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@eprombeats WEW this one FML @realhotwobble It’s made by the dude that invented Ableton Live, Robert Henke. @robert_henke is the Les Paul of electronic music.Good morning. Build social housing on golf courses.
Retweeted by Telefon Tel Aviv @David_Rudnick @hassanrahim @veryrarecars Bullshit how did that car get all the way up thereI remember this came out right after Charlie and I had finished Fahrenheit Fair Enough but well before it’s release… still goes harder than anything any of us has made @Coyotegrey Srsly rEkT over here @Coyotegrey I dunno K I feel pretty pwnt do u?
@ThysMusic If Ek were truly as smart as everyone thinks he is, he’d pay out a little more to artists so they would… @ThysMusic What it comes down to is that a third party intervened between the audience and the artist and we feel t… @ThysMusic It’s also “American Dream” fallacy that “you, too, can be a billionaire” and it’s exaclty how these vamp… @ThysMusic This is “billionaires worked for what they have” rhetoric that we all know isn’t true because one cannot… @jelle56367384 @Anvithvittal @DNPthree @tiesto Adagio for Strings is great
Retweeted by Telefon Tel Aviv @bennjordan 😂😂😂 @Bass6seis6 Yes and this is why what Ek said is problematic and it’s also why either everyone has to pull their music or really no one can @Prryhus @eprombeats It’s seriously imba @Prryhus @eprombeats Never did DS1, only DSIII. Went caster. @alb_nava @bennjordan I think what I’m getting at with all this is, well, it would be pretty neat if everyone who isn’t part… @brandonstosuy Me navigating the music industry after 25 years @Blassster I think they really got it right in DII, Halbu’s accent was so dope. @Blassster Bro exactly. Haedrig too. @bennjordan Of course, I work with smaller labels so that should check out... @bennjordan Anecdotal evidence, but of every label I work with, Spotify is nowhere near the top of their revenue bu…, I’m every blacksmith in a videogame and I have a Scottish accent in case you didn’t knowDj Continuous Engagement
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@REALpunknews @DASBUNKER @jenna_valentine LOOOOOL @johnxela Those are the types of people that enjoy going to the gym every day @AxiomVerge I did a splash screen mnemonic for their SNES one and I can tell you what they make is absolutely bulletproof/gorgeous @jacquesgreene @jessy_lanza @Juniorboys Repping Hamilton so rugged @Reverend_Makers @EngineEarz One must never underestimate the unflappable stupidity of native English speakers arou… are going great!
Retweeted by Telefon Tel Aviv @room40speaks It’s literally a fart in a wind tunnel on the tarmac of a GOD DAMNED AIRPORT WTF @quaaludesfugues RME UCX in the studio, Babyface Pro for liveThis photograph has the same lighting as a battle scene from Spartacus“musicians are content farms for our colonial extraction of their wealth. at Spotify, we don’t make or understand m…
Retweeted by Telefon Tel Aviv @lyra_pramuk @WilliamBasinski You said it best xx
@cruel_diagonals as awful as seeing all of this is, I think it's a perfect opportunity to clean house in the LA mus… @cruel_diagonals my experience with trauma is precisely this very thing. keep your head up - it might feel impossib… @cruel_diagonals I guess most of us had no idea. You put such a brave face on it! My god! I’m so sorry homie xx @thomasragsmusic @tomjepsoncrtv An often ordered side of guacamole at chipotle is the same price as a fucking song @mwikkid This dude needs to be taken up in a shuttle and blown out the airlock, space this maniac plzI know we’re supposed to be about abolishing the carceral system but what should we do with Dershowitz? Dude doesn’t belong in society. @NikkiElizDemere @shanacarp Born in New Orleans xx @alextumay Bro it’s literally insane but we been over here being the canaries in the coal mine since day one warnin… @IllAdvised In ten years time the focus of the major industry will be 30 second tiktok videos and as we’ve seen the… @decibelandy @orangeknife It’s coming, I’m just buried under too much survival work right now @pathingmusic He’s set up a system where only the squeaky wheels get the oil and it’s straight up garbage @ReedDunlea @GILA_____ @NYPDnews 🕺🏾🕺🏾🕺🏾⚰️🕺🏾🕺🏾🕺🏾 @djchloeharris The circle of life is sometimes beautiful beyond wordsThe mask is off: if there was ever a question about whether they care about quantity or quality, it’s over, and any… @LabyrinthPlaid “Nusk Sach (please don’t smash my)” feat. Chris Brown
@Surelypovichjr @willmenaker Damn he’s the audio McNoughton this rips @devonwelsh @willmenaker This is not what I meant when I said phase correlation isn’t important for digital releases @PatchBae I, too, respect people with decent manners who are responsible for hundreds of thousands of dead civilians @matdryhurst @JamesFleury91 @stuartdredge And I mean you’re dead on about avoiding qualitative perspectives on this… your members of Congress to pass the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Act. Now.
