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Tegan and Sara @teganandsara Vancouver, British Columbia

High School – our first memoir. Hey, I’m Just Like You – our ninth studio album.

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I couldn’t agree more. Only wear @LOVELOUDfest merch! Look good and support an incredible cause! 👇👇👇🌈🌈🌈🌈 are passionate about the work @TransLifeline does. They have an important fundraiser on currently. See the thre… can also show your support for #LGBTQ women and girls by purchasing our newest collaboration, this awesome shir… @teganandsarafdn, or visit for more info about the work we're doing, and to find out… to each and every one of you who has volunteered, donated, or spread the mission of @teganandsarafdn to your…'s been an inspiring and touching 3 years doing this work, hearing your stories, meeting so many #LGBTQ youth and… @teganandsarafdn 3 years ago was one of the most exciting and nerve wracking things we've ever done! We ho…
One of the best parts was hearing from our beneficiaries at LGBTQ+ summer camp @bravetrails like Cooper, who shared… additional thanks to our in-kind sponsors @titosvodka, @donutfriend and @shakeshack, as well as the amazing Corr… @teganandsarafdn @SonyATVMusicPub @TerrorbirdMedia @Teva @LindseyByrnes Massive thank you to our label… you see me out in the wild this holiday season, I'll be in THIS shirt. It's incredibly soft. I might've slept in… Monday Monday.Watching @SHO_TheLWord premiere of Generation Q tonight and hope you will too. Fun fact: My mom bought me the first…
It was such a pleasure reading excerpts from our memoir to you at our shows and events this year. What chapter woul… @ShamirBailey We have your back always. Even against demons.
Have you toured our high school bedrooms yet? Dive into some serious 90s queer teen culture at talked High School with @BestFitMusic when we were in London. Photo by Mathew Parri Tho…👇❤️
This is so cool! @OurShelvesKids is making it easier for families + teachers to affirm and introduce multicultural,… three years of @teganandsarafdn’s work supporting LGBTQ+ women and girls. Thank you @SonyATVMusicPub
We told @Under_Radar_Mag about our favourite all-time albums, at least one of us did. Read about it in Issue 66.… to you both @thefawz + @BlairImani Thank you for supporting @teganandsarafdn AND for this incredible GIF!… YOU'RE a legend. But I agree, people should definitely go follow @teganandsarafdn and learn about the work we're…
Contribute to a great cause and win a meet and greet plus 2 tix to a (yet to be announced) T&S headline show of you… @vagabonvagabon It's a fantastic song and your record continues to amaze and we love you. Carry on.As we celebrate the start of the season of giving with #GivingTuesday, please consider supporting our work to fight…👇👇👇👇👇
@wouldnotlikeme 🤦🏻‍♀️What?!?! Please email and let them know you received the w… Monday Monday.Finishing #CyberMonday strong with a Flash Sale! These two tees are 50% off until midnight EST at… by @TheStromboShow to see the coolest Canadian we know @strombo (we didn’t raid his fridge this time but we… spoke to the very cool and lovely @k_crutchfield and @aqcrutchfield for the sicccckkkkk @SheShredsMag 🎸 🥰🌈👽👽👽👽 was such a great interview! Go check it out! day of our big holiday sale! Snap up those deals, up to 30% off on select items at…
We've discounted select items 10-30% off for our sale this weekend plus we've stuffed our custom HIJLY hip sacks wi…
Need something to do this weekend? Highly recommend you watch this. @soilsoiI Probably not until January unfortunately. We bought all they tie dye house had for tour and they need to make more!We’ve got you covered in the comfy sweats department! New designs in store and 10-30% off existing items through…
🥰 @littlesteven_ug Me! @Geeorge_C You do.Same @Scaachi @RachelMatlow Same.One of our faves has got a big sale on! LGBTQ youth! AND get some rad stuff! for the chat @dhruvabalram + @nme! only thing better than a book? A signed book. @teganandsara have you covered! You can order a signed copy of…
Retweeted by Tegan and SaraTGIBF've discounted select items 10-30% off for our #BlackFriday sale, plus brand new shirts and sweats and a hip sack…
"There are sentences in this book that I’d tattoo on my skin forever." Sara Quin, co-author of @teganandsara's HIGH…
Retweeted by Tegan and Sara @arkellsmusic TRUEFiring things up for the big shopping weekend ahead! We've got some brand new items and will be offering discounts… to remember where we parked the car. Just kidding, we still don’t have driver's licenses. Photo: Taija Ande…
There are VHS receipts of the accounts in our memoir! Plus, WE narrate the audio book version, that also includes e… return of the guitar. @SheShredsMag is the coolest. Photo by @LindseyByrnes
In the grand tradition of Pop Up Video and MTV cribs, we have created a tour of our high school bedrooms for you! G… @jackantonoff Can we come?
