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Tegan and Sara @teganandsara Vancouver, British Columbia

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@teganandsara Amazing shirts! Makes me wish I had two torsos so I could wear both at the same time!!!
Retweeted by Tegan and Sara @teganandsara If you ever get to time travel and say one thing to your younger selves, I really hope it's "someday…
Retweeted by Tegan and SaraFor t-shirt club subscribers: This is your second shirt! Which one will you get?? Tegan or Sara?? If you would like… CLASS PHOTO SHIRT is here! Available in "Tegan" or "Sara." This shirt is available for a limited time only! On… love @autostraddle We think they do excellent work and give voice to so many important stories, points of view a… enjoyed this piece by @Mr_NaveenKumar I found it really moving. "There's a lot of positivity that you can ta… @teganandsarafdn works to improve the lives of LGBTQ+ women & girls. You can learn all about our work by follow…
Our EP, Hey, We're Just Like You, a collection of remixes from our recent album Hey, I'm Just Like You is OUT NOW!… footage has been sitting unused on a hard drive until now. The second I heard @matthewdear remix for 'Please He… digitizing video from our high school years, we came across Super 8 footage from 2001, taken at a band rehear… to @kimmortalart talk about their process of animating the music video for ‘I Know I'm Not The Only One’ her… the lyrics aren't prominent in the @weareshura remix of ‘I Know I'm Not The Only One’ somehow @kimmortalart… was such a fun chat! Please go watch and support @RitualsofMine !! Listen to me chat about my bedroom growing…🔥
Get a glimpse into the personal, pandemic worlds of both Tegan and Sara (with cameos from Holiday and Mickey) by wa… just updated our fundraiser for @teganandsarafdn so there are more voicemails, signed books & goodies available!… to say we were truly thrilled that they agreed to create a video for ‘I'll Be Back Someday’ off our Hey, W… met @kimmortalart at our ‘I Know I'm Not The Only One’ video shoot back in March! Kimmortal is a brilliant talen… want to be @robynkonichiwa when I grow up. of my favorite answers. ❤️🔥🌈💯 reading this list of amazing women and why they’re voting. such a blast doing @the500podcast and talking about @SineadOConnor !! Give it a listen👂 had to look up the word diaphanous and I concur... @TimMislock new remix for I Don't Owe You Anything, off our He… a chance to own one of our beloved guitars from the So Jealous era and improve the lives of LGBTQ+ women and g… made more masks! Just like before, 100% proceeds will be donated! Learn more about the masks, the amazing organi… went out dancing tonight and it was incredible. Jk. I ate chips at Sara’s then went home and read in bed. ✌️Have you seen our video for ‘I Know I’m Not The Only One’? You can watch the whole thing NOW on YOUTUBE!…
@SmartAssJen AHHHHH!!!!!! ❤️🔥⚡️🌈Register to vote. news!!!!!! can watch a video of director @VectorXing talking about his process on our Instagram page (too long for Twitter… is the new laughing. Our friends @TimMislock & @VectorXing came together to create the saddest freaking remi… @ScottHelman Honestly, I have a guy. Do you need me to send you some?
Win a piece of history and a virtual meet and greet plus help us raise funds for the @teganandsarafdn. We are set t…❤️❤️❤️🌈🌈🌈 was a total delight. Love @RitualsofMine and love talking about the past. Tune in!
