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@Red_liker Can you start a conversation with (@ SpamBot on Telegram) to see if your account… @isareius If you friend is not already in your contacts, I suggest adding them (and them adding you). And additiona… @vernomation It's in a new location – press and hold on the send arrow, and select 'Send With Timer'. @mingsteric Please send an email to with your account details, explaining the situation. They…
@Amir25966213 This occurs after someone tries to log in to an account too many times (for security purposes). It ta… @DanielWHouck To do this, you would need to switch one of the usernames to something else first, like dhouck -> dh… @spartak_hc Can you send me a DM? @AimenLag Can you send me a DM so I can get more information about your device? @srblinguist If you're still experiencing login issues, you can send me a DM as well. @pwnlZxmEZfrQFLM @smstelegram Please send an email to with your account details. They will be… @peakwattage This appears for users who receive a notable number of messages from non-contacts. If you only chat wi… @augustactor Okay, you've convinced me. I'm sure it will only be used for the most scientific purposes. @augustactor My instincts say no, but my brain can't tell why. @mishkipchely For those who get many messages from non-contacts, there's an option to automatically mute and archiv… @geobomatic No plans that I've heard of, but you can program the bot to only interact with specific users. @Tahx09 I'm afraid not. Deleted accounts cannot be recovered. @trader0005 In your folders and your archive, you can pin as many chats as you'd like. @diyanasiolokmn Can you please send me a DM? @graydiel That's just how you check the ripeness of giant peaches. @TheCARistan Ah, you created it yourself. In that case, have a chat with the smart folks at Bot Support (… @TheCARistan For unofficial bots, I'm afraid I can't give any support. You'll have to chat with the bot's creator (… @ObiEzenwugo @reallyadarsh I'm afraid we can't help with that. The only ways forward are remembering the password o… @amdhazim Can you please send me a DM? @thisdudeisvegan (It is definitely pronounced GIF though.) @Murdock73 When was the last time you used Telegram before this new install? If you didn't use Telegram for a long… @thisdudeisvegan And start an internet civil war? I think not. @WFWiki A rare sneak-peek into my brain. @WFWiki @reallyadarsh My apologies, I should have phrased that original tweet more clearly: 2X playback is availabl… @WFWiki I used to imagine the lecturer in ridiculous situations, like during a battle on the Enterprise, delivering… @amirsabourii Technically, it's video (but because it has no sound, you could get away with calling it a GIF). @WFWiki I'll pass the feedback along to the team. In the mean time, have you tried messing around with the time-spa… @wraxam I'll shuffle the idea along to the wise ones for you. @bond0_07 We're pretty busy building a messenger but that'd be pretty cool. @Alni76 I'm afraid deleted chats cannot be recovered. @chatmrvin @SamOnTheMix_ And they're synced across all the apps so you only need to sort things once. @AdewaleYusuf_ @SamRosmarin The nice thing about offices is you only have to convince those in charge. I hear a box of donuts helps. 😈 @SamRosmarin @AdewaleYusuf_ Bots are great for automating processes, like our own Jobs bot ( @WFWiki 2X playback is available for voice messages and long audio files ( > 20m). Is the audio you're looking to s… @uzairkhan123221 @reallyadarsh Can you send me a DM so I can take a closer look? @MrYoung2000 You can use these links to change your Telegram language to Chinese – they are in beta, but complete.… @muhvamelly It seems like someone probably typed their phone number in wrong on the login screen (and accidentally… @Rick_e_y Telegram for Android, like the other flagship apps, is built for a wide audience, and receives our regula… @abcdtrk Could you send me a DM with the name of your mobile service provider?
