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Shitty jokes and half-assed drawings. Smug tomboys a specialty. Home of the tombot!

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@22Ponczos oh... well there's something to look forward to. @RiRiLoLoArts1 I got my first shot in my dominant arm, but it just felt a bit bruised. This time though, I'm glad I… @S_C_Anon >the plush's eye colours matches hers @22Ponczos you know what I just might. if I can lift my arm high enough to get into the medicine cabinetWell, I got my 2nd pfizer shot today, and I reckon I won't be able to get much work done the next few day because m… @Nortuet I got this gem. @Nortuet I still get rid of the worst ones.are you obese — Sorry to disappoint you but no. @teelokay
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Who is hiding in the window in your Tilly drawing from a few weeks ago? — Avery, of course. thoughts on Helltaker? — I ASPIRE to Helltaker. Not so much the gameplay, the gameplay is serviceable, but the… does she looks like they pricticed chinese foot binding on her — Silhouette mostly. A bit of stylistic flourish… @BiggusDicckkus "thief calls you a selfish gatekeeping asshole for locking your doors" mood @BiggusDicckkus It's definitely valid to keep people out who want to change something for their own selfish desires… boob day! I don't draw big boobs all that often so this'll have to do."gatekeeping is bad" "so you just want to let fascists and racists and bigots in your community?" "wtf that's not g… might be an idiot for not realizing sooner that there are genuinely people who believe gatekeeping means "keep ne… @XaGueuzav Very much a fashion thing, one of the primary wearers of armour with codpieces would be Henry VIII. If I… @SeiberSaiban Maybe next time I draw her 🤔 @DrunkRembrancer doesn't matter got paid I did rather enjoy JK Simmons though. @EOCharyb I think i saw like five minutes of that review and figured it'd be a good movie to watch while I do somet… @JOSIETST well yeah, what other effect would killing the whitespikes at the climax of the film have? either they di… @JOSIETST Their time travel rules were really poorly thought out. okay, you can only travel between these two peri… movie simultaneously tries to do a whole "yay science" and "yay military" message and it feels rather off to me… the end fight is just a constant self-sacrifice fakeout. Not to mention that the aliens are virtually bulletpro… the end they end up doing that, but the fact that they didn't set up a logistics system to do that IN THE FIRST… whole base premise of "we're recruiting people from the past to fight in the future" is so fucking silly. Why n… @brownstoneadd The producers I think.Watched the tomorrow war last night. What a silly movie.
Wait, I am getting mixed messages from this whole story. Just to clarify: this specific person is not the owner? —… @FisherPuff One hell of a start! Cute!Thought I'd start off my account by drawing Avery! (Character belongs to @Teelokay)
Retweeted by Teelokay @RCat1988 @theDei68 Exactly! @JonTronShow Part 1 of 78 @inkfycreates Congratulations! @smirkytrick Well yes but no.
@TGExterminator Yeeeeeeees!The presentation will begin soon 👀
Retweeted by Teelokay @ArchonOf No worries you're cool. @imptasticles Them's some quality lines. @Betas_Inferno I think if they tried to teach you anything about negotiation you'd actually come out of it knowing less.i don't know much of her i only saw that one fanart. so what is she exactly a nadroid that adapted a different pr…… @theDei68 I've made it clear in the past. you goona give us a tomboy with some muscles? — Maybe, I'd have to up my abs-game though. avery adapt to become a slut bot or was she always a slut — Hate to break it to ya, she was never a slut. Only… results but not unexpected. I feel sorry for everyone who's waiting for smut. gave you the idea of giving Liz the power to expand her titties? Is there also a limit to how big they can g…… doodle
Retweeted by TeelokayWhy does Cass have such fat fucking tiddies — Good genes. better explanation: at one point I wanted Cass to be an… Eda 😌👌
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I discovered you through the Emmy the Robot fandom so I only know about Avery so far, can you give me a quick run…… @VengefulMadness I still really want to do a version of that but I haven't found a good opportunity yet @Ednais69 that was the inspiration!Jenny doodle @EmpressFlesh twitter poll limitations.Dear followers: Why do you follow me?warming up with a new hairstyle for Liz on skateboards, golfers running the marathon, weightlifters swimming and ping pong players with shotgunsIdea: the Olympics, but at the start every athlete is assigned a random sport to compete in.
Frankie! 🍸 Voted by my patrons.
Retweeted by TeelokayI get why you chose tomboys, but what inspired the robot aspect? — Oh, before I invented Avery I had been a regular… @dekumancer This turned out great! I adore it!She’s so cute I had to give it a shot! @teelokay Hope ya like it ! 🥰
Retweeted by TeelokayCan you draw Avery firmly grasping balls — I certainly can. Amazing idea hear me out, Trans tomboy — Sounds like a good idea, I'm excited to see what you do with it. are we still here? — just to enjoy tomboys? are awesome. But WHY exactly? — strong hands to hold my balls with. @Marcel_Hampel It's been awhile!~ Thank you for the thread!! I'm Lex and I'm a freelance illustrator! I draw magica…
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Retweeted by Teelokay @teelokay Table 7 needs their order.
Retweeted by TeelokayIf i take of your bellyscrew. what happen to next? — You now have a bellyscrew. you please give me canonical RGB values for Avery's pre- and post-tomboy hair colors? And also are her eyes b…… and ... a very slutty Marie. @Tamaki41383473 Supposedly this was a thing before the Cosby allegations, so mixed. All in all the entire situation… @FrizeUwU "people are saying I knew about the events at blizzard and didn't report on them. They're wrong, the trut…
@Detnox_nsfw @Magra215 @DisabledFetus Cute! Lewd! @duane_moody started with wendigoon and found my way to the casual criminalist. @Arkeus_165 Yes! supposedly the only person to have made an actual video on the flesh pit. @SirBadOpinions @Bolverk15 shit's been going on for over a decade and for some unfathomable reason they NEVER wrote… my day watching a youtube video about mystery flesh pit national park and now I'm just listening to some br… @KroneckrDeltaPi Aye, shit gets you riled up. All in all, my sympathies go to the victims, innocents and employees…'m gonna stop tweeting about the activision blizzard thing now, before I pop a vein.Any song recommendations? — most anything by Sabaton, Powerwolf, Beast in Black and Battle Beast. Big metalhead lik…, how fucking disingenuous do you have to be to accuse your current detractors as gamergate? The abuse hap… say there’s two Avery’s, one good one evil, how does her owner figure out which ones the real one? — By the go… @ConfusionPlus @Lysande50061947 Because I doubt he is truly ill-intentioned, but I am quite certain he's subversive… far as frequency of drawing goes, do you simply draw as often what feels natural to you, or did you ever have …… was the biggest realization you had about yourself? — Ooh, tough one. I've had a few of those. One of the big… a bit of colour practice!
Retweeted by Teelokay @PeakVergil @Lysande50061947 Not to my knowledge. He's written at least one article about how bad the working condi… @Marshal_Dov @Magra215 He openly admitted he heard rumours about it. That speaks volumes. @Lysande50061947 But in doing so, the abuse is allowed to continue and get worse. Because the end goal, and mitigat… @Lysande50061947 No, that's not it. He's pursuing an agenda. His end goal is noble enough: for workers to unionize… @Lysande50061947 Perhaps, but I think in Jason's case it's more likely that he doesn't want the gaming industry to… @ModernWarzone *Industry @SirBadOpinions @PandasAndVidya Upton Sinclair but without the spine. @Magra215 And isn't that exactly what we have journalists for? Gaming needs more journalists who are actively host… @Magra215 But it seems clear that he's only willing to report on the dirty goings-on of the industry as long as 1)…