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I'm a bitch, I'm a tease, I'm a goddess on my knees. When u hurt, When u suffer, I'm ur angel undercover. I've been numb, I'm revived, Can't say I'm not alive.

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@surajhoonmain @beastoftraal @Sanginamby @poojaambekar04 Yes, she is marathi. Also look at the "news reports" on th… @surajhoonmain @beastoftraal @Sanginamby @poojaambekar04 's MIL lectured her about how developed and wonderful UP w… @priyashmita What the fuck!!!
@ledygarga @Subhashitani1 .😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 @Subhashitani1 😂😂😂😂😂 @parmar06081977 @KanganaTeam Kaafi.. vibrating haiतरीच ही महामाया सागळ्यांच्या नावानी शंख करत असते @parmar06081977 She started vomiting @parmar06081977 what did she do? @StealthButterf1 zainab, what else!! @Subhashitani1 it is "that glowing skin, the beard, the stache 😍😍" @mridulmahanta no on, the right answer is zainab. she thinks they are all the same @priyashmita @nuts2406 wrong answer!! try again 🤣 @Subhashitani1 wrong answer!! try againtell me the common factor between holocaust (or Jews) or Mother Mary or LGBTQ community @Subhashitani1 sigh....that was so much better!! @priyashmita man!! arent you hoping for a bit too much from the government? @UrbanShrink @thathappydad @PepPure i want to EAT this @losthopelessly @priyashmita ok, lauki for anything other than halwa be banned @priyashmita I stand with you. But my darling mother seems to be living in a flourishing secular democracy. 😢😢Demand hi karna hai to... Every office should have a separate room for menopausal women who suffer from hot flushes.Guess what is arriving today?? (@gauravpramanik finally)
Hey @svaradarajan *journalists and *Republic TV are oxymorons. one made the app @WarrierKrishna @countnessofmont 😂😂 @FromPinkcity I am sorry but I feel like asking - baap ka naam to pata hai kya ? @yadsul Kay Yash asa karte tu.... Whole world knows it is Bakra wadi and it is to be eaten lunch eivaji. 😂😂😂😂😂 @yadsul Bakra wadi 😂😂Yudhishthir naam iti, nar-o-vah kunjar-o-vah !!
Retweeted by Teju @NevaStopXplorin Ours has exoskeleton @mahuadey20 @PratPanc @poojaambekar04 Yes yes @orangeanju @kirti_sd @poojaambekar04 Ya varshi vodka, white rum, whiskey ani chocolate asa plan aahe 😉😉 @PratPanc @poojaambekar04 No no, we ask someone else to interprete. His first language remains english so it's ok @PratPanc @poojaambekar04 Yes yes.... college admission happened. It's a very very good college. But just yesterd… @PratPanc Me? I am trying to sell off even the one 17 yr old that I have. These are my sister, @poojaambekar04 's 4 yr old boys. @orangeanju @kirti_sd @poojaambekar04 Lemon Ginger vodka ekhadi bottle shillak asel. Also, wait for the flavours of this year!! @poojaambekar04 Henceforth all chocolates are for you.Phew 2 - ajji, tu chidli ka? Ajji - nahi re, pan tu washing machine madhe ghol ghatla kahitari. Phew 2 - ajji, me k… friend - I should have gotten something for the twins, atleast chocolates. Me - You are my friend or their 's ?… @orangeanju @kirti_sd I and @poojaambekar04 and the mom are having a treat on your behalf. Te doghe kay, saglyana vikun yetilThe subtle, exquisite, and delicate- #ArrabbiataSauce is now a part of the natural Pep N Pure offerings, a househol…
Retweeted by TejuMudizee can haz a whole entire rally and speech and bitchez will still be discussing a tweet
Retweeted by Teju @Madhuri34532819 😂😂😂😂 @OManojKumar We are searching for one @losthopelessly You sure?Phew 1 and Phew 2 have a pet caterpillar. Today the caterpillar was christened - Yudhishthir!! @AmazonHelp Not yet. Like I said, I was hoping for the right item to be delivered. However, the AWB number of deliv… have kinda given up. Last three days were so stressful that today instead of throwing a tantrum when @amazonIN ve… @losthopelessly Hain?? @Chivas_Desi @RajeevMatta @Sach_Kadwa_Hai Vij has a specific job description. It is to keep hammering NOTA on liberals . @Chivas_Desi @Sach_Kadwa_Hai Doesn't look like Vij's writing. Where is "Rahul Gandhi is responsible for Maharashtra mess" analysis?Many many many happy returns @gauravpramanik !! Have a happy year
DBT ho gaya ki halat dekh ke bhoot pret se darr lagna band ho gaya hai!