@engjuborges A phone number with active SMS service is required to make an account. @pratik_037 What issue are you experiencing on the other app? @loking93881309 The option is still there, just in a new place. Press and hold on the Send arrow and select ‘Send With Timer’ 👍 @JaseSpots @TigerSquat There's so much to learn. @AamirRaz @Badr52383942 Destroy them? That's a little bloodthirsty. I'd just rather have everyone use Telegram. 😊 @SkystoneCapital If a scammer is impersonating your brand, please contact @JaseSpots @TigerSquat It's a takeowover. @discordiano @ubuntu101za It doesn't destroy them, but it does send them as MP4s. If you want to transfer them and… @Badr52383942 There are some bots that can help with this (or you can build your own to perfectly fit your needs).… @placeholder30 Aw shucks, you're going to make me blush. @matthewcarano Reporting it is enough. Moderators will look at the report and take it from there. @SlyCat Quizbot waits for no man (or cat-man). Unless you tap 'Start Quiz in Group'. Then it'll wait until at lea… @sanchezvmanuel You won't find them on the Contests page unless you look really, really, really hard. @blackcurennt I'll pass the suggestion along. Have you tried copying, re-posting and deleting the old post to help reorder things? @semangkasegar Make sure you pick up at least one fun thing with that prize money – can't wait to see what you come up with for round 2. @BeySweatTears I can pass the word along to the team. I recommend creating a channel to share video creations. @semangkasegar You made the egg quiz? How very eggciting. @ubuntu101za Wow, the compression system really didn't like that 😬 @maisabelfonseca For example, the Mind of Logic quiz's code is s6vJMCE1 so the external link to it is @maisabelfonseca The Contests site doesn't have an external link, but you can make your own. If you open the quiz t… @HackerCharles_ Hmm. Can you provide more details please? @thedzko What was your quiz about? @ValeFuchs @TigerSquat Spiders are your friends. They eat mosquitoes and mosquitoes are definitely *not* your friend. @Elviss_nj @farooqahmed_in You can report them here on Twitter or to the support volunteers. What's on your mind? @irajghayomian If you use the same username on Facebook or Instagram, you can use the Username Bot (… users created over 7000 academic quizzes as part of our Educational Test Contest. Now you can try out the… @Mrtechauditor @BenGeskin @ishanagarwal24 The trick is to take one step every day and soon enough you'll realize yo… @asrithtechindia So you can compare numbers to find out who's winning at Telegram? I love a bit of competition. @BelugaLola It may be that your chat partner deleted it or that you accidentally deleted it without noticing. I'm a… @Colleen_Iversen @ChrisInKnox @GeoSchweizer @DBG_Soils @SoilScienceCH I see you're getting right to the root of things. @Yasaminsamimi Maybe. Probably not, but maybe. @kamuso_ Can you send me a DM so I can take a closer look? @TigerSquat @JaseSpots With great paw-er comes great responsibility @Shaira36754018 Can you please send me a DM with your phone number and the name of your mobile service provider? @AimenLag Is it only with audio/video files, or audio/video messages? @kamuso_ Can you post a screenshot of the error message you're seeing? (make sure to cover up any sensitive information if it's showing) @nadnosliw Thanks for participating 🏅 @JaseSpots @TigerSquat Maybe you'll get super powers. @j4hangir No worries! There are a lot of different app settings, but if you scroll down the Settings page, you'll s… @MissQueenie14 This occurs after someone tries to log in to an account too many times (for security purposes). It t… @j4hangir iOS users can choose their default browser from Settings > Data Settings > Open Links In
@Expellimilius @luriodt Please, Mr. Telegram is my father. Call me Telegram. @rohitrajhaz Please see this thread (up and down), judging by the app icon, you're using th… @Expellimilius @luriodt I folded up a $20 bill into a plane and sent it out the window. As long as the winds are fa… @ronsarthur You can adjust the importance of that chat's notification settings. The lower the importance, the less… @ronsarthur Hmm. Are you looking to have muted chats pop out without a notification or for unmuted chats to remain in the archive? @josh4664 Go for it. @kofiVey Congrats. Now write one about 3D chess (or 5D chess, if you're really ambitious). 🏆 @SpirkovskiZoran Stay tuned for the next round 👀 @SanjayDSC They're supported on Android as well and they even sync between all platforms so you only have to sort chats once. @baykxianwoxhaoa I can pass the word along. Similar to my suggestion earlier, you could create a hub group (general… @baykxianwoxhaoa Oh, sorry, I think I misunderstood: do you mean subgroups, like different group sections for different topics? @dergrobi As soon as I can get True Survivor out of my head, I'll pass the request along. In the mean time, you can… @baykxianwoxhaoa You can link to a channel in a pinned message (that works very well) or set the group up as a Disc… @FernandoFalci Maybe it's time for you to be promoted to admin. 😊 @H__Mir @Sajimo_n That's precisely it. @Sajimo_n Google Translate tells me those are fun too.