See attached for, among other things, suggestions of songs to listen to when you're home for the holidays and avoid… Monday Monday
You can take the girls out of the 90's but you can't take the 90's out of the girls. Photo: @TrevorBrady1 dressed up and nowhere to go. Photo: @lindseybyrnes for @NylonMag
I really love Saturday.
A signed copy of our memoir High School would be a great gift don't you think? You can order #BNSignedEditions from… @alexhope @therachael Know that we will continue to try and live up to the generosity you have shown us the past tw… @alexhope @therachael But most of all thank you for seeing yourselves in the art we make. When you tell us, it make… @alexhope @therachael We are SO grateful for everything you’ve given us. For the stories, for the support, for the… @alexhope @therachael And that’s why I’m doing a thing I hate - which is posting one of these weird emotional multi… @alexhope @therachael It’s impossible for me to truly put into words how touched Sara and I are by the support, the… @alexhope @therachael The reaction has been truly heartwarming (sorry, I know I sound a hundred thousand years old,… @alexhope @therachael Your thoughts, comments, feelings, stories and support have meant so much to both Sara and me… @alexhope @therachael It’s way too soon to say what my favorite part has been so far. But I think the thing that ha… @alexhope @therachael The time since the release has flown by. It’s almost DECEMBER?!!! HOW!? There have been so ma… @alexhope @therachael All summer we worked w/ our incredible team to prepare videos, photos, artwork, + merchandise… @alexhope @therachael We are workaholics who have trouble saying NO + love piling on activities + pushing our limit… @alexhope @therachael Bringing to life the songs Sara + I had written 20 years earlier felt really, REALLY satisfyi… @alexhope But every day I looked forward to returning. We moved on to the splendid Warehouse studio the second week… months ago, the incomparable @alexhope flew to Vancouver to begin pre-production on our 9th studio album, which e…
As we head home to self soothe post-tour, you can soothe yourselves with our pre-show playlist! you this would be a denim heavy era! Photo: Taija Anderson
That's a wrap on live shows for 2019! It's always bittersweet. A huge thanks to all who came out to see the Hey, I'… we honour the memory of the transgender members of our #LGBTQ+ community who have lost their lives through ac…
Who says we don’t have fun?, we will see you tonight, our last proper show of the year! Doors at 7pm, and there is no opener, we’re…❤️🌈👋
The sun may be setting on our UK tour, but we still have one show left! See you tomorrow, Manchester! 📷: Taija Ande… chance to enter for a chance to win a copy of High School, plus Hey, I’m Just Like You on vinyl and a t-shirt!…
Top Gun Energy. 📷: Taija Anderson it to London. Love this @AnnaJaxe outside the venue. May have taken a photo or ten in front of it. 😂 only support tonight in London at @o2sbe will be emotional 🤗❤️🇬🇧. Doors at 7 and we’re on stage at 8! mini England tour is off to a strong start. Lovely audience in Brighton tonight and we had a visit from the su…
@nowthisisliving @EllenPage 😂 @lhemming02 HBD! @HampdenThompson @TheatreRoyalBTN We won’t start without you! 😉Books books books.!! Doors at 7 tonight and we’re on stage at 8. No opener, so be in your seats for showtime so you don’t miss out! 🇬🇧🔥🇬🇧🔥🇬🇧!! We’re buzzin to be here. Brighton today, London Sunday, Manchester Tuesday. 📷: Myriam… L.O.V.E this new @HayleyKiyoko song. 😘🥰😻🥳🌈🚒 📷: Taija Anderson