@vagabonvagabon YESOur favorite song in grade ten was Set You Free by @ntrance. It was literally our outgoing message on our answering…
If you loved our last record, take a listen to our new EP, Hey, We're Just Like You! It's available everywhere now! music has always been deeply inspiring to us and has increasingly made its way into our own music over t… first remix of our band was Walking With A Ghost. It was a mashup of us and Mylo by Party Ben. We remember hear…
2020 love love this song! And love @BestCoast Go support today and help raise funds for @TrevorProject stop shopping! Click on the story below and you can see all of our new music videos and read about our new remi… + Pop have so many wonderful artists. They are waiving their revenue share today, as is Bandcamp...go support! SONG ALERT!'ll love @oceanator and what better day to fall in love than BANDCAMP FRIDAY! Go SUPPORT! independent artists! Bandcamp Fridays!!!! actually sounds exactly like dolphins jumping in and out of the ocean. I had the SAME DREAM! :) the Time by @jessy_lanza is 🔥🔥 This is your weekend soundtrack. Trust me. #NowPlayingBandcamp Fri! Go SUPPORT YOUR INDIE ARTISTS! Hi @pompomsquad love uuuuuuu wrote the songs in the 90's when we were still teenagers, and recorded them last year for our newest record. It'… remixes are now available everywhere you stream music! Go listen! new EP, Hey, We're Just Like You, is out now! This collection of remixes by @DJTracyYoung, @matthewdear,… @torreslovesyou I find this quite calming.😷💯 @adamjk 😂
2020 collaborator, brilliant artist, & friend @hi_mija remixed ‘Hello, I'm Right Here’ for our EP Hey, We're Just L…'m talking tomorrow to my friend Jim Ward on IG LIVE. We collaborated a few years ago on a tear jerker called Brok… bonus: TONS of useful things in here to assist me in my work. @fo_katie let's double check your email! Please send an email to and we will get you sorted out! - T&S MGMT @marie_d_scott let's double check your email! Please send an email to and we will get you sorted out! - T&S MGMTThe best part of using my bathroom as my studio is that I don't have to go far to go pee, which I do every 20 minutes. other artists adapt your work is a privilege. @weareshura’s beautiful remix of ‘I Know I'm Not The Only One’… friends- this is our weekly reminder to check to make sure you are registered to vote! & to check with the peopl…
2020 next track off our new EP, Hey, We're Just Like You, is I Don't Owe You Anything. @TimMislock dismantled & rebu… us wouldn't believe that one day one of the first songs we ever wrote, I'll Be Back Someday, would be remixed… man. was just on my balcony, and saw the weirdest bug. leaned in for a closer look and it was two striped flies… Club subscribers, the Zoom call email has been sent! If you don't see it, check your junk folder!T-Shirt club subscribers there is a Zoom call update coming today! Keep your eye on your email!
Do what @BestCoast says please. 👇👇
Pre-save ‘Hey, We’re Just Like You’ here: new EP is out this Friday, featuring remixes from some of our favourite producers including @DJTracyYoung ,… implore every Canadian we follow to read this. We must address the systemic racism in the RCMP but also the cultu…! @tobinlow LOL. SAME.
Wanna hear the whole track before it’s officially released? Head over to YouTube and watch the IKINTOO Music Video… have a new EP called ‘Hey, We’re Just Like You’ out on August 7th! The record is remixes from ‘Hey, I’m Just Lik…
We want to see your best yearbook photos! Upload yours to Instagram Stories, tag @teganandsara plus… hope was to emulate our high school selves in our new music video for ‘I Know I'm Not The Only One’. This is us… in Sara’s yard for the first time since a black bear joined our movie night a few weeks ago. We were just chil…
2020 wrote I Know I'm Not The Only One when we were in high school. When we heard the demo 20 years later, the melo… cast our latest video with musicians, creatives, writers and bae's from Vancouver. It was the LAST epic dance pa… LOL. Nearly perfect tweet. WHEN WILL TWITTER LET US EDIT.Yesterday Sara almost blew away inside a beach tent. I was coming back from the bathroom & multiple gusts of wind c… proud of @alexhopemusic (produced Hey, I'm Just Like You) about her work on @Alanis new record! It's out today &… new music video for I Know I'm Not the Only One has a teeny homage to Smells Like Teen Spirit at the end. fact: in the 90's I used to rollerblade to high school in wide leg pants, with a white plastic chain that hung…