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Editor at JIMMY Patterson Books. Mostly jokes + booktalk. Very gay. Witch-lover, dog guncle, jovial. He/him. Tweets do not reflect the opinion of my employer.

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@ChristaHeschke I can’t do it! It’s voluntary torture! @craverett You have enough to be irritated about right now without watching the debate! 😂I don't know who needs to hear this, but stop watching the debate! You know who you're voting for (Biden) and it's… tweet was inspired by me. 🦉 I am a good colleague/friend. @appifanie MY FUTURE EX! 😅 @mimi_albert I’m soooo the exact opposite. If you send me to the store I will probably call at least 5-10x to make… worst part is that the request was in writing. Me: No, I said “NOT birthday cake!” Him: I didn’t see the “not… Honey, while you’re out will you get me some Halo Top? Anything but birthday cake flavor. Roy (upon returning)…
@salvucciodamico! @weredawgz 😂😂😂 @weredawgz From what I always gathered, they each had jobs they did but for her birthday they switched because they… of Mutiny is now on goodreads! If you love epic sea adventures, twisty secrets, swoony forbidden romance, & g…
Retweeted by T.S. Ferguson, but socially distant @PrestonSNorton Whatever ends up happening, Preston, I'll be there for the next 6 months, and I promised @lscribs I… are so much fun 🤣😭🤣
Retweeted by T.S. Ferguson, but socially distant @ALRutter @jenazantian Def! My first thought was “my lead title better still get lead title treatment!” @MikalebRoehrig @ca_london I hate that too, but I usually just call it out and say “I swear I thought I was followi… When an imprint closes or downsizes, it usually doesn’t mean authors will lose their current contracts. Publi…
Retweeted by T.S. Ferguson, but socially distant @_DooleyNoted_ Labradoodle @LitAgentKelly Oh no! I hope he’s ok! @HillaryMonahan We are legion! @HillaryMonahan Roy hasn’t been able to stop me. You’re not gonna be able to stop Dave ‘n’ Becky. 😈😈😈 @HillaryMonahan @TheAdamSass 😂😂😂
NARF! Hope we didn't miss too much while we were gone! All-new episodes of #Animaniacs premiere November 20, only o…
Retweeted by T.S. Ferguson, but socially distantLittle baby spotted out in the wild!!
Retweeted by T.S. Ferguson, but socially distant @cmandrewslit @KosokoJackson It would be an honor to be co-tagonists in a book with you, Kosoko!This fits with my fantasy of myself. @MiaSiegert @cmandrewslit @jgnoelle An angel of death, judging by the look she's giving you/the camera. 😆 @cmandrewslit @ashkalexander @EmeryLeeWho 😂😂😂 sorry not sorry! @cmandrewslit @jgnoelle OMG the meow! @cmandrewslit No, OMG! Going to look now!post an OOC frame of animation that seems fine, but with context will emotionally wreck a person… @cmandrewslit She’s so beautiful! I can’t!!! @DerekMilman I feel like we need to hang out once the plague has gone away! BYO conical hat! 😜 @DerekMilman All three are personal faves! I’m a witch connoisseur! @IllustratorErin @HillaryMonahan @beth_phelan With all due respect this is either a major misreading or a complete… at noon today! Enter here for one of the first signed Daughter of Sparta ARCs!
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The paperback cover for A PHOENIX FIRST MUST BURN is gorgeous! Looks like I’ll be buying another copy! @whimsicallyours @BrittSiess @owlyjules Yeah it’s really difficult! I loved it though. It fed the tenacious side of me that is deter… @BrittSiess @owlyjules Im playing through Hollow Knight for the third time, and I’m almost done. Just stubbornly tr… @mixbecca OK but don’t go on sun with it until I’m acquiring again! (Jk I know I can’t ask that.) @jennyleeSD TequilaIf you voted for Biden already or you will, please retweet this status. I would just love to see how much positive energy is out there.
