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new way of the samurai game is really good @vibecheka pulitzer prize for this oneDear God give him whatever he wants
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god @graphicsogre makes the best worms maps
Retweeted by TegiminisPushed game live on Steam and Itch, which feels surreal. We've…
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@wyrdsnake yeah, they are releasing a pve-only mode soon actually, might be the first legit pve brjust went outside to see how the place looked... so creepy how empty the streets are in these times😔
Retweeted by Tegiminisfuck it new game time CONCRETE GARDEN, in which you are the last plant after the end of the world…
Retweeted by Tegiminisnot sure why there hasn't been a "pve-only battle royale". seems like a natural fit for the genre. mw remake specia… @binkuru i wonder if their purge of hollowed lair scores from the stats table fucked with the drop rate @itschuckjohnson lmao i didn't hear about that god bless新モーションの「かっこいい着地」ですが、 一部女性キャラ、特にココさんの前で行うと それはそれはやべえ事になります #コードヴェイン #PS4share
Retweeted by Tegiminisquarantine is just making me wish i had a home instead of a studio apartment
people crowing about "oh no we're destroying the economy! better go back to work!" inevitably lack the imagination… MaRkEtPlAcE oF iDeAs guy talks about how economically literate he is. tell me: what do you think will happen to the economy if NINE… @JesseKellyDC so you'd ignore epidemiologists lollol it's patriotic to spread an incredibly infectious virus that kills people. these people are so fucking stupid made a destiny 2 meme i hope all of you enjoy it @stalinfan69 while this guy extremely sucks and i hate him, it's clear in the context of the tweet chain that he's taking the pissim sorry what?????? sorry for the long pause i was processing
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@lmichet powerful dork energy, i love itbank mote
Retweeted by Tegiminisgood morning!
Retweeted by Tegiminisif coronavirus happened in 10 years ago we'd be seeing shit like this
Retweeted by TegiminisHOW #ADHD AFFECTS MY FRIENDSHIPS: - plan to respond to text later, wait too long, don’t respond - interrupt a lot -…
Retweeted by TegiminisHOW #ADHD AFFECTS MY WORK LIFE: - difficulty focusing/prioritizing - hate admin work - always late, even when i get…
Retweeted by Tegiminis @Kite_Moonwall Vibrating on the good wavelength for youI've never screamed so loud #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
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Here are some current things I have written. Recently I had the chance to play Eliza and analyze the increasing shi…
Retweeted by TegiminisHere's another. Comedy is such a subjective experience, especially in an interactive context. What makes a comedy g…
Retweeted by TegiminisFolks, Holly is a brilliant writer and extremely cool person. You definitely want her writing on YOUR gaming public… @dirtbagboyfren this industry is built on the backs of exploited people who were used up and tossed away in service… @Mechazawa downvote @artdecaderoo God I wish I could rt thisi feel like this is a pretty good score @winnersusedrugs yeah what's going on
I'm feelin like Will...
Retweeted by Tegiminis @slimekat good ol chy-byeSign this Petition if you think WA Governor Inslee needs to immediately Suspend Rent, Mortgage, Utility Payments Du…
Retweeted by TegiminisTime lapse video of a horseshoe crab molting! This baby is a couple years old in the video.
Retweeted by Tegiminis @tegiminis one time $1200 payment for people with ssid only, paid in may, taxed. it’s essentially worthless
Retweeted by Tegiminisyo hollywood! check THIS out! *flops over face forward, lies still, becomes dust over the course of 100 years and is separated by the wind*
Retweeted by Tegiminiscan someone give me a lowdown on what's in the coronavirus stimulus bill because it's fucking 880 pages long and al… @justus_joey @ebecker404 @Joshua4Congress @RentStrike2020 lol you are way out of your element dude. maybe if you'd… @justus_joey @ebecker404 @Joshua4Congress @RentStrike2020 I see you know nothing of theory and want to look smart @spookypooky202 @ebecker404 @Joshua4Congress @RentStrike2020 lol @Marsucats @MiniShane @spookypooky202 @ebecker404 @Joshua4Congress @RentStrike2020 tenant's unions.
the trump administration right now, looking at coronavirus projections that devastate the country: "so how can we f… landlord apologist says shit like "yeah but what about my grandfather who rents out, at 50% market, his luxur… @ebecker404 @Joshua4Congress @RentStrike2020 If landlords need to eat they should get an actual job instead of livi… American government giving every household $1,200 is just enough to cover about 64% of one months rent in an av…
Retweeted by TegiminisDamn If That Ain’t Right!!!
