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Jeremy Pipa @tehfrozenthrone Veggie patch of Biggie Smalls

Pretending to make it as an anime-watcher. #RideTheMob

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Retweeted by Jeremy PipaRandom thoughts of who'd I loan my Xenoblade definitive edition too even though I don't care because I own it digitally..
I like I Am Setsuna, it's basically the plot of FFX@ all Apex Legends players. @SweetTea162 Oh that's awesome, I have it on my list! Thank you! @jordanfisher Damn you really that dude, Jordan! @BedsideMartini @dj_roomba00 Don't forget the beard. @Mark_Kinter We were not, crisis averted. @dj_roomba00 I knew you hated SoundCloud for another reason...just couldn't hack it.. @Slasher We made it boisMegan & Cardi would knock ur ass out in .5 seconds
Retweeted by Jeremy Pipa @ff_thee @TheRazoredEdge Why nitpick it? Let him play the game lolTarget locked - #DCFanDome - August 22. #suicidesquadgame
Retweeted by Jeremy Pipa @SweetTea162 That music 😍, strong Samurai Champloo vibes!Team does anyone know if we're out of margarita mix? WHO would have that knowledge off the top of their head??Control's Alan Wake DLC expansion launches on August 27, 2020 #StateofPlay.
Retweeted by Jeremy PipaI know it's silly when people start talking about their GotYs this early in the year... but this is a NIOH year. I…
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Suns fans watching their team stay undefeated in Orlando
Retweeted by Jeremy Pipa @KeyBladeGX @awesomesonyfact @PlayStation Indie dev???Wear A Mask ✌🏻
Retweeted by Jeremy Pipa @Blankzy_ Twitch holding the L on this one. @Azmonde @BedsideMartini Good thing I'm not claiming to know anything, I'm sure I'll be in for even more of a whirl… of you think that I should be spending less time tweeting and more time working on the servers or bug-fixing…
Retweeted by Jeremy Pipa @BedsideMartini WOOOOOOO @BedsideMartini That 1 tap longbow finish. 🥴 @BedsideMartini @BedsideMartini Halfway thru 2 right now, much shorter than the first but just saw two of the scouts reveal themselves as titans too 😬 @BedsideMartini At this rate I don't know if I have with all this shit going on!! I feel like I've been focused but ffsEveryone's a titan....?
Win #ApexLegends #PS4share win #ApexLegends #PS4share win #ApexLegends #PS4share #ApexLegends #PS4share blindfire #ApexLegends #PS4share @KUUROmusic Cutest eboy hair I've ever seen 🥺, pre-saving! @Monstercat @FortniteGame Hell yeah! That's so dang cool! am rank 1 funny mother fucker on Apex Legends and Twitch, let's go baby - ShivGPS 2020 @craymusic WE LOVE BEEF SO MUCH @Azmonde Pretty great so far, gotta catch up before they start airing the final! @GoldGloveTV Was glorious @Azmonde Moments ago! @Azmonde on Titan season 1 finished!If Eren doesn't finish this bitches ass before this season ends.. @ShivFPS I can't wait lmaoooFortnite with @DrLupo
Retweeted by Jeremy PipaHorizon Zero Dawn: The Comic Series Issue #1 is out TODAY! 🙌✨ Which cover(s) are you planning to pick up?
Retweeted by Jeremy Pipa @MrGrimmmmz @CDNThe3rd Hmmm....Interesting. @AnthonyKongphan @CDNThe3rd Hmmm....Interesting. @dakotaz Sypher is happy! @teamsecret @zai_2002 Happy birthday lad! 🎂 @AnthonyKongphan @CDNThe3rd Hmmm....Interesting. @MrGrimmmmz @CDNThe3rd Hmmm....Interesting.
Mannnnn, titan on titan crime is FIRE! @BedsideMartini I'm uncomfortable.Damn, they really killed Petra like 3 episodes after I first glimpsed her? @BedsideMartini PARDON? @BedsideMartini Who in the flippity fuck knows! @BedsideMartini Music focused tik tok! @dj_roomba00 Like, just 4 bars on a page and no other data or keys? @dj_roomba00 Why does the data on those sheets look like the most thrown together presentation possible. @TeamBandL @MUSTDIEmusicDefinitely thought that female titan crushed Reiner but then his ass spun out of it???IF I CAN WEAR A MASK ON STAGE GOIN NUTS FOR AN HOUR AND NEARLY DYING OF HEAT EXHAUSTION ALMOST EVERY SHOW, YOU CAN…
Retweeted by Jeremy Pipa @AzureBaron Mmmm I guess so, as long as you're enjoying it.A redhead on the scout team??There goes baseball. "MLB postpones 'Field of Dreams' game after 13 Cardinals players and staffers test positive… @kyr_mk 5pm is still too early LOL @AzureBaron Yes, I have. Only thing I feel much in it is Zelda honestly in the open world facet but they came out… *eats* 10 mins later My fat ass: I want something sweet 🥺
Retweeted by Jeremy Pipa @AzureBaron Not sure I see the comparison, but it's my 3rd fav game. Too good
@Litt1eR3d @gabbyinnit @littlered 2015 ripBout to need my own TP for a daily bathroom trip at work with this - 1 ply they use. @TheRazoredEdge @GearsofWar Savage Grenadier and Flame Grenadier while you're at it 🥺 @GearsofWar That skin set looks awesome! @BedsideMartini My Mondays usually aren't so bad tbh @CharOnTwitch Beeeeeeeeepthis is a stream click, i dare you
Retweeted by Jeremy Pipa @adam_friish @MedasinMusic The ones after Unity are the best they've been in years...
Nintendo fans, if the TF2 community can survive 3 years of silence from the devs, you can survuve 4 months without a direct jesus christ
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Retweeted by Jeremy Pipa @AsblSlater @EsportsGears @GearsofWar So don't buy it?🌹🖤
Retweeted by Jeremy Pipa @visionofviii MORNINGI still want a Pokemon Auto-chess style game nintendo
Retweeted by Jeremy Pipa @BedsideMartini @Gothalion @PaulTassi @Forbes Yup!! @annayvettemusic America is the explanation.. @Gothalion @PaulTassi @Forbes Saw an article about this when it came out, super cool.Cashier: “The receipt is in the bag” Me: “You too”
Retweeted by Jeremy PipaIs Mikasa supposed to be the bae of Attack on Titan? @jahadprincess Waow headset twinning
@forestminish Golden Sun and Pokémon Stadium easy. @iamBrandonTV He made the account just for you, Brandon!musical chairs but make it worse... w my #acnhclowns ofc #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
Retweeted by Jeremy Pipa @JustBububu Still haven't figured it out.WHAT. THE. FUCK.
Retweeted by Jeremy Pipa @calebhart42 LET'S GO @Classify @Viperous We have no choice but to stan. @Classify BYE DISCORD