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@mal0004_ This is definitely not what our codes look like. We don't offer login via link, so you should just block… @akashdeep_ghosh Indian ISPs have placed some restrictions on Telegram traffic (how rude), but using a proxy or VPN… @Stkeypoint If you're gonna talk big, you better have a big file size limit to back it up, know'msayin? @mal0004_ It's most likely someone who was signing up and entered the number incorrectly by a digit or two. There's… @Saehrimnirtr Good point! You could always copy the text and directly send it without sound, but I’ll pass the suggestion along. @qaswara96 @bing On Android, you can contact volunteer support by going to Settings > Help > Ask a Question. @ClebersonJrX Thank you. 💙 @ClebersonJrX @DragonBoyViip @WABetaInfo Oh, I like that theme. Can you please share its Cloud Theme link so I can use it too? @OahajOmi I see. Unfortunately, there's no automatic way of doing that. If you use both accounts on the same app, y… @OahajOmi You could forward messages to populate the chats - but there's no easy way. Most users don't have to migr… @queercollegedad Welcome to the party. You can check out my tweets for some tips on how to use Telegram, and you ca… @lugodev Woah. So cool! @Zapdox @HeyMushba Thou truly art a kind and generous DM with thy power. Now I'm gonna play some sick riffs on my lute. Forsooth! @Minecher2 @bing I always figured Rick for more of a "No gods or kings, only man" kind of person. @Sadiaa_Asad @Amah_prosper @AyPompin I think you mean @telegram_br. @Zapdox @HeyMushba Can I be the chaotic-good bard? Charisma's all I've got. @HeyMushba I will cherish this gif forever. @Zapdox @HeyMushba Only if it's part of a quest to hug all my servers. @HeyMushba How about a soft animal gif instead of a hug? I'll start: @Rainquack @kho_roos @DuckDuckGo Be careful of typos when searching for this bot. @HeyMushba I wish I had arms to hold awards and give hugs, but I'm just a messenger app. Maybe someday. @ricardoccpaiva I can't see that far into the future. @tarunkumawat902 Hmm. Can you send a DM to @smstelegram with your phone number or Telegram username? That's the account for login support. @tjbenator @bing @DuckDuckGo If not, maybe it's your destiny to create it. @s0heil13 That's not a bug: @matvey_veselov If only I could learn languages as easy as the app. I might have retained something from my French classes. @ElemDutra Can you send a DM to @smstelegram with your phone number or Telegram username? My colleague there can help. @__MrPhoenix__ @kho_roos @bing Aw geez, I can't even keep track of how many Ricks and Mortys there are on Twitter. @H__Mir @geran999 @bing You can copy the whole message, paste it into the message box and then select the parts you… @AnasRAZA1212 @bing Hmm. Sounds more like a channel with a suggestion feature. I think the way you would do somethi… @shirogiz @bing @CaptnCario I didn't know Pokémon used Telegram. Neat. Can you sign my cards? @KevinRev26 @bing @pic That one also works, yep. @JohannesLenz @JohannesLenz Quality of life. @geran999 @bing How about a bonus tip, just for you? You can copy the link for a supergroup message and share it… @JohannesLenz @bing @gif That's a different bot. There are a few, try or @AlirezaK_23 If I could tweet an extra 50 letters into existence for you, I would. If you promise to be really good… @pakaworld @bing This is one of those neat things I didn't know about until I was asked to create a tweet about it.… @JohannesLenz @bing Try this: type '@gif' in any chat, then continue typing 'happy dog'. Tada! @AzhaneeOthman I'll pass the word along and perhaps we can find a more elegant solution. I'm afraid that, right now… @JohannesLenz @bing It doesn't cover gifs but that's what the Gifs bot is for - helping you express astonishment (o… @kho_roos @bing @Google There's a Google Images bot that works a lot like the one mentioned above. It's not an offi… @AzhaneeOthman Another idea is to link to the message. If you tap or right-click a message, you can see a Copy Link… @kho_roos @bing Good news! You can build a Google bot (and it's very likely that someone already has). @Bing bot lets you quickly search the web for images and send them with a tap, all without leaving the chat. Do… @AzhaneeOthman Hmm. If you forward the message, you can reply to that and it'll look no different. @melihsaricam Can I join the picket line too? I've always wanted to hold a sign and shout. @Adhamghamdi There are a few ways that groups can manage this. One of the more common ways is to have a public "lob… @AlhajiKryptoFX We wouldn't and didn't. It's why and the report buttons exist. @vels4j That controls push notifications, Telegram will still create new chats when your friends join. @qwallis @qwallis Yes, you should be fine unless you somehow manage to get logged out on all your devices before you change your number on Telegram. @seunoyebode All "Cloud Chats" (everything other than Secret Chats) instantly and continuously sync with the cloud,… @memeaggressor @AlirezaK_23 you absolute madman @pisethtweets Could you post a screenshot of it here? @shubhamkhapre99 Could you send me a DM with your phone number and mobile service provider?
