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maryn... @telepathics paris, france

multi-media project ♡ (23/she/her) ♡ Q

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@ZombieChibiXD its ok, looking forward to next year’s tho :3my #SpotifyWrapped  is so skewed bc i made myself listen to all 236 nominations for the american music awards @HCSNL2015 its always a good time 😌 @janschiefer i was thinking a sequel with boulangerie buys!! 🥐 @Astronautilus21 wait i see these all the time and havent tried them bc i thought they’d taste like belvita (so i e…
@ZombieChibiXD she snacc @syllviemusic @LVGHST 😳💗 @syllviemusic @LVGHST we r friends now and thats all that matters @syllviemusic @LVGHST i consider us twitter frens but have not met in person (yet!!!!!!!) @itsVuto welcome to the entire universe ! 💛 @LVGHST omg i should try the strawberry ones, i just got the raspberry and i finished the box too fast,,,also doing 8 discord nitro giveaways throughout december ! check the video desc for more info 🤶trying french snacks in france ꒰๑•௰•๑꒱ & answering ur questions from instagram about my experience in france after… @jedwill1999 🥺👉👈 @DtJ_Rinzler milk @TSUNAMIMUSICx yes pls @dossyxmusic im just tryna hang out n chill w everyone @itsporb @johnfarrellart literally watching this as u tweet it LOLL @jedwill1999 i am grateful for U
@23butterflies_ :( sending much love @Arg_666_Arg we're not decorating the apartment this year so pls let me have this 😭
@its_vedra i got impatient 😝 @Brutetal ho ho ho @skylwer thamk u im maryn christmas now @NotDamare On my way! 💕💕💕💕is it too early for christmas icon @cae_fineart henlo im love u @jedwill1999 because im maryn... @vhamiofficial thamk u <3 @vhamiofficial would u? @premortal my favourite episode tbh @GlitterLewd i am so glad you’re out of that situation omg ❤️ sending so much love @modernpixels i am still in france & we are still happy together :3
@balynsus i think this is a compliment @numiii i moved into his igloo and we got a puffle named kiwi @goldenwindd ꒰ •ॢ  ̫ -ॢ๑꒱*೨ we met on the iceberg @laIafell a love storywould u believe that i moved to france for a boy i met on club penguin @TornadoTwins i mustve been really on my unsubscribe game last year, hardly any emails this year hehe @chordslayermaxo happy birthday!! 🎂🎈 @singtoconley i ran into the edge of a door once while rushing to go upstairs and got a goose egg in the middle of… @letheUK she just wann make some videos :3 @Kazini_ thanks for watching kazini !! 💗 @blueghostbill hehe thank u my brother said im really awkward
@spiritanimalbee i think u first need to put it in rice @pcnxo 🐝 💛 @just__georges @DavidDobrik AHAHHAA i wish @singtoconley she post ! @thancechrash happy consumerism weekendhere is everything that youtubers convinced me to buy from 2011-2020 freshly baked video (๑ ˊ͈ ᐞ ˋ͈ ) 💸…
@drone__syndrome thankful for you!! @spiritanimalbee thankful for you!!! <3 @Xivionation days like this make it worth it :) @johnfarrellart at least vaccine on the horizon @Cyberwo1ff during first lockdown i had to go out for groceries, then it was lifted & i had to go back to work, now… have not left my apartment in 7 weekshope im just preaching to the choir here but please dont go see your at-risk family members for the holidays during… im so glad the corvona rivus is taking a break for the holidays. how considerate
@spiritanimalbee i dont remember, the last one i had was probably middle school D; @spiritanimalbee u mean a calzone @croccheese but is it ok thoI KNOW YOU KNOW WHO I AM THE ALBUM 12/12/2020 who's ready
Retweeted by maryn... @Nevkek what time do u sleep ?? @Nevkek did u not sleep omg @Sean_McCartt oui @just__georges ty for ur support, i truly appreciate it 🥺 @spritanimalbee thank u 🐝its 2am good night 😴💙💤new video :3 does your cat really love you? meet kiwi the cat ᐠ( ᐢ ᵕ ᐢ )ᐟ sorory its a little late, i filmed n e…
@DtJ_Rinzler this sounds very ominous @acloudyskye @yitakulxiv happy birthday!! @om_neb i care him
@YouTube every day is caturday @telepathics Today is Caturday
Retweeted by maryn... @QuotesVesper wat @EssengerMusic how do they even KNOW @Nerd_Orb he got a big ego @aethertides whenmy cat went viral on youtube this morning and now he thinks he can just take a shit wherever he wants
@thecutestclub not a bad problem to have @duumu @MeggieYorkMusic @majorbean_ @Monstercat ily2, amazing work!!! @duumu @MeggieYorkMusic @majorbean_ @Monstercat this is soooo good guys 😭 @JohnemonSilver u made my day 🥺 @HEAVYi_ tamk u f4f ?
@dearlittlefoxxx CANT WAIT FOR U TO SEE IT EVENTUALLY @jedwill1999 uploading regularly babeyyy~makeup idiot ❀˳꒰*ॢ´◡`*ॢ꒱❀˳ trying out some new makeup while talking abt self-image, filter dysmorphia, & all that… @Agnet75 u @pcnxo happy bday friendo :) @notcanti it uuuuuu 😌 @Cibconnor u are kind and supportive and also creative!! seen ur work on animalcrossing @Cyberwo1ff yeah me too @singtoconley 🥺 👉👈all my friends are so creative and inspiring and supportive & i love everyone so much @om_neb happy birthday <333 wishing u the BEST 🎉🎊🎁 @LunarahOfficial @singtoconley such a powerful team 🥺 @DBARmusic 🎈happy birthday!! 🎉 @murderberd @Pivt8381 @invaderler @TeamYouTube this is also a problem bc i dont like to swear on the internet ☹️
@chetporter hope u feel better soon chet @trevorcharmon cursed