Retweeted by TejuBhakton, Salve ji is a rice bag convert.
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Today a client handed me papers to read and even as I am about to peer and squint into them, he also handed me spec… @_NairFYI 😂😂😂 @tejujoshi31 @GorwayGlobal It's now become imperative for the Tavleens of this country to teach kids the difference…
Retweeted by Teju @kirti_sd 😂😂😂😂 @kunfaaya This is a warning. We need to take it seriously. Asli warning dili ki kaka konchi na konachi tari i ghaltatआमच्या कडे होळीच्या भोवती उभं राहून बोम्बा मरायची प्रथा असते #JustSaying me up when we bang taalis please @Ramoo_Says Kheemarao Dhotarmukh is the worstIt has become dangerous for my neighbors to even peep out of their houses. Phew 2 assumes that they are missing him…“Citizens do not cease to be citizens when the party they voted for loses an election.” EXCELLENT piece by…
Retweeted by TejuArrreee yaar, let us first sawar our own chaddi @NevaStopXplorin @scharada_d @IndianExpress You wouldn't know if you are not into beards!!Someone is growing a really long beard... Care to comment? yesterday at 5:30 PM I lodged a complaint with @HyundaiIndia roadside assistance cause my battery died. Person…
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@shekhardeolekar @republic You have patience sir!! Every time I hear someone mention him also I tell them to get their heads checked. @medusaflower @republic 😂😂To yeh @republic London kyun nahi chala jaata ? @ledygarga @losthopelessly Heroine!! @jackrambo8 😂😂Dabegi kab talak awaz-e-adam hum bhi dekhenge Rukenge kab talak jazbat-e-barham hum bhi dekhenge Chalo yunhi sahi…
Retweeted by Teju @Chivas_Desi 😍😍 @PratPanc *assholes 😂😂😂All the democracy ke thekedar who want perfect person to lead them need to read this brilliant piece by @ranjona @ranjona @kirti_sd Thanks for that brilliant piece!! A friend and I were discussing the same just yesterday.What a piece!! Exactly what a friend and I discussed just yesterday @kirti_sd 😂😂😂😂 @kirti_sd Pliable Prakash wala ? 😂😂 @kirti_sd Tell me more!! @Nikhilreturns 😂😂😂THIS WAS #SARCASM folx I did not know my sarcasm skills were so rusty. time I tweet about Anupam Kher being a Kashmiri, someone or the other comes with an explanation that he is no… read #HeartacheDin by @rupagulab where she covers nearly everything that has gone wrong under Feku and his gan…
Retweeted by TejuThis #monitorlizard made an appearance just for you and phew @tejujoshi31
Retweeted by Teju @airplanetalk cute fellow, the Moli. not the phew. wake up late in the night and he has a TRex guarding the bathroom door. 😂🤗 @UrbanShrink her mind is cast in certain way, stupid foocker (forgiu frenchAs they say, you should buy something valuable on the occasion of dussehra. So, what's better than buying jars of…
Retweeted by Teju @scharada_d 😍😘 @airplanetalk we too @UrbanShrink @tejujoshi31 Asli deshbhakt NewYork ko ghar bolte hain. Kher, hum toh nakli deshbhakt hain jo India ko ghar bolte hain 😏
Retweeted by Teju @ikaveri A medal and a cup too!! @losthopelessly You are kind 🤗🤗I thought Kashmir with its speedy 2G connection was home.
Retweeted by Teju @HermitPen Exactly @losthopelessly Aiyyyoo.... Why?