Retweeted by TegiminisFYI: The name BodyCount came from the LA TV News.. When they would say how many kids were killed in Gang Homicides…
Retweeted by TegiminisThis is a story that @ReadeAlexandra has been trying to tell since it happened in 1993. It's a story about sexual a…
Retweeted by Tegiminis📜 Dispatch 2 - Lordship of Hagmeer 🖊️ A Brief Profile A secret dispatch has been delivered for our supporters (Agit…
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can’t stop thinking about this couple who had to make a fake lap for their clingy cat so they could get work done
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@ramiznoodles @existentialcoms lol "landlords doing maintenance"obsessed with hands nowsome drawpile doom doodles
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@ADLysis just went affiliate and I was his first sub! @AdriftClan forever!!!! Go sub to him on
Retweeted by Tegiminiswhen you're an anxious mess with imposter syndrome but you put on tough airs and keep on surviving @tegiminis let doomguy not fuck in peace
Retweeted by Tegiminislet the doomguy be silent. please. i'm begging you bethesda @andrewrstine the doom comic was truly a monkey's paw curling inward moment. who knew that this long after it would… @andrewrstine i just watched a youtube video of it and I'M MADapparently the phrase "rip and tear" is all over doom eternal and i'm not really happy aboput it WHY DOES THE DOOMG… Hours cut, everyone in my social circle out of a job, trying to care for a girlfriend with medical debt, a…
Retweeted by TegiminisStriving Fuckdeep
Retweeted by Tegiminishey folks i am opening a patreon. not sure if it's a good idea to do this during a global pandemic but hey gotta st…
Retweeted by Tegiminis @ag_radley Thank you for taking covid precautionsHaven't been tweeting, instead I've been gaming. Gamer recluse. @weeaboo Damn the mittani really in trouble nowlol airbnb landlords are losing their minds because people canceled their trips due to the uh. global pandemic
Retweeted by TegiminisHow I invite people into my underground cemetery:
Retweeted by Tegiminisplague peasant
Retweeted by TegiminisTo celebrate the fall of capitalism I made a new game! Stock Jump! How far you can jump from plunging stocks? Made…
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lmao wtf it’s a piece of paper with a code on it!
Retweeted by Tegiminisone trillion dollar coins seems like a national treasure sequeli also have music on bandcamp. it doesn't cost anything but hey, whatever @hideous_pizza seems like work count me outWHAT THE FUCK I THOUGHT IT WOULD STOP ME
Retweeted by Tegiminis @AdriftClan WEEK 2 LET'S GO!!!!!! first card too! @AdriftClan @ADLysis
Me two weeks ago: Dems have a lot of leverage and should use it to make sure the coronavirus response is big, flexi…
Retweeted by Tegiminisalphinaud is a piss babyHey. Trying to make something out of all of this. If you can help, or just share, I’d really appreciate it.
Retweeted by TegiminisKnow your bats. (Credit: @PepomintNarwhal)
Retweeted by Tegiminis @IngrahamAngle got some bad news about pandemics for yougood morning let's get these heads
Retweeted by Tegiminisme, smoking weed while my brain gets annihilated by reading twitter 8 hours a day: yeah true"how does this personally benefit me" is the biden voter take. as morally repugnant as being right wingcentrists blame leftists for not forgoing their principles like centrists did long ago @tyronerodriguez do not work for this man @weeaboo i looked and you're gonna get the fancy top ten title, good on uMe and the boys practicing social distancing
Retweeted by TegiminisTake it from @jonathansfrakes... #bydhttmwfi
Retweeted by Tegiminisjust got a notice from my non-profit landlord about how there's a moratorium on evictions but the moment it's lifte…
Stay safe my friends. Stay Strong Bernie. We need you.
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