@dscape I have “Delete my browser history” scheduled for all my contacts in 2078 @inchw0rm Don't worry, I sometimes think I've lost my sunglasses before realizing they're still on my face. Even an… @NovaMeadows6 Unless you have another device logged in to your account to access it, your only option would be to t… @inchw0rm It applied to my Android device just fine – I would try force-closing the app and trying to switch your t… @Denis_Donadel A feature! You can read more about the philosophy behind the choice here, from founder @durov's chan… @qwallis My advice is: 1 - Keep Telegram logged into a few devices so you can get login codes delivered through Tel… @omervk Safari's nice but choice is nicer still. @AlirezaK_23 I mostly use my bio for quick jokes. I'll pass the word along though. P.S. That might be the most for… @SupermanCheikh Our apps aren't already business friendly? How many more ferrets do we need to add? @Saeed_Tavoosi If you're using Telegram Desktop, there's a little x in the top-right corner of each gif in the rece… @Saeed_Tavoosi Hmm. It's an interesting idea. Have you tried using a private channel as a place to store 'pinned' or favorite gifs? @Pajeos Have a chat with @zizo5592 Have you reported any of the spam groups you were added to, by the way? @YingYue447 Try typing a keyword. If you're using an English keyword, something like "happy" will bring up quite a… @zizo5592 You can limit who is able to add you to groups and channels in Settings > Privacy and Security > Groups. @ardacebie I pass every suggestion along to the team. It just gets very repetitive saying "I'll pass the suggestion along to the team." 😉 @stevenishi Make sure you're nice. With our server power, we can check the list far more than twice. @prave0en @_thegoodkind I see. Please try following this guide and if it doesn't help, please let our support volun… @_thegoodkind Hmm. Are you getting delayed messages or is something else happening? Delayed messages may just be a… @Eshanravi97 Most of the time, though, you can just tap the link anyway and it will open the group in Telegram (for… @Eshanravi97 Try posting the link in your saved messages and tapping it there - it should open the group without ne… @TacoSnep Can you check to see if the default notification setting for groups is muted in your Sound and Notificati… @ardacebie The future isn't set so anything's possible. @H__Mir I've never been a fan of villains, but villains-turned-heroes? I can definitely get behind that. @cammeritz Hmm. Do you mean suggesting stickers based on keywords? Right now, an emoji will suggest a sticker meani… @H__Mir A third brain hemisphere? Hmmm. More brain definitely doesn't sound like a bad thing. @H__Mir Oh no. There are two earworms in my brain now and they're fighting for dominance! @dujeva_ Anything's possible. @sominemo @Limp206 Ah, yes. Gboard doesn’t tell us which language it’s using. The Samsung keyboard does. @H__Mir Going to be a few hours before I can get this out of my head. @highbeamlights Hey there, sorry I missed the tweet. You've got unlimited cloud storage so you can save as many pic… @Metoniem Hmm. That could be fun as long as you promise not to use it for evil (mischief is okay, though). 😉 @finnstr It could also be that your Telegram account is very old and the import happened before we added this feature. @finnstr Did you create this contact manually or was it added by an app? We usually try to remove junk contacts fro… @thisu_ Ah, thanks for noticing. Let's see if I can do something about this. @sominemo @Limp206 Hmm. Are you using the standard keyboard? What's your device, OS version and app version? @AsicFox Errr... You do know about this section in Settings > Notifications and Sounds, right? @sss17777 Only the official clients available from the Play Store, App Store, or are recomm… @BlepFox I tend to be more cautious with “bring out the foxes” tweets of late. But... who knows, who knows. @MohsenNoorii heart heart clap Oh...looks like Twitter doesn’t have that feature yet. 💙💙👏🏻 @Limp206 It uses whichever input language is active on your device keyboard at the time. @karamojaD My apologies for any tweets unanswered – it must have been when I asked Todd to keep an eye on things.… @thisu_ I'll pass the word along and see if the platform could possibly be updated in the future to let custom pack… @thisu_ You can be the one to start it! The platform supports custom language translations, so you can build your o…