted by OccamsI'm at the age where unnecessary noise makes me mad.
Retweeted by OccamsWe basically all need this dog right now
Retweeted by OccamsTOMORROW is John Carpenter’s bday! To celebrate, my remaining FROM THE MIND OF THE MASTER shirts are ONLY $15 in my…
Retweeted by Occams @PuppetCombo Feel the beauty
@JellyStilettos Ha! Love how kids will just pick up anything. I remember being around that age and just checking out a dead turtle.Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham @WillCarpenterJR On the contrary, I take Pokémon lists as serious as I possibly can.Freddie MercuryThe Father, the Son, the Holy Ghost, PrinceKelly Lebrock at the end of Weird ScienceBeakmanTed Nugent piloting TruckzillaGas Station GusThe giant at the beginning of Eureeka’s Castle @gamedevjames Thanks buddy! That makes me smile.Princess Diana being introduced to Ludo at the Labyrinth Royal Premiere in 1986
Retweeted by Occams💀 Have A GREAT Night Everyone ! 💀 ✌🏻💀👍🏻
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Metal MarioMoanaGene Hackman at the end of the birdcageArgos Panoptes, the hundred-eyed giant of Argolis in the Peloponnese.The dancing guy from Mighty Mighty BosstonesDavid BowieSonic SpinballSuper Mario Bros. 3Southwestern egg rollsNewt Gingrich @JellyStilettos Nice call. Very nice. Great memories of mom cooking in the kitchen and dancing then and Roy Orbison… @RealSillyOwl @katztration @hensoncompany @netflix I’d love a Dark Crystal dynamic theme for my PS4 but I’m thrille… @thisisweedies For me, it’s when I have good forearm days. Can’t knock a good set of forearms.Citizens of Thra: Now you can customize your @netflix profile with exclusive Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance avatar…
Retweeted by OccamsGhost don't know if there's an afterlife but if there is, I sure hope it has waterslides.grimes really let this guy raw dog it huh
Retweeted by OccamsIn case you missed it, I released my 2nd album of the year, CHIPS III. 10 excellent (in my opinion :p) chiptune tra…
Retweeted by Occams16th century graffiti carved into the cells of the Tower of London by prisoners awaiting execution.
Retweeted by OccamsNew LSU Stadium Shuttle Transports Tigers Fans Back To Woods
Retweeted by OccamsLaughed so hard I farted. @realDonaldTrump dumbfuckHere’s a bunch of old lyrics from when paper existed. I’ll try to get this right - ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Basic Cable⁣⁣ 9-5ers Anth…
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@TheRealZenatura @slimyswampghost“The devils been fed” im crying 😂
Retweeted by OccamsIn the 1930s French artist and astronomer Lucien Rudaux (1874 -1947) created illustrations of what humans might loo…
Retweeted by Occams @slimyswampghost Ugh, you are so fucking awesome at this shit! I love it! Horrifying and it makes me slow clap in my head.#QueenMother #ChurchofSHESUS #BossLady #BookofMarsha #DivaDeluxe #GrownAssWoman #HighPriestess #RevMarsha
Retweeted by Occams @rixor14 Couldn’t agree more! Some of my favorite cartoons were only on Liquid Television way back when. @FunkyBroMedina Those are some badass flea market finds!I feel the pain of everyone, then I feel nothing. @ZackFurniss Like pennies and decay.Mom’s Head Rotates Demonically After Passing Sign For Antique Wicker Furniture
Retweeted by OccamsThere’s three types of girls and I’m all three.
Retweeted by Occams👻💍🖐🏻
Retweeted by Occams @aimes_sweethrt D’aww! That makes me smile!
#movie of the day Son in Law (1993) Having a taste of college life, a drastically changed farm girl returns home…
Retweeted by OccamsThis trading spaces episode still makes me laugh so hard
Retweeted by OccamsDid you know about Puppet Combo merch?
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Retweeted by OccamsLook, even if I wasn’t 6’4” this would be unacceptable. you mean to tell me , Willy Wonka sent golden tickets AROUND THE WORLD, and 5 WHITE children got them all?!?!!
Retweeted by OccamsTonight's radio notes.
Retweeted by OccamsMy Bandcamp: 43 Albums. Hundreds of songs ^^
Retweeted by OccamsAlphadeus - Hero Sandwich King (2018) Available on my Bandcamp (link to follow). Look for the album with the cat o…
Retweeted by OccamsAh, the 3AM bread craving. That’s a siren’s song I know all too well. @realDonaldTrump dumbfuck
Retweeted by Occams @TWIT_ANTHONY @realDonaldTrump Okay dude, talking like that makes me have to say bye bye bye.Taking orders at
Retweeted by OccamsWon a radio contest and got to pick from their vault. you're wearing socks and you step in something wet
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