Retweeted by T.S. Ferguson, but socially distant @cmandrewslit @CasieBazay YES! Omg so good!✨SIX MONTH GIVEAWAY✨ 6 months from today Witches will be out 🤯. How about curling up in bed with a UK arc this spo…
Retweeted by T.S. Ferguson, but socially distant @ALeeMartinez I don’t think this is just “bad art” though. This person has clearly never seen breast before.I just want to have a few words with the dude who drew this app game art. And it’s obvious it was drawn by a cishet… @craverett @lscribs @LitAgentKelly @RedPenKaitlyn @annmrose @author_analieze @ZREllor @Sashadug @danieljdenning Y’ALL... 👀👀👀 Goodreads is going a giveaway for CAN’T TAKE THAT AWAY!!! Enter to win a copy of the arc!!! 💚💜💚💜…
Retweeted by T.S. Ferguson, but socially distant @Shekels_Library I would never! Also I will DM you on Facebook to tell you the details of mine bc it’s probably VERY different. LOL! @Shekels_Library OMG I am too! Well, mine is a short story, and I’ve written a sentence, but still. @LevACRosen @KosokoJackson @PenguinBooks @trishap00 I haven’t read Thinner. I’ve read a ton of King but still have gaps in his classics.
I think I’m giving up on reading Misery. I love the movie and a lot of King novels but this one is a SLOG for me! 😔Check out the new home so a bunch of James Patterson Presents titles!
Retweeted by T.S. Ferguson, but socially distantMe: Can I have a kiss? Roy: I need to eat something! Me: OK, but I reserve the right to be your dessert. Roy: I hav… @cmandrewslit, author of Daughter of Sparta
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Retweeted by T.S. Ferguson, but socially distantI would love to run my own YA and MG imprint focused on queer stories across genres and across the spectrum and inc… @KylieSchachte @jimmy_books Happy birthday, Kylie!!Time for my very first ARC Giveaway! For a chance to win a SIGNED Daughter of Sparta ARC, you need to RT this tweet…
Retweeted by T.S. Ferguson, but socially distantTechnically the SECOND publisher to restructure while trying to publish HOPEPUNK (the same thing happened at Disney…
Retweeted by T.S. Ferguson, but socially distantOne of my sister’s dogs is obsessed with coffee and always trying to drink hers, gets very upset when she doesn’t l… @amerygwong @Megan_Manzano My Sister the Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite!!!! Also Daisy Jones and the Six. The Virgin Suic…! 😱 me up, Haunting of Hill House! hasn’t been written yet. @molly_cusick
My boyfriend is always talking about how he hates his caveman brow ridge. Today I said to him, “you’re not a Neande… @AlyssaJennette I would never make the jump unless I was prepared for it to be a long-term career path. I do think… my god! My roommate’s phone is malfunctioning so it isn’t showing the right time of day, and he just woke up and… @FanTCbooks I’m not open to submissions. I’m looking for a job. I’m hoping to one day be open to submissions again. @LevACRosen True but the assistant agents don’t make shit for pay, from what I’ve heard. @Jemiscoe 😭😭😭 @RedPenKaitlyn @TheAdamSass I thought the idea of him showing up in the photo was to show that the hotel had captured his soul. I… @literarypenny @MelissaLaurenE (Liking that for solidarity not bc I actually like this fact.) @RCBooky They. I’m not an agent—I’m an editor and do not have the fortitude for multiple jobs and side hustles and… @JPiperLee It will be worth the diabetes much body will inevitably develop (thanks mom, for those genetics)! @MelissaLaurenE @literarypenny What is dental? What are teeth! 😂😂😭😭 @HerringAli Y’all are superheroes! I don’t think I could do it. @literarypenny Yeah, I was gonna say. And even if there’s health insurance, I’ve heard there’s almost never dental. 😡 @MandyHubbard And aren’t the salaries still, like, below $30k or around there? So lowwww! I could never juggle a pu… @MelissaLaurenE That just makes me worship agents all the more. I COULD NEVER!Someone suggested I consider agenting as a new career path bc I’m such an author advocate. I’d consider it but...ho… @bobcorrigan @LitAgentKelly PUBLISHING Jesus, not BUDDY Jesus! 😂 @whimsicallyours @Claribel_Ortega 😂😂😂 @whimsicallyours I thought it was Scaldwell. 😜 @Claribel_OrtegaNot that I’m not enjoying watching the support for my team on Twitter but it’s both amusing and baffling to me how… because I’ve seen this question a lot today...the contracted JIMMY books will still be published. @ACOTARandTOG They’ll still be published
@whimsicallyours @_smromero @candacebuford @_smromero The contracted books will still be published. @_smromero @whimsicallyours To be fair, they may have been planning to make an announcement at some point. But that… @kelseeoh They’ll still be published.