Retweeted by Telefon Tel Aviv @matdryhurst @JamesFleury91 @stuartdredge It’s the same laughable assertion as “if you work harder than everyone el… @orangeknife Thank you man, doing my best xx @joshbonati @blackknoll @matdryhurst @stuartdredge There are, um, some operating costs that they might, uh, be able to trim down @matdryhurst @stuartdredge I think, ties into what you’re saying about accessibility doctrine, people think “more o… @JamesFleury91 @matdryhurst @stuartdredge It’s a years-long slog for me to make an LP, even if the “work” phase onl… @matdryhurst @stuartdredge Aside from being forced into engagement with fans as a necessity for survival being a re… @peterkirn I think the guy is pretty self-aware and is now completely owning up to saying something really goofyNo, please don’t, actually @elonmusk Still a big fan of @tiesto Asiago for strings
Retweeted by Telefon Tel Aviv @elonmusk Skrillex is basically the father of techno and dubstep
Retweeted by Telefon Tel Aviv @khoobehi But uh while we’re here 🕺🏾🕺🏾🕺🏾⚰️🕺🏾🕺🏾🕺🏾 @TylerIAm @khoobehi It’s the stupidest saddest thing that people like this exist and die for nothingBeen a lot of debate over the past few years on what is 'experimental' music & what qualifies it as 'experimental'…
Retweeted by Telefon Tel Aviv @NotAMusicTakeB1 @lighghtmusic @formtheheadrecs Alan Parsons been doing it since the 70s it’s all good @SirMichaelRocks @Machine_Drum BARS MY MAN, BARSI KNOW WHO I GOT MY MONEY ON 😤
Retweeted by Telefon Tel Aviv @room40speaks @PhilipSherburne The algorithm understands, depressingly. Every musician should have their Deadmouse/…
Retweeted by Telefon Tel Aviv @jacquesgreene I wish they’d bring this color backStop saying “we can’t afford” Homes for All, Green New Deal or Medicare for All. If we didn't spend trillions on e…
Retweeted by Telefon Tel Aviv @SuspendedSunset @JamiesonJMatt Louie Ghomert now as well @JamiesonJMatt @SuspendedSunset Herman Cain has been in the hospital for a month since flouting mask guidance and g… @JamiesonJMatt @SuspendedSunset It’s shocking how many right wing ideologues are defying guidance and getting sick…
@LawyersCity @Holbornlolz Except that if refugees were supported properly they wouldn’t have to hide in someone’s trunk, AceTo me this ain’t funny, it’s fucking dangerous and sad @wowbagger92 Hopefully will revisit the idea tho xx @wowbagger92 I haven’t had time to do it since taking on a bunch of pro bono work, I got absolutely buried @BOANACID No, she’s be branded as insane, it’s wild @sc_codeUM @ThysMusic Totally. It was one of the main reasons I switched out, aside from the fact that native dsp p… @sc_codeUM @ThysMusic The digi001 was somehow pretty much the cheapest decent thing at the time, but i also didn’t… @A_Sarr Lol only @_deru would know @sc_codeUM @ThysMusic RME isn’t cheap or entry level at all, two channels is $900. A mid level one like the UCX is… @sc_codeUM @ThysMusic I’m not talking about stuff anywhere near that price range. I’m also not absolutely in love w… @JackSpectraSoul @ThysMusic Hahahaha this rules! Congratulations! @askyourpillow 👀 @ThysMusic Why do they all sound like garbage compared to the digi001 which is 20 years old now (including current… oakleys’all could just stop @tomhallsonics @feltbody A decade going and nothing hardware even comes close to Henke’s baby imo @feltbody @tomhallsonics If someone wants their stuff to ever have any chance of sounding amazing, invest in good c… @dabravanel @JoshuaDav @tomhallsonics Gecs is simultaneously the most offensive and the most incredible thing I’ve… @vidah8syou Best way lol but a good DAC can help you know what’s really there @JoshuaDav @tomhallsonics I think people are missing my point that, well, to me, it’s stilly to spend $20k on modul…